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Pokémon Direct Discussion

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Hidden items are going to be a b*tch to find in that game lol


Dancing Mad

Kall El

- Look at the begging of the trailer!
When Pikachu introduces the electricity points to France!!!!!
And with the Eiffel tower like building at 0:27 this region..is..based on France!
Gotta say that is really really awesome!


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I'm...wow, I can barely take it all in. I'm so, so happy, but at the same time I'm slightly sad. No more overworld. No more sprites. No more pokemon the way I've known it since I was a kid. I knew they were probably going to make this jump some day, but still. It felt a bit like getting punched in the nostalgia :D

Once the shock has worn off I;m sure I'll be bouncing off the ceiling. Holy crap, gen 6. Gen 6 is here. New pokemon, new region...and HELLO FENNEKIN MY NEW STARTER. Getting pokemon y, of course, because Y is the first letter of my name :D

So, um, is anyone else worried that the technology will have improved so much they'll cut off connectivity with previous games a-la gen 3?? Is this something to be worried about, or unlikely?


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I honestly think that we owe the same release date thing to Reggie or someone over at NOA who told the Japan guys to cut the **** and do a worldwide release so that the story, new pokemon and other aspects of the game were ruined for the rest of the world 4 months prior to release. You can also tell that NOA had a lot of involvement in how the game was released, even if it was at a Japanese time. Thank God they pulled a trailer right away instead of teasing with silhouettes and stuff of that manner.

Kall El

This game is based on France! Confirmed at the beggining of the trailer.
I wonder if it's just France, perhaps Italy too? Spain?


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I think i just came..

Anyways, this is beyond amazing, honestly i wasn't expecting anything like this, this doesn't even look like pokemon anymore, which is good

the series needed to evolve and gamefreak didn't disappoint :)

The main character looks lame though


I'll be sure to get it, but I'm Expecting "Pokemon Z" in 2015 or so.


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Is this something to be worried about, or unlikely?

With any shift this major, the possibility can't be dismissed, but that still doesn't make it particularly likely nor is it something that would be made public literally less than an hour after the announcement either way.
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