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Pokémon Conquest-Hero of Ransei [Sign ins]

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by Crash & Charm, Jan 19, 2015.

  1. Crash & Charm

    Crash & Charm Back I guess

    Pokémon Conquest-Hero of Ransei [Sign ins]

    Co-Gm Slipomatic ​
    Rp thread
    Discussion thread

    Welcome to the Ransei region, this far off continent is the site of constant unrest. It has times of peace, but they never last for long. Part of this is because of the legend surrounding the region. The strongest ruler to unite Ransei is said to gain immense power, the power to create worlds. The power of legendary Pokémon. The power of gods.

    The people of Ransei are very gifted. They have the ability to give Pokémon orders via mind link. The more powerful the link between these warriors and their Pokémon the more fearsome team they become. Each warrior has a specialty. Some are skilled with poison Pokémon and some are skilled with dog Pokémon. Each warrior discovers his or her path early on. At times this mental link can be so strong that the pokemon and human share thoughts in a seamless bond of friend ship. They act as one individual with two parts. The human can even talk to the Pokemon and hear its thoughts in his/her mind.

    The region is divided into 18 different kingdoms. Each kingdom is unique and important. If one of the kingdoms were to be destroyed the entire region would suffer greatly. Each kingdom represents a different type of Pokémon. Ignis if Fire and Greenleaf is Grass. Warriors that specialize in the type tend to flock to the kingdom that connects with them. While not unheard of it is rare to find a steel warrior in the poison kingdom. Warriors are similar to their specialty in and of that they hate being in places that they feel weak.

    The people of Ransei are used to change. In just a few years the ruler of a kingdom could change 4-5 times. The only solidity they really have is the jobs they perform. Fontaine is made up of many fishermen, and other kingdoms each have an essential purpose. Most people have learned to ignore the current ruler and just to keep working on their assigned task. Every now and then a strong ruler will rise from one of the kingdoms and gain the favor of the people. They are sensational young rulers and they try to take over Ransei politically instead of violently.

    Now a days the rulers of Ransei have decided to lay aside legends and play in a series of games. Teams were made and it is a race to see which team can conquer the others. A representative from each kingdom was chosen and they are traveling around competing in battles and training. When a representative defeats another in combat they ‘Capture’ the other warriors holdings. If a representative has no holdings they can either join another representative or challenge someone else for their holdings. Warriors are obliged to accept any and all challenges.


    Aurora (Normal): The basic kingdom in southwestern Ransei. Most Pokémon found there are normal types. The kingdom is mostly made up of farmland. The kingdom is more peaceful in nature and can defend itself well. They also have notoriously skilled warlords.

    Ignis (Fire): The fiery kingdom in southwestern Ransei. Just north of the kingdom there is a range of volcanoes and mountains that separates the Southwest from the rest of the region. The people here are always looking for a fight. They are very passionate and direct. The fighting style is direct and uncomplicated.

    Greenleaf (Grass): The calm peaceful nation in southwestern Ransei. The people of this nation are more calm and peaceful often meditating. They are archrivals with Ignis and often fend of raids. The fighting style is focused on defending and dodging attack.

    Fontaine (Water): The skilled crafty nation in southwestern Ransei. The people of this nation are mostly fishermen and craftsmen. They enjoy peace and bettering themselves. There customs are strict with little room for error. They are rivals with Ignis and often fend of raids. The fighting style is focused on turning the opponents strength against them.

    Pugilis (Fighting): The brave and strong nation in western Ransei. They are a nation dedicated towards physical strength. Fighting, strength, balance, and skills are all highly sought after and worked towards. Most of the people in the nation are physically fit. They often will raid other kingdoms to apply the skills they gain. The nation is strong and not to be lightly taken.

    Violight (Electric): The advanced nation in western Ransei. The nation is a large power plant supplying power to all of Ransei. When problems happen here they are big news. The people of this nation fight using information and stats instead of heart and instinct. The warlords of this nation are usually opinionated and intelligent.

    Chrysalia (Bug): The playful nation in western Ransei. The people here live in relative comfort and enjoy playing games. They are skilled and smart. They have the best carpets in the region. They fight by overcoming the enemy with sheer numbers. They also like to use status moves that deal damage indirectly.

