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Pokémon Heroes: The Beginning(RPG Thread)


Law and Order: Unova
Jeff jumped out of the way of a whip like flame he threw two magnet bombs both were burned to a crisp. ‘I can’t get near to her for anything close range and she is able to stop most of my long range attacks. What can I do?’ Jeff thought feeling that he might have bitten off more than he could chew as it were. “Charmander come forth” Jeff said and out his ball came Jeff’s shiny Charmander who climbed his way up to Jeff shoulders.

Jeff moved his arm so that it was facing Blayze “Flash Cannon” he said shooting a sliver beam from his palm Blayze released a flamethrower from her palm both beams met each other…


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Reteka was ready as Nikki and Forrest got back their feet and closed the distance that separated him from them. The sudden jerk of Nikki's hands caused him to jump backwards. He wasn't quick enough to avoid the Icy blast of wind that crashed into him though and this was his first mistake.

Forrest was immediately upon him his arms covered in needles. With a sadistic grin he drove his arm straight into Reteka's stomach causing the Sunnyshore native to double over. The man with the grass power followed this up by driving an uppercut into Reteka's face.

He landed on his back in this snow, his eyes wild as he did. Leaping to his feet he dodged an Ice Punch from Nikki and pulled the image of the now dead Taren into his mind.

The ground shifted dramatically and a large crack appeared under Nikki without any further warning the ground exploded causing her to go flying backwards as Reteka moved on towards Forrest.

A bullet seed was launched at him but he stopped this by conjuring flames into his hand and firing off a continuous Flamethrower. Once he was closer to Forrest he drew Emerald's image into his head and charged into him with a Mach Punch.

Making sure to hold on tightly to Forrest, Reteka switched to Topaz power without a second thought and launched a Psycho Cut straight into Forrest chest.

The man fell to the floor as blood gushed out of him and Reteka turned his back.

Nikki was up now and Reteka walked over to her, she had raised her arms and a powerful Blizzard was being launched to Reteka.

He smirked and held out his hands. The flames flared up and crashed straight into the Blizzard overcoming it and forcing Nikki to leap to the floor.

This time was all Reteka needed and he upon her. He grabbed her by the throat and with an insane look threw her into the wall of the building.

She was half unconscious as he walked over.

"She'll still feel this." he thought as he called upon Thalia's ability smirking as the electricity cackled.


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[Prairie Hunter]

Prairie only half-heard Xia. Bane had told her that she wasn't a ghost type, but how would he know for sure? And if he was right, that could only mean that Prairie was a dark type. The traits seemed to be there; she couldn't control fire or water or grass or electricity and the ground or rocks didn't move at her will. It always seemed something darker, something that had to do more with the very matter of darkness.

Then she remembered Xia's question.

"Yeah, maybe," she replied. "We don't want him getting caught by the people that took us. Things could turn nasty quickly."

She stood, brushing the twigs from her pants and facing the direction Bane had left. She couldn't even see him now, he'd gone so far. "If we're going after him, I guess we'd better get going. He's got quite a head start on us."


Xia nodded. They couldn't let Bane go too far. Not with those grunts still running around. “Let's go then,” She said. The three of them then pelted after the ghostboy.

Bane heard them coming. The way they were running through the forest sounded like a heard of Tauros. “Oh, you've got to be kidding...” he muttered. What did those goons want now? All he wanted was the be left alone to cope with his loss of sanity. With his family dead and no where else to go, he simply had himself to look after. No one else. He was not up for babysitting.

“Hey, Bane! Wait up!” Xia's voice nagged after him. He didn't think he'd ever heard a voice more annoying than hers.

“What do you want?” Bane spat behind him. He didn't stop to find out the answer, but kept walking. He didn't know where he was going but he was out of here and that was it.

“We have to stick together!” Xia panted as she caught up with him. Prairie and Steven were right behind.

“Ha! What good will that do?” Bane asked without looking at her. Xia was struggling to match his stride. He had incredibly long legs.

“We can learn more about our powers and-”

“I already know about my powers. They're a waste of time. I lose my sanity every time I use them. It only leads to somebody getting hurt. If you know what's good for you, you'll stay away from me,” he barked. Xia had nothing to say.


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[Prairie Hunter]

Prairie, catching up with Xia and Steven, listened closely to Bane's rant.

"Then maybe we can help you," she found herself saying. "And you can help us. Apart, we're nothing. We're completely alone in this world because we're freaks. But together we're not alone. We can work together and take down these Team Dark Twilight people." She sighed, hoping Bane would listen. They'd need all the help they could get, and losing Bane would mean losing a vital power in destroying Team Dark Twilight.

"If we can figure out our powers and learn how to use them safely, maybe we can destroy them from the inside out," she said.


The RPG Godfather
OOC: Chapter Two's gone on long enough.

Turning his back was what had been Reteka's mistake. As he stalked over to Nikki, Forrest jumped back onto his feet, the wound healing completely. Then by simply flicking his wrist he sent a massive thorned plant hurtling towards Reteka.

