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Pokémon: Dangerous Fusion (PG-13)

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by Tundra_Wolfmane, May 19, 2015.

  1. Pokémon: Dangerous Fusion (PG-13)

    Dangerous Fusion


    The act of combining two things into one. It didn't matter what the two components were, whether they were alike or different. It didn't matter how difficult it was. And to PSci-Corp (Pokémon and Sciences Corporation), it didn't matter what morals they were breaking. Cause they had finally done it. They paved the way for the fusion of Pokémon.

    Although initially met with ridicule and skepticism, the idea grew and grew. It took days, months, years, but slowly, the scientists of PSci-Corp were convinced. They would say it was for the sake of science. They would say it was for the sake of the advancement of technology. Others would even say it was for the Pokémon themselves, to give them ways to become stronger, faster, better. And a few would even say it was a way to spice up the world of Pokémon, to change how the games were played and how the world would turn.

    Lead researcher and geneticist, Dr. Peter Narra, was the one who started it all. He was the one that turned cynics into believers, that turned skeptics into sponsors, that turned dream into reality. And that reality was turned into a machine.

    Fission and Synthesis Technology. Shortened to FiST, the machine is simple and sleek in design, albeit somewhat bulky. Appropriate to its acronym, the machine is hand-mounted and looks like a finger-less gauntlet. It's a mixture of grey and white, with something akin to a small cannon on its dorsal side. On each side of the are two small circular depressions, where the Pokéball of two Pokémon were to be placed. The gauntlet has a mechanism that will lock the two Pokéballs in place, covering them and keeping them from being dislodged. And that's when the magic happens.

    It was through Pokéball technology that Dr. Narra did it all. It was a peculiar machine, able to turn Pokemon DNA into data and store them inside it. They could heal Pokemon in it. They could deliver - send Pokémon from one to another by transferring the data from one pokéball to another! And all the geneticist did was find a way to combine them.

    FiST would do its work by identifying and combining the data - the DNA - of the Pokemon in each pokéball, finding similarities and dissimilarities, tracing the code that gives them their form and shape and abilities, turning them into one. They would then be sent out via a familiar red beam, showing the result The results would often vary, but it was, in the end, what you would call a scientific success.

    But they couldn't just tell the world about it and then ship it off, no. A machine was still a machine, and it would still be subject to human error. While they could make their own experiments in their own facilities, they could never replicate the adventuring ways of Pokémon trainers, who would travel far and wide. They could never predict one-hundred percent of what their invention have to go through, what kind of hardships and trials the wearer would have to face. And so they had a plan.

    They would find trainers. Respectable and trustworthy trainers. Some gym-leaders, some respected leaders, some just well-known. It was a hard process, and they had to make sure that each and every one of them would be able to keep the secret but still be able to use FiST as much as possible. They were given only three rules:

    Those are the three rules that would be given to the trainers. Those are the rules that they have lived by for the last six months. And so far, PSci-Corp had little to worry about. Their machine was hardy and resilient. Made to be heat and water-proof, made with an artificially-synthesized metal that would take the weight of a Steelix to crush, and resistant to all kinds of corrosion, it seemed that they had made the perfect invention.

    But then something happened.

    Testers, trainers they handed the machine to, started to stop giving reports. Much more worrying, they began to disappear off PSci-Corps radar. It’s like they were suddenly whisked away.

    Or worse.

    It didn’t take them long to find out. Less than half a month later, they received a video from one of their testers.

    Machine compromised. FiST stolen. They’re after everyone else!

    That was all they could get before the video was suddenly cut off. They didn’t find out who or what was doing it. They didn’t know why they were targeting the testers and not the company itself, but they had little time to act before anything else happened

    What ensued was a mass message to all testers to come back to HQ as soon as possible. That their prototypes, their valuable machines, had been stolen and are being stolen. That something needed to be done, and that they had to keep their machines safe.

    Two things were certain.

    First of all, something ominous is afoot, and Psi-Corp, and the invention they made, FiST, were at the center of it all. And second of all...

    You are in grave danger.


    Pokémon Fusion
    Pokémon fusion, as stated before, is the combining of two Pokémon. It possible by the machine you are testing out, FiST, wherein you place two Pokéballs in the slots at the end of the machine. FiST will then encase the Pokéballs and you can send your fused Pokemon out through a red laser beam from the tube-end of the gauntlet. You won't know what kind of fusion, what the fused Pokemon will look like and its battle capabilities until it's been 'released'.

    There are three fusion levels depending on the synchronization rate of two Pokémon. Or rather, how well two Pokémon can fuse together. There is no set rule so far on how well two Pokemon will fuse, but it seems that like-typed Pokemon fuse better, while those with conflicting do not. However, there are many notable exceptions.

    Level 1: Differentiated Fusion
    The most commonly found, differentiated fusion is the first level and has the least amount of synchronicity between two Pokémon. This usually results with a Pokémon with a notable feature from another Pokémon, with the power rating of the Pokémon staying near the same as it was before. The defining characteristic is that it is easily discernible where the one Pokémon ends and one begins. There is usually no difference in typing except for the altered or fused part.

    An example of such is a fusion of a Nidoking and a Kingler. This results in a Nidoking with a right arm ending with Kingler's large, red pincer. Nidokingler (as it was unimaginably called) has access to all of his normal attacks that do not require his right arm, but also has access to Kingler's techniques, such as Crabhammer, Bubblebeam, and Metal Claw. His power and typing also stay the same.

    Level 2: Assimilated Fusion
    An assimilated fusion is a moderate amount of synchronicity. In this kind of fusion, there is a 'base' and a 'fused' Pokémon. It shows with the base Pokémon, usually the one with 'stronger' DNA, having absorbed the other 'fused' Pokémon and taking some of it's parts and adding them to its own. There may be an altered coloration, coming from the fused Pokémon, as well as a change in typing. The base Pokémon is still quite discernible in this level. The resulting Pokémon is usually stronger than the original Pokémon.

    A possible example is a Misdryx, a fusion between a Misdreavus and a Jynx. Jynx is the base Pokemon, and has started to take on various traits from Misdeavous. Her dress has taken a ghostly, bluish hue, her hair has turned into red-tinged, dark purple, tentacle-like locks, and she starts to wear a red bead necklace and red bead bracelets. She is much stronger than her Misdreavus or Jynx counterparts, able to use most attacks of both, and has taken a Ice/Psychic/Ghost typing.

    Level 3: True Fusion
    A true fusion has max or near max synchronization rate. They are pretty uncommon combinations, and they are also a lot stronger than their individual counterparts. They are called true fusion because the resulting Pokémon is one that is not alike either of its two components and seems to become something akin to a new Pokémon, although some similarities may still be present, such as a shape or size. A change in typing is almost always present, and they may have access to techniques that neither of its ingredient Pokémon should know.

    To explain further, let us take a Scizor and a Bisharp, turning it into a Scisharp. The resulting Pokemon is humanoid, with a thin sleek body that is a mostly red with a long black streak running from the neck running completely down. Its red legs are thick at the base, but turn thin and narrow until they end with metallic white tips. Its shoulders are round but armored, the metallic casing around them running anterior and posterior to form an armor-like breastplate around its chest. Thin black arms project from these shoulders, ending with a pair of red and white pincers, at the top of which are sharp projections, combining the hand-features of both Pokemon. Jutting from its back, instead of wings, are four pairs of manipulable blades, curving forward like spider's legs, that can close inwards to shield Scisharp or protect it from attacks. Its head looks reptilian, although it bears resemblance to a helmet, with three familiar horns protruding backwards and a single white blade jutting from its forehead. It has taken a Bug/Steel/Dark typing from its two components, as well as their array of cutting and slashing attacks.

    Special Note:
    A specific combination of two Pokémon will always have the same result. Hence, a Nidoking and Kingler fusion will always result in a Nidokingler as stated as above. Keep track of what other people are using for their fusions, as they may have already created a form for the combination you had in mind.


    The RP will start in Unova, where our characters will rendezvous at a research facility not that far from Castelia City. If you need any help with the area, refer to this map. All you need to know, for now, that the facility is close enough to the city that it wouldn't take more than a day's drive, but far enough that denizens of the city won't see it and be curious enough to snoop about.

    I myself will have two main characters / trainers, so that I can sufficiently move along the plot. I'm allowing each person to also have two characters with six pokémon maximum each. This would be...pretty difficult, I think, but I'm giving you some freedom here.

    Here are the sign up sheets:
    (General stuff.)

    (Make this believable. Most people wouldn't really be world-renowned, famous, or respected in their teenagers unless it was a very special circumstance.)

    (More general stuff.)

    (How you act in situations. General stuff again.)

    (Please make this good. Description is important in this kind of rp, considering the need to describe certain fusions.)

    (Along with any notable thing that happened in your character's life, one question needs to be answered: What called the attention of PSci-Corp to you and thought, "Hey, this guy can be one of our testers!"?)

