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Pokémon Fashion Flash (028)

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I thought this was one of the funnier episodes, i can't believe that anyone would believe that what team rocket were trying pass off as fashion actually were, they just made them all look stupid and then charged them for it.


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Love this one, i think its my favorite episode..James was so cute XD
and i never tought Brock could take care of Vulpix untill Vulpix her trainer would ask it back


A well written episode, that FINALLY focuses on Team Rocket's bad talents. Opening up a Salon for beautifying a Pokemon by making them flashy was really a great scam for money. It's too bad that the trainer's Pokemon were really dissatisfied on how they looked like. x3

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Pokémon Fashion Flash (028)

Brock has led Ash and Misty to Scissors Street in Celadon City. Ash and Misty don't know why, but they walk along with him. As they see several Pokémon beauty parlors. Misty remembers that Scissors Street is also known as Breeder's Lane, and both she and Ash agree that that's why Brock's here. Brock doesn't answer them, and continues to look. Misty comes across the newest salon that has opened, Salon Roquét. Inside, the two stylists (Jessie and James) are working on a Raichu and Dodrio. They finish, and their owner loves what they did. The Pokémon, on the other hand, disagree, but they go along with it. Meowth is at the cash register, gleefully counting money. He tells Jessie and James, that they're spend too much.
Outside, Misty thinks about getting in line, when Brock finds what he was looking for. They go inside, and find Susie, a Pokémon breeder, taking care of a Chansey. The owner comes in and takes the Pokémon, thanking Susie on an excellent job. Susie turns to Ash and his friends and asks them if they have come to treat their Pokémon. Ash replies that they're just looking around, Brock starts to stutter, and Misty sees a Vulpix sleeping on a chair. She runs over and picks him up. The grumpy Vulpix burns Misty with a fire attack and jumps back onto the chair, yawns, and goes back to sleep. Susie tells her that Vulpix doesn't like strangers, and Brock calls out Susie's name. He introduces himself and tells her that he wants to become a breeder like her. He stumbles all over his words, but finally spits out the main reason he is in her salon: He wants to be her apprentice. Everyone is astounded, including Susie. Ash asks why Brock wants to do this, and he explains that Susie has won many awards for her salon, going on and on. He starts on Vulpix, but Ash stops him. Susie is flattered, but declines, saying that she is still learning herself. Later, during lunch, Susie compliments Brock on his food making abilities, noting that Pikachu has a nice, shiny coat. Vulpix jumps onto the table, and approaches Pikachu's plate. She sniffs the food, and starts to happily eat. Brock is extremely flattered that she likes his food. Susie is surprised as well, saying that Vulpix only ate food that she herself had made. Misty brings up the subject of Salon Roquét, asking if the flashy Pokémon is the newest trend. Susie explains that ever since the Rockets' Salon opened, trainers have been trying to make their Pokémon as flashy as possible. Ash agrees that it is stupid to show off, but Misty disagrees, saying that even Pokémon like to get dressed up. Ash starts to argue with her about the subject, while Brock and Susie look on. Ash suggests that Misty takes Psyduck over to the new Salon, and she agrees. She releases Psyduck, and they hurry over. Susie wonders aloud if she should change her methods per the new trend, but Brock tells her not to, saying that if people want style over substance, they'll give them substance with style.;049;
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Episode was really nice and funny, especially that part with Misty. Vulpix was soo cute... I was really glad Brock got one...


One of those handful of episodes that's focused on Brock...
I remember when I was little, the first time I took one look at Vulpix I fell in love <3 It's sooo cute! It still is one of my favorite Pokemon to this day. But that Fire Spin at the end was a little overdone, don'tcha think? But I did like the fact that the writers made an episode about the whole "inner beauty" thing, it was definitely interesting to watch. I was really glad to see Brock get a new catch, especially since Misty got Psyduck.

I give this episode a:


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^ I have to agree. Despite the fact I always got the vibe Suzy had owned Vulpix for a few years and it was semi-powerful, that Fire Spin was a little too powerful.

Anyway, probably one of my favorite Kanto episodes. One of my favorite Pokemon ever debuts in style (no pun intended), along with one of my favorite minor characters ever, Suzie. I loved how down-to-earth she was, it was just a nice trait to see. TR's scam was hilarious, and to this day I wonder why people liked those do overs on their Pokemon. Plus, Brock got some great character development as well. Twas nice to see him get a capture, even though poor Vulpix never got much development after...and I still say that thing had lots of potential. :/

All in all, minus the super Fire Spin, one of Kanto's best. 4.9/5.


I think it was a great episode, especially because Vulpix and Suzie.

Brock was little fanatic because of Suzie, it was very funny how he became nervous every time something happened to Suzie.


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A new twist on Pokemon: fashion! It was cool to get something new like fashion in the anime, even if is was a little too much. I liked Salon Rocket and how TR were making Pokemon look cute since it showed that they could easily be designers and not just criminals. I am glad Brock got to take care of Suzie's Vulpix. I think it will provide him with a lot of Pokemon Breeder experience. 7/10.
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Haha just what the hell they did to Misty, Team Rocket pulled of some hilarious styles, like that poor Dodrio at the beginning.

Vulpix was so cute, it was nice Brock got it but i guess it never got the attention it deserved :/


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I like this episode. I would have liked to see what Team Rocket would have done to Misty's Psyduck. Vulpix was so cute, I wish there had been more of it in the anime.


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I was very excited when I saw Vulpix and its special Fire Spin attack for the 1st time in the anime. Unfortunately, other than that, and the moral of the episode, I didn't like most of the episode.



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The make-up that the Raichu and Dodrio were wearing near the beginning was funny, though I sort of feel sorry for the poor Pokemon. I really liked the make-up Team Rockst put on Misty, it really made her look like a clown. ^_^

I was glad that Brock got to keep Vulpix. It's such a cute Pokemon.


The make-up that the Raichu and Dodrio were wearing near the beginning was funny, though I sort of feel sorry for the poor Pokemon. I really liked the make-up Team Rockst put on Misty, it really made her look like a clown. ^_^

I was glad that Brock got to keep Vulpix. It's such a cute Pokemon.

lol I love this episode as well!! and you're right about the Raichu and Dodrio at the beginning. They looked like child prostitutes. lol


Brock actually got an episode to focus and even got a new Pokémon to boot so it was a great episode just because of that. It had the generic "Beauty is skin-deep" stuff but it was cool. I liked Misty's makeover that she received from Team Rocket. Maybe it was just her clothes though.


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Ahh, this episode had one of the funniest error ever:

James cuts Misty's head off. I laughed when I spotted this error years later.

This episode was fun to watch it gets an 8/10.
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