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Pokémon Fashion Flash (028)


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Ekans and Koffing in makeup = WIN.


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I love this episode, I chuckled at Misty's makeover. This was a good introduction to both breeding and Vulpix. Susie is pretty, her and Brock would be a good couple. I'm glad Susie trusted Brock with Vulpix.
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The way they animated Vulpix's Fire Spin attack was probably the best they have ever done with it. When Brock metioned that it was Vulpix's best attack, I guess they just wanted to make it look more powerful.


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Awesome episode, and I have to agree with G50 about fire spin.
Definitely deserves an 9/10 imo.


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It was amusing that Misty was yelling at Psyduck, when Psyduck was the one who got Ash and Brock after seeing that she was in trouble.


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Hahah, just watched this one too in my run of re-watching a lot of Pokémon episodes and I loved Brock's role in the first part of this episode. He's was sooooo nervous. For the rest was this a good introduction to both breeding and one of my favorite Pokémons, Vulpix. Team Rocket's role with their salon was also a nice humorous addition to the story. Imo, this episode was definitely better than the previous episode. It was just a lot more enjoyable and interesting to watch.


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Vulpix was a nice addition to Brock's team

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I have poor fashion taste, but even I know that Misty has bad tastes. Then again, Team Rocket doesn't have the best eye for fashion either... But it's made up with Brock breaking the radar. “I want to breed like you! I want to model you!”

This episode I don't believe counts as filler because Brock gets a new Pokémon at the end, but it sure feels like one. Last episode was boring and uninteresting (yet still had a memorable moment or two), and this one is a slight step-up from it, but not by much. Most of the time, it's just talk-talk-talk on inner beauty, and it got a bit annoying. Sure, it's nice to learn more about what breeders really are, but it came off as more anvilicious than anything else (despite it being a nice message). Thankfully, though, we do get a nice battle between Ash and Team Rocket, which has been a while since the Pokémon actually went head-to-head. It's also been a while since we saw Koffing and Ekans fighting nicely. They actually can fight well strategically and creatively, but we unfortunately don't see this very often, and it sadly goes away some time after they evolve.

The comedy is strong in 4KIDS' writing of dialogue, and it does show when it's between two people. Team Rocket have the most of it, but it's not neglected elsewhere. Ash and Misty in particular bounce off each other very well thanks to the combination of the writing and Veronica Taylor and Rachel Lillis' performances. I'm sure they bicker in the original Japanese, it's just that the dub made it more of a belligerent sexual tension, and it's funny. There's good chemistry between Ash and Misty even when they deny it many times over, but again, it mostly is because of the voice actresses' performances. Even though the episode didn't necessarily focus on them, it was still rather obvious.

I'm going to come out and say that I find Suzy annoying and bland. Sure, she's a memorable “one-shot” character and she's an excellent example of a Pokémon breeder outside of Brock. But I didn't like how she basically exists to give speeches on what true beauty is, even if it's what she knows best. It added to the whole anvilicious feel to the episode, and it gave me bad flashbacks of the infamous friendship speeches in the Yu-Gi-Oh! dub (even though it predated the dub by a few years). And from what I remember in her second appearance, she doesn't get better. I will also say to get out of the way that because of how the anime portrayed Pokémon attacks, I thought Vulpix was part-Psychic for a bit because of this episode. Not often do you see non-Psychic Pokémon's eyes glow.

You know, Salon Roquet would've probably been successful and quietly dropped off the map had Meowth not liked showing off his big mouth. Though I think he was the mastermind behind the salon judging from how detailed he was about it. Either way, it left a nice memory in how Team Rocket just sucks at fashion. But their disguises and idea here did make it to Pokémon Puzzle League for the Spa Service side-quest, which is where I personally remember it the most.

So overall, there's really not much to say about this episode. It kinda dragged for the first half, the plot did come to a halt for the sake of meeting Brock's potential love-interest/idol and so he can get a new Pokémon for the first in a while. Was it really worth watching? Eh, if you're interested in learning about breeders in the Pokémon world, it's more-or-less for that particular purpose. With exception of Vulpix and I guess Misty's strange taste in fashion, one isn't missing anything.

At least the next episode carries a punch still felt around the fandom fifteen/sixteen years after it aired.

(I found Waldo, by the way.)
Fire Spin: An attack that can look amazing and powerful in the show, but is not that great in the games.

I know, I know, anime =/= games,


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Team Rocket was surprisingly tolerable here in my opinion; seeing them giving Pokemon makeovers was funny and I kinda wish that they'd do that more often. Brock's extensive knowledge of Susie's work and achievements was creepy though; it gave me stalker vibes tbh. I loved Team Rocket's battle with Ash and friends at the end; James looked fab.

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This episode is absolutely hilarious; Brock was funny and got nice focus, Team Rocket was funny here also, and I loved Misty's makeover, she looked hilarious and sort of adorable as well. Psyduck was great too. 10/10


Salon Rocket was a good idea on the TRio's part and even without their scheme they seemed good at styling. Vulpix was so cute too. 7.5/10

Mrs. Oreo

Aww Vulpix was adorable and Brock getting it was sweet. I liked how Brock knew all of Suzie's details as well hee hee, plus Team Rocket's salon scheme was funny especially how they dressed up Ekans and Koffing. :D


Misty looked great with all that make up on her after the TR salon makeover, but man Vulpix deserved better. I was pissed that he ended up with Brock.


It's kind of bittersweet how Yuki's Rokon had so much bite to it in this episode and showed promise as a fiery character, but then once it was given to Takeshi, it became too tame and vapid. The Rocket-dan's salon was perfect, and fashion design really suited them.