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Pokémon Heroes: The Beginning(RPG Thread)


The RPG Godfather
Pokémon Heroes: The Beginning(RPG Thread)

Pokémon Heroes: The Beginning.

Human beings have been living with Pokémon for well over a thousand years, and with such an extended bond, with trainers and other humans spending long period’s time with their Pokémon, traits could be developed. If Pokémon can do it than humans can. There are already cases of Pokémon developing human traits. Four legged Pokémon standing on two legs, non-psychic Pokémon talking with human speech, Pokémon learning how to wield weapons. On the human side of things there have been some break through’s Humans who can understand Pokémon, Humans who can read Pokémon’s mind and even people who can use minor psychic powers.

Humans and Pokémon spend all of their time together, battling each other, travelling together, sharing living quarters and growing stronger and older together. And because of all these facts a single strong question plague’s scientists minds. Would humans ever be able to use Pokémon Attacks?

Extract From Doctor C. Foster’s Diary.
Today had been a pretty normal day, well as normal as you can get in a hospital. Babies had been born, patients had been saved and miraculously no one had died, when it was time for me to leave the hospital at 10:30, I went into the changing rooms and changed into my non work close. I even remarked to a nurse that nothing could go wrong today.How wrong I was, as I was just heading through the reception, a woman and her husband came running in, it seemed they were going into premature labour, hurriedly I helped them get her a wheelchair and she was rushed into emergency.

I estimate it to be around about ten forty three when suddenly twenty black clad men entered the hospital raising swords and unleashing Pokémon at us, threatening us with death unless we handed over every Pokémon we had who could evolve and every pregnant woman in our hospital.Together,

I and the security guards fought them off, it was essential that we won, together with my Aipom and a sword I had liberated, we managed to push them back, never killing only wounding but the wounds were never fatal. Aipom was always by my side, watching my back and eventually it managed to use Double Hit. I knew it was going to evolve.

At ten fifty two Aipom evolved and together we managed to defeat these, evil men, later I found out that this baby boy had been born at exactly ten fifty two.

Disaster struck as I spoke to the parents. One of the men found his way in with a gun, he shot both of the child's parents before Ambipom took him down, it appeared the men were back. Not knowing what to do I took the child and ran, for some reason these men wouldn’t leave this children alone.

Hopefully we can find safety in Sinnoh.

Professor Evergreen’s Research Notes, Written in Response to Doctor Foster’s Diary Extract.

This child was born at the exact same time as a Pokémon evolved into its next form. As many people know, huge energy is released upon evolution and when evolution happens in conjunction with a birth it is thought that this child would receive some sort of ‘power’. These powers are determined by which Pokémon evolved at the time the child was born. Many of these cases have been recorded but for some reason only seventeen of these powerful beings can exist at once, but when one dies another person who was born at the same time a Pokémon evolved, of the same type. But this boy is unique, the only one to have been born at the same time a normal type Pokémon evolved, and with this power he could perhaps become the most powerful individual in the world. With the ability to use Mimic he could copy each and of the others powers.

These powers are said to run through blood and because of this an evil organisation, is looking for these individuals and either killing them and then taking their blood or just taking their blood. The goal of this organisation is to create a formula that will be able to install powers into regular people. They go by the name of Dark Twilight and consist of the two former organisations, Team Rocket and Team Galactic who banded together and began to research human and Pokémon similarities. Five months later and Giovanni died in a bizarre accident and a further two months later Cyrus disappeared. A new mysterious leader emerged and with him, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars and Pluto became commanders.

I must finish writing this as Dark Twilight are on their way, I will entrust this along with all my findings to the river in hope that someone, somewhere will find it and bring all of these mystical beings together so that this boy can gain enough power to destroy the organisation.


With a power, there have to be side effects as well as changes in what your body looks like and so on.


The user is generally a strong attacker, but when they use their powers, flames surround their hands and their eyes turn completely red. They can produce fire from their hands and can shoot it pretty far. When using the power they are also immune to any flames, which they can cover their whole body with.


A very strong defensive user, they can produce water from thin air and use it to attack and defend with thanks to the molecules in the air. When using the power, the user’s irises turn completely blue and their veins are highlighted in blue showing their whole body. They can also breathe underwater and produce air bubbles that can help others breathe underwater.


Pretty average when it comes to it, but they have one thing that helps them completely, they can’t die, or stay wounded, in fact the only way to kill them completely is either to chop of the users head or incinerate them completely. They can summon all manner of plant life from the floor, when using their power vines wrap around their arms and their eyes turn bright green.