    (Anything else?)

    Pokemon: Max of six Pokémon for each trainer. However, I will allow you to be able to box them at anytime at the rp, assuming we are at a center where you are able to, and switch them with another Pokémon. I will also allow capture of any wild Pokémon, unlikely as it may be. However, you will have to make a Sign-Up for it and PM it to me.
    (If any.)

    (You know, Pikachu, Wobuffet, Swirlix, etc...)

    (Male, female, or neither.)

    (The nature of the Pokemon. Remember to take note of the Pokemon itself and any species traits.)

    (If there is any difference to how the species usually looks.)

    (Anything notable before or while under your character's care.)

    (Anything else that doesn't fit in the rest?)

    Fusions: You can have as many or as little as you want. You may not even put all of your ideas here, but I at least want to see one combination that you will be using often during the RP. For any other fusion you want to use, you must make a Sign-Up of it to me for approval.
    (Usually a mix of the two Pokémon used, but hey, feel free to go crazy. But not too crazy.)

    Species Used:
    (Which two of your Pokémon were used?)

    (This can be tricky, especially for mixed genders, but I'll leave you to decide it. Neither would probably be best if you can't decide.)

    (Some expected personality changes. Levels 1 and 2 tend to have similar personalities as the base Pokemon with traits picked up from the fused one. For Level 3, it might become completely different. It's entirely up to you.)

    Fusion Level:
    (Differentiated, Assimilated, or True. Look at descrips.)

    (The new typing, regardless if anything has changed or not.)

    (Time to shine, bub. Describe away. Use a picture if you have to. Regardless, I want to see your writing skills.)

    (Mostly referring to power levels and any new attacks or abilities it may have. Anything that should be notable, such as increased defense, offense, speed, or whatever. Else, just put none.)


    1. All serebiiforum RPG board rules apply.
    2. No god-modding or powerplaying. If the character isn't yours, don't kill him off or create histories / traits that the creator didn't plan him or herself.
    3. No bunnying of other players' characters, Pokémon, or Fused Pokémon without their explicit permission.
    4. Practice good grammar and adequate post length, please.

    Special Note:
    1. I will allow people to sign-up in the middle of the RP through a mechanic I've thought out in the plot. This will allow rpers to join in. On the other hand, in case someone stops posting or requests to take a break, this will also allow them to leave the group or 'party' and return in a believable manner until they come back.
    2. Please try to post frequently. I understand that everyone has lives outside the boards - I haven't been on this site for months, so I understand that very well - but signing up is a commitment to see this through. Or at least to try to.

    Accepted Characters
    1. Peter Narra / Tundra_Wolfmane
    2. Piper Esperanza / Tundra_Wolfmane
    3. Roxanne "Roxxy" Mauden / Huntress Wizard
    4. Suzy Yorke / Mogar
    5. Victor Pyroca / TheCharredDragon
    Last edited: Jun 18, 2015
  2. TheCharredDragon

    TheCharredDragon A Thief and her Love, til Death Do Thou Part

    I am very interested in this and I don't care that I'm in (technically) three other RPs, I'm gonna put an SU as soon as I can. Just uh...one question? Is a person that was striving to be the Kalos's first Fire-type gym leader and succeeds allowed? I just wanna be sure.
  3. Yes, Charred, they are allowed. Certain gym leaders would also be thought of as possible testers, and they also serve as opponents for trainers who also have FiSTs of their own.
  4. Here's the first of my characters, which can be used as a rough guide for anyone that wants to sign up.

    Peter Narra



    Peter's a smart guy. A really smart guy. A genius, even. And he knows it. However, he doesn't let it get to his head. Despite all the work he puts into it, he knows that most of his achievements come from having reliable colleagues, and he knows that he wouldn't have been able to get where he is were it not for them. And yet, he doesn't really have any close friends apart from the Pokemon that he has with him. He mainly thinks that, as intelligent as he is, even among intellectual peers, he would always be unable to truly fit in and always be misunderstood. Instead, he has embraced it a bit, deciding to adopt odd mannerisms in an attempt to be unique, despite how silly they are at times (and in vague hopes that someone will ask him about them).

    Socially, Peter seems to have two reigning personalities. The first one is when he is alone or when he is talking about anything scientific. He's all smiles and hand gestures, and he's a lot more confident in himself. It's how he convinced people to side with him in his venture of Pokemon fusion, after all. There's nothing else he takes more pride in than his intelligence, and he'll always be able to back up his claims with a good dose of know-how. But as great a gift as it is, he also thinks of it as a curse, as it tends to distance himself from people he would have liked to call his friends.

    The second one is around others, especially people he's not comfortable around or doesn't know quite well yet. He knows DNA, not people. This side of him is nice, but unsure of what to say. He's not very used to anything outside the world of science. This is the part of him that worries frequently and doesn't like to step on other people's toes unless he has to. He finds this part of him silly, really. He can draw on paper the structures that make up base pairs of DNA without a beat, but he can barely get a conversation going with other people. He tries, though.

    Despite being a so-called nerd, Peter has a slightly athletic build from jogging every morning. At five feet and seven inches, he's neither too tall nor too short. He has fair skin all over his body, but he has a brown, moon shaped birthmark on his right shoulder.

    His oval-shaped head is topped off with shaggy and unkempt black hair, although he usually keeps it short. It's like he has a constant case of bed head (he's tried to comb it, but his hair is very resistant to change, it seems). Behind his bangs are a pair of dark gray eyes. He has a small nose but high cheek bones. Under them is a pair of thin lips that hide a nice set of pearly whites. And finally, he has a pointed chin, and his beard always seems to be in a constant state of 5 o'clock shadow.

    As for his clothes, he never goes anywhere without his trusty lab coat, complete with the pocket that always has a pen and notebook in it and a nameplate with his name and title. The inside of his coat also has a number of hidden pockets, where he usually keeps other things, as well as his Pokemon's pokeballs. Underneath is usually a polo shirt of some dark color or another, and he always seems to be wearing the same pair of dark blue slacks (he actually has many pairs of the same one) and black rubber shoes (only one pair this time.) Around his neck is a black lace that ends with a single, minimized Pokeball. While it seems to bear some importance to him, he doesn't seem to want to share its significance to others.

    Castelia born, Peter had a childhood that was uneventful bar having a dad that worked in the police force. His dad apparently loved his job, being one of the notable few who were able to get in the primarily Jenny-occupied workforce. This meant that his dad was usually out and about on his job than with him. His mother, a school teacher, also tended to be really busy. That didn't mean that he wasn't loved - he was very much loved and cared for - but he was often left on his own devices (although he usually had a Noctowl babysitter waching over him about 99% of the time).

    He didn't have a lot of friends growing up. When you're interested in science and how things are, you're usually classified as a nerd and bullied as a kid. Your friends would be far and few. That always spoke true to Peter, who was used to playing alone in the sand box in a nearby playground of his house.

    So imagine his surprise when all of a sudden, someone wanted to play with him. Of course, he was completely utterly shocked that this someone looked exactly like him.

    Mostly, he wanted to run away. There should have been no way that someone would look exactly like him, as wear as be wearing the exact same clothes. It should have been impossible. But another part of him, the part of him that made other kids call him 'nerd' and made him have an intense interest in sciences, was intrigued and curious. And so he stayed. And, with not just a little amount of hesitance, started building a sand castle with his doppelganger. Sure, his other didn't really speak other than with sounds of happiness and giggles of joy, but other than that, if he just closed his eyes, he really could believe that he was playing with another him.

    And then his father and babysitter Noctowl arrived to pick him up.

    His other's first reaction was a yelp of surprise. The yelp was followed by a envelopment of light and a shrinkage. That was when Peter realized what he was playing with: a Ditto! The transforming Pokemon then hid behind Peter, wary of his Peter's father and the scary Noctowl that was glaring at him intimidatingly.

    And that was how Peter met his first Pokemon and best friend.

    It was because of the Ditto, whom he named Jelly, because of his gelatin-like consistency and body, that his interest of science soon branched out into an interest in how he transformed. It led him to turn to the science of genetics and DNA research. It turned him into a man whose intellectual capability allowed him into one of the Unova's best research facilities. And it was through his hard work and relentless will that FiST was born.

  5. Huntress Wizard

    Huntress Wizard mmm whatcha say

    Oh man, sign me the hell up for this RP because I am all about pokemon fusions.

    Name: Roxanne "Roxxy" Mauden

    Age: 22-ish

    Gender: Cis female

    Personality: Roxxy is an extremely stubborn, short-fused, sarcastic person. She is not one to take crap sitting down, or even standing still. She also tends to speak/act first and think later, which has led to several confrontations in less-than-ideal situations. Beneath the snarky, spiky exterior, though, she's a bit unstable. Roxxy is liable to have large mood swings, from depressed to furious and back again. She's never seen a therapist and, in fact, avoids them like a rat avoids open spaces. If someone tries to bring up her possible depression, she tends to punch them or sic her pokemon on them and run away.

