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Pokémon Go - Establishment of Regions


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Pokémon Go - Establishment of Regions

As we all know (I think) the pokemon available in Pokémon Go will be exclusively set to certain locations.

According to a recent interview, the pokemon will be placed according to the locations of real-life animals. This affirms the plan to have certain pokemon in certain parts of the world. The question is, which pokemon? Even more so, how will these regions be formed? By city? By country? By actual region? To say, buffalo don't exactly flourish in Chicago, where I live, so there wouldn't be Buffoulant here. Conversely, there are lots of seagulls, so we would have Wingull. Still, will that account for the entire Midwestern region of the U.S.?

With that said, I'd like to posit something both interesting and potebtially fun. In this discussion, how about we add a list pokemon we feel will appear in our respective regions, cities, or countries. The results could prove quite enlightening. I'll offer a short list of pokes that may appear in Chicago (since I'm not entirely versed in animals and plantlife of the Midwest lol).

Since only Gen 1 is said to be available at the start, I'll list only Gen 1:

- Rattata (Common Brown Rat)
- Raticate (Common Brown Rat)
- Spearow (Sparrow)
- Ekans (Garden Snake, right?)
- Pikachu (because duh)
- Vulpix (Red Fox)
- Psyduck (we have ducks)
- Golduck (we have large ducks)
- Meowth (Alley Cat)
- Koffing (Pollution)
- Weezing (see above)
- Grimer (our sewers smell)
- Muk (really bad)
- Magnemite ('cause magnets)
- Magneton (same as above)
- Goldeen (Goldfish)
- Farfetch'd (we have a lot of ducks)
- Gastly (Many places in Chicago are said to be haunted)
- Voltorb (Just makes sense)
- Electrode (^^^)
- Scyther (Praying Mantis)
- Magikarp ('cause Magikarps are everywhere)

Well, that's what I got. Feel free to discuss and share your own lists. :)
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Prince Umbreon

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I'm excited to see what California gets. I mean come on, we have deserts, forests, beaches, mountains, cities. We have pretty much everything, so there will likely be a huge variety of stuff here.


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Hawaii would probably have a large variety of Water type Pokemon, but not much else, as its biodiversity outside of aquatic widlife is almost non-existent and limited largely to common species that you can see practically anywhere in the US.


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I'm excited to see what California gets. I mean come on, we have deserts, forests, beaches, mountains, cities. We have pretty much everything, so there will likely be a huge variety of stuff here.
Sadly, a lot of the pokemon that would appear in Chicago aren't in Gen 1, such as Houndour, Wingull, Zigzagoon, Volbeat, Illumise, Kricketune, Combee, Deerling, Sawsbuck, and Venipede, to name (a little more than) a few.

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Where was the interview?

jireh the provider

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So, what dies this bring to us Pokemon fans at SouthEast Asia )Philippines, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc) where the tech we have is very crappy in most places save for the big cities?

Besides the common water types, I'm afraid that this game can be a target to thiees around our place.


I wonder what they will have in australia, we have many kinds of landscapes here, so will be interesting to find out. i just hope i can get a growlithe without much trouble

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I just got to wondering about this, I wonder if we could get volunteers on this site to document what Pokemon they find and where. I'm up by Lake Michigan, we have sturgeon, seagulls, and even the occasional pelican. I've seen phesants, foxes, rabbits, mice and deer wandering around on land. It's also decently cold in the winter, wonder if seasons play into it...

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Being a commuter student between two cities (one being closer to New York City, the other being more subrural) I plan on taking some time to find Pokémon in these areas.
Bug, Grass, Rock, Ground, and Flying types would probably predominate these areas but I can always drive to Long Island Sound to find different Water Pokémon (fingers crossed for Corphish when Gen 3 becomes available).
There's a city in Connectictut known for manufacturing brass, so perhaps I can go over there and find some Fighting and Steel types.
Also Bulbapedia states that Granbull can be found in urban areas, so when Gen 2 is a go, that will probably be found in places like Chicago or NYC.
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Дми́трий Дми́триевич
You have to go to monsanto headquarters in St. Louis to get Mewtwo. GMO company, it just makes sense :p

My friend just called me and said that you have to catch several of the same type of pokemon to evolve it? What's up with that and what happened to leveling up your monsters to evolve them?