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Pokémon Dreams


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Who here has had dreams about Pokémon? I'm currently sick from now and feeling super weird, and just woke up from a dream in which þere was an ad for a new spin-off Pokémon game pretty similar to Animal Crossing, where you go about a town populated by sentient somewhat anþropomorphized Pokémon. Þere was a high-end bistro/restaurant shown in þe trailer where þe player talked wiþ a table of a "regular" Poliwag, Poliwhirl, and Politoed (which were normally pink Psychic-types wiþ hypnotic spirals in þe dream) as well as a regional variant of Poliwhirl and one of Politoed (boþ colored black, extremely vicious and Dark-type looking). Þe dream ended after showing two tasks þe player could do which I don't remember. At anoþer point, there also was a canyon/gulch town but I barely remember what þat looked like.


Funnily enough I did have one a week or two ago. I cannot recall seeing or using a Pokémon in it, but what I do remember is me swimming through a pretty brackish canal or river that goes underneath an old, government building. I also vividly remember that my objective was to secure an old, Dynamax Power Spot (a raid den) to ensure that I and my side could have the advantage of being able to Dynamax Pokémon in an upcoming conflict. I found it in an underground room surrounded by what I suppose were old furniture since they were draped in white cloth.

Aaaand that's all I remember. I know I can have vivid dreams; I just really suck at remembering them.


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I’ve had numerous over the course of my life. One of the earliest I remember would have been in 1999 (this was before Mr. Mime Time aired), I had a dream that Pokémon started playing on Toonami and the episode I watched was about Ash and the gang going into a sewer and meeting a band of homeless people and their leader had a Mr. Mime.


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I've had many, mostly about playing the games and/or losing my save files, which makes me cry. But I also had a dream (before the Journeys series was announced) that Milo and Nessa were revealed as Ash's travelling companions for the anime set in Galar, much like Brock and Misty or Cilan and Iris were. I still think this should happen (albeit only temporarily) if Ash and Goh ever go back to Galar again.


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I have dreams where I find a shiny Pokemon, but then I discover I put a 3ds game into a Gameboy Color, and it no longer works.

I also had a dream inspired by the Oblivian Islands found in Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs.


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I have dreams where I find a shiny Pokemon, but then I discover I put a 3ds game into a Gameboy Color, and it no longer works.

I had a weird dream the other day that I was playing Sword & Shield... on a 3DS.

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Had the weirdest dream involving Diamond and Pearl remakes. We had the protagonists in their new, 3D designs, something about Lucas was weird though it was like his face was Gary's face or something. There were Pokemon on the overworld but it was mostly Tauros, in fact I think it was all Tauros except for some animated cutscenes. At one point we see the character biking through this ramp with a Tauros chasing them, they go down a hill and up another hill, narrowly avoiding the Tauros, and while this happened the announcer, who was female, said something like, "You'll have to go through a lot of obstacles. For instance this Tauros is absolutely furious!" And then there were some animated cutscenes with Pokemon being tied to a pillar and I think Dialga lands and looms over them.

The craziest part about that dream is that I don't even like Tauros, my brain just picked a generic Pokemon that it knew would charge at the player... so many Tauros.


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And then there were some animated cutscenes with Pokemon being tied to a pillar and I think Dialga lands and looms over them.

Were they the Lake Guardians or just random Pokémon?


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I've had dreams about new games whenever they get announced. Like I remember one time dreaming about a bunch of new generation 4 Pokemon. It sucks because some of the ones I dreamed about looked cooler than the real ones we got. :p

Can you remember what they were or what they looked like specifically? (I think beta Garchomp is better than the "canon" Garchomp.)


