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Pokémon Fractals


Eloquent Speaker
Pokémon Fractals

Hello everyone! I run the tumblr Pokémon Fractals. I release around 6 brand new fractal computer backgrounds every day. So far, we're into Hoenn. I take requests, but only through tumblr. You can find the blog HERE.
Hope you enjoy!



Empress of Lazyness
Nice :eek: These look very cool !
I don't know much much about graphism, but some of them seem a little bit weird to me :/ Like Azurril and Mega-Mawile
But anyway, it still looks nice, keep the good work !


Guess who's back
These are really pretty! I love the bright glowing colours and the way that the fractals arrange themselves remind me of tendons and muscles. However this makes some of the pokemon look terrifying! Ditto and Jynx are the stuff of nightmares for example o3o

My favourites so far are Ho-oh and Haunter. Ho-ho's colours and body shape make a very aesthetically pleasing image and Haunter has a really cool ghosty feel thanks to the glowing eyes and mouth and the fact it's shape is simply suggested with the purple outlining.

Can't wait to see how Rotom, Giratina and the other Sinnoh legends look when you get round to them!


Eloquent Speaker
Thanks everyone! Yeah, I run everything (Dream World/Global Link art) through the same Fractal filter with no adjustments. That's why some vary from being creepy to cool. The Pokémon that are mostly one color (Ditto) can be pretty plain and not too interesting, which makes them seem kind of weird. I think the Pokémon that are dark colors like purple, deep blue, or even some reds look fantastic. Some of them like Azurill and Mega Mawile come out strange since they heavily rely on black and/or gray. The fractal doesn't interact kindly with blacks in Pokémon designs since the background I put them on is black.

As for where we are at in the Pokédex, Hoenn should be finishing up next week or so. The amount that are released everyday is currently at 6, but it might change to 5 if I get a job soon. Once I run out of Global Link art, I'll start with Sugimori art, but less will be released at that point because they take considerably longer to make (no clean lines like in the Global Link art).
Thanks for your kind feedback.