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Pokémon Heroes: The Beginning (Sign Up Thread)


*Gasp* He's back!
Ok ^.^ We're we wanna meet?

Also: So you mean with the emotional thing

(Warning I'll use an anime as a reference and example)

Luffy the main character of One Piece could in an arc. unleash Gear Second (A heavy move) 3 more times thanks to the memory of Robin who was captured at that time.

Something like that?

So in other words:

When somebody is highly hit by emotion/something similiar/to push themself to the limit for somebody else they'll be far stronger then normal?

But you can also add:

(Another Anime reference)

Black Star a character of Soul Eater couldn't unleash any attack or power due to the fact that he too upset about his recent losing streak.

So other words: If somebody is too emotional or something their powers won't work at all?


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Zandgaia: see the actual Heroes arc, more specifically. Peter Petrelli and Hiro Nakumura.

D.O.P: Sure.


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I see, so certain emotions could increase power, but they could also cause them to lose it altogether. Good to know. Also, will they know about their powers, since they had them since birth, or will it not be apparent to them until a certain point?


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After half the day of typing this sign up I now cross my fingers in hopes I have done it right.

Name: Thalia Jackson

Gender: Female

Age: Seventeen

Home Town: Sunnyshore City

Nationality: Sinnoh

Nicknames: Tree, Pine Tree (from when she rode her bike into a pine tree)


Hair: Thalia’s hair is dyed black from natural brown hair. It comes down to about her shoulders and her bangs are cut jaggedly across her forehead. It is also messily layered so parts of it come down to about her chest while the other layers fall between there and her ears.

Eyes: Stormy grey that seem to give off an aura of importance.

Skin Tone: Thalia’s got your pretty typical skin. It doesn’t stand out typically in a crowd, though it can be classified as a little paler than others.

Weight: 100 lbs.

Height: 5’6”

Clothes: Thalia is known to wear mostly dark colours, not being one to really go far all that preppy clothing she calls crap. She typically can be found with a grey, short-sleeved t-shirt from Billabong covered by a black leather Marc Jacobs jacket she received for her sixteenth birthday. She can always be found with a pair of dark denim skinny jeans and her Puma high-tops, the only item of clothing she owns that has a somewhat out-spoken contrast to the rest ensemble.

Accessories: Thalia typically keeps all her belongings in a black bag that can be slung over the shoulder with the familiar face of Jack Skellington from Tim Burton’s A Nightmare Before Christmas.

Other: Thalia lives for black eyeliner and it is often applied everyday. She is also very athletic due to the sports she takes part in.

--More Info--

Friends: Despite living in a city full of people, Thalia cannot help but feel like an outcast (think of someone from Alaska moving to California). Do to the fact that she has never felt like she has belonged, she never made the effort to make any friends.

Family: Zac Jackson, Father: Left Thalia when she was seven. Assumed alive.
Gabrielle Delcourt, Mother: Alive; lives with friends after Thalia left home
Vanessa Jackson, Sister: Alive and living with her mother.
Various extended family: Mixture of dead and alive.

Love Interests: Thalia is not one to delve too deeply into love; she just doesn’t feel it. Though she does not express romantic feelings to anyone she comes across, she tells people she is straight and interested in men.

Skills and Hobbies: Thalia has been trained in martial arts since she expressed an interest in it at the age of five. When she turned fifteen (ten years later), she received her black belt in karate and tai kwon do. She is able to think quickly on her feet and move quickly as well, though her actions are known to be a little, impulsive. Thalia is also known to be a decent sword fighter, something she begged her trainer’s at the dojo’s to teach her.

--Defining Info--

History: Thalia was pretty much born into your average, dysfunctional family. Her dad left her, her mother and her sister at a young age and was never seen again. Her mother worked at the local Poke Mart as a cashier and made due with minimum wage. This was probably one of the reasons that Thalia dropped out of school at the age of fifteen, though there are certainly other reasons too.

At the age of five, Thalia showed great interest in martial arts, so for her fifth birthday her mother signed her up for classes. It was the only thing that Thalia seemed to be good at and therefore put great emphasis on doing well in it.

Slowly, the years passed on. Thalia went to school, her mom had another baby and her dad left around when she was seven. This was also the time she discovered that she was dyslexic. She was made fun of by a lot of the other kids at her school due to the fact that she could not read at the higher calibre that they could.

About a year after that Thalia was also diagnosed with ADHD and suddenly, the world made a lot more sense to her; it would definitely explain why she was so impulsive and rash as well as a quick thinker and fighter.
The years passed slowly for Thalia and when she was fifteen she dropped out of high school; she couldn’t understand half the things they were going over, she never focussed in class and she figured a lot of things she’d continue to learn would not be put to good use in her life anyway. That same year she received her black belt in the two martial arts she was studying: karate and tai kwon do.