It erupted from the ground and pierced straight through his chest. One minute it was there and next second the thorn was removed and his chest had been almost ripped in two.

The electricity fizzled out from his palms and he fell to the floor, his organs already repairing.

Nikki slowly got back to her feet and formed a blade of Ice, she sighed before driving it into the back of Reteka's skull.

"That should keep him down for awhile." She commented.

"Yes, now we destroy the rest of them." Forrest smirked, revealing a device with a red button. Without a second thought he brought his finger down on the button.

"SELF-DESTRUCT IMMINENT, T-MINUS 15 SECONDS UNTIL SELF DESTRUCT" a metalic voice echoed from the DT building and this was the cue for Forrest, Nikki and Blayze(Who had just pushed Jeff even further back with a Fire Blast) to leave. The male of the group picked up the dead body of Reteka and together the three of them moved towards the tree's.

15 seconds later and an explosion ripped through the air.

-------End of Chapter 2.-------

-------Beginning of Chapter 3: Villains.-------

48 Hours Later

"When is he expected to wake up?" A voice shrouded in mystery posed the question.

From beside the makeshift glass coffin, Forrest spoke up. "I'm not saw Master, it appears the trouble he had dealing with the Thorn has put him in a coma."

"And what of the other Specials?" The voice asked again, the speaker peered into the coffin and smirked down at Reteka.

"Two dead, the Ground Guy and Poison Boy." Forrest murmured. "We've collected all the blood and by using Siroshima's as a catalyst we are mere inches away from creating a perfect formula."

"Good, as soon as he's awake notify me and his training will begin." The man replied. "He's going to be the one who stops all of them."

OOC: So we're in season two now. Anyways, Reteka's going to be killing off at least two heroes in this chapter whilst you guys try and work on finding each other and then eventually stopping Reteka..


Law and Order: Unova
Jeff felt the heat burn his metal off his hands he pulled his moved away and that was when he heard the warning Jeff pulled the screw driver from his pocket and threw it at Blayze’s feet he smiled as he saw it stick into the ground near her.

“A message for Mars and by message I mean warning” he said and ran out of the base and was the last one to get out before it blew up he then looked at the others and announced “They got him” Jeff then turned back into his normal form “so where do we go from here?” Jeff asked the whole group to see which had the best idea.

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[Thalia Jackson]

Thalia never got the chance to escape. Her captors extracted her blood not too long after they mentioned it and Thalia watched as different workers raced in and out.

"The bomb has been planted," captain, one grunt said.

"Good," their captain replied. "Grab the girl; she could be valuable. Now let's get out of here."

Grabbing everything that they would need, Team Dark Twilight exited the building through the back door and slunk away, out of sight. When they were far enough away their captain pulled a remote control from his pocket and clicked.

The remote control alerted the small group that there was fifteen seconds till detonation and Thalia could only hope that the rest of the heroes would escape safely. Then, the building exploded.


((I figured I should do this title thing now. It's catchy.))

[Bane Newbury and Xia... something. I can't remember her last name xD]

“I just don't see the point,” Bane muttered unconvincingly. He started to walk away again when Xia grabbed his arm.

“Wait!” she said. He slapped her away instinctively. Before he realized what had happened, she recoiled and he saw the hurt look on her face. It didn't matter. He was angry now. All it took was one more little push. Just one more shove to tick him off.

“I-I told you to leave... me... ALONE!” He screamed the last word, which tapered off into a high, shrill, shriek. It was the voice of his inner self, and he was struggling to suppress it.

“I-I'm sorry!” Xia squeaked and fell to the ground in fear. Bane shook his head from side to side and finally managed to calm himself. When he was done fuming he settled down and collapsed onto his knees. His reddish-brown eyes stared blankly up at the forest canopy.

“You see... what use can I be... when all I do... is hurt people...” his voice was almost a whisper.

Xia was in a state of shock. She had never met a person who's mood shifted so violently. Was it all tied to his powers? He was ghost-type aligned it seemed... no wonder he was having such a rough time. It only made Xia feel worse about the situation. She was more determined now than ever that Bane could not be left alone. He needed people there to help him. If only he would stop pushing them away. If only he could see past his own flaws and accept what they were offering.

“Bane...” Xia said quietly. Bane closed his eyes, obviously trying to remain stress-free.

“What?” he said with a note of contempt in his voice. Xia bit her lip in hesitation.

“Please... don't do this,” she said. She could have said more. She could have said as much as Prairie. She could have given an entire speech on why Bane shouldn't go it alone... but all she could muster was “Don't do this.” She squeezed her eyes shut now, waiting for the blow. At any moment, Bane was bound to throw another fit... but the seconds ticked by without a single word. Finally she opened her eyes and saw Bane staring straight at her. His eyes boring into her skull.