    Illusio (Psychic): A hidden kingdom in central Ransei. The central part of the kingdom is on a giant floating island and they get attacked much less frequently then there neighbors. They fight with brains trying to find weak spots or flaws in the opponent’s strategy. The nation is in constant war with Terrera.

    Terrera (Ground): A sandy kingdom in central Ransei. It is a strong proud nation that will fight like a storm. They will either take or deflect attacks relying on strength to power them through any situation. They are often attacked and always retaliate with great force. The nation is in constant war with Illusio.

    Cragspur (Rock): A mountainous kingdom in western Ransei. The nation is always changing acting as a sort of melting pot from people all over Ransei. It is a large cultural center point with people all over the world visiting. The people that live here are amiable and always enjoying meeting new people. The nation has a good police force with a strong legal system.

    Viperia (Poison): A venomous kingdom in western Ransei. The nation is home to ninjas and monks alike. The kingdom is essentially a giant system of monasteries. They invite anyone that wants to learn the way of the ninja to come and study. When in combat they fight from the shadows striking quickly then retreating. This kingdom has many swamps and poisons bogs travel here is dangerous.

    Yaksha (Dark): The Dark brooding fortress in the southwestern peninsula of Ransei. They stick to themselves and dislike visitors. They fight best on a darker battlefield and enjoy hiding in the shadows. They ruler of this nation is always the strongest, most dark warlord in kingdom.

    Avia (Flying): The gusty kingdom just at the bottle-neck to the north. The kingdom is focused on freedom and loyalty. They have a strong military because they often get attacked from the north and the south. The kingdom changes hands rather frequently. The people here fight from above swooping down and taking advantage of the sky.

    Valora (steel): A region that is the bottle-neck for the north, a kingdom that focuses heavily on efficiency and optimization. Finding things are fairly easy in the dreary gray structures that loom over even the tallest Pokémon. It is the center for advances in structure building and for other things that use steel, which is easily forged from the mines that give bountiful amounts of iron to work with. They fight with defense in mind, forcing kingdoms to come through their narrow streets where there isn't much room to bring reinforcements easily. The headquarters is split around various parts of the towns in order to minimize loss of morale if parts of the area are overtaken.

    Spectra (Ghost): This kingdom lies in the northeast and is said to be haunted by things even the people don't know about. It is said that people disappear forever at night here and return as ghosts to haunt those that fall victims at night. The kingdom focuses on very guerrilla-like tactics, preferring to strike and then retreat to strike again when opportunities arrive. It is advised to never travel alone and to bring charms (never been proven to work) and to never enter the haunted fortress in which is said to have many traps laying for the unsuspected. It is rumored that Spectra is in alliance with Yaksha, but no evidence has proven this rumor otherwise.

    Nixstorm (Ice): This frosty kingdom lies in the top northwest of the main island. This frozen mountain forest is said to be so cold at certain times of the year that the forest becomes so bright that fighting is almost impossible without having some form of eye protection. Not to mention that the areas are so cold that it is hard to move around quickly unless you had some form of heat or sled to move quickly. The kingdom fights with a very calculating cold hand, tending to draw out battles for as long as possible to force enemies to retreat due to the natural defenses that causes even the most bold to falter. The fighting is usually done with cold efficiency, using reflective surfaces caused by the ice coating on almost all things to get back shots where there would normally be none.

    Dragnor (Dragon): The kingdom of Dragnor is large and imposing. It was well constructed and is a place of legends. Many of the strongest warriors seek this place out on the first step on a new adventure. Every so often an amazing warrior rises out of the dust and conquers this kingdom. Many mighty warriors dwell here in retirement. The new leader will often recruit these retired hero’s and create a military the likes of which is unheard. It is rumored that they are forming an alliance with Nixstorm.

    Limelight (Fairy): This is a fairly new kingdom in Ransei. Amazing builders and inventers set it up. The islands in the northern part of Ransei are all interconnected by a series of amusement park rides. To get from one island to the next you simply need to board and enjoy the ride. The kingdom is essentially the tourist vacation center of Ransei. It is a strong nation that fights with a variety of varying styles. Grace and Beauty are highly influenced and important in this kingdom. Every few days they have a large fashion competition. The ruler of this kingdom is always the most fair for graceful person in the kingdom.