The person with this power is deadly, they can freeze anything at will simply by adjusting the air and water molecules in the air, they can summon snow storms and hail as well as unleash beams of ice. When using their power, their eyes go pale blue and the temperature drops, spikes of ice also just out across their arms.


With the ability to absorb electricity to make themselves stronger, the electric users are pretty strong, they can summon thunderbolts from the sky as well as unleash them from their hands, they can also unleash waves of static waves of electricity. When using their power, their eyes go bright yellow and sparks fluctuate across their body.


When a rock user activates their power their eyes turn to a mystic orange colour and they grow a lot stronger, they can summon rocks out of the ground telepathically almost as well as coat their limbs in rocks, they can control anything made out of rocks and sent it flying telepathically almost.


A ground user has the potential to be very dangerous, they can control the very ground that we stand on, producing earthquakes and fissures that can cause serious damage. When they activate their powers their eyes go dark brown and their hands become surrounded by a brown aura.


Flying users are lucky people and also powerful, with the powers granted to them they can fly and summon tornadoes, hurricanes and powerful blades of wind, with these powerful attacks they can rip buildings and cities to shreds. When using their power their eyes go almost grey and they levitate a little of the ground.


Steel users are the...sharp people with abilities, they can control anything made out of metal either telepathically or by changing it into another form. When using their power their whole body becomes coated in steel armour which is like a second skin, their strength increases and they can manipulate the steel armour to produce blades.


The strongest and most violent ability, however has this will be hard to take down and will easily cause damage, the user can time travel, rip through space as well as unleash mystical flames and summon powerful meteors. When their power is used their skin takes on a green tinge, they spout wings and a tail and their hands become powerful claws.


Poison users are like assassins, with the ability to form poisonous bombs in their hands as well as attack with poison backed punches and kicks as well as unleash poison powders and gas into the air. Once their power is in use their eyes take on a purple aura and a long purple stripe runs down their forearms.


Psychic powers are deadly and can teleport anywhere, they can pick up any objects telepathically as well as talk into people’s minds, with enough practise they can control people’s minds as well as predict the future, they can see into people’s dreams, put illusions into play and even temporally change gravity. When their power is in use their whole body becomes outlined in a pink aura and their eyes become pink.


The dark user is a powerful person, with the ability to hide in the darkness and appear when they want; they are master thieves and can unleash orbs of violent darkness from their hands as well as healing themselves in the dark. When they use their power they are surrounded in a black outline and their eyes go pure black, their skin also goes pale.


The bug user is an unknown power, despite being relatively weak they are almost impossible to kill, with the ability to summon many bug Pokémon to defend and attack for them as well as unleash webs from their hands, they have a variety of ranged attacks as well as having the power to deprive the enemy of their hearing.


Ghosts users are powerful in the fact that they can unleash powerful shadow attacks where they can disappear completely surround limbs in shadows and unleash orbs of shadows. They are masters at playing with peoples fear; they confuse people, give them nightmares and then bond the opponents destiny to their own. When using their power a dark purple aura surrounds them and their skins goes a deathly pale they can also negotiate the Reverse World with ease.


Fighting type users are the strongest of all the Elementals, they have phenomenal strength and can unleash a multitude of powerful melee attacks, they can also form orbs of aura that they throw at the opponent, strangely they can also detect when attacks are coming but it won’t work all the time. When using their power, not much changes about them on the outside, but inside their strength doubles and they can survive many hits.


1. Sppf rules apply
2. This RPG is rated 14A, so watch out!
3. No Flaming/Spamming/Being an overall n00b and jerk
4. Enforcement and Punishment of rule breakers are completely up to me.
5 NO"" Godmodding...anyone who godmodds will be banned and kicked out.
6 and this is a big one: STAY ACTIVE!
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Stabberz: Reteka Siroshima: Normal: Accepted.
greywolf: Seiko Zaitsev: Dragon: Accepted.
alteredegoX: Reid Syti: Water: Accepted.
Double-oh-Platypus: Thalia Jackson: Electric: Accepted.
Treespyro: Nikki Fleming: Ice: Accepted.
Shadowfaith: Miles Lachance: Ghost: Accepted.
Zandgaia: Emerald Star: Fighting: Accepted.
Ashds: Jeff Steel: Steel: Accepted.
Bookauthor: Kiyoko Sanada: Grass: Accepted.
Nirarekdan: Elizabeth Jonys: Psychic: Accepted.
Slipomatic: ???: Flying: Reserved.


are all available.

