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Pokémon Heroes: The Beginning (Sign Up Thread)


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Pokémon Heroes: The Beginning (Sign Up Thread)

Pokémon Heroes: The Beginning.

Human beings have been living with Pokémon for well over a thousand years, and with such an extended bond, with trainers and other humans spending long period’s time with their Pokémon, traits could be developed. If Pokémon can do it than humans can. There are already cases of Pokémon developing human traits. Four legged Pokémon standing on two legs, non-psychic Pokémon talking with human speech, Pokémon learning how to wield weapons. On the human side of things there have been some break through’s Humans who can understand Pokémon, Humans who can read Pokémon’s mind and even people who can use minor psychic powers.

Humans and Pokémon spend all of their time together, battling each other, travelling together, sharing living quarters and growing stronger and older together. And because of all these facts a single strong question plague’s scientists minds. Would humans ever be able to use Pokémon Attacks?

Extract From Doctor C. Foster’s Diary.

Today had been a pretty normal day, well as normal as you can get in a hospital. Babies had been born, patients had been saved and miraculously no one had died, when it was time for me to leave the hospital at 10:30, I went into the changing rooms and changed into my non work close. I even remarked to a nurse that nothing could go wrong today.
How wrong I was, as I was just heading through the reception, a woman and her husband came running in, it seemed they were going into premature labour, hurriedly I helped them get her a wheelchair and she was rushed into emergency.

I estimate it to be around about ten forty three when suddenly twenty black clad men entered the hospital raising swords and unleashing Pokémon at us, threatening us with death unless we handed over every Pokémon we had who could evolve and every pregnant woman in our hospital.

I and the security guards fought them off, it was essential that we won, together with my Aipom and a sword I had liberated, we managed to push them back, never killing only wounding but the wounds were never fatal. Aipom was always by my side, watching my back and eventually it managed to use Double Hit. I knew it was going to evolve.

At ten fifty two Aipom evolved and together we managed to defeat these, evil men, later I found out that this baby boy had been born at exactly ten fifty two.

Disaster struck as I spoke to the parents. One of the men found his way in with a gun, he shot both of the child's parents before Ambipom took him down, it appeared the men were back. Not knowing what to do I took the child and ran, for some reason these men wouldn’t leave this children alone.

Hopefully we can find safety in Sinnoh.

Professor Evergreen’s Research Notes, Written in Response to Doctor Foster’s Diary Extract.

This child was born at the exact same time as a Pokémon evolved into its next form. As many people know, huge energy is released upon evolution and when evolution happens in conjunction with a birth it is thought that this child would receive some sort of ‘power’. These powers are determined by which Pokémon evolved at the time the child was born. Many of these cases have been recorded but for some reason only seventeen of these powerful beings can exist at once, but when one dies another person who was born at the same time a Pokémon evolved, of the same type. But this boy is unique, the only one to have been born at the same time a normal type Pokémon evolved, and with this power he could perhaps become the most powerful individual in the world. With the ability to use Mimic he could copy each and of the others powers.

These powers are said to run through blood and because of this an evil organisation, is looking for these individuals and either killing them and then taking their blood or just taking their blood. The goal of this organisation is to create a formula that will be able to install powers into regular people. They go by the name of Dark Twilight and consist of the two former organisations, Team Rocket and Team Galactic who banded together and began to research human and Pokémon similarities. Five months later and Giovanni died in a bizarre accident and a further two months later Cyrus disappeared. A new mysterious leader emerged and with him, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars and Pluto became commanders.

I must finish writing this as Dark Twilight are on their way, I will entrust this along with all my findings to the river in hope that someone, somewhere will find it and bring all of these mystical beings together so that this boy can gain enough power to destroy the organisation.


With a power, there have to be side effects as well as changes in what your body looks like and so on.


The user is generally a strong attacker, but when they use their powers, flames surround their hands and their eyes turn completely red. They can produce fire from their hands and can shoot it pretty far. When using the power they are also immune to any flames, which they can cover their whole body with.


A very strong defensive user, they can produce water from thin air and use it to attack and defend with thanks to the molecules in the air. When using the power, the user’s irises turn completely blue and their veins are highlighted in blue showing their whole body. They can also breathe underwater and produce air bubbles that can help others breathe underwater.


