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Pokémon: Carnival Magenta Version


Tis the Hour to Reload
Summary: Just a completely ordinary trainer fic one shot set in a completely normal fan region that is in no way, shape or form just ripping assets from other games to poke fun at them and exasperate our absolutely totally willing protagonist. Nothing out of the ordinary. Nope. Not at all.

This was my entry for Make Me Laugh - One Shot Contest over on serebii forums.

"Welcome...to the world of Pokémon! I'm your host, Bianca-chu!" said the Pikachu with glasses and a green beret.

"And I'm the other host, Pika-Barry!" said a Pikachu with blonde hair and a green scarf.

"And today we're here to be your commentators on Pokémon: Magenta Version!" they said in unison while doing a little dance sequence.

"This takes place in the Aglama region where you can find everything and anything!" Pika-Barry said, showing off a rather...plain looking continent that looked like a green, brown and red rectangle.

"And we're going to be following our hero!" Bianca-chu said, fist in air, as they zoomed in on...

...me, a girl sandwiched inbetween luggage and my Gengar dad.

I blinked and stared. Was the cargo hold giving me delirium?

"And our hero's name is...?" the Pikachu announcers said, loud and clear, and looking at me expectantly.

I frowned. If they were fabrications of my mind, then how come they didn't know my name? They just said it earlier too. Why else would they say "Pokémon: Magenta Version"? Whatever that meant...

"Magenta! And are you a boy or a girl?"

A boy or a—? I knew I should've doubted the moment they showed benightedness of my being, but I began to think they weren't a part of my brain anymore.

At least until Dad nudged me and said,

"Is something wrong, Maggy?" He frowned. "It's the space isn't it? I'm sorry that you're stuck in the luggage with me..."

I oscilated between Dad and the Pika-nnouncers. Dad was only looking at me in concern and made no comment about the gabby pikas. So I shook my head and hugged him to reassure him. He chuckled and reciprocated.

"You didn't have to ride in the luggage with me, y'know."

I didn't care if I was packed like tissue up a nose. I hugged Dad tighter.

"Keheeheehee, okay, okay, I get it. ...you really are the best daughter I could have ever asked for."

At that point I thought it'd be fine.

"Oh! So she's a girl! Ahem. And with that touching moment between our hero and her father...they arrive at Aglama region!"

But they were still there.

"It seems our hero has moved into Ginnigeb Town of the Aglama region with her parents," Bianca-chu said.


"A beautifully small town! There's only three people who live in here!" Pika-Barry said.


"But now with our hero and her family here, there's six!"

Now I wondered if something shifted in my neurons during the flight as I loured at the two disembodied Pikachu acessorized in green. Why else would I be able to sense them but no one else did?

But I wasn't going to let them ruin my day. I needed to help Mom and Dad with—

"Oh, Maggy dear. Do you mind staying outside?" Mom said, her hand stopping me right on my face.

"Yes. We'll do the unpacking. Why don't you look around? We'll be done by dinner," Dad said, simpering wide.

And then both slammed the door on me and locked it with a loud clack.

—nothing, apparently...

I sighed. Oh well. At least those two mystery pikas weren't commentating anymore. But what was I going to do now? Just a quick look around didn't—


Spooked, I only had the chance to turn on my heel before I was yanked by the arm into my neighbor's house, which turned out to not be a house.

"I'm Professor Datura!" the disheveled man said, arms spread wide.

I questioned why a person named after a hallucinogenic plant was the owner of a Pokémon lab. Or rather I assumed it was one since, well, it was stuffed with them. And somehow, despite looking like there were hundreds of unique species, there was still room for me and the "professor" to have a "conversation".

"And I would like for you to complete the Aglama region's Pokédex for me!" "Professor" Datura said as he handed me one of the most convenient, and rare, pieces of tech I could possibly get.

Except I checked the dex and cross-referenced its entries to the Pokémon here. As I thought, this dex was already complete.

"What? Do you doubt my sincerity?"

That wasn't what I was doubting...

"Fear not! To show my genuine desire, you may have pick any of the Pokémon here as your starter!"

But none of them were even Starter Pokémon. Even I knew that.

"Do you truly doubt me?!"

Yeah, no, I wasn't about to deal with this delirious man named after devil's trumpets. I turned for the door and—



—what the hell?!