-Reteka Siroshima-Outskirts of Sunnyshore-Day-

Reteka sighed mentally to himself, today had gone from good to worse and he really wasn't happy. First off he had been kicked out of his first lesson in school, so instead of going and seeing the head master he had gone home and picked up his Pokéballs and sword and had been wandering around town. After wandering around for a few hours he had been attacked by a group of kids who had been skipping school themselves, he had beaten their Pokémon into unconscious and left a cut on the leaders shoulder with his sword.

Things hadn't gotten a lot worse after that, he had headed home to see the Doctor and had found him dead in a pool of his own blood, he had six bullet holes in his body, one in his skull, one in his throat and four in his torso.

So after finding a hidden note in in the Professor's hand he had ran making his way out of town completely, he hadn't been fast enough however and he had picked up two followers a pair of men dressed all in black, he knew they had been the ones who had killed Doctor Foster.

Something whizzing past his should shook him from his thoughts, he looked around in time to see one of the men being forced by the other to put his gun away, Reteka deduced that it had a silencer on due to the fact that he hadn't heard a gun shot.

Listening carefully he could hear the shooter being scolded. "The boss wants him alive, if we're going to attack him do it with you're Pokémon...or the tazer."

This caused Reteka to increase his pace, if he could get to Lake Valor then he might find a way to ambush them.


*Gasp* He's back!
~Emerald Star, Route 222 to Sunnyshore Outskirts.~

It was a beautiful sunny morning like always in the east of Sinnoh. Emerald was walking on Route 222. It was not that busy on the road, it was almost like if this road was only for her. But it wasn't, it's just early... That's all.

"Man, walking from Pastoria to Sunnyshore is sure something, on the map it looked less long from Pastoria to Sunnyshore!" She thought as she sighed, but kept walking. "Almost there.... I think." She added in her mind.

Not soon later she saw a bench and walked over to it, then sat on it. But sitting on a normal bench isn't Emerald's style. She looked behind her and saw a thick enough branch behind her. She jumped from the bench to the branch and grabbed it with both hands. She then swung herself so her face faced the road. But not soon later, she got eventually bored and let loose of the branch. She landed with both feet on the ground: perfectly without a single extra movement needed.

"Let's just head to Sunnyshore for some Sun, Sea and Fun!" She thought as she started walking to where she thought was the way to Sunnyshore.

Maybe 10 minutes later, she saw two men in black. Talking to a boy her age, he always wore black, but with some different colors between: silver mainly. The younger boy obviously didn't fit in the picture of this. She walked up to them and slightly ignored the two in black men. And asked to the boy: "Those two bothering you?" She asked, as she looked from the boy to the two in black men.


Eon Collector
(OOC: I loled at you having me under reserved even though you said accepted... Anyways, off we go!!!)

Canalave City - Morning
Faral Alvost

The sea always had a way to cast one's doubt away. Although her trip had been during midnight, the sea had washed away Faral's anxiety of being followed. She heard the ship's horn going off, signaling that it was entering the port. She walked out onto the stern and watched silently as the port bustled with activity. She calmly walked back into her room and packed up her belongings into her backpack she had brought with her and clipped on her pokeball she carried with her. She walked back out onto the ship and walked down the plank that was extended to the ship onto dry land. She looked around and saw the captain at the wheel, waving at her. She waved back with a smile and left, walking into the busy town.

She walked towards the pokemon center, ignoring the vendors surrounding the streets as they tried to sell fresh fish caught from the seas. Normally, she would be all over it, but she wasn't feeling seafood right now. She noticed several people staring at her, particularly the katana resting on her hips. She simply ignored them and walked into the pokemon center, directly to the phone booth and sat in one of them. She knew that the Jhoto region wouldn’t be seeing daylight for a few more hours, so instead of phoning the house. She left a voicemail so that whoever checked would know to call her number. Of course, she left a name that only her employees would know so anyone else sniffing around wouldn’t know who this person is. She returned back to the lobby and politely asked the nurse if her dodrio could get a checkup. The nurse nodded with a smile and disappeared for a few minutes. The nurse reappeared and said that the dodrio was in fine condition and bid her safe journey.

Faral thanked the nurse and left the building and headed out onto route 218. She was lucky she had gotten a PokeNav before she left Jhoto.


