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Pokémon Emergency! (002)


pokeworld said:
Who says he mistook it for a Ho-oh. Unless this stated as a true fact in the show, I'm confident that Ash saw a Ho-oh. Besides, in Johto when Ash finds the Ho-oh in Ekruteak(sp) city he remembers it as being whta he saw on the way to Viridian City. So, unless you give proof that it's a Moltres,

Legendary Bird Ash saw=Ho-oh
Legendary Bird Ash saw=/=Moltres

Just because it wasn't a known Pokemon at the time doesn't mean that's not what it was. Remember how Prof. Oak told Ash something about how there are many Pokemon that are still unknown? At that time, Ho-oh was the unknown Pokemon.

He mistook the Articuno/Moltres (For reference purposes, it was a Articuno.) on the PICTURE IN THE POKEMON CENTRE for the Pokemon he had seen. (Ho-Oh.) -_-


Jesse and James to me were less pethetic in this episode than all the other Eps after that.maybe because it's thier first episode.


ChaosMage said:
Have you noticed that Misty's name isn't mentioned by ANYONE until the end of this episode?

Dub mistake (Okay, maybe not a mistake, but they should've left it in.)

She originally introduces herself as she steps up to battle the Rockets.
(Something along the lines of "I'm Kasumi, the prettiest girl in the world".)

Koffing Breeder

"I'm Kasumi, the prettiest girl in the world"?
Thats abit big headed...

I love this episode! Team Rocket are introduced, Misty joins Ash, They destroy their first Pokecentre and Koffing is introduced!!!

Haunter Hunter Sohrab

Johto Champion
Jesse calls her pretty. But then James says Pretty Pathetic. Heh, this was a nice episode with all the different voices. Team Rocket say their motto for the first time and Ash say "What are you talking about?" Haha that was funny.


I liked this episode too, but it wasn't great. I felt bad for Pikachu in the ER, and Team Rocket broke in and caused havoc even when Pikachu was hurt, it was wrong. Team Rocket seemed so much more sinister in this episode then how they are now it's amazing!


Cascade Trainer
Ah yes, when Team Rocket was actually a threat to the point where whole towns would get in an uproar as Jessie and James flew in the Meowth baloon. Ever since, you almost never see this much concern about the Rockets...


Strawberry Milk
The first epsiode of pokemon i ever saw was this one. I have to say i'm sorta gald I saw this one instead of the first becasue this episode had more action because of team rocket. Team Rocket were actually pretty evil i nthis epsidoe instead of their normal goes. The battle was pretty much in their favor knowing the pokemon centers pokemon weren't strong enough knowing that they are in a hospital for sick and weak pokemon.
All I have to say if it really weren't for this episode i would be really bored with my life.


Team Awesome
I got to watch this episode again last night. I got a chuckle out of Jessie telling Ash that they weren't interested in his Pikachu. Oh, the irony. :D And yay, the first motto! It's funny not hearing "Prepare for trouble/Make it double" very much in the early days.

It's also interesting that Ash looked at a picture of Articuno on the wall and thought that looked like the bird that turned out to be Ho-oh. Not to mention that Professor Oak seems to confirm that it's Ho-oh. Makes me wonder what was said in the original version.

Kris Bambii

Volcano Trainer
When Professor Oak called and he had the wrong camera on, he was cooking noodles and then the pizza guy came with the pineapple and anncovy pizza o_0. I thought that was funny. That stuff looked like top ramen! lol.

I liked the part when Jenny saw Ash and said, "Speak of the devil?!" XD And then Misty hauling the bike everywhere was funny too. I would fall over if I tried to do that. lol


I remember, that back in the days, I was the only kid in my class that knew about Pokemon (because I had read about it in a videogame magazine), so I introduced my friends to it with this episode. The pokemon craze began the next day.
My favorite parts of the episode were the many pikachus and the nurse chanseys.


Wow how long it's been since I've seen this episode. Can't really comment on it because it was only the 2nd episode but I throughly enjoyed it. I'm glad Pikachu recovered. :D


Well-Known Member
yea great episode

Mini Apocalypse

Soul Trainer
they should have laws about letting that many electric pokemon in one group(not in the wild obviously)it could couse lots of damage(like blowing the place up)