“If I go with you... will you three promise to accept whatever happens? I can't promise things will go smoothly. We're fighting a dangerous enemy. Whoever these goons are, they want something... and I know some kids who probably have an idea of what's going on. I can take you to them... but my way of travel is not exactly safe...” His voice trailed off and he got to his feet. He turned his back on them and there was a long pause. When it was clear he wasn't going to elaborate, Xia butted in once more:

“How are we traveling?” she asked cautiously. Bane turned around to face them. His face was filled with a new sharpness.

“By Reverse World Portal,” he said with a grin... but it wasn't a happy grin. It was pretty much the creepiest grin Xia had ever seen in her life. Upon seeing it she took a couple paces back and nearly bumped into Steven.

“Sorry,” she muttered. What could they possibly think of this?


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[Prairie Hunter]

Prairie stood frozen through the whole ordeal, watching Xia struggle with Bane. The powers that Bane had ... they couldn't all be as bad as his, could they? Prairie barely remembered anything about her powers, but she knew she had used them before. Maybe her powers consumed her, like Bane's did. The seventeen-year-old shuddered at the thought. Though she didn't dare say it out loud, she would never want to be in Bane's shoes.

"What is this ... Reverse World Portal?" Prairie asked cautiously, stepping towards her comrades. "Wait ... what's the Reverse World?" She didn't even know if she wanted to know anymore, but hey, curiosity killed the cat. They were already in so much trouble, so much danger, that she doubted asking more questions was going to make a difference.

A small shudder ran through her body and Prairie gasped for breath. What had just happened? It had felt like a chill had swept through Prairie's body, a chill unlike anything she had every felt before. If her hunch was correct, and she did indeed hold powers similar to dark-type Pokemon, had it been Darkness laughing in her face? Prairie wasn't sure if her friends had noticed, but she hoped not. It had probably looked a little strange.


As seen in pokedexes
[Steven Russell]

Doing what he does best, Steven stayed quiet and observed the exchange between Xia and Bane. When Bane mentioned the Reverse World, Steven recalled something he read once. Trying to remember what it was, he didn't even notice Xia backing up toward him until she noticed it herself.

It wasn't until Prairie asked what the Reverse World was did Steven speak, "The Reverse World is the fabled home of Giratina, located on the reverse side of our dimension. I thought it was myth, but considering all that has happened it's probably real."

((Kinda short I know. >_> But hopefully I can post more now that summers started and my vacations done.))


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[Prairie Hunter]

Prairie sucked in a breath as Steven explained the distortion world. Of course. How could she have forgotten? It was supposedly the thing of myths, of legends, but the Pokemon world had constantly been reminding people that things that appeared to be myths and legends weren't always so.

Like them, for example.

"And you can just rip a hole through time and space into a new dimension and allow us to travel wherever?" she asked Bane, turning her gaze on him now. "That's almost the craziest thing I've heard today, besides the fact that I was told we all have powers to do with elemental types that normally categorize Pokemon."

She bit her bottom lip, letting her gaze travel between Bane, Xia and Steven. Despite just meeting them she felt like she could trust these people with her life. They were an eclectic mixture of people, but they were a strong team. They could take whatever force was thrown at them.


((I apologize for leaving this RPG and never responding to any of you. I had a lot on my mind before. If any of you are still around and want to continue this, here is my belated post))

Bane Newbury and Xia

"And you can just rip a hole through time and space into a new dimension and allow us to travel wherever?" Prairie asked Bane, turning her gaze on him now. "That's almost the craziest thing I've heard today, besides the fact that I was told we all have powers to do with elemental types that normally categorize Pokemon."

Bane curled his lips into a vicious smile. “Yes. Yes I can,” he said in a snake-like voice. Xia took another step back, accidentally stomping on Steven’s foot this time. He was becoming a completely different person now. A moment ago he seemed like a stubborn young man but now he was just getting… creepy. Schizophrenic even.

“Dude, is being creepy part of the bargain?” Xia said, trying to create some humor. Her words dropped like rocks. Bane turned to face her and suddenly he had a strange glow. His skin turned white. Not pale: white.

“This is what you asked for,” he hissed. His eyes became pupil-less and white and the strange glow intensified.

“Wait, this isn’t what I-“ Xia began but she never finished her sentence. Bane started screaming in a voice so shrill, it was like her ears would fall off. A pool of darkness opened up beneath their feet and she felt herself sinking into the ground. She cried out in fear, struggling to break free of the all-consuming nightmare that was coming over them. She looked up for a moment and saw Bane standing calmly amongst the shadows. All at once the darkness enveloped all four of them and they found themselves sucked into a strange world.

Xia gasped for breath, it just felt like she had been squeezed through a small tube. “Where are we!?”

“The Reverse World. Duh,” Bane said with a cackle. What was up with this guy? He was so weird. It creeped her out. Obviously he wasn’t lying about himself before. He meant business.

The Reverse World was dark and strange. From what Steven said, it was the fabled home of Giratina, the legendary ghost and the being of Death. A grim reaper even. There were strange buildings floating in space. Everything was dark and it made Xia shudder. It was like this whole world was the opposite of anything good. It was a nightmare. Why did Bane bring them here?