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Pokémon Direct Discussion

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Aura Flare Riolu

Cutest Riolu around!
Fennekin looks like it could be a Fire/Psychic when fully evolved. Which is pretty nice since the only ones currently with that typing is Darmanitan Zen Mode and Victini.


Well-Known Member
And hey, so does this mean that teaser about a new eeveelution could actually come true, now that we know new pokemon are on the horizon?

It's no more or less possible than it was an hour ago. There's nothing that strongly indicates it one way or the other.


Hey Scotty,Jesus Man
It really reminds me of Pokémon Colosseum and XD: Gale of Darkness. And this is great, thoe are my favorite spin-offs.


oh hai there
Oh gosh.... I love that fire fox starter. Looks great, hopefully it's strong.

How about that legendary? Reindeer?

Excitable Boy

is a metaphor
Probably bicycles, we saw the characters running around normally in other parts of the trailer.

That might just be a normally possible thing, though, and the roller blades upgrade what would formerly have to be the Running Shoes.

I mean, it's kinda stupid that you couldn't run without special shoes in past games. What were you wearing before putting on the Running Shoes, heels?


Well-Known Member

Because nobody thought RS-remakes would be necessary at Nintendo, as all pokemon from those games can be forwarded to B2W2 if you wanted to.. Not so much the case with GenIandII.. Hence the remakes..

Hoenn remakes are NEVER going to happen.. Remakes were made so that pokemon from their original regions were made available to the advance and ds generations. Hoenn pokemon can still migrate to GenV, so there's nothing that would indicate that a remake would be necessary.

We will get a R/G-remake AGAIN before we get a R/S-remake...

I agree with you to a certain extent. You need a DS to get those pokemon, but if you're 10 years old and you only have a 3ds you're **** out of luck but you can still play gen iv and v. So at some point they'll stop selling ds as a machine, when that happens we can start talking about rse remakes.

Kall El

You know what's awesome about everyone hating on Froakie?
Well I think there's every chance that the final stage of this guy will blow us all away.
And if that is the case all the haters will be like oh "Froakie is so awesome, how could you hate it".
Just wait and see :p

Excitable Boy

is a metaphor
Another awesome thing I noticed was when each Pokemon gets hit by an attack they sort of fall back as if they've been hit.
Looks so damn realistic, you guys should take another look!

Yeah, they had that in the console battlers as well. It's nothing new.

Tickle Me Cooper

A Black Protagonist
Fennekin will be Fire/Fighting! You all know that Gamefreak squeeze it in somehow.


Well-Known Member
Calling this, the knight guy in the statue is a Ground-type Gym Leader. Uses Palpitoad, Ground Eeveelution, and Golurk.

Also, I think we can all agree that Froakie will be the new Oshawott in terms of fan opinion.

Sorry if I double post,

But no, I don't recall Oshawott ever being badass.

Froakie is badass. Not sure what means for people exactly.

But no I think Chespin will undoubtedly be the Oshawott this generation. Even though it should be Fennekin.

God, just imagine what gorgeous Pokémon Fennekin can evolve into.


Well-Known Member
They probably will. Unova is the only new Region not to, and we only saw few Pokémon. There are a lot of old Pokémon in the game, that probably means something

Oh yes, hopefully they'll at least have some old favorites.
Unova may be the only new region not to, but even then in B2 and W2 it got an old world overhaul.
Anyway, I'm ready for Gen 6, I aquired National Dex Completion last year via trade forums and people with access to Japanese events.
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