    Roxxy's not that smart and she knows it. But what she lacks in book smarts she more than makes up for in street smarts. She is very confident in herself and her abilities, having traveled with pokemon for nearly half her life, and tackles any challenge head on. This has lead to some embarrassing defeats (most notably to a Steel-type trainer when she only had Epsilon on her), but also some stunning victories. She is very much not a team player, with a tendency to wander off while the group is discussing a plan and start attacking before everyone is ready.

    Her general philosophy when talking to other people is to get as much information as possible while not giving much herself. As such she's gotten good at making small talk (when she wants to) and deflecting questions back to the questioner. This side of her rarely comes out these days except when the situation very specifically calls for it. She's more inclined to insult the person badly enough that they never want to talk to her again, which is fine with her.

    She is terrified of thunderstorms a bad swimmer, and not great at reading or writing.

    Appearance: Roxxy is approximately 5'10" and lanky. Don't be deceived by her appearance, however: what mass remains after skin, bones, and organs is all muscle. Her skin is pale and burns easily, so she avoids the sun whenever possible. Her face is taller than it is wide, and she has bright blue eyes under thin black eyebrows. Her hair is also black, cut in a pixie cut that is beginning to grow out strangely. She has bangs that sweep just above her left eye, with a streak of red in them. She also has a pointed nose, thin lips, and slightly crooked but otherwise healthy teeth. Her left earlobe is pierced once, with a silver hoop. Her right ear contains two piercings: one in her earlobe, another silver hoop, and one in the cartilage near the top of the ear, a third hoop.

    Having lived a bit of a rough life, Roxxy has many scars, though her clothes cover most of them. The ones that can be seen without her stripping are a boomerang-shaped nick under her left eye from a rock and a diagonal slash across the knuckles on her right hand from an ugly encounter with a Fearow. Other than those, she has lots of thin lines on her shoulders (mostly from when Epsilon gripped on a little too tight as he was getting used to being a Crobat), and a long straight line on her left calf from surgery for a compound fracture sustained by falling out of a tree.

    Viewed from the back, one could be forgiven for mistaking Roxxy for a boy. She has few curves to speak of, and her overall way of standing is (to the old-fashioned) more befitting of a man than a woman. This doesn't bother her that much, although she is quick to correct pronoun usage. She wears dark-colored shirts (usually solid, though she does have one with a stylized health bar on the front), a very old pair of jeans (a few shades shy of gray with the knees ripped out and the hems frayed) and sensible running sneakers (black with blue laces tucked under the tongue). Her extra shirts and underwear she keeps in her bag, a gray drawstring with multiple patches she made herself.

    History: Roxxy's life has been chaotic at best and miserable at worst. She was raised in a small-ish orphanage in Lilycove, having been abandoned there for reasons unknown. However for some reason she never got along with the other kids. She'd get in fights all the time, steal things from the local shops, and generally behave badly. As a result she was branded as "unadoptable," which meant a fast track from the orphanage to a dead-end job somewhere in the city. This did not sit well with her, so therefore, when she was ten, she ran away for good.

    It wasn't long before she got into trouble. But help came in the form of a runt of a Zubat that guided her out of the forest and into the next town, Fortree. It refused to leave her once they were in the city, clinging to her hair like a hat, and so she carried it around until she could afford a Pokeball, at which point she caught the little bat and named him Epsilon.

    Thus began Roxxy's pokemon journey.

    Nothing much of note happened until she was about 18, and had returned to Hoenn for sentimental reasons. By then she'd won many badges from various regions (although she never challenged the league in any of them), and her team was comprised of Epsilon, now a Crobat; Burnout, a Yanmega she'd won in a game of poker; and Atlantis, a recently-evolved Vaporeon. While in Lilycove she visited the old police station where she'd spent many-an-afternoon after failing to run away, and the oddest thing happened.

    A young officer by the name of Duncan Levesque asked her if she wanted to go get coffee.

    She said yes, after brief deliberation: free food was free food. And then, for some reason, she stuck around Lilycove. Soon it became a regular thing. She would wait around for Duncan to be finished work, and no matter the hour they would go get breakfast or lunch or a midnight snack. By the sixth or so "date," Roxxy realized that she wasn't just interested in the food anymore. Duncan was smart and kind and didn't seem to mind Atlantis drooling on everything he owned. Maybe for once she'd gotten something nice in her life. The weekly dates turned into two years, until Duncan got an emergency call that a herd of Donphan was stampeding towards the city.

    He did not come back.

    Roxxy practically dropped off the map afterwards, taking with her a sweatshirt and a pokeball of his, before finally popping back up almost two years later in Castelia with a new team member: an unnamed Absol that Duncan had caught just before the Donphan stampede. She rarely used the Absol in battle except when absolutely ((sorry)) necessary, even though it seemed stronger than even Epsilon.

    She was first informed of PSci-Corp after meeting up with an old friend of Duncan's, Bruce, who had been a forensic scientist and was recruited by the organization for his work on DNA transcribing. He told her they were looking for trainers to test a new device that could fuse two pokemon together. After being reassured that they wouldn't be permanently fused, Roxxy asked if he could put in a good word with her. He did (perhaps embellishing some of her accomplishments), and a few days later she was contacted and told to come to the facility just outside Castelia to be briefed.
    Other: She's panromantic/asexual (although she doesn't know those terms)

    Last edited: Jun 9, 2015
  6. Huntress Wizard

    First of all, oh god, you're punny. xD Second of all, thanks for being the first to sign up. There are some things I want to address in it before I can let you in.

    First things first: your trainer's eligibility to be one of the testers. Upon first impressions as well as on how she looks, she doesn't seem dependable. And despite having many badges, she hasn't joined any leagues and is generally still unknown. I would be hard-pressed to believe that Psi-Corp would allow someone as seemingly untrustworthy and shady-looking as Roxxy to carry and use such a valuable and technologically advanced piece of machinery such as FiST.

    Second, and this one's easy to remedy, Pokemon speak is Pokemon speak. They can't speak anything other than what they're usually able. In short, Epsilon shouldn't be able to speak in broken English. However, I wouldn't mind them having a bond that they could somehow understand each other through language barriers a la Ash and Pikachu.

    Third is Absol. He has been used, yes? His gender and a vague personality should at least be known, then.

    Lastly, it's about Crash - I like his name; sounds like something he'll be doing often - clarify more on his speed please. Uncatchable sounds like he's very speedy, but he's not fast enough to do a U-Turn? It's not a problem with him, it's a problem with my understanding, so I'd like to have more information. ^~^;

    Other than that, you have really good grammar and sign-up length. And Roxxy sounds like she would be an interesting and unpredictable variable in any rp, and considering that this rp is action based, she's going to causing quite a bit of mayhem wherever she goes. Oh, but FiST can't show what a fusion will end up looking like. When you try out a fusion, you only find out once they're out. That's my fault, but please make the appropriate changes in the sign-up.

    In any case, your sign up is Pending. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to PM me. I hope to hear from you again soon!
  7. Pyroli

    Pyroli Banned

    So it's been a bit since I was active on the forum but I'm super interested in this, I'd like to place a reserve for now, however I may have my sign-up done later tonight or perhaps by Saturday.

    I found a really good character fit of mine from a past RPG and made her work for this one, so this was quite easy actually. Here you go!

    Suzy Yorke



    Suzy is very sassy. She often has witty remarks to spit out of her mouth when she gets upset or anxious. She's also a rather aggressive person in nature, often getting upset. She's actually a very short and damaged fuse. She gets very angry if someone points out her arm, which, she'll probably need to get used to because it is an oddity that makes her stick out from the rest of the world. Despite her short temper and her obvious discomfort with her deformity, she believes herself to be very pretty. Although, she is unconfident because no one else has ever told her that. However, Suzy is also very intelligent. Able to plan things without a lot of thought, she has a very abstract thinking pattern that can come up with solutions to her problems rather quickly. She's supposedly a natural born leader, able to get people motivated and allow them to aid her in whatever she needs help with. However, Suzy has some negative traits, in that she is far to sarcastic which irritates many people. Suzy is also somewhat of a downer, sometimes putting people in a negative mood due to her sometimes making negative comments about the world or about her life as a whole.

    Suzy is also a flirt, even if she was in a relationship she'd probably still make flirtatious comments towards people of the opposite gender. However, Suzy enjoys battling her Pokemon and having battles of the wits. Suzy is also very talented at using her false arm as a weapon, similar to a police baton. Although under her somewhat aggressive and sad exterior, lies a very caring and compassionate person who will always help people no matter what happens. If you get wounded it battle she will take it upon herself to get you back to 100%. She has somewhat of a motherly personality.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Normal / Shirtless

    Suzy is a very pretty young lady. She's around 5'6" and about 150 pounds, her face is very soft and rounded, making her look rather young while still giving her a 'cutesy' face. She has rather pale white skin and usually accents it with pale pink blush ad her large green eyes are accented with black mascara. She wears a set of brown hipster glasses due to her nearsightedness, however these accent her facial type and overall look quite well. She has pale blonde hair which is somewhat short and quite nice and curly. Her body type is somewhat girlish, giving her a nice hourglass shape accenting her wide hips and her larger than average breasts.