Pretty average when it comes to it, but they have one thing that helps them completely, they can’t die, or stay wounded, in fact the only way to kill them completely is either to chop of the users head or incinerate them completely. They can summon all manner of plant life from the floor, when using their power vines wrap around their arms and their eyes turn bright green.


The person with this power is deadly, they can freeze anything at will simply by adjusting the air and water molecules in the air, they can summon snow storms and hail as well as unleash beams of ice. When using their power, their eyes go pale blue and the temperature drops, spikes of ice also just out across their arms.


With the ability to absorb electricity to make themselves stronger, the electric users are pretty strong, they can summon thunderbolts from the sky as well as unleash them from their hands, they can also unleash waves of static waves of electricity. When using their power, their eyes go bright yellow and sparks fluctuate across their body.


When a rock user activates their power their eyes turn to a mystic orange colour and they grow a lot stronger, they can summon rocks out of the ground telepathically almost as well as coat their limbs in rocks, they can control anything made out of rocks and sent it flying telepathically almost.


A ground user has the potential to be very dangerous, they can control the very ground that we stand on, producing earthquakes and fissures that can cause serious damage. When they activate their powers their eyes go dark brown and their hands become surrounded by a brown aura.


Flying users are lucky people and also powerful, with the powers granted to them they can fly and summon tornadoes, hurricanes and powerful blades of wind, with these powerful attacks they can rip buildings and cities to shreds. When using their power their eyes go almost grey and they levitate a little of the ground.


Steel users are the...sharp people with abilities, they can control anything made out of metal either telepathically or by changing it into another form. When using their power their whole body becomes coated in steel armour which is like a second skin, their strength increases and they can manipulate the steel armour to produce blades.


The strongest and most violent ability, however has this will be hard to take down and will easily cause damage, the user can time travel, rip through space as well as unleash mystical flames and summon powerful meteors. When their power is used their skin takes on a green tinge, they spout wings and a tail and their hands become powerful claws.


Poison users are like assassins, with the ability to form poisonous bombs in their hands as well as attack with poison backed punches and kicks as well as unleash poison powders and gas into the air. Once their power is in use their eyes take on a purple aura and a long purple stripe runs down their forearms.


Psychic powers are deadly and can teleport anywhere, they can pick up any objects telepathically as well as talk into people’s minds, with enough practise they can control people’s minds as well as predict the future, they can see into people’s dreams, put illusions into play and even temporally change gravity. When their power is in use their whole body becomes outlined in a pink aura and their eyes become pink.


The dark user is a powerful person, with the ability to hide in the darkness and appear when they want; they are master thieves and can unleash orbs of violent darkness from their hands as well as healing themselves in the dark. When they use their power they are surrounded in a black outline and their eyes go pure black, their skin also goes pale.

The bug user is an unknown power, despite being relatively weak they are almost impossible to kill, with the ability to summon many bug Pokémon to defend and attack for them as well as unleash webs from their hands, they have a variety of ranged attacks as well as having the power to deprive the enemy of their hearing.


Ghosts users are powerful in the fact that they can unleash powerful shadow attacks where they can disappear completely surround limbs in shadows and unleash orbs of shadows. They are masters at playing with peoples fear; they confuse people, give them nightmares and then bond the opponents destiny to their own. When using their power a dark purple aura surrounds them and their skins goes a deathly pale they can also negotiate the Reverse World with ease.


Fighting type users are the strongest of all the Elementals, they have phenomenal strength and can unleash a multitude of powerful melee attacks, they can also form orbs of aura that they throw at the opponent, strangely they can also detect when attacks are coming but it won’t work all the time. When using their power, not much changes about them on the outside, but inside their strength doubles and they can survive many hits.

1. Sppf rules apply
2. This RPG is rated 14A, so watch out!
3. No Flaming/Spamming/Being an overall n00b and jerk
4. Enforcement and Punishment of rule breakers are completely up to me.
5 NO"" Godmodding...anyone who godmodds will be banned and kicked out.
6 and this is a big one: STAY ACTIVE!
7: Lets keep the bunnying to a bare minimum ok?

Sign Up.

Name: Your Characters Name.

Gender: Male or Female

Age: Sixteen to about Thirty-Five

Home Town: Where they live.