    Limelight is located on the islands just above Illusio

    Sign ins: You may play as a cannon or non-cannon character
    [B]Specialty:[/B](Note: This can be a type, a species, a Gender, Pokemon that float, Ect. You can get creative here)
    [B]Equipment and Skills:[/B](Weapons and Abilities of your character, this is important because a skilled warrior can fight alongside his/her pokemon)(you also could include the warrior ability)
    [B]Personality:[/B] (at least 8 sentences)
    [B]Appearance:[/B] (at least 8 sentences)
    [B]History:[/B] (at least 8 sentences, include why you were chosen to represent your kingdom.)
    Pokemon:(you can have 2, a main and one in training)
    [B]Special Appearance:[/B]
    [B]Moves:[/B] (You should have a signature move)

    Player list

    Green team
    Aurora (Normal): Percival Clagett [Mogar]
    Ignis (Fire): Rajika Thakur [pokemon special]
    Greenleaf (Grass): Takuma Kieran [Tangeh]
    Fontaine (Water): Shoyu Reinelds [RealMrGame10]

    Blue team
    Pugilis (Fighting):
    Violight (Electric): Holly Sjarndt [Ironthunder1604]
    Chrysalia (Bug): Natalia Vala [Nythe]
    Illusio (Psychic): Vi Ishida [Indigo IV]

    Red team
    Terrera (Ground): K
    Cragspur (Rock): Magnolia Rose [Swampurtz]
    Viperia (Poison): Alexander 'Alec' Kishida [Schade]
    Yaksha (Dark): Lian Yaki [Slipomatic]

    Pink team
    Avia (Flying): Kimiko Windsworth [Symphony]
    Valora (Steel): Yu Ii [Swampurtz]
    Limelight (Fairy): Teruko[RapidashRocks524]

    Yellow team
    Spectra (Ghost):
    Nixtorm (Ice): Vash Storm [Crash & Charm]
    Dragnor (Dragon): Konaki Sakriss[Ironthunder1604]
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2015
  2. Crash & Charm

    Crash & Charm Back I guess

 Vash Storm
    Specialty: Ice
    Equipment and Skills:
    Warrior ability: One eyed; Movement speed of allies is sharply boosted for 3 turns, Accuracy is lowered.
    ~He is a skilled fencer
    ~Carries a watch
    ~A nice blue scarf
    ~He doesn’t like the heat and is must less sensitive to the cold than most people.
    ~He has a flute that he can play rather well
    ~Vash carries a small sling that he is actually rather good at using.

    Vash is one of those guys you always want around but never know quite what to do with. He is a comedian employing sarcasm and bad jokes to great affect. He is charismatic but hates to do work. He is there for the spoils but gone when the traps go off. He generally has one or two close friends, and has a large group of acquaintances. He often pursues small projects, and keeps many goals. Most of these he gives up on when the work gets too hard. When he drops the act and gets serious about his task he works towards it with a surprising determination and drive. It is as if all of the laziness is storing up strength to accomplish some great task. Overall most people just see a lazy comedian, but the people that get close to him see the drive and secret determination that he hides.

    Battles come easy to him. Everything else he tries is too difficult for him to truly consider doing. He is arrogant and brags from time to time. He likes to make a good showing of himself. As far as romance goes, he bounces around flirting with most girls he meets but never actually amounting to anything.

    Vash has a sly angular face. His skin is light and freckled. When he smiles it usually makes you grab your coin purse for fear that he would steal it. He likes to wear simple clothing and lots of green. He usually wears a green tee shirt and a thing green jacket right over the shirt. He wears shorts or pants depending on the season. They are usually darker shades of green. He wears comfortable green hiking boots, and usually has a nice long walking stick nearby. On his left arm is a watch. It is green, and waterproof. And of course, in the middle of the watch is his keystone for mega-evolution. He doesn't get to use it much though. His red hair is usually kept well jelled and long. It usually looks like his head is on fire. On his back he wears the sheath from his Doublade.