    In the clothing department, Suzy likes to wear a type of hipster clothing which represents her simplistic nature quite well. She dresses like a cutesy individual. Her shirt is a nice shade of beige (or cream), which is actually a nice long autumn sweatshirt which is usually covered by a light brown overcoat. To make sure her cleavage never shows, she enjoys wearing a light brown scarf. Her lower half is covered by a cream coloured skirt with black tights and little black dress shoes. Her fashion sense usually makes her look much older than she actually is, and most people assume she's actually around twenty-five rather than twenty-one. She also usually carries a small brown satchel which is usually filled with all sorts of medical supplies, allowing her to be the team's nurse. Her arm can be summarized as a hunk of metal, lazily put together by Suzy from whatever materials she could gather. It has a cusp that fits over her shoulder and the rest could just be described as a long metal rod. it's slightly longer than her other arm and pokes out of the sleeve of her sweater slightly. It is secured by a band that sits under the underside of her bra, it's red in colour and is only seen when she's getting ready for bed before she takes it off.

    Suzy comes from very meek origins. Both of her parents were very poor individuals who were not really able to afford too much for Suzy, although they loved her dearly and only wanted the best for their daughter. When Suzy turned eight, her parents were able to send her to the local gym to learn things from the leader, who ended up being a family friend of them. From him, Suzy learned a lot about Pokemon and wanted to learn so much more. She decided it upon herself to become a breeder, following in the footsteps of her father. Morty, the gym leader, taught her many things that would allow her to raise Pokemon with the compassion she needed and the ability to make them happy. She became more interested in this study when a sweet couple came to their city.

    This couple consisted of a man named Jon, and his wife Marion. The two had been breeders for about ten years and wanted to help Suzy by teaching her the basics. Jon realized how talented Suzy could become and wanted to allow her to grow and prosper by becoming much bolder and more knowledgeable. Suzy began spending a lot of time with the couple, although she didn't realize that her dear mother and father were planning to leave Johto, and move to some far off region known only as Unova. Suzy found out about a week before her parents were set to move, and being at the age of fourteen she argued that she was old enough to take care of herself and they could leave her behind. Her parents originally didn't even consider the option but then they realized that their daughter's destiny was here, and left her behind with Jon and Marion. Suzy was pleased, and her parents often contacted her through phone calls to keep in touch with their daughter who was now slowly working her way towards her destiny.

    She began her career at the young age of sixteen, when she was gifted her first Pokemon, a small Pichu from Jon. The Pichu was nothing particularly special on it’s own, but when it was born from Jon’s Raichu and Marion’s Pikachu, it was holding the mysterious light ball; which gave it different and fantastic powers. Suzy was overjoyed with the gift of a Pokemon, and began her long journey to become more well known and respected among the region of Pokemon. She decided to start her journey in Unova, as some of it’s bustling cities would certainly be a place for her to gain a strong reputation. She boarded a ship off the port of Johto, bound for Castelia when disaster struck.

    Suzy’s boat was caught in a huge storm, the waves tossed the passengers back and forth and flung them in all directions. The ship ended up slamming into a mass of rocks and beginning to flood and sink. As Suzy was young at the time, she ran to help some of the other passengers get off the boat and onto the Pokemon that had come to their aid. However, in this chaos; Suzy found a small boy trapped beneath some of the rubble, she ran to his aid and while attempting to free him; more rubble fell, crushing her arm. Suzy screamed in pain, but still attempted to shove away the rubble from the boy, not concerned with her own injury. Suzy managed to free the trapped boy, but at the cost of one of her own limbs, as it had to be amputated on the Orange Islands; which resulted in her having a meager piece of metal to replace it. Her injury doesn’t bother her very much however, and she usually brushes it off when others ask her questions about it.

    Suzy pursued the life of a Pokemon Breeder from that day forward, once she got to Unova she made her home in Black City, she had a talent for hatching some of the most beautiful purebreed Pokemon for contests, and some of the most battle hungry Pokemon for the people who wanted to become league champions. She also became somewhat known around Unova and Kanto for her bravery and the loss of a limb to save the life of another. Due to her well known breeding nature, she was asked to test a device for an odd company known as PSci-corp; which she humbly agreed.

    As previously mentioned, Suzy only has one arm, the other was lost in an accident during one of her travels. It has been replaced by a metal rod.

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  8. Huntress Wizard

    That should do it. You're accepted!


    I don't have much problem with your character. Your sign-up is good, and the history is interesting and enough to warrant Psi-Corp's attention. My only qualm is the young age, although that's passable. Make sure to brush up on some grammar stuff, though. Still, I can't say I don't like it. ^.^ You're accepted!

    And now we have two characters who don't like taking orders. With my second character, there are now three Alpha Females in the group. I will have to apologize Peter for this...

    Piper Esperanza



    Piper's as tough as you can get. She's calm, she's crafty, and she's calculating - the three things that have helped her the most in her job as an international investigator. She never takes no for an answer and will always try to find a way to properly finish whatever she starts. Piper also likes to think of herself as being pretty smart, at least enough to add two and two to make four and solve a couple of cases at the same time. She's also not afraid to make a couple of low blows here and there, so beware. This makes her a pretty difficult opponent, whether it's in a physical brawl, an intellectual debate, or in a Pokemon battle.

    Pipe's used to being in a leadership position. She's actually a lead of couple of jobs herself, and has shown a level-head in times of incredible duress. She's usually the one that gets people's in the game and gets them to snap out of any shocks. You can expect her to butt heads with anyone that questions her or gets in the way; if anyone's going to order her around, that person better be the general of the army or some strategic prodigy, or she's going to eat that person alive. When she sets her eyes on the prize, she goes after it like a hungry tiger running after prey. Perhaps one of her biggest faults is her inability to let anyone else handle what she thinks is her job. She's kind of selfish that way. She hates not being able to step up to the image she has made for herself.

    Still, she can be rambunctious when she wants to - especially if you can get her in a bar and drunk off her behind - but when it's on a job, her colleagues can rely on her to be one of the most dependable people on the job. She has a certain way of getting under people's skins and getting them to like her, usually begrudgingly. She'll also try to help said person, sometimes unknowingly. On the other hand, she doesn't like to volunteer information about herself, which sometimes tends to irk other people. Information is valuable, after all. And when she gets something wrong, she would be the last person to admit it. She has pride issues, and she has let it come between her and potential friends many times before. And ff she decides that he doesn't like a person, then she's quick to give said person a cold shoulder.

    Piper has the body of a trained athlete. Standing at five feet and ten inches, plus a set of good heels, she'll usually end up taller than most other women and men. She has fair skin, but she also has a number of scars, both from training and on the field, but most would be hidden by her clothes. The only ones that can easily be seen are two diagonal ones on the back of her right palm. One thing that she doesn't like, however, is because of her increased muscle to fat ratio, she has a smaller-than-average chest size. Don't mention it to her. Ever.

    She has short, shoulder-length dirty blonde hair and a freckles on a slender, heart-shaped face. She has dark brown eyes that can look sharply serious or lightly friendly depending on the situation. She has a prominent, sharp nose and thin set of lips. She always has some form of light make up on - a hardworking woman like her /always/ finds time to care for her looks - but never enough to make it look too much. She usually hides her freckles that way. She wants to look good doing her job, after all.

    She usually wears combinations of long-sleeved shirts with her trusty and stylish multi-pocketed vest, which as a belt-liked feature that allows it to hug her waist. It's perhaps the one thing you'll always see her wearing. She also likes to wear a pair of comfy jeans. Depending on whether she's working or not, she either wears rubber shoes or heels, the former during work so she can run as much as she pleases. She also has her gun and gun holster around her waist, as well as a stun gun inside the inner-pocket of her vest. Her badge is also in her vest. She actually carries a lot of stuff in her vest (comfy or not, those jeans have tiny pockets!).

    Piper started off life as the child of two business-minded parents. She was brought up with more money than she needed. It also meant that her parents, more often than not, were too busy to look after her. Her parents didn't believe in having maids or servants, so Piper learned at an early age on how to care for herself. Her parents thought it was good that she was able to quickly become independent, and Piper, having no other life to compare it to, thought it was normal. Perhaps the only other contact she had that wasn't family was her home tutor, who instilled in her a love of mystery novels. And then there was her father's best friend, a non-Jenny police officer.

    He was one of the main fixtures of her life, considering he and her father spent quite some time together during their free days. Upon her request to her father, he was the one that taught her how to fire a gun (her parents were initially against this, but seeing as Piper was usually responsible and had few requests in general, they eventually caved in). It was also his influence that she eventually wanted to become a police officer.

