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Pokémon HeartGold/SoulSilver General Discussion Thread

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Lan challenges you!
they just splash around ._.
Serebii said:
Right, to get Rotom's forms, you just have to take a Rotom to Silph Co's Elevator and Rotom will power it, taking you to the room. No Secret Key needed








Woot! Rotom! Woot! Secret Formes that were in only in Platinum! Woot! Now in Heart Gold and Soul Silver! Woot!


Shiny get!
What about a team of digletts? I am sure there has to be restrictions. Heck, Snorlax playing soccer? Magikarp too?

I've made my decision. I will make Magikarp my greatest Pokethlon pokemon. The floptastic fish will destroy all who dare oppose it. You know it's true. Magikarp FTW. ;129;


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yeah, we've been trying to figure it out for days.

At the moment we know: He doesn't leave his gym at all, at least initially, some event likely gets him to move around. We know that there is a pikachu trade with someone in the train station involved. It's possible the pikachu needs to be from veridian forest. At some point, showing one of these pikachus to Surge should make him give you his phone number.

Some of this is based off of code data in the game, but some of that might also be based off of rumour. it's also possible that the fan club guy might also have something to do with it

I found this on another website, thought it might help Serebii?


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Seems like the lift only activates when Rotom is with you... no possibility of the whole building getting explored then... : /


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Seems like the lift only activates when Rotom is with you... no possibility of the whole building getting explored then... : /

Im glad about that as Silph Co was confusing enough!
Oh well we have a variety of awesome things to do and explore in Kanto this time round. I cant wait till its US Release.
Im going to stop watching Videos of HGSS from now on so i wouldn't get bored before its US release lol.


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The guy who posted that is a member from SPP and he got that info from here, how do I know? I posted this between 3 - 5 Pages back, so.

But thanks anyway.

Oops ^.^' I haven't read the last 50 odd pages yet, been at school.
How would team Gastly play soccer?
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