Nationality: Which country do they come from.

Nicknames: Other names that people refer to them as.


Hair: Colour and Style.

Eyes: Colour and anything else about them.

Skin Tone: Skin Colour

Weight: How much do they weigh?

Height: How tall are they?

Clothes: What they wear.

Accessories: Do they have any Accessories.

Other: Anything Else?

--More Info--

Friends: Friends, both deceased and alive.

Family: Family, some could be alive, some could be dead.

Love Interests: Girl/Boy/Girl Friend, Wife/Husband?

Skills and Hobbies: Any Skills or Hobbies they have.

--Defining Info--

History: You’re Character’s Histroy. 8-12 lines

Personality: How you’re Character acts. 4-8 lines

Goals: What are your characters goals.

--Other Info--

Weapons: What Weapons they have.

Stabberz: Reteka: Normal: Reserved.


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Oh, would I by chance be allowed to reserve under Water, I can revamp an SU I used somewhere else for something like this so it shouldn't take me too long.


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I would like to reserve dragon if thats fine and dandy.


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Heh. Thats why I signed up for dragon stabberz. I always enjoy a challenge.


Law and Order: Unova
Name: Jeff Steel

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Home Town: Iron Island

Nationality: His dad is from Hoenn but his mother is from Sinnoh

Hair: Black with a buzz cut style

Eyes: Hazel can turn silver glow when he transforms

Skin Tone: lightly tanned

Weight: 90 pounds

Height: 5’10

Clothes: He wears a forest green cloak with a hood underneath it he wears a black medium sleeved T-shirt with an silver ankh on each sleeve he also has of two angel like wings on the back of it. He also dons a pair of black trousers and has the silver ankh design on both legs and brown leather boots. He has a black leather sword belt for his swords.

Friends: He lives on an island alone thus meaning a lack of human friends but he is always ready to make friends and he has done a few jobs for peaple in Cavelave city who wouldn't mind helping him should he need their help.

Family: His mother died shortly after giving birth to him other than her the member of his family that he knows about is his dad

Love Interests: none what so ever but he is hoping to find the right girl (one that is not freaked out by his powers)

Skills and Hobbies: Sword fighting, Driving, Cooking.

History: Jeff Steel is the only child of Ray Steel and Flora Steel who died soon after giving birth to him. From the age of five to twelve Jeff trained in sword fighting by his dad. One day at the age of fourteen Jeff woke up with his body covered in steel he told his dad who explained to him about it and even showed his own steel form to his son. It was from that day fourth Jeff was learning more and more about his powers with his father training him until he could use them well.

A few mouths ago Jeff’s dad vanished however he left behind a note for his son:

Dear Jeff.

I must leave you now something happening and I am going after it, don’t come yet keep training for a bit longer then leave the island find others like you with powers far different to your own they may accept you but don't get your hopes up. Until we meet again kid.

From Ray.

Jeff followed his farther orders and continued to train until one mouth he left the island and set out to find others like him but also different. As soon as he left the island he protected a old man from getting mugged in the streets of Cavelave city the old man was very grateful and gave Jeff the green cloak he now wears to say thanks.However Jeff did hear small tones of fear in the man voice(Jeff used his powers to help the man) which told him that while the man he also feared Jeff because of what he could Jeff however understood that being accepted wouldn't be easy so Jeff left the man after helping him and carryed on with his journary.

Personality: Jeff is very kind soul and will go out of his way to help anyone even those who feel they don’t deserve it because as far as he’s concerned they deserve it just as much as a normal person does. While he is very kind he sure as hell is not soft and has no problem beating some one up however he prefers to kill only when he needs to. He also is known to do things that others think is plain insane (or at least attempt them). The one thing he really has an urge for is being accepted as a friend to others despite his powers.

Goals: Be accepted by others in the world and trying to find out his fathers dead or alive

Weapons: Twin Scimitars which as long slightly curved swords
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Name: Emerald Star

Gender: Female

Age: Seventeen

Home Town: Fortree City outskirts.

Nationality: Hoenn,

Nicknames: Em and Black Star.


Hair: Long, brown to her chest waving hair. With some hair on each side of her face.

Eyes: Emerald-Green.

Skin Tone: Light-brown.