    She did become one, of course, becoming a junior to the man that was her role model. She also apparently made a good impression on the man's son, a geeky young boy who often played with a Ditto.

    When she graduated from being the man's partner, she quickly decided to join another precinct, in another city. Opelucid City, in fact. It was far from home, but she truly wanted to experience being independent. And it was there that she started to grow into the person who she was. Being independent most of her life, she easily stepped up to the plate when it came to her cases. Soon, more and more people were able to trust her, and she became more and more well-known. When it finally came to the point where she was offered an international job, she jumped at the chance.

    She had already been quite a few years into the job when she heard a voice from the past. Little boy Peter had become Dr. Narra, and was offering her a chance to change history. Intrigued, she couldn't help but agree.

    She named all her Pokemon after chili, her favorite food group (she will never admit it to not actually being a good group). She's also conscious about how she looks, despite being quite successful. Also, due to the nature of her job, she's allowed to use fusions in extremely dire situations; it helps that she's allowed to say, "That's classified information."

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    Tiggas Member

    I like the concept, working on my SU. Question: Is there a problem if my character has worked with Looker?
  10. Nope, no problem at all with that. Good luck with your sign up!
  11. TheCharredDragon

    TheCharredDragon A Thief and her Love, til Death Do Thou Part

    Gah! I hope you don't mind but I'm gonna throw a WIP so you know I am working on it. Slowly.

    On an unrelated note, I'm psyched for Super Mystery Dungeon!

    EDIT: Finished!

    EDIT 2: Added the missing bit!

    Name: Victor Pyroca
    Age: 37
    Gender: Male

    Personality: Victor is, well, what you'd expect from someone who's lived his life pretty decently. He's had his problems, of course, but compared to some, he doesn't actually have any life scarring event happened to him and thus he comes off as very calm when first meeting him. He mostly is, acting very much his age and willing to answer the usual questions like what's his job and so on. With that being said, there are still times he acts ridiculous, stemming from the fact that he's a cheerful guy and a bit young at heart, with him having exagerated reactions to some things.

    He can handle having conversations well with strangers and so on, with the usual intent of possibly making friends with said stranger and so he doesn't try pressing for information the other is uncomfortable to talk about. Again, he is courteous to strangers but he's not naïve to think everyone he meets will be a potential friend. He knows not everyone is going to get along with him even if he tries to get along. If you just happen to not like him or even hate him, Victor will leave you to your opinion.

    Despite being a gym leader, he doesn't push for position of leader in a group and won't mind taking orders if not said in a bossy manner. However, if he finds the order questionable, he will say his thoughts. The exceptions to that are emergencies and situations where time is precious, so he'll either follow reluctantly if he trusts you very much (like his close friends) or do something else instead if he doesn't.

    Ever since his marriage, he has learned to try and find ways to work with others better while trying to curb his less desirable traits (his favoritism of Fire-types, his bias for those he trusts, i.e. favors them over strangers, his instant distrust of anyone whering a hooded robe, etc.) in hopes of long term cooperation. So you can expect him to try and find a way to have the other cooperate, but, of course, if it's obvious there's nothing he can do, he'll just leave to someone else.

    Speaking of his marriage, he (obviously) holds his wife very dear, just ahead of his Pokémon and his friends. Seeing as he's read of all the happenings of those criminal gangs from other regions and having partially witnessed Team Flare's attempts in Kalos, he's gotten somewhat paranoid for his wife and anything that involves something powerful or revolutionary because bad guys like hunting those stuff down. Now that he's in danger (which only furthered his paranoia), he's constantly keeping an eye on his surroundings but tries not to show it seeing as he needs to be.

    He truly cares for his Pokémon, family and others, which is partly why he's paranoid, concerned with other people's safety and such. Even though he has a natural bias for Fire-types, he's not as obsessed as one might think a gym leader be. Yes, he likes them, but he won't act childish and go ga-ga. No, he'd rather appreciate them from afar. That is partly thanks to his experiemce with his Charizard, Zelda.

    So in short, he's a matured adult that is (reasonably) worried with a young heart.

    Appearance: Before, Victor's appearance was rather wild looking, mostly because of his hair, which looked like black fire. Now, it looks more like hair and less like a drawing of one, looking pretty much like this guy's; black, a bit big and a bit spiky looking when it really isn't, for the most part. The hair doesn't really cover his emerald eyes despite its size. Even though he's close to 40, some people have thought he was 20 or something years old by the way he looks, and that's true. He's fresh-faced, his eyes giving off a sense of youth along with the lack of anything breaking up his light brown skin. His body itself is very fit from the training he's done and all, but it looks rather average, as well as his height. No apparent muscles or the like and is only about six feet tall.

    For clothing, it doesn't really give off the feeling of a gym leader or soneone who really likes Fire-types. His usual shirt is deep green with a thick white stripe slighty off the middle running through the main body while his also green sleeves are a little long: nearly reaching the elbow. On his left hand is where he wears the FiST out of paranoia that someone might cut off his arm so he put it on his left. On his right hand is his wedding ring. For his lower section, he wears light brown khaki pants along with stapped running shoes that are black with white soles. On his hips, he has a dark brown belt along with a black fanny pack big enough to hold two forearms (not the best thing to give approximate size, but arms are something lots of people have, so there). Inside it is a small amount of food, his Pokéballs, and his red Pokégear.

    History: Unlike some people, Victor's life wasn't that traumatic. He was born in Ambrette Town, Kalos to two breeders and from then until fourteen, not much had happened in terms of traumatic events. No friends dying, no abusive parents and no relocating, he just went to school and lived his life. The only thing notable that happened was that he made good friends with the new born Deerling when he was eleven. At fifteen, things changed.

    Originally, he wanted to be a breeder as well, like his parents, but one particularly boring Sunday, he turned to a channel he never bothered watching: the Pokémon Sports channel. He thought when it meant sports, it meant things like the Pokéathelon. But no, it also meant Pokémon battles and on that day, he was mesmerized. It was the Pokémon World Tournament, the Gym Leader segment, and he saw Flannery fighting with a trainer using a Samurott. Despite her disadvantage, she still proved that she and her Torkoal were no pushovers.

    After the show ended, he started researching Fire Pokémon, he feverishy analyzed gym leaders' battles and he studied on how to take care of himself out there. Obviously, he decided he wanted to be Kalos's first Fire-type gym leader. His parents were at first worried seeing as a journey is a bit more treacherous than the ads have the public think. But after much debating with him, and him showing he could take care of himself with several solo camping trips, they relented and let Victor travel to Lumiose.

    By then he was 18, so that helped somewhat in convincing them. He left without any of his parent's Pokémon because non of them were Fire-types (he knows their strengths and cares for them, but he really wanted to practice with Fire-types soon), so when he arrived there, he immediately headed to Sycamore, knowing fare and well about the available Pokémon. There, he chose the Fennekin (ignoring the other guy's face when he chose the creature) and went off to a nearby route to train. This was when he discovered Sterops, being the loyal steed he was, followed him all the way from Ambrette Town. At first, he tried to convince him to go back, but relented when he ended up helping his newly named Anthea and him against a group of pissed off Trapinch (they accidently hit).

    For the next two years, he trained, he practiced and only caught one other Pokémon along the way: a Magikarp that quickly evolved into a Gyarados (because he had no water transportation) while Sterops evolved was the only other one to evolve, and he only managed to beat Viola. He was perplexed by this (he thought two years for one gym leader was too l and it frustrated him to no end. In fact, it frustrated him so much that, while resting Route 4, he threw a rock and accidently injured someone. You can certainly imagine his shock when he found he hurt someone, a girl of all people, and you can certainly imagine his fear when an enraged Frogadier was headed straight towards him. Thankfully, the girl's friend--a boy named Max--stopped the Frogadier before he mauled Victor's face.

    Victor apologized so many times as he tended to the girl Marissa that Gekogu, Marissa's Frogadier, was tempted to attack Victor again. Max's Eelektrik stopped Gekogu from doing that. After Marissa and Max introducing themselves and explaining what they were travelling for (Marissa to learn about Pokémon and hoping to become a scientist while Max--who knows it's cliché--wanted to see the world), Victor insisted on coming along as his way of apologizing for hurting her foot. Max thought it was weird but Marissa agreed, and so the three began to travel together. Soon, he didn't just stick with them because of guilt, he stuck with them out of gunuine care for them.

    For the next few years, they travelled together, with Victor becoming good friends with Max and devolping feelings for Marissa. On the way, Anthea evolved and he caught a Litleo that evolved into a Pyroar. But then when he was about to challenge the Psychic-type gym leader, he found a Luxury Ball. Curious, he checked to see if anything was inside it, and he immediately regretted that when the occupant, a four foot tall Charizard of all things, tried to rip him to pieces. He was starting to wonder why Pokémon really wanted to kill him one way or another as his Pokémon defended him. He managed to get her back inside the ball but unlike what a rational person would do, he decided to keep her.

