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Pokémon Go: Real-Life Gyms and Where They Will Be


Ghost-Type Master
Pokémon Go: Real-Life Gyms and Where They Will Be

It has been confirmed via field testing that gyms will not only exist and be ran by the players, but will be set on-map at real-life locations, particularly locations of historical and cultural significance.

This brings the question of where people will decide to have their gyms, should they choose to run one. As a Chicagoan, I hope to establish my Ghost-type gym downtown in Congress Plaza, though Congress Plaza itself is not necessarily historical. There will most likely be a gym location at Buckingham Fountain, which is in Congress Plaza, but it seems more suitable for a Water gym. However, if that's what I got, I'm taking it! :D

How about you all? Where do you hope your gyms will be? What type(s) do you plan to utilize? Feel free to express and discuss!