I had thought that the peeking Pikachu were gone. But not only that, they put an invisible barrier in my way. How in the world was that possible? Since they could hear my thoughts, I just glared at them. Why were they stopping me?

"You're supposed to be picking your starter!" Bianca-chu said, slightly tearful.

"And then you're supposed to be going on your Pokémon journey!" Pika-Barry said, slightly ireful.

"You just turned ten today, right?"

I turned fifteen!

"Close enough," Pika-Barry said.

No it's not! I shouldn't be going off at my age! Let alone ten! And why do you even need me?! I don't even want to go!

"But it's required for Plot!" Bianca-chu said. "You can't go anywhere that Plot doesn't let you go."

What Plot?! And why is Plot capitalized?!

"I don't know," Pika-Barry said then pulled a script from inside his...scarf. Somehow. "We just follow Plot's script."

Right. Of course. Scripted events.

I sighed and adjusted my cap.

Fine, I'd do it.

"Yay!" both Pika-nnouncers said with a jump and arms up.

"Excellent! Go ahead and pick your starter!" "Professor" Datura said, gesturing to all the options.

Yeah yeah I got it. I just wanted to see all of them before I decided. There were quite a few cool ones, like the Gible, the Venipede, and the Absol. But while all of them were either bored or excited, there was one that wasn't: a Swablu. It looked like it was sulking in its corner, like it...gave up. I looked to "Professor" Datura. What was up with it?

"Oh him? He's been like that for a while. Nobody picks him. He has bad IVs and a Docile nature."

That sounded stupid. Why were these "IVs" important? And what was wrong with him having a docile nature? Why hasn't there been anyone to pick this Swablu just because it's a Swablu?


I picked Swablu's Pokéball and tapped his cage. It peeped in surprise then stared in disbelief. I smiled and offered the Pokéball. If he didn't want to go, that was fine. But he did, pecking the ball and getting "caught".

"Unusual choice!" the "Professor" said.

"Now what will you name it?" the Pika-nnouncers said.

Freesia. His name's Freesia.

"A good name! Now, take these Pokéballs and fill that Pokédex for me!"

"And with that! Our hero at last begins her journey! Starting by going through Route I!" Bianca-chu said.

"And her first encounter is..." Pika-Barry gasped. "A Pokémon Trainer!"

"Hey there! I'm Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town! Let's battle!"

Wait what? The Ash Ketchum? Wait a minute!

But of course Ash didn't wait a minute, or a second. He sent out his Pikachu and Freesia escaped his ball with gusto to face him off.

Five seconds later, my starter was down.

And Ash said, "That was a great battle! I just know you're gonna be an amazing trainer. I hope we can battle again!"

"Oh... That was quite the loss there, Pika-Barry."

"Indeed, Bianca-chu. But it was a valiant fight! I can see an amazing rivalry in the making!"

I smiled even though that was the last thing I wanted to do. He just trounced me and was still grinning like a dense doofus as he left. Did none of them really not notice how fast I was beaten?

I didn't dwell on that though as I heard a whimper and saw Freesia was tearful.

"Oh... It seems little Freesia is sad he couldn't win his first battle for his Trainer..."

For once, I agreed with their words.

So I reassured Freesia we'd be much stronger next time. He chirped at me and I smiled.

Thankfully my first wild encounter wasn't as one-sided as the fight with Ash. If anything, all my fights were easy.

"Freesia gained five levels! He's now level ten!"

By that point, we reached the first city. It was easy enough to find the gym, just look for the biggest and most detailed building. Except one problem.

"And now our hero has reached the first gym! The Rock type gym of Redloub City, Brock!"

Putting aside the nagging familiarity with the name, I now had to decide what to do: go in guns blazing and hope for the best...or catch a Pokémon with an effevtive type.

A quick search in my dex showed there weren't any Grass-, Ground- or Fighting-types in Route I. And the only Water-types that were near were...

I looked up from my dex.

...in the city's lake.

"Oh dear. What will our hero do?!" Bianca-chu said. "She doesn't have a fishing rod!"

I sighed. Welp. Only one thing to do.

"I guess she's going to have to grind—"

I stripped myself to my underwear and dove into the lake.

"What the Missingno?!"