    He knew it was a stupid idea, but when he faced Valerie, he let the Charizard out first. The dragon was thinking of burning him to a crisp, but when she saw that she was let out to fight, she changed her mind. After defeating the gym, the Charizard--who wanted to be named Zelda, oddly (she kept doing poses and stuff like charades)--gave him a chance and soon has come to care for Victor greatly.

    A few days after that, they encountered a Hydreigon. Everyone at first was in defensive positions and worried that it'd go on a rampage (while wondering how in the world a Hydreigon was in the Kalos region). They waited and it did nothing, at least until Zelda came out and what happened next was unexpected. The moment Zelda was close to the hydra, they acted like friends who haven't seen each other in a while. Turns out, they traveled with each other before she came under Victor's ownership. Seeing as Zelda didn't want to leave her friend, Victor caught him for her and let's just say that it took a while to clean all the saliva from Zelda licking him.

    Then things went pretty much uphill from then. With Victor gained one more badge before finallt deciding to taking the gym leader test (I'm just guessing they have to test trainers before they allow public gyms). After a tiring match, Victor passed. In rejoice, he kept jumping for joy and then accidently confessed his love for Marissa. Thankfully, despite the awkwardness, Marissa shared the same feelings. The three continued travelling, with Victor and Marissa getting that much closer. Next, about a week after Victor passed his test, Marissa finally found work, being assigned in the Power Plant in Kalos.

    Of course, Victor and Max came along. Unfortunately, they just happened to be there when Team Flare attacked the place. The three helped a mysterious trainer kick out Team Flare who just happened to stop their plans. A few days after that, while they recovered and report about the incident in Lumiose, decided to pop the question. Marissa, crying tears of joy, accepted.

    You can pretty much expect what happened next: they both felt a little embarassed at how their parents reacted about the news, they had a memorable wedding (with Zelda trying her best not to burn Marissa's parents for putting a pink bow tie on her head) and the two decided to settle in Victor's hometown (although he really wanted it to be in Marissa's but she insisted), where their house and Victor's gym will be. The only thing that saddened them was that Max still wanted to explore the world, and so left after saying his good-byes to the newly weds.

    After one year and a half, he finally opened his gym just as Marissa got new work. Since then, not much happened. He had a few challengers come his way, but other than that, he just trained his team more, until a few months ago. Marissa was doing field work in Unova and so he was by himself with his Pokémon in the backyard when Zelda bearly hit a visitor. Victor immediately apologized for that but got confused when the man said he was warned that might happen, so he forgave him. When he asked what did he mean by "warned", the man answered he came here as suggested by his wife. This confused him even more until he let the man in and explain.

    He was in the company PSci-Corp, a company based in Unova, where Marissa was. Apparently Marissa visited some of her scientist friends there and they said they were looking for testers for a new technology. Since Marissa was busy (and not specialized in battles, despite being rather skilled), she, of course, suggested her husband to test the device. He wasn't surprised that she'd suggest him, but he was happy that she did. Since it involves scientific work, the two could see each other more often. So, he accepted.

    After having the gym temporarily closed, he left for Unova and had equipped the fist. A few weeks passed and by then Marissa Kanto for a conference. He was thinking things were going smoothly as he battled against fellow testers to test his and their Fusion's strengths, until he recieved the grievous message. Immediately, he had Queen Ghirodah (the fusion between Zelda and Drei the Hydreigon) fly him to PSci-Corp HQ, hoping with all his mind and soul that this won't involve his wife.

    His Pyroar, Prometheus, and Gyarados, Odeseus, are currently boxed. I'm not sure if I'll even have them unboxed in the RP so I won't make an SU for them.

    He names his Pokémon after legendary figures, or at least as close to them as possible. The exception to this is Drei (more details in his bio), because of being nicknamed already.

    Nickname: Zelda
    Species: Charizard
    Gender: Female

    Personality: She is pretty much the powerhouse and she knows it. She usually boasts of her power and position and often gets into fight due to it, as well as being a hothead. She has a very short and explosive temper and hates people pointing out she's short and so gladly burns anyone who insulted her. That has been curbed somewhat since being mates with Drei. As for him, she cares for him very much even if it doesn't show (or admit it). Same goes for Victor. As expected, she just goes all out in a fight unless ordered otherwise.

    Appearance: Unlike other Charizard, she's only 4 feet tall.

    History: She was born in Charicific Valley and eventually got lost in Unova from hitching a boat ride and thus met Drei. They became friends and she accidently caught herself in a Luxury Ball. Thanks to that, she was picked up one day when she was sleeping inside it and so nearly burned Victor. But she gave him a chance and soon became friends. Drei was caught later and then were mates.

    Other: She can go in and out of her Pokéball.

    Nickname: Drei
    Species: Hydreigon
    Gender: Male

    Personality: Drei does not hint at all at his personality in his name or appearance. His name his simple and his appearance brutish, so most get surprised when he doesn't growl at you and instead bows to you in greeting. He, unlike other Hydreigon, is very courteous and calm, very smart too. Although he is often at odds with Zelda, he is always amused when people get surprised that he is Zelda's mate. Speaking of Zelda, he is very protective of her even if it's not obvious. He cares for Victor too, but not as much as the Anthea or Zelda. In battle, his species' nature shows in his ruthlessness and cunning, using trickery before knocking out opponents. He, like Anthea, will change his tactics accordingly and if Victor orders so.

    Appearance: He's like other Hydreigon, except he has a green collar on his main neck, on it saying, "My Guardian".

    History: Before meeting Zelda and then Victor, Drei was in the care of a young boy named Ivan who took care of him when he was abandoned by a Dragon Tamer. He was close friends with the boy's Serperior, Loraine, as well as Ivan, viewing him as a father figure. But Ivan died after being severely injured by a Rhyhorn and thus he was released. He eventually met Zelda lost in Castelia and then Victor after Zelda was accidently "caught" (see Zelda and Vic's bio) and has been with them since.

    Other: He can go in and out of his Pokéball.

    Nickname: Anthea
    Species: Delphox
    Gender: Female

    Personality: She is, you could say, the second-in-command of the team and acts as such. But she's more of the manager of the team. Sure, Victor keeps them fed and so on, but she makes sure the team behaves. It's not much of a problem since the only trouble maker is being handled by Drei, but she's still watchful. Like the rest of the team, she cares for Victor and is obedient to him. She also keeps an eye on him as a guard. In a fight, since she's the second strongest to Zelda and tied with Drei, she fits the role of mage very well. Often trying to dodge attacks while dishing out her own fron a distance. She is willing to change tactics accordingly, especially if under Victor's orders.

    Appearance: Average Delphox. Nothing note worthy.

    History: Not much happened before she met Victor. She was waiting for a trainer to pick her. After Victor picked her, she's been the team's chaperone until Drei came along, where she still keeps everybody in check but Drei helps out (and when I mean help, I mean make sure Zelda doesn't get in trouble).


    Nickname: Sterops
    Species: Sawsbuck
    Gender: Male

    Personality: Sterops is sonewhere in between normal and unusual for a Sawsbuck. Then again, many of Victor's 'mons aren't average. At first glance, he seems like the strong silent type, but when you do actually meet him, he's more like the silent cheery type. As I've said, he's cheerful in greeting you: neighing and such and occasionally wanting to rub his face against yours or your hand. But he doesn't overdo it. He knows he's strong, but he doesn't show it off or really acknowledge it. He is very obedient to Victor, letting him on him for transport, and generally stays quiet whenever he's let out. As said, even though his kind isn't reputed to be strong in the international competitive tournaments, he is still a formidable foe in battle, as he's used to fire even if it hurts him as much as the next Sawsbuck, thanks to being surrounded by fire capable Pokémon.

    Appearance: Average Sawsbuck. Nothing note worthy.

    History: Sterops was Victor's first friend, being the offspring of his father's two Sawsbuck, becoming very close to him. When he left, Sterops followed him and ended up on his party despite not being a Fire-type.

    Other: He has a liking for apples.

    Nickname: Chargon (char-gone)
    Species Used: Charizard; Hydreigon
    Gender: Female
    Fusion Level: Assimilated

    Type: Fire/Dragon

    Appearance: As the name suggests, Zelda, now fused with Drei, has three heads. Her original head now more like a Hydreigon with a stubbier snout and dark blue skin, while her horns are also dark blue and more like her Mega Evolution Mega Charizard X (bar the tip). Her neck is basically a Hydreigon's with the signature fuschia mane that is akin to a flower with black fur running down from it to the center of her chest, with more of it covering her shoulders. Unlike a Hydreigon however, her two other heads aren't on her hands and are instead on her shoulders with short necks (about one fourth of a Charizard's neck) and look more like a Charizard's head, with tiny fangs, two horns and have visible black pupils with red irises and sclerae, but do have dark blue skin. Her wings have basically split into three pairs, with the membrane being fuschia instead of teal and the actually limbs supporting the wing dark blue instead of orange. From here on out, the rest of her body looks like a Charizard's: the relatively robust body, the fire tail, short arms, cream underbelly and "under tail" and stubby legs, except her skin is dark blue as well as under her feet.

