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Pokémon Direct Discussion

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this is a Nessa x Sonia stan account ✨
I just noticed that the logos are in 3D as well. Evolution!


Dancing Mad
Anyone notice the border around the Pokemon logo at the end of the trailer being added? Probably nothing, but...



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Pokemon X and Y, Holy and ****... Those are the only words in my head right now, Omg they be trolling me or ima have a heartattack or something :'DDDD


Active Member
I'm not entirely convinced this is free-roaming.

It looks like we will still be bound to a grid of sorts, just with a lower camera angle and some different views in places :(



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Hype train delivered. Chespin is he best sixth gen starter.


New Member
Looks good though I wish nintendo pushed the graphic fidelity a little bit more, pokemon mystery dungeon on the 3ds has better looking pokemon models than this. I find the graphic style here to be very similar to golden sun dark dawn for the original ds

Excitable Boy

is a metaphor
Calling this, the knight guy in the statue is a Ground-type Gym Leader. Uses Palpitoad, Ground Eeveelution, and Golurk.

Also, I think we can all agree that Froakie will be the new Oshawott in terms of fan opinion.


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The downside to Fennekin, she broke the Chinese Zodiac, unless you consider Fennekin a representative of dog.

That was never a theme in the first place, unless you consider the Cyndaquil line to be representative of the Rat.


Non non non!
Guys guys guys the typing might be hard to tell from base form.

Piplup doesn't look Water/Steel, so there's still chance that GF can pull the small fox into Samurott fire XP


Dancing Mad
I honestly love the skates. I never would've imagined them being in Pokémon. But the question is, are they replacements for Running Shoes, or Bicycles?

Probably bicycles, we saw the characters running around normally in other parts of the trailer.


Ghost Reaper

It seemed like Gen 5 lasted forever! I'm glad that Pokemon X and Pokemon Y are being released worldwide! No more spoilers or Pokemon leaked.


like pepsi cola
...and lo, the sales of 3DS on Amazon go through the roof today xD

I'm a little sad that the female protag has blonde hair. They've all been brunettes with the sole exception of Crystal. I'm a brunette, so it fit. Eh, whatever! I'm SO HAPPY that rollerblades have been introduced!!!!! That is a million times cooler than a bike or running shoes.

And hey, so does this mean that teaser about a new eeveelution could actually come true, now that we know new pokemon are on the horizon??

Oh god, gen 6. gen 6. This is not good for me so early in the morning. I need a cold cloth and a lie down *_*

Kall El

Another awesome thing I noticed was when each Pokemon gets hit by an attack they sort of fall back as if they've been hit.
Looks so damn realistic, you guys should take another look!
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