    Vash moved to Ransei in his youth. When he discovered that he could bond with pokemon he was very happy. He traveled around Ransei great deal never quite settling down. Recently he has spent a lot of time in the kingdom of Nixstorm. He was selected to represent them in the tournament. The leader chose him because he thought that Vash could win honor and glory for the kingdom. He also knew that Vash would get along well with his teammates, and that could be crucial to his success. Vash took the calling in stride and is ready to start the competition. He wants to see how far he can get before he is defeated.

    Gender: Female

Vash found Lux while exploring the icy mountains, they bonded very closely.
    Special Appearance:
Lux enjoys a good battle. Usually she will jump into combat without a second thought, unless there is fire around then she is reluctant to fight.
    ~Blizzard (Signature move)
    ~Water Pulse
    Last edited: Feb 27, 2015
  3. Slipomatic

    Slipomatic Eon Collector

    I will be reserving in Dark kingdoms, if reserves are allowed. If not then expect my sign-up to be appended tomorrow late afternoon then.

    P.S. - I probably will edit this post tomorrow so don't expect a post saying here is my sign-up, this post will be my sign-up.

    Here is my sign-up. (Appears I'm rusty though given my long time of not doing RPGs)

    Name: Lian Yaki

    Age: 24

    Gender: Female

    Kingdom: Yaksha (Dark)

    Specialty: Physical move oriented dark pokemon and pokemons with a blade type attachment

    Equipment and Skills:
    ~Shadowy Blend (Warrior Ability) – for 2 turns, allied pokemon evasion is boosted, dark and ghosts evasions are doubled (Equivalent to using double team twice)
    ~Very skilled with blades, specifically scythes.
    ~Has 2 short katanas that she uses in combat.
    ~She has a scythe that is used as a just in case her katanas are broken.
    ~Has a mega-evolution stone for absol, but never uses it. (pointless)

    Lian is very inflexible in battle, usually not giving up until defeated. She is known around as the Red Grimoire, mostly because her blades are colored dark red like blood and partially due to how many she had wounded with her blades, both pokemon and humans. She isn't very talkative and will often be blunt about things. She has little to no tolerance for people who do things half-hearted. She tends to like staying with a schedule with minimal changes to it, not liking when things change suddenly, losing her cool when such things happen. She is slightly socially awkward around other people, she tends to listen and not give any inputs unless spoken to or if they offend her in some way. She has no friends and is considered to be someone to not be on the wrong side of her anger, or her vengeance as she calls it. Despite having a very cold exterior, she cares for those she is charged to protect or train.

    Lian is shorter than most people, standing barely at 5' 2”. Despite her small frame, she is incredibly toned from years of training. Her feminine department is a bit tomboyish, making her hard to distinguish that she is indeed female and not male. Her dark blue eyes are very cold when gazed upon as she tends to show little emotion through them. Her mouth is constantly in a frown, very seldom smiling even in happy occasions. Her black hair is normally left to sit above just below her head, but occasionally tied up in a ponytail. She normally wears black shirt and skirt, but you wouldn't normally tell with the black cloak she wears that covers almost all but her face and feet. The cloak has 死 as the symbol on the back of her cloak. Her katana sheathes are tied around her waist on the backside horizontally so she can carry them around without them touching the ground otherwise. The scythe is strapped on diagonally with the scythe end nearer to the ground. Her shoes are modified boots designed to be much more flexible and lighter so that it produces less sound when it bends and contorts.

    Lian was born in Ransei in Yaksha and grew up in a strict family. Since her family followed old traditions, she was groomed to be heir of her families fortunes with her family being a prominent bloodline in Yaksha. She grew up with strict schedules and had little time to do anything other than rest, given that she had very rigorous training given that both of her parents were skilled in combat. When she was old enough to own a blade of her own, she was also given her pokemon to link with. Given her combating prowess, she was entered in a private tournament hosted by the ruler of the kingdom to decide which one of them would be the representative for Yaksha, she easily defeated her opponents and was elected to be the representative for Yaksha. She did receive a warning from the ruler that she wasn't allowed to seriously injure or kill any of the representative as it wouldn't look good for both her and Yaksha as it was just a friendly competition and not an actual war.

