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Pokémon Black 2 & White 2 - CoroCoro Reveal


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I don't mind the rival, and the freezing and updates sound cool, but the main characters are shitty as ****


F*cking veteran
The professor really looks live a villain, lol.

Marbi Z

Darn... I was hoping for older versions of Hilbert and Hilda... (It wouldv'e been great to see Hilda with more developed breasts) But the new trainers are ok I guess.
Are there new areas/city/town except Hiougi City?
This is about the latest Serebii update, but still:

I want new starters now. As in using different already-existing Pokemon. Because I plan to soft reset for a Shiny Snivy, but if there were new starters it would save me the trouble of constantly turning my DS on and off and on and off.

President People

Eat The Path
I hope Pokédex 3D gets an update for this. Can't wait to see Eevees in Threeee-Deeeee!

And yeah, I really don't like the new PCs. I got used to the old ones because they seemed somewhat realistic. These… what is with the tall-hair and Leia buns?
Very doubtful. There are likely to be new gyms in the new areas near where you start
I woudn't have thought there was enough room for more than one Gym between Hougi and Driftveil, even with the relatively short distance between the cities in South-East Unova. But there may be more to Unvoa beyond what we can see on the B&W map. A Poison type gym would be great as all we've had so far is Koga back in Kanto.