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Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver New Sprite Discussion


But Never Again...
I don't know, Seadra looks just fine to me.
But Houndoom looks horrible

Agree 100%. Every Houndoom has been butchered until D/P...then they decided to butcher it yet again...[sigh]
So every Dark-type pokémon should be pitch-black?

And Houndoom's mouth got smaller, it's pretty clear.


So every Dark-type pokémon should be pitch-black?

And Houndoom's mouth got smaller, it's pretty clear.

No, I'm just saying that because he's a dark type pokemon he looks better darker, not that all dark type pokemon should be black. I didn't notice the mouth was smaller, but in my opinion it was over sized before, so it looks better now.


Let's go to the beach, each.
Not sure if anyone has mentioned this, but what happened with Seadra!? Horsea and Kingdra look great, but Seadra looks extremely disproportionate. It'd look better if it's torso and maybe it's head were a bit bigger--it's fins and tail look HUGE!

That was the first sprite that I disliked in HGSS.

The tail is too big. It is a very noticable flaw. I would've thought that someone would've noticed it before they programmed it into the game.


Specialist Operator
They finally made up for that mistake they did with Gengar and Crobat's Platinum sprite. They were horrible in Platinum, but now, they've been made up for with these new sprites :D As well, the overworld sprites for all the pokemon are GREAT! Especially Cradily <3


Well-Known Member
i really wish that quilava and typhlosion sprites looked more like there artwork


Well-Known Member
Well, Dodrio has a very good sprite and I think it's kinda cool!
Would be nice if they had a Dodrio.

And Houndoom got shafted! I was actually thinking of having Houndoom on the team, but not now. It's sprite ruins everything, pretty much like Pikachu's and Jolteon's.

Calm PokeMaster

Well-Known Member

Tyranitar trainer

Back for a bit
I never noticed the Doutrio thing

Calm PokeMaster

Well-Known Member
Especially the extreme right head,I wonder if GF deliberately incorporated this into the game.


haha boredom does wonders at finding weird stuff.


Johto Trainer


any resemblance is purely coincidental.​

Wow!That's cool and weird at the same time!

I personally think that houndooms new sprite is amazing!But thats just me.And if you want houndoom on your team,but you hate it's sprite,don't let that stop you.You're barely gonna see it's sprite until it evolves,or you're looking at it's summery.All the other times you'll see it is in battle,and you'll be looking at the back sprite!Don't let a bad sprite stop you!I'm putting JOLTEON on my team!Jolteon's sprite stinks!I don't care.I love that pokemon.But I can't force you to do something,so it's your decision.......