    Species: Absol

    Nickname: Scythe

    Gender: Male

    History: Given to Lian when she turned 16 while no older than a year old, he has been her companion and true friend ever since then.

    Special Appearance: Has a black scarf tied around his neck with 死 symbol on it.

    Personality: He is a skilled combatant, although not on the same level or same dedication as Lian. He is just as watchful and silent as Lian in that he doesn't let emotion show through his eyes. He is capable of keeping his cool better than Lian though.

    Night Slash (Signature Move)
    Me First
    Psycho Cut
    Double Team
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2015

    REAL DADS Shampoo Thief

    How does combat and the transferring of holdings work exactly?
  5. Crash & Charm

    Crash & Charm Back I guess

    You will have your main Pokemon fight the opponents main pokemon. but the winner will be given the holdings. In a discussion thread I will be keeping a running list of who owns what kingdoms.

    I think that the battles winner will be predetermined, by RNG. I will ask each player to choose 3 numbers between 1 and 10 and PM them to me. Then I will run the generator. If I hit a number that overlaps or one that wasn't chosen I will run it again. The first person to guess a right number without an overlap wins. If a much stronger battler is challenged by a weaker one then the ratio will change. Your strength is determined by your holdings.

    That or it will be determined by a third party judge,
    Reserved for Dark
    Last edited: Jan 20, 2015
  6. RapidashRocks524

    RapidashRocks524 Want Mega Rapidash!

    Name: Teruko
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Kingdom: Limelight
    Specialty: Female Fairy Pokemon or any Pokemon that is associated with myths (i.e. unicorn- Rapidash)
    Equipment and Skills:
    Warrior ability: Sweet Song
    Weapons: Katana, though she doesn't often use it

    Teruko is very skilled on the battlefield. Teruko can also be a little childish and girly, though. Teruko is usually very kind to everyone she meets, but if someone really gets on her nerves, then beware. She has a very hot temper and should not be messed with. Otherwise, she is caring to her Pokemon and people who deserve kindness. She usually works well with people, unless they are evil, annoying, or otherwise. She loves her precious fairies and when she's not ruling, Teruko can be found playing with her Pokemon among flowers. Teruko hopes to see many Pokemon and people during this tournament. Teruko doesn't really care for guys much at the moment, but who knows who she'll meet in the future.

    Teruko has long, brown hair. She usually sticks it in a ponytail and has a single pink rose on the side of her head. She has a thin braid entwined into her ponytail. She has hazel eyes that have a slight pink tinge. On Teruko's cheek is a small, sun-shaped, gold, birthmark. Her clothes are reminiscent of Oichi's, except she has a large, white bow on her back that is made to look like fairy wings. Teruko is a little on the short side. Sometimes, she will wear a laurel wreath instead of the ponytail and rose.[/B]

    History: Teruko was born in a land far away from Ransei. One day, while on a cruise with her parents at the age of six, Teruko was thrown off of the ship because of a storm and was discovered on one of the islands of Limelight. She remembered nothing from her old world except a small Pokemon she called "Bee-bee". Later, Teruko found out "Bee-bee" was a Flabebe, and she has been fond of it since. She has been training one for a while now. Since living in Limelight, under the care of the old warlord, Teruko has always shown skill and wisdom. When the old warlord stepped down, the people of Limelight gave the position to the then 16-year-old Teruko. She has been serving with kindness and integrity.

    Species: Flabebe
    Nickname: Tsuki Bara (Tsu, Tsuki, or Bara)
    Gender: Female
    History: She reminds Teruko of the little Flabebe that Teruko played with as a child far away from Ransei.
    Special Appearance: None
    Personality: Tsuki is a little scared when it comes to battle, but Teruko has been helping her with that fear. Tsuki thinks she's ready!
    ~Magical Leaf (sig)
    ~Lucky Chant
    ~Vine Whip
    ~Fairy Wind
    Last edited: Jan 20, 2015
  7. Crash & Charm

    Crash & Charm Back I guess

    accepted but could you please jut fix the bolding in Your post, just my ocd.