Weight: 62 Kilo

Height: 169 cm

Clothes: Em wears a light-blue sleeveless top with a yellow star on the left side of the chest. She also wears a pair of black slightly tight pants also with 2 yellow stars on the butt. She either wears normal black shoes or nothing on her feet, usually nothing on her feet though.

Accessories: Em wears a neat black belt around her waist and she wears a pair of fingerless black gloves with a blue star on each glove.

Other: Em has -like every member of her family- a star shaped tattoo on her left upper arm which is slighty less tanned then herself being a lighter-brown shade.

--More Info--

Friends: Never had any friends, except one person: A wandering musician (Alive)

Mother (Deceased)
Father (Deceased)
Brother (Unknown)
Second Brother (Deceased)
Sister (Deceased)
Several aunts and unclese (Deceased)
Several nieces and nephews (Deceased)

Love Interests: None at the moment.

Skills and Hobbies:
Skills: Incredily patient, strenght, speed, intelligence, stanima and endurance.
Hobbies: Drawing, being alone, Training, meditating.

--Defining Info--

History: Born in the Star Family: a family of secrets, assasination and training. When she was one month old: her training already began. She was left outside for several minutes to stand against the cold every day. At first little baby Em cried, but soon she stopped crying. As soon as she stopped crying at this, her parents gave her the mark of the Star family: a tattoo in the shape of a star on the left upper arm. But the training went further, harsher and longer.

When Emerald was five, her father left her alone in the nearby woods to fend for herself and find the way back to her home. Even though her parents predicted Emerald would fail and get home after a week: crying and dirty. They didn't had to blink or Em was next to them already. Nobody knows how she got there, but she was there. Her father did it again a week later: but the same happend. 5 minutes after Em's father was home, she was also there.

And again, her training continued. Emerald never had much time to play and have fun with other children her age, the few things that were fun for her were simple things: like cooking, training and drawing. Especially the last two she did most of her spare time.

When Emerald turned nine, she already had to know how to use a weapon: so her father pushed a wooden training sword in a hand one day. And she had to train against a straw dummy, as usual she just obeyed and started training.

But the that happend: it was a normal day and Emerald already went to bed. Likely there was a family meeting down stairs, but Em didn't knew for sure. When suddenly she could heard a door being kicked open and suddenly shots from a gun could be heard: along with screaming and painfull grunting. After that footsteps could be heard that walked up the stairs. Since Em was in the only room at the first floor. The door opened, and a man covered in scares and with a gun in the hand came in. He looked around and saw Em in a corner with fear in her eyes. He walked over to her and then kneeled down. He asked if she was from the star family. To which she nodded. But suddenly she noticed something familiar in his voice: it was just like the voice of her banned brother. Her older brother came closer, his voice right in front of Emerald's. When suddenly Em punched her -who she once loved- brother. Her brother fell on the floor and soon was noticed he had a broken nose. "Why you little-" He grunted as he noticed to late that Emerald jumped out of the window behind her.

Emerald didn't wanted to get caught, or worse killed. So she ran, ran and ran like there was no tomorrow. She ran the whole night, the sun gave it's first light when Em finally wanted to look behind: no sign of somebody. But now there's a worse problem at hand: she was lost, which couldn't be a problem since she learned to survive this. But the worst was that she couldn't go anywhere. And that's when she suddenly heard music: a lute, if she recalled correctly.

She half walked, half fell to the spot where she heard the music coming from. When she shoved several thin branches away she saw him: a man with a lute in the hand, and a sword next to him: sitting against a tree. Em walked up to him, and bursted in tears.

2 years had passed, and the man had taken Em under his wing: the man named Wo. Never asked questions, at first he didn't even asked her name. He did however: told his name and stories about his past and stories that he heard. He did knew the origin of Em: only because of her tattoo. But never bothered her with it: he grew her up in the ways of nature, peace and knowledge.

As soon as Em turned 17, both she and Wo took a boat to Sinnoh. Where they landed at Canalave City, Wo stated it was time for them to take different ways. Emerald was sad about this, but knew why. She was almost an adult, and couldn't keep staying with Wo. So she agreed, but Wo stated before he departed that she should visit Iron Island where there's a small house at the coast which she can use. Emerald stayed there untill now.