"Well...that's one way to go fishing."

It took a bit, and several oxygen resupplies, but I caught a Pokémon, and when I did I grinned at Freesia, who thrilled at my success. After training our new Tympole friend, Iris, and putting my clothes back on, we fought and beat Brock.

"Magenta has gained her first badge! The Boulder Badge!"

"And it should allow her to use traded Pokémon up to level ten!"

For some reason that number felt wrong, but I ignored it to head for the second gym. Oh and catch more Pokémon on the way.

I was in the middle of catching another one, an Oddish, when someone else's ball absorbed it.

"Oh no! I don't believe my eyes! It's the evil..."

"...Team Goh!"

I'm sorry what?

"Mwahahaha! I caught it!" generic NPC man wearing clothes that felt like a rip-off of someone's said. "Oh! A Swablu! We still don't have one yet! Let me take that off your hands!"


Thankfully Freesia and Iris were already level fifteen more or less at that point, with our newest addition, Pilea the Zubat, not that behind, so it was a quick battle. However, when it ended, someone bumped into me.

"I got it!"

And I saw another NPC dressed like the first one run past me...wait! He stole all my Pokéballs!

Arceus damn it.

"And now our hero must follow the evil Team Goh to stop their nefarious plan!"

I just want my Pokéballs back! They're expensive!

Thankfully, the generic NPC grunts were easy enough to follow, like this part of the mountain was specifically designed for their evil base. But it took a bit to actually find my Pokéballs, or the NPC who took them. And unfortunately all the grunts looked the same so I had to keep battling each and every grunt I encountered to find the free balls and the balls that would hold my party.

In the sea of generic panels and cloned faces, I ended up in the deepest part of this base. And...

Wait, was that music playing?

And why did I feel like it was an evil version of an existing theme...?

"Mwahaha! So you have come to take my collection, Trainer!" a guy with grey clothes with a Pokédex design on his shirt said.

"The evil leader of Team Goh has appeared! And his name is..."

"...Collector Goh!"

Well at least now I knew I didn't need to worry about this since I noticed a room behind Goh with a bunch of Pokéballs past the transparent door.

"What will our brave hero do to combat this strong opponent?!"

"I won't let you have—gah! What the?! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Goh's blasting off for the first tiiiiiiiiiime!"


I had Freesia and Pilea throw him out the window.



I went up to the door, had Iris shortcircuit it open, and got mine.

"Well at least she saved all the Pokémon?"

"Yeah! And just in time too! Ash has arrived to catch the dastardly Collector Goh!"

True to the Pika-nnouncers' words, Ash did arrive. False to their words though, Goh had already left. And so when the boy and his Pikachu met my eyes, I knew what was going to happen.

It still sucked it took seconds to beat me, especially seeing Freesia sad.

At least it was fifteen this time though. Progress.

"I wish I had made it here sooner...but thanks for having a battle with me! Maybe we'll see each other again!" Ash said before he left.

I sighed, irritated at him, because not only was Freesia tearful once again, so were Iris and Pilea, upset over their first loss. I took a deep breath to calm myself before reassuring them with pats, treats and boosts. I smiled when they all whooped in renewed determination.

With that, I left the mountain, reported the evil base to the police at the next city, and beat its gym leader, the Grass-type specialist.

"Magenta has gained her second badge! The Leaf Badge!"

"And it should allow her to use traded Pokémon up to level twenty!"

And so I was off to the next gym.

Or at least I thought I was.

It was when I saw the same tree for the eighth time did I realize the trees and rocks and grass were reused assets. So I couldn't tell if I was even moving or not.

And I didn't have a world map.

I groaned.

"It seems that our hero is lost!"

"Will she ever find the way to her third badge?!"

Oh wait. I do have one.

Hey. You two.



Who else could I be addressing?


"What is it?"

You have a map, right?


Mind showing it to me, you two?



You want to fulfill Plot's wishes, right?

"Huh. Good point. Okay then! Bianca-chu!"

"On it, Pika-Barry!"

The female Pikachu pulled a device from under her hat and had a map appear, with a tiny head of me on one point of it. It then zoomed in on me to the forest I was going through.

And with that, I kept an eye on it as I moved forward.

"This is where our hero currently is! Route I3!"