    Despite her intimidating looks, she's still only four feet tall.

    Changes: Her speed is now more like most Charizard and not as speedy as she was (since she's a dwarf). Her mobility in the air makes up for the lack of speed (even with the ridculous amount of wings). Because Hydreigon arms had heads and thus became necks, her arm strength has increased to the point where her favorite move, Rock Smash, is as strong as the average Pokémon's Strength attack. She has access to all of a Hydreigon's Dark-type moves (of she wishes to use them) as well as Superpower, thanks to her increased arm strength. Her special attacks have a slight increase as well, thanks to the Hydreigon DNA. Lastly, she is more tolerable of Water-type moves thanks to her typing, but she will still feel extreme pain if any water were to hit her tail.
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  12. Okay Charred. I won't nitpick at your sign-up until it's done. When it is, just send me a PM, and I'll check it for you. Good luck, and have fun creating!
  13. caden947

    caden947 Mysterious Trainer

    Here's my sign-up sheet. I'm really new to this kind of stuff but I hope you'll like it.

    Kaylen Eternan


    Kaylen tends to keep to himself and he only opens up to people when he trusts them completley. He is very calm, level-headed and charismatic and also deeply fascinated with the mythology of the Pokemon world. He has been known to show interest in any rumors of rare or legendary Pokemon, even to the point where he obsesses over it for months if it is believeable enough. Kaylen is extermely poliet and very intelligent (Though not quite as smart as Peter) having been taught by the wisest elders in his home village. He cares deeply about life and tries to prevent death whenever he can. He would gladly sacrifice himself for others if it came to it. He tries to hide his true emotions and conceal his motives in public to prevent anyone who could use them against him from finding anything out about him (So I guess he is a tad paranoid in this manner).

    Kaylen is tall and of meduim width. He's not extremely fit and he can't run for long distances, but he's strong and fast when he needs to be. He has long pale scars, barely visible, on his arms and legs from many wild Pokemon attacks when he was young. He has short but thick blonde hair that isn't in any particular style and that usually hides his ears. His face is rather handsome with deep grey eyes, light eyebrows and a fair nose and mouth but he doesn't openly accept the fact unless the circumstances require it. Around his neck, he wears a gold necklace carrying a pendant shaped like the ring around Arceus's torso (known in his home village as the Ring Of Origin), which signifies his deep belief in Arceus as the creator of the universe. His usual attire consists of a simple, grey, long-sleeved tunic, black cargo pants, a belt on which his personal belongings (Poke Balls, berries, medicine, money, Trainer Card, a PokeNav and other assorted items) hang on specific pouches, tall grey boots and a long, grey, hooded travelling cloak for hiding his identity and hiding the FiST he now carries on his left hand. Hidden underneath his cloak, he carries the Staff Of Coronet, an ancient artifact that holds great power if used properly. The Staff consists of a long, twisted piece of wood which forms a four pronged claw at the top, which carries a grey crystal orb, filled with what seems to be mist. The bottom of the staff holds a sharp diamond for unknown purposes. Kaylen retreived the Staff as a final trial set by his village elders to prove his worth. The Staff is completely useless if the user does not have a powerful Pokemon capable of generating the energy needed to power it. Its main function is to power up Pokemon attacks channeled through it. Kaylen seldom uses it, as it would give away his identity and also the fact that he wields a powerful artifact.

    Kaylen was born in a small village on the Eterna City side of Mt Coronet in the Sinnoh Region. As the son of the leader of the Elder's Council and his whole village, Kaylen was set high expectations from birth. He was set difficult training tasks from a young age, which lead to him getting attacked by wild Pokemon quite frequently. Sooner or later, his parents had to get him a Pokemon so he could defend himself. So they gave Kaylen a Poke Ball and told him to find himself a Pokemon in the Eterna Forest. When he finally did manage to get to Eterna Forest, he was exausted. There was only so far a six-year-old could possibly travel. In the forest, he found a Piplup. He knew this was not its natural habitat and given the fact it was unconsious and bruised meant that its previous trainer had abused it and left it for dead. To prevent any further harm coming to it, Kaylen caputured it in his only Poke Ball and rushed to the Eterna City Pokemon Center.
    Once the Piplup had been fully healed, Kaylen took it home and it became his first Pokemon. Kaylen named him Arrow because of how swift and accurate he was when it came to attacks. With Arrow, Kaylen was able to complete all the tasks his elders had assigned him and when he turned ten, he started battling the local Pokemon Trainers. He trained with Arrow every day and became well known for his battling skills around the Eterna City area.
    When Kaylen turned twelve, the vilage elders assigned him his final task. They had seen first hand how capable he was when it came to defending himself so they decided to send him on a quest to retrive the legendary Staff Of Coronet. If were to complete this task, he would be able to leave home and venture the Sinnoh region with Arrow. They gave him only three Poke Balls, a water bottle and a pouch of berries for survival. They didn't need to give him any water for he had Arrow (who was now a Prinplup by this time). So, he gathered his supplies and set off for Mt Coronet where there was said to be a cave where the Staff lay. The path was long and treacherous and the cold winds were harsh. It took Kaylen nine days to finally reach the cave. He knew he wouldn't have made it without Arrow who had sheltered him from the cold every night and protected him against wild Pokemon. The Staff was found to be guarded by a malevolent Spiritomb who Arrow battled against. The Spiritomb was too powerful for Arrow but he wouldn't give up on his trainer. Arrow evolved into Empoleon there and then. With its new powers, Arrow defeated the Spiritomb and Kaylen procceded to capture it. Kaylen was amazed by Arrow's sudden evolution but he was happy too. He retrived the Staff and used the fully obedient Spiritomb to teleport back to his village.
    He was welcomed with open arms and a feast. The next morning, he was told to safeguard the Staff while on his travels before Kaylen said his goodbyes and left his home village.
    He traveled the Sinnoh Region for five years, battling Gym Leaders and researching myths and legends. He became very famous within the region as the "Wandering Trainer" and was even once offered the postion of Elite Four after Lucian decided to resign with Cynthia but he refused. When he was seventeen, Kaylen left Sinnoh for a year in Johto. It was here where he got his shiny Growlithe (Firebrand, now an Arcanine), his Yanmega and his Skamory (Glimmer).
    After Kaylen turned 18, he left to explore mysterious goings on in faraway regions. After this particluar adventure, an orginization known as PSci-Corp contacted him and told him to meet in their HQ near Castelia City in the Unova Region. Since Kaylen had never been anywhere near Unova, he though it was a good chance for a brand new adventure and also a chance to investigate myths and legends surrounding the region.
    Kaylen and his Pokemon arrived at Castelia City by plane in two days. He rode Glimmer the rest of the way to the HQ and he was able to observe the unique Unovan scenery. He was met at the main entrance to the bulding and was quickly let in. A young man named Peter Narra introduced himself before claiming to have invented a machine to fuse two completly different Pokemon together. Kaylen couldn't beleive him at first, but when Dr Narra demonstrated, Kaylen knew his invention was no fake. Dr Narra had explained that they chose Kaylen as one of the testers because he was a very experienced trainer and he naturally had a secretive lifestyle as to keep the secret of Pokemon fusion. Kaylen found the idea alarming at first and he knew it went against the laws of nature, but then again, he thought it to be an interesting subject to investigate. Kaylen agreed to becoming a tester and as quick as a flash, he was equipted with the FiST.
    During his travels in Unova, he managed to catch a Lucario and evolve a Kirlia he had been traded. He found them to be the perfect two Pokemon to fuse together and so, Gallario was created.
    After only six and a half months, he was urgently called back to PSci-Corp. Kaylen had no idea of what the problem was, but he knew something was seriously wrong.
    None exept for being able to use the powers of the Staff Of Coronet particularly well.
    Pokemon Team:



    Like all Empoleon, Arrow is a very proud Pokemon. He is usally very slow to anger but will lash out at anyone, or anything, that offends his pride. He usually isn't very loud and he has a very strong personality. He tends to only work well on his own, but will work together with his teammates if the circumstances demand it. He deeply cares for Kaylen as they grew up together and as Kaylen saved him from death. Arrow is best known for his speed and extreme accuracy.

    Arrow appears similar to normal Empoleon but he has exeptionally long horns, signifying his high status amoung other Empoleon.

    As a Piplup, Arrow was abandoned in the Eterna Forest by a Team Galactic grunt after the grunt had claimed Arrow to be useless. Weak and alone, Arrow would have died if it weren't for Kaylen saving him. After regaining full health, Arrow trained with Kaylen all the time. When Kaylen was ten, Arrow evolved into Prinplup after a paticularly hard battle. Later, when Kaylen was tasked to retrive a lost artifact, Arrow fought a Spiritomb which forced him to evolve again in order to protect his trainer. Since then, Arrow has travelled with Kaylen across the globe until eventually coming to Unova.