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[Thalia Jackson, Lake Valor - Day]

The wind blew off the water of Lake Valor and swept the hair of a teenager over her shoulder. It was quiet and peaceful; not at all like the area of Sunnyshore City, the place where she had grown up.

Thalia sighed. She had never fit in there. Her school had been a mass of surfers, swimmers, cheer-leaders and athletes. Though Thalia wasn't un-athletic (quite the contrary really) she had never fit in with the crowd. She was shy and not the typical blonde beach bunny everyone else was. Maybe that's why she had dyed her hair to black.

She scooped up a stone at her feet and tossed it into the water, watching it ripple around the spot where the stone had dropped. Her mind began to wander, thinking about those unexplained things that kept happening to her.

There was the incident with the telephone last week; the conversation device had been broken for many years and it seemed that when Thalia passed it, it rung. She answered hastily, wondering who had been calling and when the phone had started working, but the line was dead on the other end.

Weird, she had thought, but it had certainly not been the first.

There was the time the toaster oven's alarm had been beeping like crazy and no one could figure out what to do. Thalia had given the thing a thump on the top and the alarm shut off. It wasn't much, but when added to the other events she figured she shouldn't ignore it.

It was for these reasons that the seventeen year old had refused a cell phone from her parents, or even one of those Poketch's that everybody seemed to be wearing nowadays. She had overheard from the popular Brynn Kristler that the Poketch's were the new hottest thing since heated underwear (something that had taken off up in Snowpoint). Thalia had broken Brynn's though in a soccer game when the two tripped over each other and Thalia accidentally touched the screen. The whole thing went blank and Brynn had to send it back to Jubilife for a refund.

The breeze ruffled her hair some more and the Sunnyshore native sighed. When were these weird things going to stop? She hadn't asked for the abnormality. Why couldn't the creators of the universe just give it to someone who had actually wanted it?


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Somewhere on the Borders of the Safari Zone, Pastoria- Mid Afternoon

"Hear anything?"


".....how about now?"



"No!" an audible growl accompanied the mental one, and deep, amethyst eyes shot a slightly annoyed look back at the girl riding atop a skarmory's back. The large steel bird clacked its beak softly, seeming to chuckle at the human's boredom. She'd been asking such questions for the past three minutes, and it had finally worn on the small purple feline's nerves to the point that its hair was standing nearly on end. Eli sighed and leaned forward on the bird's neck, shifting to keep her backside from going numb.

"Well we've been looking all morning and ever since we left the marsh, we've had no luck in sighting them...even then the footprints looked old..." the human's voice was merely a whisper, but it still seemed plenty loud in the quiet of the woods. Rayquaza knows what else was out there besides them, though truthfully Eli knew that the silence was not completely on their part. Most likely they were close, probably closer than they knew.

But why wasn't Feht catching any sounds from them? The espeon had been eerily quiet for a long time, as though something wasn't right, but whatever it was, she wasn't telling the human. "Will you just be quiet? If you keep making noise then they'll know we're here. I'd be surprised if they didn't already," Feht's voice rang in Elizabeth's head, a comfortable, familiar sound that for once didn't sound so comfortable. But still the espeon kept quiet about what was wrong, and so Elizabeth was left to wonder.


Law and Order: Unova
Jeff Steel route 218

Jeff awoken from his sleep next to a tree and looked at the charred sticks that he had used to make a fire with. He also looked at the curled up Umbreon who he met three weeks ago when he first camped out here he woke Umbreon up and began cooking breakfast he saw a girl with a katana strapped to her hip ( Faral)

“Good morning” he said cheerfully “would you like some breakfast?” holding up some fish that he caught the other day “I could make you something else if you want” he placed a plate of food near his Umbreon who began eating it in a way he guessed that she would say no to his offer and be on her way many people have already done it before her but it couldn’t hurt to try "I could even give your pokemon some food if you want any"


Vintage much?
Nikki Fleming

An young woman walked as she flicked her hair back. She was a young brunette with blue eyes and fashionable clothes. She was travelling to her home at Snowpoint after arriving just recently from Lilycove City in Hoenn. Her name was Nikki Fleming, a young aspiring actress who was pretty athletic.

"Canalave City" she thought "Brings back memories". Nikki walked outside the port town after passing through the checkups and legal red tape that normally happens with everyone entering and exiting each region to another. She was at some route which she looked at the water, "How do they propose I get across" she thought until she saw a creaky canoe "Errr and If I go into that boat, I will tragically lose my life in a sheer agony" Nikki remarked very dramatically "I shall not cross that body of water with that boat although I do have Pokemon".