"Obviously she has Emalf City, and its third gym leader, in mind!"

"I'm sure she'll have easy time defeating her with her first catch, Iris the now Palpatoad!"

Bianca-chu gasped. "Oh no! First she has another challenge to deal with!"

Wait what?

"We'll get you for humiliating the Collector!" two, also reused, NPC grunts said, then sent out their Pokémon.

"Ooooh! Our hero's first double battle! Let's see how she'll handle it!"

I yawned and had Freesia and Iris beat them in a minute.

"Nice finish! A one-sided victory!"

My party cheered with their special calls at the fanfare. I chuckled and smiled at their silliness and enthusiasm.

After that, we were at Emalf City and...

I couldn't help but stare for a bit.

Really? More reused assets? Even the gym looked the same.

Oh well. At least it meant finding that was easy enough, about as easy as beating the Fire-type leader...trio. Apparently the three together counted as one "unit".

"Magenta has gained her third badge! The LAVA Badge!"

Uh, why was that in all caps?

"And it should allow her to use traded Pokémon up to level thirty!"

Never mind. They didn't want to answer, which was all well and good as I met Ash as soon as I got out of the gym and once again got whipped.

It was only seventeen seconds though.

But at least Freesia now wasn't upset from being defeated by him anymore. I was happy about that even as Ash, once again, was dense to the feelings of my newer Pokémon.

"And now our hero is after the Water-type gym's leader!"

Bianca-chu gasped again. "Oh no! But our hero must face another obstacle from Team Goh!"

Wait, again?

Was it going to repeat a cycle...?

One evil team battle won, one gym battle won and one rival battle lost later confirmed it. Only difference was that I got some Pokémon inbetween during the evil team phase.

This was going to be as bad as seeing reused assets again and again...

Hmm, unless...


"Oh? What is it now, brave hero?"

Can't you fast forward this?

"Uh...I don't know..."

"We don't know how anyway..."

Just read the script ahead then summarize it.

"Oh. That could work."

"But should we do that?"

I'd follow the script more thoroughly.

They stared. Then at each other. They smiled and fist pumped.

"Okay!" they said.

"And so, our hero, Magenta, went on to defeat the other half of the gym leaders...facing them off in grand, epic battles, to gain their badges!"

I laughed but otherwise didn't think too much of the narration. The quick battles might not have been epic to me, but my Pokémon, especially Freesia, thought otherwise. They always cheered and smiled and cuddled with me at each of our victories, both big and small, so I didn't want to make any quips.

"Before long, our hero collected all eight gym badges and was now qualified...for the Aglama's Pokémon League! A place where champions are made!"

"But first..."

I braced myself for another villain fight.


Instead I got bumped in the face.

I would've complained but then I saw my assailant.

"Mew!" the shiny Mew said, looking happy at me despite its expression not really changing.

I was wondering what was it doing here when—

"There it is! After it!"

—the Mew squeaked and got in one of my Pokéballs.

Wait what.

I didn't get the chance to think that over because Collector Goh arrived and said,

"I knew I would see you again!"

And he had an army of NPC grunts behind him.

"Get her! Take back that shiny Mew!"

Time to fight back.

I released my party just as a slew of grunts did the same.

"Oh! And here goes Magenta beginning the fight! And she released her full team!"

"There's goes her Altaria, Freesia, pecking out the eyes of plenty of the opponents."

"But look at her Seismitoad, Iris, smash! They're being pancaked!"

"What about her Crobat, Pilea? Slicing her way through them and making them stay down with her poison!"

"Well Welwitschia's doing similar with his Cradily roots ingraining themselves on them."

"Oh oh! There goes Wolffia roll as Togedemaru's roll! Oooooh strike!"

"Huh? But what's this? Collector Goh's taking the field and has released his Cinderace!"

"Cinderace! Inferno Overdrive!"

"And he's already having the football bunny ace attack with its strongest move! Who's he aiming for—gasp!"

Freesia screeched.

I was confused over what he was panicking about until I saw the freaking fireball flying right at me.

But it didn't hit me.

It hit Freesia when he pushed me out of the way.


My team shouted in worry.

Collector Goh laughed. "You really shouldn't have left yourself open, Trainer!"

I glared. Of course I left myself open. This was a Pokémon battle. That wasn't part of the rules.