Personality: She calm and friendly but a bit of a loner usually and loves to train. She's a hard worker and trains alot because of this. She will without thinking throw herself in front of somebody to save them: even if it means in injuries herself: or worse death. But another thing is she doesn't fear dead, not anymore...

Goals: To end the life of her first brother, to stop the evil team.

--Other Info--

Weapons: A 100 CM long oak staff, several smaller daggers, a blowpipe with sleep daggers and stun daggers.

Element: Fighting
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Gaia: What power and accepted.

Ashds: Accepted. We still going for the whole thing with Maseram and Ray?

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Greywolf: Ok.


I'd like to take Ghost please

Name: Miles Lachance

Gender: Male

Age: 22

Home Town: Ecruteak City

Nationality: Johto

Nicknames: Miles prefers to be called by his given or surname, but a lot of people tend to call him Chance despite his obvious dislike of the nickname.


Hair: Miles’ hair is a dark brown colour with streaks of dark red running through it in random directions, though the red is so dark that it can only be seen under strong light or moon light. The longish hair extends to just below his jaw and is neatly styled and gelled so that the waves and small curls dangle elegantly here and there but is more or less pushed back from his face so that he can see past the dark strands.

Eyes: Miles is know for his shocking emerald eyes and the naturally dark eyelashes that make them stand out all the more. Miles is often questions on whether he wares eye shadow or eye liner as the skin surrounding his eyes has an abnormally dark tinge.

Skin Tone: Miles has what most would call normal skin. It is neither pale nor tanned and is completely smooth and seemingly unscathed by scars and spots giving him an ethereal appearance, most people would even go as far as calling him handsome.

Weight: 130 lbs

Height: 6’

Clothes: A pair of square frame glasses lay atop his perfectly built nose and his kissable lips are a peachy pink colour. Mile is the picture perfect boyfriend that any parent would want they’re child to have. He normally wears suits given his profession in psychology but when in public is prone to wearing a loose fitting white or black shirt and a pair of dark blue jeans. Upon his feat are normally either a pair of black boots or a fashionable pair of black vans.

Accessories: Around his neck he wears a silver pendant shaped in the form of a wolf and upon his left wrist he wears a pristine silver watch which he refuses to take off given any circumstance.

Other: Miles has a tattoo covering a great portion of his back. It is not clear what a great deal of the tattoo represents but at its centre is the tribal markings of a scythe.

--More Info--

Friends: Miles is quite the loner and despite being a psychologist has his own problems. A duo personality is Miles’ rise and fall. He insists that the duo personality is in fact a separate entity and even goes as far as talking to him aloud sometimes. He describes the being as being his best friend and perhaps the only one alive that loves him. This separate personality is the most outspoken of his personality and miles finds himself turning to the split when he is unable to deal with the situation.

Cody Stone: University friend who Miles has not seen or heard from in a while.

Edward Lawrence: A mentor from Miles early days as a Psychologist, is secretly trying to help Miles with his split personality despite Miles protests.

Robin Cole: A girl who’s interest in Miles led her to falling in love with him, despite Miles showing no interest in her relationship wise, still thought of her as a close friend.

Family: Mother: Raquel Phoenix - Deceased (Died giving birth to Miles)| Father: Laurence Lachance - Alive (Left Miles’s mother only months after Miles was born)| Grandmother: Miriam Phoenix - Deceased (Took Miles in when his mother died . Unfortunately passed away when Miles turned 16)| Grandfather: William Phoenix - Alive (The only person alive who still cares for Miles. Miles visits him as much as he can during his busy work life due to his grandfather being ill and in a care facility).

Love Interests: Korinn Richards- Alive (Miles met Korinn in University where they studied together. They dated for a year a half before an unknowing Miles caught Korinn kissing another man. Korinn acted as if nothing happened and when approached blamed Miles for spying on her. Miles vowed never to let another woman play him for as long as he lived)

Skills and Hobbies: The first skill to note is his keen eye for psychology, despite being a little mad himself. He also excels as drawing, reading and writing, though never really finds time to do any given his bust schedule. Miles is a superb sword fighter but deals with Polearms instead, his favourite being the scythe mainly for its haunting and symbolic history. His hobbies include horseback riding and training Pokemon, who he puts the most part of his trust in. Miles is intelligent and strategic and a winning ally or dangerous foe.