Nikki pouted as she didn't want to use any Pokemon and couldn't rent a boat till the shop opened in 2 hours. "This is a travesty, lack of service and timing has affected to journey that I have begun" she said until she heard a voice nearby which sounded like a young male but younger than Nikki but he was referring to another girl with a katana who is obivously not Nikki and was offered breakfast. She looked around from a distance and saw a female with a katana strapped to her hip and a male with an Umbreon with him, "Oh can't they hear me" Nikki exclaimed "Oh I here with no shelter and food, oh woe is me, how can I survive". Nikki thought "Attention and company here I come".


The RPG Godfather
As the chase got even longer, Reteka suddenly found himself stopped by a girl, she was about the same age as him, with long brown hair that framed her face as well as falling over her shoulders onto her chest, she wore a light blue sleeveless top that he casually looked up and down at, his eyes focusing for a few seconds on her chest before moving down to her tight black pants that fell over a pair of black shoes. On her hands were a pair of black fingerless gloves.

A smirk appeared on his face as he realised that the men wouldn't attack both him and the girl, but it quickly fell away when he remembered what they have done to Doctor Foster.

"Those two bothering you?" The girl asked, looking from him to the two men and back again.

Reteka didn't answer, instead he listened for the mens comments and a frown appeared on his face.

"She's one of them, don't get close to her and take her out with the taser." Was what was going on between them.

Quickly Reteka grabbed hold of the girls hand his fingertips brushing against her for a fraction of a second and then he was running, pulling her along behind him, the men began to give chase again.


*Gasp* He's back!
"She's one of them, don't get close to her and take her out with the taser." Was what was going on between them.

Quickly the boy grabbed hold of Em's hand his fingertips brushing against her for a fraction of a second and then he was running, pulling her along behind him, the men began to give chase again.

"Oi, oi!" Em said "I am part of what from the who?" She asked, but the boy didn't answer, but just kept running. Emerald let loose of the boy's hand and started running herself: easily outrunning him. She said, "Let's aim for the trees! And take them down!" she then ran to the right: to the forest side. Not soon later the forest took Emerald in itself. After that the boy followed, and then the two in black cloaked men still chasing them.

"Psst over here." Em whispered as she noticed the boy was close under her, she stook out a hand to help him up. But he refused and stayed down.

"We should split up and take them out.." The boy muttered,

Em nodded at this, "I'll catch up with you later..." She answered softly and then jumped away. It was almost like if the wind blew against the leaves, but Emerald was gone.


"There is one.." Em thought as she heard footsteps under her. She moves away a few leaves to check up: and sure enough it was. It couldn't be more obvious: walking in a forest in full black. Em raised her shoulders, and jumped off the branch and landed on the man, the man fell on the ground. And reached for his taser: he stood up and was about to stun her with an unexpected movement.

"We can do this easy, and fast. Or painful and slow..." He said,

"Where's the option of neither one?" She asked a bit sarcastic. And then landed a straight hand on the man's shoulder. The man somehow easily fell on the ground: even though Em felt that she hit the shoulderplate.

Em bowed down and checked his pulse: only knocked out... "Guess it's the best, better then him getting his hands on other people..." She muttered as she grabbed the man's neck, and turned it: breaking his neck. She stood up and jumped up to grab a treebranch... She then quickly disappeared from the body: again it almost felt like a wind that blew if you didn't knew better.


Em saw that likely the boy was done too, since he was standing unhiding. She ticked him on the shoulder, "I'm done..." She said,

(You can do the meeting between them Stabberz)


The RPG Godfather
"Oi, oi!" Em said "I am part of what from the who?" He ignored this and kept running, he registered her letting go of his hand and beginning to over take him, he didn't care about that, together they ran into the trees.

"Psst over here." Em whispered causing him to look up, she was holding out a hand to him, he glanced at it for a few seconds before shaking his head.

"We should split up." He muttered before moving forward again, running into some trees he quickly swung himself into one as the girl ran through the trees.

The men were just as intelligent and also split up, one going one way as the other coming his way. Quickly he drew his sword, wincing at the sound it made as it came out its sheath.

He saw the gun in the mans hand and winced again, he would have the one who had shot at him before, he edge onto the branch again and waited.

As soon as the man was under him he leapt down behind him, landing with bent knees before he stood back up, with out a second thought he raised his sword and swiped it across the man's neck removing his head from the rest of the body sending blood spurting up, he ignored the man as he fell and instead wiped his sword on the grass.