"Do you really expect me to follow the rules?!" he said with a sneer and sinister laugh. "But man is your Altaria pathetic...just one hit from my Cinderace and it's already singed."


That was a freaking Z-Move on a Pokémon not at full health. Of course he wasn't going to come out unscathed.

But then he said, "I'm surprised you made it this far with a Pokémon like that."

And Freesia whimpered.

My breath caught.

Then Freesia cried.



So you have chosen death...


"Y-Y-Yeah, Bianca-chu...?"

"Do you wanna narrate this bit...?"

"N-N-Not really...?"

I glared with the might of a thousand galaxies.

My team eyes glinted with the maliciousness of a thousand demons.

"Uh...Collector...? S-Should we...?"


"Uh...Yes! I think we should!"

Well... I could work with that.


Five minutes later, I was at Eugael City's police station with Collector Goh and all of Team Goh behind me, drugged by Pilea's poison, immobilized by Wolffia's electricity, wrapped in Welwitschia's roots, and stuck in Iris's bubbles, all of whom were lifted here thanks to the psychokinetic powers of my newest addition, Llareta the shiny Mew.

"Thank you, Trainer, for apprehending these vile criminals!" Officer Jenny said. "As thanks for your service, I'd like you to have these."

I got a Mega Ring and a Altarianite. How convenient. Still, I tipped my cap in thanks and finally reached Aglama's Pokémon League.

"With Team Goh out of the way, now Magenta can face the final challenge! A tournament where gym badge holders fight each other until they're the last one to get the chance to face the Champion!"

I stood before the stadium, this one definitely not reusing assets, the building august and affluent, beffitting such an important place. I looked back at my team of an Altaria, Seismitoad, Crobat, Cradily, Togedemaru and a shiny Mew. I smiled at them, they whooped back.

I looked at the stadium again.

All right. Let's do this.

"Thus begins the tournament! And oh boy does Magenta make a killing!" Pika-Barry said.

"She passes through the first round with only three fainted Pokémon, in total!" Bianca-chu said.

"And makes just as much of landslide in second round! Only having that many in all the battles fainted!"

"Third round she has more times where her team's fainted...but she still hasn't lost!"

"And our hero at last, is in the winner and allowed to face the previous Champion! And the Champion is..." Pika-Barry said.

This was it. I'd find out who was the Champion of the Aglama region.

Drums and fanfare were played...before a familiar theme played, but much less evil.

Wait...was this...?

"Ash Ketchum!"

The boy grinned and fist pumped. "Good to see you again, Magenta! I knew you'd be an amazing trainer!"

"And now..." Bianca-chu said.

I smirked.

"Shoko-chu Pika-gawa! Music!"

A drill swirled. Guitars riffed. Drums beated.

"Let the battle begin!"

"Go Greninja!"

Roll out, Wolffia!

"Kimi ha koeru
Boku no kono koe ga

"Woah! And we're off to an explosive start with a Water Shuriken and Zing Zap crashing at each other! The two speedy combatants duke it out! But with both of them having fragile defenses...the fight ends as fast as they are in a draw!"

"yami ni munashiku

"Lucario! Let's do this!"

Soar high, Pilea!

"Moshimo sekai ga
imi wo motsu no nara

"Two Pokémon that evolve with friendship! And it seems both of their bonds are incredibly strong because, after a powerful cross hit to each other's faces, it ends in another draw!"

"Konna kimochi mo
muda de ha nai?

"Come on out, Snorlax!"

Uproot them, Welwitschia!

"Akogare ni oshitsubusarete akirametetanda

"It's time to see which of the two unmoving Pokémon will move the other! Will it be Snorlax's bridge blocking reputation of Cradily's sticky tentacles?! Oh! And we get our answer as Cradily Grass Knotted Snorlax just after it Body Slammed him, leading to yet another draw!"

"Hateshinai sora no iro mo shiranaide

"Let's show them, Infernape!"

Psyche them out, Llareta!

omoi ga ima demo

"Oh! Mew has the type advantage but Infernape's experience more than makes up for it as even though the ancient Pokémon dropped a huge boulder on the fire monkey to knock it out, it landed one more hit before it went down, ending in a draw!"

"Kono mune wo tashika ni tataiteru kara


Smash, Iris!