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I've had quite a few dreams involving Pokemon
most of the time I usually end up being a Pokemon been quite a few of them too
Ninetales, Articuno, Yveltal, Dialga, Reshiram, Latias, Lycanroc, Rayquaza, Suicune, Umbreon, Braixen, Vulpix, Fennekin, Noivern, Zacian, Spectrier, Houndoom, Primarina, Lunala, Samurott, Lucario, Luxray, Raichu, Zebstrika, Dragonite, Raichu, Glaceon, Vaporeon and quite a few others.
Whenever I do have dreams of being a Pokemon not entirely sure what determines which Pokemon I end up as, so far at least it has been Pokemon I like.
I wouldn't want to be Moltres anyway.
Also had one kind of a mystery Dungeon type thing no mystery dungeons though, but had Espeon & Lucario as my partners and were on a team. Also had Kyurem trying to kill me a few times before Espeon & Lucario stopped him from doing so.
Another interesting thing is one I was Noivern in my eyesight changed and I was able to see soundwaves through dark caves and such was pretty interesting.
And this one is on a bit weirder side but had one with Moltres who threatened to kill Espeon in one of the ones I was Articuno in, and Moltres knew I wouldn't take a chance of that happening just so I did whatever he wanted, sometime later Moltres tried to synchronize every reality I've been in and planned on destroying them just to keep me in that one and he tried to destroy this reality as well and Moltres didn't seem to care what species I was either since he knew about this reality, and seemed to believe my original form is a dragon from another world since he planned on destroying that world as well.
Another one that involved this reality was one with Azelf one of which I was Dialga in Azelf tried creating time distortions using Celebi so I would become Primal Dialga take control over my mind then cross over into this reality from within my dreams to enslave the human race.
But Azelf didn't know I could turn into another Pokemon which I ended up turning to Articuno so Azelf's planned failed.
And some of the ones I was Yveltal in I did destroy a couple of planets, but they were beyond saving not sure if I should be concerned about being Yveltal or not.
But yeah have some that can get pretty crazy.

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I had a dream last night where I bit the bullet and bought LGPE. But then I got the running shoes in Pewter City (is that even a thing in LGPE? I think my subconscious might've just confused it with FRLG) and then when I tried to run right I ended up skipping all the way to Cerulean City like I was the Flash or something (I ran right one tile, I saw Mt. Moon flash for a brief second, then suddenly I was in Cerulean City). You can't make this **** up, I swear.


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I recently had a Pokémon dream. I met Ash and some of his friends. Well actually Brock and Misty. Also ran into Gary lol. He was actually friendly and not rude and obnoxious. I spent most of my dream just hanging out and talking to Misty.

The one thing that didn't make any sense in my dream (like when do they ever!) is that I remember that Ash was sitting by himself with Pikachu. I was hanging out with Misty and told her I felt bad that Ash was all alone by himself. (Ash would definitely be chatting with us!) Misty smiled and told me not to worry. Pikachu will keep him company.

The biggest thing about this dream though is that I saw these characters as to what they would look like if they were real people! Some characters would be hard to imagine being real, but Ash, Misty, and maaaaybe Brock and Gary I could see being real. Maybe I'll have another dream lol.


I think I've never really had any pokémon-related dreams other than that one where I've got all the pokémon and became a master (back when it was what I assumed a pokémon master was). But other than that. Very rare for me to dream stuff related to fiction as odd as that sounds.


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I had a dream last night that Sinnoh remakes had already come out, and I got to the point where you choose your starter. Unlike the original games, however, it wasn't out on Route 201 where the Starly is attacking you, but in Professor Rowan's lab. As I scrolled through the starters, I noticed that Turtwig was a funny colour, so I thought it was shiny. Thus, I went against my usual tradition of choosing the Fire starter and promptly chose Turtwig. After the congratulatory message, I went to the status screen and saw that my new Turtwig was completely black, like it was covered in oil, so not shiny at all. I don't remember what happened next, since I think I just woke up, but it was somewhat jarring to see a Pokemon - especially a starter - of a different colour that wasn't shiny.


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I had several dreams about Pokemon. I don't remember them in detailed manner, but I do remember one dream was about Ash. IDK what it is xd.


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Last night I had a dream that there was a Pokémon scavenger hunt that lasted all weekend. You had to take your Switch to places to download a Pokémon. The first clue was online and it was just the sound of clanking pots and pans. I couldn’t figure it out, but my dad concluded that it must be the park. We went there and I downloaded a Pokémon (I think it was Absol). There were six more Pokémon but unfortunately I could not get them all.