    Edit: thank you
    Last edited: Jan 20, 2015
  8. Crash & Charm

    Crash & Charm Back I guess

    Accepted, I would prefer if the mega stone never gets used. I don't know quite how all of it would tie into ransei so it would just be simpler to never have it come up.
  9. Schade

    Schade Ya Steel-Clad Boi

    Name: Alexander 'Alec' Kishida
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Kingdom: Viperia
    Specialty: Poison and Fighting-Type Pokemon, as well as Critical Hits.
    Warrior Ability: Ninjutsu (Increases Range, allow Warrior's Pokémon to climb to high places, and increases chance of critical hits (for 3 turns).
    - A pair of assassin daggers, used in close combat.
    - An unknown amount of throwing-knives.

    Alexander is a bit above average height, with a relatively fit physique despite his slim figure due to regular daily training sessions. He has blonde hair due to his foreign origin, and used to dye it black to avoid the unnecessary attention. Nowdays, he's stopped doing so. His hair is short and doesn't need much attention. He also has a lock of hair on his left side in a braid, reaching down to his shoulder. He has pale blue eyes, in contrast with everyone else in his kingdom. His eyes often have a serious look to them. His skin is also naturally pale, but he's gotten a slight tan due to daytime training. He also has a scar over his right eye after a fight. though he has more scars, that one is the most visible one.

    For clothing, Alexander dress in a pretty commonly ninja-ish way. He wears a skintight dark purple sleeveless bodysuit. He sometimes also wear a purple ninja headband. He also often wear a dark brown hooded cape when he's in Viperia. In battle, he wears a gauntlet on his right arm, covering his arm, though it doesn't limit his movement. He wears a pair of simple white ninja gloves, matching the gauntlet, and black tabi. Over his chest, he also wears two belts, crossing each other by a buckle of the Viperia sigil. He also has several holsters in the belt, where he can keep things like poisons, items etc. Alexander dress in a way so that he can be at maximum movement at all times, as he feels restricted by heavier armors.

    Personality: Alexander is a character that puts duty above all. He is driven mostly by orders given to him by his superiors, and has the reputation of being Viperias finest assassin. He suppress emotions in order to be able to think clearly most of the time, and he can be a brutal opponent when using his poisons. He is very skilled in advanced fighting techniques. When not in "fight-mode", Alexander is a slightly boring person, since he doesn't always talk so much. He is caring and loving to Galen and his friends, and once in a while cracks a smile. Alexander can also be aggressive at times, and he has a somewhat big temper. This, mixed with his serious appearance can make him come across as intimidating, which is a good thing in battle, but is more of a hinder otherwise.

    Since most of his life goes to fighting, Alexander is a tactical person, thinking strategic and planning ahead. He can come across as somewhat of a control-freak, and can burst out in humorous ways when his plans or order are interrupted or doesn't go according to his will. He can also be social awkward at times, coming with inappropriate jokes, or not knowing when he may talk too much. He is an overall loyal person, and a great ally in battle with his sneaky, poisonous techniques. Since he is new to being the warlord of Viperia, and since he is usually used to others giving him commands, he is somewhat inexperienced and can make hasty decisions.

    History: Alexander wasn't born in Ransei, but came to the region as an infant after the ship his parents were on sank during a storm. He, as well as a few others, survived, and floated around in a lifeboat. Many weeks went by, and once by one, the others perished to the sun or hunger. Alexander managed to survive as the others put him as a priority in case they were rescued. They were rescued, but not after all the others in the boat had died, and Alexander was the only one alive. He was found when warriors from Viperia had emerged victorious from a battle by the coast. Someone spotted the boat ashore, and heard the crying baby aboard with his dead mother holding around him. a sign on the boat said "Save Alexander" thus giving him his name. The warriors brought him back to Viperia where he was raised as one of them.