Since then Thalia has basically been living on her own in Sunnyshore City or travelling around the east side of Sinnoh, staying on one side of Mount Coronet only. Recently though, she’s been finding that a lot of electrical items have been shorting out when she stands near them and the thunder storms have been a little more frequent in the Sunnyshore area.

Personality: Though not a lot of people would know, Thalia can often be described as a take-charge kind of person or a leader. She knows what she’s doing and is good at manipulating crowds (though that skill is seldom often used). She’s a person that sort of secludes herself and watches things from afar. She is not your most social person, but once she meets someone she considers to be trustworthy, she can warm up to them.

Thalia does have faults though. She has acrophobia, which is the fear of heights and prefers not to ride atop flying Pokémon. She has a weak resistance when offered power and seems to be the side of her that could be easily manipulated.

Other than that, Thalia is known to be very determined and goal-oriented. She works hard to achieve things and has a hard time putting away incomplete assignments. Of course, she is very impulsive due to her ADHD, but can, at times, tone it down a bit.

Goals: To find her father and punish him for leaving, make some friends and try and find an electronic device that does not short out when she stands next to it.

--Other Info--

Weapons: A foot long sword that can often be described as a bronze colour. It has the etching of a lightning bolt carved into its blade and a word written in a foreign language along its hilt. Thalia keeps it in a skateboard case that she attaches to the back of her messenger back, but when she uses it in combat she has a sheath she stores it in at her side.

Element: Electric


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Good character, I have a good idea if your character ever gets with another persons character, her power could be kind of messed with, like she zaps them when ever they get close...things like that.


Sophi so silleh~
Name: Reid Syti

Gender: Female

Age: Seventeen

Home Town: Cherrygrove City

Nationality: Johto

Nicknames: None


Hair: Her hair is a bleached white colour; long enough to reach down to her hips, though her fringe is much shorter, parted towards the left, covering her eye. At the very tips of her fringe there is strangely is a pinkish tinge which could never quite be explained,

Eyes: Her eyes are a rather bright blue colour, other than that there is nothing out of the ordinary.

Skin Tone: Reid has rather tanned skin, contrary to just how pale the rest of her family is, though there is a crescent shape on her right cheek that is much paler, standing out rather clearly.

Weight: (…do I really need this? I’m terrible with calculating weights)

Height: 5”4’

Clothes: Reid tends to wear a rather long emerald green cloak that is meant to be worn buckled up, however she has never once done so. Being open all the time, it shows off her black tank top and shorts, both of which some people have said to be a little too small for her to be wearing, though she ignores it most of the time. She wears knee high socks, though both different from each other, her right leg has a black sock with a white ribbon on the top, and where as the left’s colours are reversed from the rights. She also wears black boots, though never unfastens the laces, simply sliding them on and off.

Accessories: none

Other: no

--More Info--

Friends: only the people in her neighborhood.

father (unknown, left before Reid was born)
never known any other family

Love Interests:
past: Girlfriend – Rinn – when was 15
Boyfriend: Kay – when 16
None currently.

Skills and Hobbies: She is a high grade marks(wo)man and as such is able to judge distances between objects at a glance, even so much as to work out just how long it would take for an object on average to reach that point. She is also talented at being able to tell people on what the weather will be and how long until it changes, as with wind direction, all coming down to her marksman training.

--Defining Info--

History: Reid grew up without a father, or even a father figure, and as such grew up through her early childhood with only female influences, thus turning into what many would perceive as being a “weakling”. It was when she was nine that she learnt of this, being bullied by other children. Even though she was attacked, her mother did nothing but worry and basically become her servant until Reid finally yelled at her to stop treating her like a little girl. Not long after she was playing with a friend’s slingshot and soon became good with aiming and firing the toy; even so much as to use it against the children who bullied her. She excelled at the art over several years and moved on from slingshots and up to ball bearing guns.
As soon as her teenage years started, she left home with an excuse of “going to find my father” but in truth, wanted to leave for the sake of having a change of location. Up until that point, she had never even had any clue of her powers until she was practicing with two ball bearing pistols; it was raining heavily and she was struggling to concentrate, as it was before she could identify weather and still learning to anticipate wind direction, she had yelled out from her annoyance to which the rain had suddenly stopped hitting her, or more so, was avoiding her and her line of sight to the target. She had been scared at first but soon began to find a way to refine the ability, learning she could manipulate any bodies of water to some degree. Although she would never admit it, she had lied to be able to keep her weapons.

