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Pokémon Black 2 & White 2 - CoroCoro Reveal


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Pokémon Black 2 & White 2 - CoroCoro Reveal

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With the news of Black 2 & White 2, the Chatroom has been rife with discussion of the possibilities that are to come while the WiFi Chatroom has been a place for people to hunt down the new Dream World Pokémon for trade and to battle other trainers so be sure to visit them. Our Forums have also had these discussion and are a bustling trade and competitive section for the games.
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Edit @ 05:30: Meloetta

[h=3]In The Games Department[/h] Pokémon Black 2 & White 2
The first images from CoroCoro have started to come. These images showcase the first screenshots of Pokémon Black 2 & White 2 and provide a lot of information. First, the game is set in Unova and shows the new trainers and the rival. The game is set 2 years latr than in BW and features the map of Unova being partially frozen. The Unova Pokédex has 300 Pokémon within it. There are various new areas in Unova including Hiougi City, where you begin your journey. There are other areas which has a gym leader who focuses upon Poison; Homika, who is also said to be in the anime this June. Another gym leader is Shizui, the Water-type leader. The trainer with the spiky hair is the rival and there is a new researcher called Akuroma who researches Pokémon Strength
Hiougi City has a Pokémon Centre and a Trainer School and areas where you can look upon the areas. There are shops, underwater tunnels with clear glass (mantines flowing overhead), building with blue and red statues all around Unova.
That's all the information these scans provide.
It has also been confirmed that Black Kyurem will know the move Freeze Shock and that White Kyurem knows the move Ice Burn.
Within the new Unova Pokédex, which contains a combination of old and new Pokémon, Psyduck is #026, Riolu is #033 and Metagross is #254. We'll bring more should it come later but click the thumbnails for the larger images

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******"class: fooevo"]Black 2 & White 2*******
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[h=3]In The Games Department[/h] Pokémon Black 2 & White 2
An image also came from the upcoming Pokémon movie: Kyurem & The Sacred Swordsman Keldeo, with a piece about Meloetta's Sparkling Recital. Like the previous reveals, this showcases the Pokémon Meloetta, specifically her Pirouette Forme. No details were given about the distribution of Meloetta and little information was given about the main movie

******"class: fooevo"]Meloetta*******
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President People

Eat The Path
I wonder when that Eevee in the screenshot is available; can't make out what level the Pokémon are at… Hope it's early. :)


Call me Robert guys
OMG a pokemon center in the first city!!!!!!!!!! Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This will be quite an interesting experience, much like XD when that first came out, but I imagine this to be of more epic proportions.


I'm hungry
Wow, I have never been more exited about new games like how I am now. We are being bombarded with awesome games nonstop and this is a great moment for gaming history. New Eeveelutions would be awesome and I guess I'll play as the girl because she is just better looking than the guy, Iv'e only done this once with Dawn.
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Nocturnal Trainer
I might play as the girl also. The rival looks better than the boy trainer IMO. I'm thrilled you'll be able to catch and use pokemon from other gens prior to beating the elite 4


New Member
the role-paly characters look amazing =D

omg i love the new cute pokemons <3



F*cking veteran
This totally surpassed my best expectations, now I'm thrilled. Nice to see that good ol' Pokémon can be caught too. I really, really hope they invest heavily on the storyline.

I liked the male protagonist overall... except for the bird nest hair, which the rival also possesses, kinda like my hair. Loved the female protagonist though.


Face Oblivion
*faints* Oh my word these games look amazing! I love the underwater tunnels, and I have to admit the water gym leader looks pretty cool...


Panda Power
These 2 new playable trainers look exactly like the 2 B/W trainers with different clothes and hair cuts, seriously.

regardless, its Good to hear that these games will be Different from B/W. Until now, I thought B 2/W 2 would just be B/W with a different after game.

cant wait to see what routes get which old pokemon.


hey trainer
Why is the male PC wearing leggings? >_>

I may end up playing as the girl this time around. I like her design a wee bit better.
A lot of younger (and preteen) Japanese males where that when they're into soccer and such. I don't know why, I've always thought it silly when I walked to the parks and saw them wearing it, but I guess they decided that the male protagonist should be... Sporty. :p
woah... i didn't think these games could be so different from Black and White! the fact that the game is set 2 years later looks like Gold and Silver... really cool! :D PCs seems younger than black and white ones...


Well-Known Member
woah... i didn't think these games could be so different from Black and White! the fact that the game is set 2 years later looks like Gold and Silver... really cool! :D PCs seems younger than black and white ones...
I'm also getting a Gold/Silver to Red/Green relation here.

Darkness Angel

Lover of Fate-Chan
So, far on what I've seen and read about I'm liking the female alot.