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Pokémon EV (Effort Value) Optimiser web application


New Member
Hi folks,

Long-time ex-competitive Pokémon player here. I'd been playing competitively since since 2011, but stopped after COVID hit because I got busy adulting. When I was playing competitively, I built a web app to help me calculate optimal defensive EV spreads for my 'mons. I've updated my app to include 'mons from SV, so I thought I'd post it here.

Here's what the app helps you to do:
  • Calculate optimal defensive spreads for your 'mons (252 HP isn't always the best spread for every 'mon. For 'mons with a big HP stat compared to their defenses (e.g. Snorlax, Smeagle, Xerneas / Yveltal), it is more cost-efficient to invest some or all points into defense.
  • Calculate how much speed EVs you need to guarantee you'll outspeed key threats. For e.g., scarfed / Tailwind / Swift Swim / Chlorophyll 'mons don't always need 252 speed to outspeed key unboosted threats, and can invest some of their EVs into defenses (the app will help you optimise your defenses after calculating speed investment too!).
  • Calculate how much defense EVs you will need to survive key attacks. In competitive environments, this is important, as surviving certain key attacks can change the result of a match.
I hope you check it out! Especially if you are interested in battling competitive battling for Scarlet and Violet. Reading up on IVs and EVs are a good place to start.

Here is the URL to the app: terresquall.com/apps/pokemon-ev-optimiser/