As he turned around he saw that the girl was there an impassive look on her face.

"We'll talk later, now we need to get to the lake there might be more of them." He said before taking off.


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Route 218 - Late Morning
Faral Alvost

Faral had planned on simply going to Hearthome City alone, but fate seemed to laugh at her decision. She had just left the city, gone roughly a quarter of a mile and was already spotted by someone. "Good morning." She turned and looked around and saw a young man with black hair and his umbreon who he nudged. "Would you like some breakfast?" He brought out a plate of fish and seemed to hesitate before giving it to the umbreon who began eating it earnestly.

Obviously he was concerned about whether she was going to chew him out or ignore him. Perhaps she could do both until he said, "I could give your pokemon some food if you want any..."

She shook her head and said, "I thank you for your offer, but I feed my pokemon food that I prepare for them. Besides, my pokemon wouldn't probably eat it. No offense to your cooking or anything. It's just that my pokemon isn't really friendly. Anyways, I need to be going. I have a long trip." She took out her PokeNav to check the map and looked at it briefly before closing it up. She was just about to say goodbye until she saw someone peeking from a tree behind her. She didn't see what clothing the person was wearing, but that person definitely needed to learn to come and be up front.

She unclipped her pokeball and tossed it behind her in the general direction of where she saw the person peeking. When she heard the call of her pokemon, she said to her dodrio, "Dodrio, I want you to get some exercise, if you find anything that moves, you can have take it on only if it's a pokemon. If it's a human..." she smirked briefly before finishing her statement, "bring that human here alive and relatively unharmed."

Her dodrio shrieked again and dashed off. Soon she heard a cry and she smirked. Score one for ratting out the human. Score two for failing to sneak away if that person had noticed being caught.


Law and Order: Unova
“Should have known” Jeff muttered under his breath when the girl declined his offer he then saw her release a three headed brown bird with no wings.

‘Why the hell is she attacking me?’ Jeff thought as he saw the bird running as it would seem towards his he unsheathed his left scimitar until he saw the bird run past him and he relised it wasn’t him the bird was after it was someone else.

He and Umbreon shot up Jeff unsheathed the sister blade to his left one and they both followed the bird he was just able to see who the bird was after.

It was a girl with dark brown hair and light blue eyes from look on her face she was hardly here to cause trouble he looked right at the bird and said “Go tell your trainer that it’s a girl and one who doesn’t seem to have malice intentet ” He waited for the bird to go before saying to “I do apologize for that” he placed his scimitars back into their sheaths “I just saw this girl release that bird and me and Umbreon followed. If there is anyway I can help you just let me know” he waited for a reply.


*Gasp* He's back!
"We'll talk later, now we need to get to the lake there might be more of them." He said before taking off.

"Oi oi, wait for me!" Em said as she jumped from her branch to next to the boy. They walked to the path of route 222. And soon headed for Lake Valor: where a legend told that Azelf the being of willpower resides. "I saw you use a sword, you good?" She asked a bit off minded...


"Emerald~Emerald~" A singing voice said, "Where?"

"Here I am! Hiyah!" A small girl of around 10 said as she charged out of the bushes and slammed a straight hand into the left-leg of the man. To hurt herself more then the man. "Ouch"

"Oi, Oi" The man said and smiled, "Never just rush out of your hiding spot!" He laughed, "You do know that you'll never kill for fun right? I know you love to train and fight, but never kill without a reason ok?"

"Yes Sensei Wo..." Em said,

~Flashback end~

"Never kill without a reason..." Emerald muttered, she looked up: she didn't noticed she stopped walking. She saw the boy looking to her: raising an eyebrow. "Nah, nothing let's move..." She said as they came close to the entrance to Lake Valor.


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Somewhere between Lake Valor and the Safari Zone- Evening

"What are you listening to?"

The trio had given up the search for the day, having gotten themselves rather lost in the back woods where most people didn't travel. However, it didn't phase them much even without phone reception, as the human always carried a survival pack in one of the many pockets in her pants. In it she had a fire starter and some food, and with some water from a nearby stream in a quickly-made leaf bowl, they had a reasonable stew to sip from. Along with some Bluk and Razz berries in a patch nearby, they had a decent dinner that at least kept them fed, if not completely full.

Eli had turned on her Pokegear, the mp3 app playing random songs that had been stored in it. At the moment, it was some strange music in another language- or at least what sounded like another language- that was quite frankly unnerving the espeon. Eli just shrugged and looked at it, naming off the song.

