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Pokémon Diamond & Pearl: Sinnoh League Victors (Season 13) Dub Titles

Discussion in 'Pokémon Animé Discussion' started by Torpoleon, May 2, 2010.

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  1. adyniz

    adyniz Bulbapædist

    The Long-Awaited title has been Revealed :D

    The Grand Festival - Grand Finale! episode: (which you guys were waiting for, same goes for me :p)

    DP177: "A Grand Fight for Winning!"
    Airing on: October 09, 2010

    Source: CN Schedule
    Last edited: Sep 25, 2010
  2. the1stpkmnfan

    the1stpkmnfan Your Big Buff Bro

    Yay! At last. Now that title is a lot better than what I was hoping for. xP

    Cannot wait for this epic finale for the Grand Festival!
    Finally, since promised at the Jubilife Contest, its now Dawn VS Zoey in the final round for this Competion!
  3. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    So this is it; the Grand Festival finale right here, so soon. Well I have a lot to say about the title in regards to the actual episode.

    I think it's your average, generic episode title created lazily to give fans a little taste of the episode's plot. However, in this case, the "winning" part of the title might cause some confusion when the actual episode airs in October. That's because people (kids) will assume that Dawn wins even though in reality, she loses the battle against Zoey and the victory goes to the latter competitor. The title is a bit misleading unless you've seen the episode before.
  4. adyniz

    adyniz Bulbapædist

    I personally loved the titles, they are way way better than the previous ones :D
    Don't know about others, but for me it's perfect :)

    Sorry for keeping you guys waiting, more dub titles will be revealed soon (within a week I guess).
    I'll post them ASAP, when they'll be available. So, nevermind :)
  5. Torpoleon

    Torpoleon Well-Known Member

    Awesome! I'll get it added in! This episode airs when I turn 13 and a half. Pretty decent episode title.
  6. the1stpkmnfan

    the1stpkmnfan Your Big Buff Bro

    Watching DP175 on air right now, and it IS Opposites Interact!, like originally.
  7. Torpoleon

    Torpoleon Well-Known Member

    Alright, thanks.

    Now let's all just sit tight until more titles are revealed.

    Now I think DP169 wont air on the usual Saturday, but will air on the day Guardian Signs comes out. If I'm right, DP169 would air on Oct. 4, 2010, which is a Monday. I'll still keep Should Air Oct. 2010 for DP169 for now.
  8. HoennMaster

    HoennMaster Well-Known Member

    It's not misleading. Titles don't have to refer to just main characters. Both Zoey and Dawn want to win, hence the winning part, Grand Fight- the final battle/fight of the Grand Festival. Title makes perfect sense.

    Both of the previous Ranger specials aired on Saturday, and the listings for October 4th have already been released and Pokemon is not there outside of re-runs.
    Last edited: Sep 25, 2010
  9. adyniz

    adyniz Bulbapædist

    More New Titles! YAY ME :p

    Here are the remaining dub titles for the month of October :D

    DP169: "Pokémon Ranger! Heatran Rescue Mission!!" (Tentative Title for sure)
    Airing on: October 16, 2010

    DP178: "For the Love of Meowth!"
    Airing on: October 23, 2010

    DP179: "The Eighth Wonder of the Sinnoh World!"
    Airing on: October 30, 2010

    Source: Toonzone October Schedule
  10. Torpoleon

    Torpoleon Well-Known Member

    Awesome! More titles! I'll get that edited in shortly!

    It's great that we start the first Saturday in November 2010 right off with DP180!!
  11. the1stpkmnfan

    the1stpkmnfan Your Big Buff Bro

    Yay more titles! I cant waiit for all of those. :D For the Love of Meowth, thats a good one. I never thought of the "For the love of" quote.
  12. HoennMaster

    HoennMaster Well-Known Member

    DP169: That's not tentative. Both of the previous ranger specials used the same exact Japanese title or only slightly different.
    DP178: I love it. A good pun based on the Japanese title.
    DP179: Perfect. I love it.
  13. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    Not everyone will automatically assume it means either Dawn or Zoey. Most people would assume it means Dawn specifically, especially since Dawn is the main character and it would most likely refer to her. I still think it's misleading since most people who watch the anime will be expecting Dawn to win against Zoey since Dawn hasn't done well against her in the past and a win would set things straight. It's just something I noticed about that particular title. It's my opinion of course, not a fact.

    Oh goody, more titles. I don't think the last two are really all that punny but here goes:

    First title is is fine since all Ranger titles usually remain the same as their Japanese counterparts. Second title is a nice reference to the plot of the episode and Meowth falling in love with a Glameow, but the pun is just not good. Last title is horrid since they just seemed to go with the easiest pun they could make. I get that Volkner is the eight Gym Leader, but wow.
    Last edited: Sep 26, 2010
  14. Torpoleon

    Torpoleon Well-Known Member

    With DP177, they could have made it Dawn of a New Victor!. It references the Season Title and how a new victor arises within the Sinnoh Grand Festival.

    DP178's title sounds fine, although it kind of spoils what the episode is about.

    DP179 also spoils, but it is in reference to the saying of the "Seven Wonders of the World", except it makes it eight wonders and also makes it the Sinnoh World.
  15. adyniz

    adyniz Bulbapædist


    It's Pokémon Ranger: Heatran Rescue! according to MSN TV.
  16. Torpoleon

    Torpoleon Well-Known Member

    OK, so I guess I'll put in the one from MSN TV.
  17. ToddCam

    ToddCam Member

    Any word on Natsuya's English name since his episode is coming up?
  18. Torpoleon

    Torpoleon Well-Known Member

    Not that we know of. The game comes out in the US before the episode airs, so we will know on Oct. 4, 2010, which is when the game comes out.
  19. HoennMaster

    HoennMaster Well-Known Member

    Natsuya is Ben.
  20. adyniz

    adyniz Bulbapædist

    Lol, CN has changed their schedule and moved Pokemon to 8am slot instead of 7am.
    Looks like no body informed them about this schedule update. Hahaha... :D
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