    Growing up, Alexander always had a hard time due to his outlandish features. while the others were dark haired, he was blonde, and due to this, he was picked on by more or less all the other kids. He did great in school, and he showed great promise in learning the ancient ninja techniques. He was also eager to learn about the history of Ransei and the countless wars that raged over it in the quest for peace. He also showed signs of being able to bond with pokemon, as he grew close to a Croagunk faster than others did with their pokemon. His promising achievements earned him a place in the Viperian army, specializing in the art of assassination. For many years, he lived a life of taking orders from his superiors, while carrying out battleplans. He proved to be more able to work alone rather than with others, and he grew to be a respected member of Viperia, despite his visual differences.

    When 19 years old, Alexander entered a tournament in Viperia with Galen in order to fight for the right to represent Viperia in the regional fight for peace. Thanks to his tactics and experience, he was easily able to win over all the other contestants, and earned the title. Though he's not familiar with the style of warfare or being the representative, ordering others around, he would often manage to nerf it up. Despite this, he always managed to get things done.

    Species: Toxicroak
    Nickname: Galen
    Gender: Male
    History: Living in Viperia, Galen lived in his poisonous paradise knowing he would eventually be bonded with by a warrior. Most of the Pokemon there did, and Galen was a strong Pokemon from birth. He would often watch the warriors of Viperia train out in the forests around, and saw that one of the youngsters suffered more than others due to being bullied. Feeling sorry for him, Galen introduced himself to Alexander, and he became his partnered Pokemon
    Special Appearance: N/A
    Personality: Galen is a fierce and fiery Pokemon. He is full of energy, and is a great fighter, taking pride in his own power. He have a habit of getting depressed if he lose, and will enter a state of self-loathing. Galen is also a kind Pokemon, and value his partnership with Alexander over all else.
    - Poison Jab (Signature Move)
    - Drain Punch
    - Double Team
    - Toxic
    Last edited: Jan 21, 2015
  10. Crash & Charm

    Crash & Charm Back I guess


    Sure, You are Reserved,
    Last edited: Jan 21, 2015
  11. Ironthunder

    Ironthunder The Uncultured One

    Well, this looks like fun, count me in. First time on an RPG like this, sorry in advance if I mess something up.

    Name: Konaki Sakriss
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Kingdom: Dragnor
    Specialty: Dragon
    Equipment and Skills: Broadsword, double handed. Skill- Adrenaline.

    Personality: Konaki is a quiet character, preferring to focus on his training instead of talking. He trains daily for at least 3 hours, deepening his bonds with his Pokemon while honing his own skills. While his unwillingness to talk often makes him appear a recluse, he actually enjoys talking, but rarely is he willing to engage in conversation, after having been in a state of self-inflicted social exile for most of his youth, which have left him curious about other people, which is part of the reason he fights. He reads a lot, and uses quotes from the books he reads to make his point, often to himself. Following the belief that strength makes all things possible, he devotes himself wholeheartedly to becoming the strongest warrior in Dragnor, through a display sheer willpower. He is headstrong, and will often refuse to accept that he has lost until the battle is truly over. As well as this, he has a reckless side, and will often charge into battles, or issue challenges without warning, although often not without thought. He has a knack for analyzing his opponents, albeit to an extent where he can predict what their next move should logically be, however he is caught off-guard by sudden changes to his opponent’s plans. He fiercely believes that strength, and the pursuit of it, is the sole purpose of life, and often will fight over this belief. He is capable of tolerating both harsh cold and moderate heat, such as you would find naturally.

    Appearance: Konaki has an angular, pale face, with pure black hair, which is often left unruly and wild. He is primarily left handed. His attire is plain, with purple robes, marking him out as the representative of Dragnor. The robes are a simple design, with sleeves and a body, to be worn over simple trousers, which for Konaki, are as black as his hair. The only armor he outwardly wears is his gauntlet, covering his entire left arm, after a gash from training Druddigon made it hazardous for him to keep it exposed. He can use this gauntlet to instinctively block/parry blows, as he originally did with his bare arm, before his partner, Dread, opened it up, leaving a long, uneven scar down the entirety of his lower left arm. In addition to this, he has a short scar across his right cheek from a previous training session with a wild Axew. He is approximately 5’ 8”, and as skinny as a rake, due to him forgoing meals in order to train. His broadsword is worn diagonally across his back, with the handle behind his left shoulder, so as to make it more natural for him to reach it.