    Spiritomb used to be a malevolent being who enjoyed destruction but after being captured by Kaylen, he toned down a bit. Spiritomb can communicate telepathically with the wielder of the Staff Of Coronet and he displays a sadistic and sarcastic personality when talking with Kaylen. Spiritomb grudgingly does whatever Kaylen asks of him as he was bound to obey any who had control of him.

    Kaylen's Spiritomb is almost the same as other members of his species execpt for his keystone is older and more crumbled than other Spiritomb having extra cracks and more jagged edges.

    Kaylen's Spiritomb was tasked long ago to guard the Staff Of Coronet from thieves after he had caused torment and destruction in a village at the foot of Mt Coronet. Seven years ago, a young Kaylen came across Spiritomb in his quest for the Staff. His Prinplup, Arrow, fought Spiritomb but was unable to defeat him. Arrow evolved to gain more strength to protect his trainer. Spiritomb was defeated and captured by Kaylen who was to obey him due to his duties to protect his master. Along with Kaylen's other Pokemon, Spiritomb traveled the globe until they reached Unova.

    Kaylen's Spiritomb has the unique ability to communicate with his master through the Staff Of Coronet.




    Firebrand has a very relaxed personality unlike most other Arcanine. He doesn't get bothered very easily and generally goes with the flow. He enjoys working with his fellow teammates and gets very protective when they are threatened.

    Since Firebrand is a shiny Pokemon, his fur is of a different colour. Instead of being orange, Firebrand has a gold colouration.

    When he was a wild Growlithe, Firebrand traveled around a lot and mirgrated from Kanto to Johto with the rest of his pack. It was here Kaylen found him near Ecruteak City. Firebrand willingly joined Kaylen's team and he has been with him ever since.





    Yanmega has a very fiery temper in contrast to Firebrand. He gets annoyed very easily and has, on more than one occasion, lashed out for no good reason. Kaylen only uses him in particulary hard battles because of this. In battle, Yanmega's pure power is unmatched.

    Yanmega is identical in all ways to others of its kind execpt for the fact that its wings are much more jagged than the usual ovoid shape of other Yanmega.

    Before being under Kaylen's care, Yanmega was being used as a prize in a small tournament. Kaylen had heard of this tournament and believed it to be operated by former Team Rocket members looking for money. He signed up for the tournament and found that the Pokemon offered as prizes were being horribly mistreated. This act disgusted Kaylen and he vowed to release the tortured Pokemon. So, he fought hard and won the illegal competiton only to use the Yanmega offered as a prize against the Ex Rocket Grunts. He threatned to release Yanmega on them with all its fury and spite unless they release all the Pokemon that were held captive. They hastily obliged and Kaylen kept to his word. The former Team Rocket grunts were never seen again and Kaylen's rescuing never came to light as to not draw attention to himself.

    Nothing other than Yanmega's attacks get stronger with its rage.




    Glimmer is very gentle and caring. She looks after her teammates with great compassion. In battle, she is extremely swift and her attacks hit hard. She enjoys working with others and inventing new battle techniques. Glimmer never takes credit in any way so she is very humble and considerate.
    Glimmer is much lighter in colouration and appears to glow in bright sunlight. This fact is what earned her nickname.

    Glimmer was raised from a chick by an old man in Violet City. Kaylen met this man near the Pokemon Gym where he told Kaylen he had a Pokemon that wished to travel. He told Kaylen that he was too old to travel so he gave him Glimmer's Poke Ball in return for his word that Glimmer would see other regions. Kaylen did just that and traveled the regions with his Pokemon.


    Fusion Pokemon:

    Species Used:
    Lucario and Gallade


    Gallario is extremely knight-like and chivalrous and will not challenge any Pokemon weaker than it. He has a very serious attitude and will not tolerate any horseplay or the like. He is very loyal and will do whatever Kaylen says, whatever the cost. He respects any opponent stronger than him without a doubt. Especially if they have similar motives as him.

    Fusion Level:



    Gallario has the upper body and colour scheme of a Lucario. However, the elbows of its arms have extended to that of a Gallade's. The edges of its arms have become razor sharp and each arm has a strong paw of a Lucario on the end. On its chest is a red crest, jutting out from the center. While still retaining the upper legs and tail of a Lucario, its lower legs are almost identical to a Gallade's, execpt for the fact that they're thinner. Covering half its face and the top of its head is a Gallade-like helmet-crest. It is coloured the same as Gallario's torso, very light yellow. Covering the back of Gallario's head are the same hair-like fur clumps found on a Lucario.

    Gallario has higher special attack than before as well as increased speed, but its defenses have become weaker (Special defence & defence). Gallario can use powerful Psychic powers because of its Gallade half.

    So, that's it for my character sign-up. I hope you enjoyed and I hope it was enough to get into the RP. I look forward to seeing what happens next in the storyline either way!
  14. caden947

    caden947 Mysterious Trainer

    Oh, and here's a photo/sprite for Gallario:
  15. caden947

    caden947 Mysterious Trainer

    Aw crap! After reading some of the other sign-ups, I realized how many of my party Pokemon had already been used! I hope this doesn't matter too much. I swear I had no idea.
  16. Okay then caden, you've given me quite a bit to work on here.

    First of all, grammar! Misspellings and run on sentences seem to be frequent. They would become a problem if there were too many, so brush up on grammar and use spell check. And there's no special need to mention other people's characters unless they play a pivotal role (although Peter would be flattered).

    Onto the sign up, the age is a problem. Your character is very well traveled for someone aged of 19. It's not a deal breaker, but I would like you to bump his age a bit more, if you'd allow it.

    Then there's a few things in your history I would like to check on. You say your character isn't fit, but that he's been training in the wilds since he was six. I won't question why he started at such a young age - I'll chalk it up to culture - but anyone that would be pressed and trained at such a young age would be more than fit, much more in the wilderness. Also, me nitpicking, but Spiritomb wouldn't know move Teleport.

    As for your Pokemon, please keep the party maximum of 6. It does have a significant bearing as I've stated it before. If you'd like, you can keep one of your seven in the Pokemon Box and switch during certain lull moments in the rp so that you only have six with you at a time.

    I also want you to elaborate more by Glimmer creating new battle techniques. I don't understand whether this means skills in general or really new Pokemon moves.

    Another thing, for all but Arrow, please flesh out their personalities a bit more, and this includes Gallario. Maybe two sentences or so on each will do. Also, I would have to ask that you make sign ups for Lucario and Gallade, as they are part of the party. And it would be nice if you editted your post to add the picture under Gallario's section (although I can't seem to see the picture).

    And lastly, the Staff of Coronet sound pretty powerful. If it can allow your unfused Pokemon to match to an Assimilated / True fusion, then there wouldn't be much if a point to use a fusion in the first place. Please nerf or alter its powers.

    That's all I have to say. Please update your sign-up with these in mind. Happy writing and creating; I hope to hear from you soon.
  17. caden947

    caden947 Mysterious Trainer

    Yeah, I see what you're getting at. I understand everything that you've stated and I'll try to fix up the character a bit. It might take me a while as I don't have much time on my hands
    Thanks for your feedback!

    (P.S I thought that fusions worked by combining the originals into one, not leaving the originals and the fusion. This is why I didn't factor in the Lucario and the Gallade.)
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2015
  18. TheCharredDragon

    Overall grammar, I see a couple of run-on sentences. Remember to use ",". When in doubt, it usually means you should use it.

    Hmmm...Victor is a bit paranoid about powerful - or supposedly powerful - objects, but still accepted FiST. I assume he loves his wife too much to let the opportunity pass.

    A little nitpicking in the history department.
    Um...hoping to Hydreigon? Where does the first "(" end? Mayhap you forgot to add something here?

    Also, before the gym test, did he only get two badges? I assume that the minimum would have been eight, but I don't know the details of how starting a gym works either. According to manga, a representative is chosen by a Pokemon Association and the tester battles; the tester is approved if he/she wins the battle without any of their Pokemon fainting. So...yeah, just wanted to make sure (and pass a little info on).

    Another thing, in Victor's main history, it isn't mentioned when or how he met Zelda, nor is it mentioned when Drei met with Marissa (I assume). Not that important, but I'm curious for trivia.

    However, those are minor problems, and mostly affect your character's background than not fitting the rp's requirements. I might have wasted your time by nitpicking, but in any case, please do make the edits for the sake of...completion, I suppose? In short, you're accepted.
    Last edited: Jun 10, 2015
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    Whoops! Yes, you're right. I did forget something. ^^; I write on my phone and they're split in parts because it can't handle very long texts in one file, so while copy-pasting, I lost track. Added it in even though it wasn't neccessary!
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    Hmm... This looks interesting! If you'll still allow me to, I'd love to try and join this!

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