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Pokémon Direct Discussion

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And now the complaining by many people starts. Hooray.

But in all actuality, I'm very excited. Only problem is... I need to get a 3DS XL now.
Also, as a very strict grass-type starter user (with the exception being Totodile)... I might actually go with Froakie this time. I dunno, he just seems more appealing to me than Chespin. Now, if the day ever comes when I use a fire starter, I'll be really surprised. (Not that I hate fire types, just prefer the other starters more usually.)
However, sadly I won't be able to play this for hours on end with the 3D on.


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Already know which version I'm picking :p

The overworld is AWESOME XD, The Gyms look OK, the starters are alright...picking the fox because I always pick the fire starter

Noticed the PC using rollerblades now, wondering if we'll still get the bicycle

I just hope every Pokemon gets a 3D model :D
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I think i just came..

Anyways, this is beyond amazing, honestly i wasn't expecting anything like this, this doesn't even look like pokemon anymore, which is good

the series needed to evolve and gamefreak didn't disappoint :)

The main character looks lame though

I don't know. He kind of looks like a hybrid of the two male characters from Gen V.

The only thing I'm upset about is that they didn't introduce other new pokémon like new eeveeloutions. Other than that I love practically everything about these new games. Here's hoping Corocoro will give more info


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Everybody sure is giving Fenniken a whole lot of love.

It doesn't look just a tad bit generic to any of you?


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I am really loving everything about Gen 6 so far. The starters look cute, but they are also unique looking. I am going to have a very hard time choosing between Froakie, Fennekin, Chespin when the games come out. The legendary Pokemon look amazing too, but the deer Pokemon caught my eye instantly and I got a Princess Mononoke vibe from it. It is also nice to see that the new region could be based on Europe or France from the looks of it.


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That thing that people call a fire gym? What if that is the leauge?!


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This is going to be fun!!!


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This was worth setting my alarm with only 3 hours 50 minutes of sleep for tbh.
New pokemon, in a new generation, IN 3-fLIPPIN'-D!
I know what I'm going to do.
1 - spend the next 10 months saving what money I do get
2 - reserve X and Y
3 - get a 3DS
4 - talk to a friend to figure out which starter they will start off with
5 - speed clear one of the copies to poke-transfer over two ditto (I REALLY hope they don't do away with Poke-Transferring) and breed babies of each starter, so we'll all have all 3 starters
alternate 4 - in case of friends not willing to help, start one version off with Chespin, one off with Fennekin, get far enough to trade Fennekin onto the one with Chespin (great for grass coverage) and then start the other with Froakie (Nobody crosses little Froakie...NOBODY!)
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So. Fennekin is a fennec fox, Froakie is a frog... what is Chespin supposed to be?

Probably a variety of squirrel or chipmunk.


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In MY opinion I believe the starter types will be

Grass/ Dark
Fire/ Psychic
Water/ Fighting

Speculation based on the second moves we see them using in the vid

Now.....what the hell types will the legendaries be :O...bar part flying for the Bird Obv


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They probably will. Unova is the only new Region not to, and we only saw few Pokémon. There are a lot of old Pokémon in the game, that probably means something

Tickle Me Cooper

A Black Protagonist

Can anyone tell what's in the statue? I see Golurk..

A Golurk holding an Eevee, a Man (Knight?) and a Palpitoad. Hm...

Excitable Boy

is a metaphor
I just hope every Pokemon gets a 3D model :D

Considering that the game is in 3D, and I highly doubt they'd leave any Pokemon out...

Everybody sure is giving Fenniken a whole lot of love.

It doesn't look just a tad bit generic to any of you?

Not to me. Maybe it's just because it's the only starter that's quadrupedal and has actual features?

Not understanding the Froakie love, but w/e.


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Is it me, or does the legendary remind you of lugia - especially with the weird finger-wings?

Doesn't remind me of Lugia at all.. It's a bird/dragon with a long tail.. BUT IT'S RED with BLACK! Has HORNS!... -.-

I'm actually thinking Chespin is going to evolve into a Grass/Ground type. Does anybody else agree?

Or worse, become a Shiftry-clone and go Grass/Dark..

I honestly think Fennekin is a mix from a lot of Pokémon. His head, except for its ears, resembles Zorua's, his body resembles Virizion's and his tail and color resembles Flareon's. Still love it though. And I'm alredy starting to like Froakie a little more xD. I think that what screws him are the two white balls in his head, it doesn't look right, IMO.

Don't forget Vulpix as 'the cute fox'..

Sigh. I just wanted my RSE remakes for DS. I guess that dream was a little ridiculous. I hope we get a steady stream of info on X and Y because frankly, I am not convinced.

Because nobody thought RS-remakes would be necessary at Nintendo, as all pokemon from those games can be forwarded to B2W2 if you wanted to.. Not so much the case with GenIandII.. Hence the remakes..

Fennekin is probably my favorite out of the three, but I do like the look of all 3 of them. LMAO It's going to be interesting to see how Serebii Joe will alter the Pokedex for this since it appears there are no sprites used, unless the sprites are there for the in-game Pokedex or for information/summary of the Pokemon. The Pokemon being 3D only benefit the top screen. The bottom screen can be entirely sprites of Pokemon, items, etc.

These games are going to be epic. If RS remakes are being made, and if X and Y are anything to go by, Hoenn is going to look stellar in full 3D. I really like the new region so far. These games are going to be epic.

It looks horrible.. The 3D rendering of the background in the walking shots looks horrible.. And the constant walking into new 'maps' will be horrendous.. Just look at Nimbasa City.. You can't even walk from the main city to the fairground without seeing a freaking blackscreen! I don't know much about the 'strength' of the 3DS, but if it can't manage that, then it will be even worse then I imagine at this point.

Hoenn remakes are NEVER going to happen.. Remakes were made so that pokemon from their original regions were made available to the advance and ds generations. Hoenn pokemon can still migrate to GenV, so there's nothing that would indicate that a remake would be necessary.

We will get a R/G-remake AGAIN before we get a R/S-remake...

I can't fight this itching feeling that Chespin will end up Grass/Ground, Fennekin Fire/Psychic (Another Kitsune) Froakie Water/Electric


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What made you think they are dark and electric?

Well, the Grass Pokemon seems like Rock or maybe Ground because it's color scheme kinda. The Fox just would be perfect for Dark IMO. (Foxes are sneaky) And I kinda just didn't want the Frog hanging there with no other type.
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