    History: Konaki was an isolated child, having found solace in training himself from the age of 10. He would forgo meals and often society for the sake of his training, which he values above all else. Being left handed, he would often use his left arm to shield himself from blows, an instinct he has unfortunately kept, despite his Druddigon opening his arm up during their first fight. After that incident, he has since learnt, and wears a metal gauntlet running the whole length of his arm as a result. He often reads when not training, and has since picked up a variety of lines that he has memorized, and that have guided his life. At age 16, he entered himself and Dread into a tournament for the representation of Dragnor. Despite his age, and the fact that he’d never battled in a tournament before, he managed to overcome seasoned opposition due to his sheer unwillingness to give in, and at times, through outlasting the opponent. Recognized as the supreme young warrior of Dragnor, he sets out to show Ransei the effects of his training...

    Species: Druddigon
    Nickname: Dread
    Gender: Male
    History: Dread was a confrontational Druddigon, challenging, and often defeating, all he met, until Konaki. He ran into Konaki in the middle of some woods, near the Spectran border. Quite literally, ran into him, which enraged Konaki to the point of challenging it. After a long, drawn-out battle, in which Dread wounded Konaki's left arm severely, Konaki eventually earned Dread’s trust, and they became partners in battle.
    Special Appearance: Dread has an iron gauntlet on his left arm, similar to Konaki.
    Personality: Dread is a confrontational type, and will often rush into battle, not unlike Konaki. However, unlike Konaki, Dread hasn’t yet got a handle on this.
    Moves: Dragon Claw- Signature
    Night Slash
    Fire Fang
    Iron Tail
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  12. Crash & Charm

    Crash & Charm Back I guess


    Accepted,Could you please fix the bolding. I would appreciate it.
    edit:Thank you very much
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  13. Schade

    Schade Ya Steel-Clad Boi

    Aaand my SU is done. Let me know if I missed something
  14. Crash & Charm

    Crash & Charm Back I guess


    You are accepted,

    This is shaping up to be rather interesting, no one is springing for the Western kingdoms.
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  15. Crash & Charm

    Crash & Charm Back I guess

    I finished the combat mechanism and m going to post it below.

    Every player will start with their home kingdom as a holding. A player could choose to challange another player or Npc for their holdings. The winner of this challange will earn all of the holdings that both players possessed. A running list will be kept in the Op of who owns which kingdoms. All players may only participate in one challange per day.

    Say my Character were to lose his kingdom in a challange. He would not be romoved from play, and would have two options.

    1: As long as he has team members with holdings he can challange another player for one of their kingdoms. He can only challange for one kingdom. If he losses this battle he may challenge others, or even the same person.

    2: He could join another warlords party. This will is a switching off allegiance and means that you will be fighting for the warlord that you joined. You can win kingdoms for the warlord and you can lose kingdoms for the warlord.

    Even if you lose your kingdom you still may participate.

    The winners of the challange will be predetermined, by RNG. I will ask each player to choose 3 numbers between 1 and 10 and PM them to me. Then I will run the generator. If I hit a number that overlaps or one that wasn't chosen I will run it again. The first person to guess a right number without an overlap wins. If a much stronger battler is challenged by a weaker one then the ratio will change. Your strength is determined by your holdings.

    As far as Npc's go It is fine if you defeat them, and such battles will not be decided by me. Just be reasonable, if you challage a much more experianced battler you probably will lose, and if you don't then the battle would have been difficult.

    Edit: is anyone interested in starting? I could see us being fine, but I would love to have more players.
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  16. Pyroli

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    I'd like to reserve a spot, not sure what Kingdom yet.
  17. Crash & Charm

    Crash & Charm Back I guess

    Sure thing Reserved
  18. pokemon special

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  19. Crash & Charm

    Crash & Charm Back I guess

    Sure thing

    Reserved for Ignis
  20. Slipomatic

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    Personally, I'd wait for more players to join. I'd say aim for full fill in and if when we start, we have ppl that can't do it, their character becomes npc controlled by the other players within that team, within reason of course. Does this sound alright crash?

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