"It sounds creepy...I don't like it," the purple feline shook, cleaning her face with a delicate paw as her tail lashed a bit.

"You don't like most of my music," the human retorted, smirking a bit. "It's all either creepy, depressing, too cheery, or just plain strange. So I'm sticking with this choice for now."

The feline snorted, and the Skarmory chuckled and nudged Eli's shoulder gently with his head before settling down behind her as a sort of large, hard pillow. The girl put her hand on the big bird's head, and sighed as she felt a familiar flood of images and colors fill her senses. The feline, as a psychic pokemon, could speak directly to her with her own voice. The skamory on the other hand, could only be understood through skin contact, and even then only in strings of images, sensations, emotions, and colors that Eli herself thought in and could usually understand.

I enjoy your music, personally, the bird said, the tones of his thoughts amused and content. I think she just has a problem with it because it appeals to ghost and dark types.

"That could very well be it..." Eli thought, smirking as the espeon shot them both an icy glare. "Although I don't know why she's worried. You know well enough how to counter them both, and I've never had any problems with them."

"It's because you both are so careless about things...you should take them more seriously, rather than always being so reckless. One of these days I won't be around to keep you from harm, and you'll both be stuck on your own," Feht snapped at them both. It was true that the eeveelution was getting old, but she still had many years ahead of her as well.


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Faral grumbled underneath her breath. Her entertainment had been denied, especially after this same guy had pulled his sword on her pokemon. "Wait a second," she whispered to herself. The guy had no honor. Her dodrio came back, slightly ruffled up from it's experience. According to the way it was almost crying meant that the guy must have pulled some sort of weapon on it and threatened it. There would be no other way it would have obeyed someone else that quickly. She murmered an apology and sent it back into the pokeball and unsheathed her katana. She grimly noticed that her katana was definitely shorter in length than the guy's sword.

She walked towards the direction and saw the guy walking back with the person she had spotted walking behind him. She thrusted her arm, holding the katana, up and point it at the guy and said, "Have you no honor, pointing a weapon at a pokemon!? You should be ashamed of yourself, threatening a pokemon with a weapon. And to think that you were offering me food. Now I know why I shouldn't trust you at all, you backstabber!" She drew her sword back and held it so that it was being held vertically and she said, "No one dares threaten my dodrios or any other pokemon defenseless against weapons. You must apologize immediately to my pokemon or else, face my blade." She got into a defensive stance, on guard in case he decided to pull any more dirty tricks.


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[Thalia Jackson, Lake Valor - Day

Thalia thought she heard a commotion just outside the lake, but she decided to ignore it. She figured it was just some rowdy kids looking for another place to tear apart. Seriously, couldn't some people just respect the environment?

She spotted a group of Buizel's swimming in the lake and sighed. She pulled a Poke Ball off her belt and tossed it, revealing a blue amphibious creature with a swirly pattern upon its belly.

"You might as well enjoy the day," she said to it carelessly. "It's better for one of us to have fun than neither of us."

Her only Pokemon narrowed its large, bulbous eyes before turning back to the water and diving into the crystal clearness, leaving barely a ripple. Thalia watched her Poliwhirl swim out to the middle of the lake where the Buizel were playing and sighed.

Growing up, she hadn't been one for the cutesy Pokemon that a lot of the others had had. There were like six million Vulpix's, Pikachu's and other such cute-pies running around Sunnyshore City. Thalia's Poliwhirl had certainly stood out from the crowd as a Poliwag, basically the ugly duckling of the bunch. It suited Thalia well, she found.

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(Jeff could meet Thalia in fact I could make him have a crush on her if you want to Double-oh-Platypus)

“You rant to me about honour” Jeff roared “You the one who allowed her Pokémon to chase a girl who did not deserve it the reason why I pulled my blade out when you were near me camp was because I believed you were going to attack me and I did not threaten your bird with me blades I just told it to leave and tell you the news however I did have my blades out at the time but I never threaten anything or anyone”

“And yes I am sorry for acting rash but I am not sorry of stopping innocent blood for being shed even if I have what I do not take pride it” Jeff admitted “Go on slash me if you still can knowing the truth or would rather believe your version and shed the blood of some one who only protected a person”

He then turned his head to Nikki and said “don’t do anything what so ever” he said it loud enough for the girl with the sword to hear.