--Defining Info--

History: As miles life started another ended, his mother died giving birth to the baby boy on a dark winters night when the Murkrow were pecking at the thin window panes of the local hospital. He was thrust into the man that hated him with ever fibre of his being and was soon left crying alone in what was once the shared house of his mother and father. For hours he was left, crying and wriggling in discomfort when an elderly woman dipped her head into the house using the spare key that was given to her by her daughter, mother to the baby that was now left abandoned. Wish a gasp the woman concluded that her grandson has been left there purposely by the wretched man who had once claimed to love her daughter. She grabbed the boy from the bed in which he lay and thrust the door open, covering the infant with a cloth to stop the rain drops from harming the fragile body.

She took him to the house that she and her husband owned and it was that night that both elders vowed to bring the boy up, explaining when he came of age what happened. After all he deserved to know the truth of his fathers abandoning of him. As he grew he became fascinated with the behaviour of both human and pokemon, always taking the chance to observe whatever Pokemon or human that walked his way. The elderly couple became aware of Mile’s (as they had called him) fascination in talking to imaginary creatures, creatures that he claimed were there when there was evidently no one else in the room. It wasn’t long before they noticed the change in temperature whenever they were around him or the fondness ghost pokemon showed whenever they were around him. When he turned twelve he developed a rather odd personality quirk, one which could only be described as a duo personality. At first, it was obvious when he took on his opposite self, but as the years passed it became less and less obvious to anyone other than his grandparents who he had outright told out of confidence that the duo personality wasn’t apart of him at all, but a separate entity that shared his body.

Scared by this sudden turn of events, the elders took him to see a psychologist, who vowed to help him conquer his belief that this personality disorder what a different person all together. She tried explaining to him that the ‘person’ was apart of him, that he was merely confused given his age. But despite the boy being as young as he was he was smart enough to know that the doctor was trying to separate him from his friend…his protector and so he told her what she wanted to here and after a few more months of seeing her was released from her care. Ever since that day he vowed not to tell anyone about his counterpart and kept him locked within the confines of his mind, only talking to him when they were alone.

At the age of eighteen Miles enrolled in University to study Psychology and medicine, his brilliant mind led him to excel at even the most horrifying tasks but this came at a social price. So enthralled in his work Miles barely left his texts and studies other than to do the necessary sports to keep him in shape. He was lucky enough to make friends with his roommate Cody who despite thinking Miles was slightly mad still though him a good friend who was willing to listen to his problems, to Mile’s surprise, Cody was always there for him when he needed help the most. Another friend was one Robin Cole who attended the University to Study to become a Pokemon nurse, she was completely obsessed with Miles, always close by and always questioning him about his interests and life in general. Miles found her oddly intriguing and would on multiple occasions include her in his studies and experiments, not that Robin minded at all.

When he turned Nineteen Miles fell in love with a girl named Korinn who attended the same course as him. For the last year he had stared on in jealousy as the girl was ravished with attention by the other lads, mostly those who studied Physical education but when fate threw them together during a class project he was pleasantly surprised by the fact that Korinn had a brilliant mind despite being beautiful (Miles had the childish thought that women with perfect skin, light blue eyes and chocolate brown hair were indeed thick). They stuck to discussing the project for the most part of the day, going over what they would do and how they would do it. It wasn’t until the end of the day when they were conducting experiments on random university members that Miles was approached by who appeared to be Korinn’s current boyfriend. He questioned Korinn on why she was hanging out with a dork like Mile’s and grabbed her by the arm forcefully. She yelped in pain and it was Mile’ instinct to grasp the offending limb with his own hand and twist it painfully until the jock let go. Obviously angered by this the Jock did not think twice before landing a blow to Miles’ face and storming off to have his wrist seen to.

Miles woke up not long after in a hospital bed, Korinn at his side calmly flicking through a psychology book. She was alerted of his waking by a loud groan from the youths mouth and she immediately set her book aside and helped him sit up. Miles was thanked furiously for his brave act earlier that day and a loud kiss was placed upon his lips. It was the beginning of a damned relationship.