"Kyou no boku ga

"Oh! Two powerhouses duke it out! Look at them taking and dishing out hits! This looks like it'll never end! But it does! And it's in a draw!"

"sono saki ni tsuzukuo

"Pikachu! I choose you!"

This is it Freesia...

"Bokura nari no asu wo kizuite yuku

I pulled my cap around.

Time for a Mega Evolution! Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!

"Kotae wa sou

"Oh wow! Magenta pulls out the Mega Evolution against Ash's ace! Will this be enough to give them the advatange against the one opponent they could never beat?! Against the one opponent they didn't have a single chance to win against?! Against the one opponent with almost no odds to win against because he's been the poster boy of the Pokémon show for decades?!"



"itsumo koko ni aru."

My Mega Altaria gave it his all and used Sky Attack.

"Pikachu! Thunderbolt!"



Drums beated. Guitars riffed. A drill swirled.

And the battlefield was filled with smoke.

I waited, anxious to see if Freesia was all right.

It seemed he was, standing on the ground, back against Pikachu, who did the same, as they panted. And then...


"Altaria wins! Magenta is now the Champion of the Aglama League!"


I stared.

Then smiled.


Freesia thrilled at me as I tackled him in a hug in relief and congratulations, laughing like a fool. At least until I noticed Ash walk up to us, Pikachu in his arms but smiling warmly.

"Congratulations, Magenta! That was a great battle! And you finally beat me! I knew you could do it," he said.

I smiled more warmly too.

"Thanks," I said.

Ash chuckled. "So? You're the champion now. What are you going to do?"

I waited for a bit, to see if the Pika-nnouncers had anything to say, but they didn't. Well, not that it would've changed my choice even if they did.

"I'm going to go home."

With that, Freesia flew me back and sett me down softly at the door. I wondered, as I opened it, if my parents were worried I hadn't come back until now since the sun was setting when—

"Surprise! Happy birthday, Maggy!" they said.

—they jumped as soon as it was open.

Oh right. With all that happened, I forgot it was still my birthday.

"We got all your favorites, Maggy!" my Gengar dad said, gesturing towards a table full of my favorite foods.

"And we made sure your plant collection is pretty and well kept," my mom said, gesturing towards a part of the first floor dedicated to just that.

"And...we got presents!" they said as they lifted up wrapped gifts.

I laughed, happy at them going overboard, and said, "Thanks Dad. Thanks Mom."

They were startled at my words but quickly smiled even wider than before.

"Of course, Maggy."

"You're our precious daughter."

And we all hugged each other for a good while.

After we stopped though, Dad said, "So? How was your day?"

While Mom said, pointing behind me, "Is that a new friend you made?"

I turned to see Freesia still at the doorway, shy to come in.

I rolled my eyes and pulled him in.

"Yeah," I said. "Let me tell you about it."

"And with that...Magenta told her parents about the completely original journey she went through as they all enjoyed her birthday party," Bianca-chu said.

Pika-Barry nodded. "Uh huh. And they lived happily, ever, aft—ack!"


I grabbed the tails of Pika-Barry and Bianca-chu with one hand then caught them in seperate Pokéballs with the other.

"Now it's a happily ever after," I said as I smiled and giggled before I waved at you. "Thank you for reading. I hope you have a special adventure too."

Author's Notes: Like I said before the start, this was my entry for a comedy one-shot contest. And I plan to actually rewrite this as a longer, and chaptered, fic...at an undetermined time in the future. So yeah, for now, this'll be the version that'll be up.

With that outta the way, here's trivia!

Magenta's Party: Nickname - why it was picked
Altaria: Freesia - freedom
Seismitoad: Water iris - plant that grows in, well, water
Crobat: Pilea - species of cave plant
Cradily: Welwitschia - an old conifer family plant in desert
Togedemaru: Wolffia - smallest flower family
Mew: Llareta - an old plant from Chile

The "evil" theme that played for Goh is, well, "Ash and Goh" from Pokémon Journeys. And no, I don't hate Goh. That's just a joke on how people who watch the anime and how they either hate or love him and how fans who hate characters tend to demonize who they hate. Tend to.

A Gengar being Magenta's dad is a joke on the whole "missing dads" of the Pokémon game protagonists.