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"Oh this is not fair at all, this is far too demeaning for me" Nikki pouted as she was being dragged by a Doudrio. "I mean did you not hear me saying that I needed company, this is not what I meant" she remarked as the Pokemon let her go, Nikki after that stood up and fixed herself up while two other humans bickered a lot with swords.

Nikki sighed when they argued, she was the only one without a sword, she just relied on her feminine wiles and intuition. She heard the male apologize earlier to which Nikki just gave a nervous smile hoping that she wasn't going to get hit.

He later said "Don’t do anything what so ever" as Nikki rolled her eyes "What do you think I am doing, all I was here was to travel to take a break from acting and I get this, I think this is unjustified..."she trailed off as she hoped not to make anyone angry with her. She shrugged and just started to fall asleep due to a fight that she didn't want to take part in.


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This was definitely going to be a bad day. Not only does the guy yell at her for being not being honourable, he goes and rants about how she was pulling out dirty stuffs. He was going to get it, but only after she had a real legit reason to break something. She ignored the conversation he was giving to the girl and glared at him and said icily, "HA! If you thought I was being dishonourable, I was doing you a service. If I hadn't caught her sneaking views and listening in on our conversations, I would have been implied she meant no harm. But since I caught her doing so, I was implied to quickly catch her and have her give a good reason on why she was eavesdropping. And let me let you in on something."

She gave the guy a glare which he seemed to watch passively. "No one is able to command my dodrio unless they have a weapon out like you did. The dodrio listens and only listens to my command. If you did not have your weapon out, it would have dragged the girl back here without listening to you. So I have good reasons to believe you threatened my pokemon. I at least, used the proper method of flushing someone out. You however, did not. If this is wrong, then how do you explain the methods that the officers use when trying to catch someone hiding hm?"
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Kiyoko Sanada: Afternoon; Veilstone City, Sinnoh

Kiyoko stared into the sky as a slight metallic aura filled the air. The smell sickened her a little, but she assumed she'd get used to it. She walked around the city, recalling the long, annoying journey she'd taken to get there.

First, after she'd gotten dressed and headed to school with Alisa and Lili. She had to sit through class after class, trying not to fall asleep during the lecture. After, she'd left school and Alisa and Lili wanted to hang out and do something at the department store, which ironically was in Veilstone, so she saw no reason to decline.

She'd planned on going to Veilstone anyway, some family of some friends where in some hospital, deep in the city, and they were already so close as it was. plus, their parents gave them permission days before, knowing that they were responsible and that the trip was a few days away. But the closer they got, the further the walk lasted.

First they headed into Mt. Coronet, which had to be traveled through very carefully as to avoid all the hills and jagged rocks blocking most of the path.

Then, when they saw the first clearing not too far ahead, they rushed through, and luckily made it to Route 208. Then, seeing as Alisa knew where they were by experience, they ran into Hearthome City, and had the pleasure of watching Fantina enter the Contest Hall with a Mismagius. After that, they headed towards Route 209, on the outer edge of the city.

This was one of the long walks before they even GOT to Solaceon. They passed over barely stable bridges, and even had to avoid all the crazed fishermen trying to catch decent water types while snapping their long fishing lines back and forth. Once they'd finally made it to Solaceon, they treated themselves with only the best luxury.

Alisa had a cousin living here, Cowgirl Laura Ann was what she liked to go by, and her Uncle, Billy Bob. She invited them in and they all relaxed and played while enjoying refreshments from Laura Ann's Miltank. Then, they went over to the Pokemon Daycare, where Uncle Billy Bob asked the old couple who ran it, to watch over his Rapidash and two baby Ponyta.

By Alisa's request, she was given all 3 Pokemon, to help escort them the rest of the way, a real break from all the walking they did. They left and head onto Route 210, but were confused as to whether to turn right or keep heading forward. Using a map Laura Ann handed them, they knew to turn and quickly made it onto Route 215, the last stop of their trip.

Route 215 was the most relaxing, the Rapidash relaxed in the grass patches and had their fill to eat, while the girls relaxed and enjoyed the snacks they'd brought along, and the leftover Milk they'd gotten from Alisa's family.

A long while later, they'd continued onto one of the bridged paths and and finally made it to Veilstone....

"We're HEEEERRRREEEE!!!!" Alisa yelled, attracting attention from pedestrian's and natives of the City.

"*Shh!!*" Lili yelled, trying to calm Alisa down.

[Yes...we're FINALLY here...wonder where that hospital is???] Kiyoko thought lowering herself from Ponyta....

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