A year went by and Miles had grown use to socializing, he had pushed the warnings he had gotten from his alter ego to the back of his mind and balanced his work with seeing Korinn and his small group of friends. One night he snuck into the University after hours to visit Korinn after she had spent many late night working at the school that he caught her upon a desk kissing another boy. Immediately the bigger man was pushed away and she ran after Miles as he escaped down the hallway. Needless to say Korinn don’t not ever dare look at him again in they’re shared classes and that was the very last time Miles would ever doubt his counterpart and furthermore best friend.

Upon finishing university it was no surprise when Miles got snatched up by an asylum almost as soon as he left. His brilliant mind had earned him recognising amongst psychologists even before he had left education. He worked along side Dr Edward Lawrence in the Asylum, a mentor that Miles would not soon forget. After only a week of working under him Edward deducted that Miles had a alter ego (to which Miles harshly replied that he was not an alter ego but a separate entity, one that he would never be separated from). Edward only laughed and nodded his understanding, despite trying to help his friend when ever he could…not that Miles thought of it as helping, more like trying to split him from his best friend.

To this day Miles has worked as a psychologist to the insane in Sinnoh’s largest city, working day and night to deduct what the best plan of action would be to cure the world of insanity and find his accursed father and show him what it means to abandon a defenceless child.

Personality: Miles is rather stuck up in personality and looks at everyone else as below him, even those higher up the food chain are always deemed as idiots by him and he has no fear in showing it through his sarcastic and uncaring attitude, though he knows when to stop if it means his job. Many times his foul attitude has landed him in trouble with higher ups in the company and Miles isn’t the hottest when it comes to making friends though he is every mothers dream for they’re daughters: Well spoken, well educated and knows a lot about the world and its low life’s. Though one wouldn’t expect it of his uncaring nature, Miles knows how to act polite when need be and will do anything to gain what he wants. He act’s calm in stressful situations and has even been known to make a joke or two in these circumstances, but his annoying grin doesn’t take long to fade when something doesn’t go quite as planned.

Over all, Miles is sarcastic, witty, intelligent and a bit of a snob when he wants to be but don’t let this fool you as Miles has a split personality. What appears to be a clam and well spoken person can in fact be a person’s worst nightmare when Miles feels threatened or wronged. Guaranteed if something is done to this ill balanced character his cool demeanour fades and is replaced by a vengeful spirit bent on making said person’s life a misery. Funnily enough Miles does not turn aggressive in personality, but simply toys with the minds of others until they crack under the pressure. His calm demeanour does not completely fade but he does intend to cause the person harm mentally and being a psychologist knows exactly how to make people’s worst fears a reality.

Though of course…no one but his close friend knows of this split personality which would explain why he still hold’s his job.

Goals: Miles' ultimate goal is to rid the world of insanity, which would in his mind be the entierety of the human population, he finds flaws in everyone, even those closest to him and he wishes to help them in any way he can, eve nif it means putting them out of they're misery in the very end. Lachance is an idealist and has a severe god complex and so his goals will ultimately turn to evil in the eyes of those less brilliant than he. One of his side quests is to find his father and teach him how much pain and suffering Miles had had to cope with through out his life and what it means to abandon a defencless child.

--Other Info--

Miles favours the Scythe as his choice of weapon, though he is intrigued by many, be it the sharpest of blades or the most leathal of chemicals. Miles scythe is unlike any other, it has a long black body which then extends into a blade sharpened into the form of a wolfs upper jaw, decorated with jagged teeth and a ruby eye.

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Btw: You want to let Em be your char's training partner? (Stabberz)


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Stabberz, just a quick question, would their powers be controllable, or perhaps only used when under large emotional distress?


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Dang Stabz! You weren't kidding when you posted in my RPG! These two DO share simularities!!! I REALLY like the plot to yours! Really felt like I was in a theater watching a preview to some up and coming movie! LOL

Anyway, enough of all that! If you don't mind, could I maybe reserve Grass? I'll have my SU in soon. Heck, I'll probably have it in in about an hour or two, just need to know if I can Reserve first...


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Shadowfaith: Pending.

Treespyro: Pending.

Ashds: Yeah, I think we should. The last three of the old heroes.

Zandgaia: Yeah, she will be the first person Reteka meets.

Silver Fang: Reserved.

Greywolf: Yeah, their powers are backed by emotion, so much so that intense changes in their emotion can cause their powers to falter completely.

Bookmaster: Reserved.