Personality: Reid is described as being a rather masculine girl in some ways, many would describe her as this because she does not care too much for manners, arguing with people simply because she wants to. She has a hint of being antisocial mixed into her personality, though at times it shows that she is desperately trying to work her way past that, though she is still uncomfortable with starting conversations herself. She is defiantly not a morning person, usually the only thing she’ll say within an hour of waking up involves “go to hell” or “bite me” with a constant glare.

Goals: She feels she had no goals more than “keeping my *** intact” as she says.

--Other Info--

Weapons: throwing knifes,

hope that's alright, i tried my hardest to not overpower her with her weapons.
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Guns...uh I should of put it in the sign up...no guns. You can have bows I guess or throwing knives etc...but no guns.


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Ok, thanks.

Name: Reteka Siroshima.

Gender: Male.

Age: Seventeen

Home Town: Sunnyshore City.

Nationality: Sinnoh.

Nicknames: None.


Hair: Reteka has, almost metalic black hair, it's scruffy and hangs over his forehead, but not quite over his eyes. It sticks up at all angle's, hiding his ears from view and coming down on his shoulders the bangs of which frame his face.

Eyes: His eyes are the same color as his hair, a cold metalic black.

Skin Tone: Living in Sunnyshore, he has a slight tan but he isn't overly tanned.

Weight: 126 lbs (9 st)

Height: 175.26 cm (5'9 inches)

Clothes: Reteka's main color scheme is black and silver, on his lower half he wears a pair of black jeans that are too big for him, thus they are held up by a silver belt that has his Pokéballs on, the jeans are baggy around his ankles and hang over his silver and black sneakers. On his top half he wears a skin tight black shirt which is hidden completely by the silver and black long sleeved jacket he wear on top of that, a silver Pokéball symbol lays dead in the middle of the shirt, the jacket has a silver hood and silver zip.

Accessories: He has a pair of fingerless black gloves that he wears at all times.

Other: Reteka, is muscled, whilst not having the most handsome face, he still has a pretty good looking face, his muscles aren't easily noticed whilst he wears his jacket, but when he has it off his six pack is visible through his shirt as are his arms.

--More Info--

Friends: Reteka has never had time for friends as he has moved from place to place, he has never allowed himself to get close to many people and apart from Doctor Foster he has never stayed with anyone.

Family: Mother: Dead.
Father: Presumed Dead.
Doctor Foster: Dead.

Love Interests: He has never allowed himself to get close to anyone, despite some of the others he had in school.

Skills and Hobbies: Reteka. is a swordsman, through and through, he has always trained in it and is considered a master of it, with the ability to adjust his style to any fight he normally relies on his swords training because his power is still latent.

--Defining Info--

History: Reteka's life was actually pretty normal considering his rocky start, his first memory was of him falling over and his blood being stopped in a hospital by his foster father Doctor Foster. His school life was pretty basic, he never fit in and was always getting into fights. By the time secondary school came along, he found himself still in school whilst everyone else went out on a Pokémon journey. He found himself skipping school a lot and instead befriended a few Pokémon, a Luxray who the people of Sunnyshore attacked and wouldn't leave alone, an Infernape who was a gift from Doctor Foster, Ambipom, who used to belong to the Doctor and a Leafeon who he had evolved on a trip to Eterna. He would stay on the streets with them teaching them attacks and evolving them.

But eventually he found himself getting into trouble and eventually his face became known and the bad guys came. He was smuggled out of Sunnyshore but Doctor Foster didn't make it, he was shot dead by the men who were after him. Now Reteka is on the run because of some power he is supposed to have, his Pokémon are with him, but the men are close now.

Personality: Reteka is cold, generally doing his best to conceal his emotions and stay conversation less this is due to the death he's seen, he normally answers questions with one word answers. In battle he is the same, watching the opponent waiting for the opportunity to strike and when he strikes he is merciless. He cares about love despite all this and will do anything to actually build a relationship and have friends. He rarely smiles and his face will remain blank through most things trying to stay unfazed by a lot of things, but when he does it is always meaningful. When meeting new people he will maintain everything barely talking but he will be cold to them, he acts this way because of everything he's lost and the fact that hes stuck in a dead end world trying to find something that he can do, he is friendlier towards females and trusts them more.

Goals: To Defeat the people who have killed everyone he cares about, and get his revenge. To eventually find love.

--Other Info--

Weapons: He owns one weapons, a sword that is about three feet long, and yet still thin, he normally has it sheathed at his back.

There we go, thats my character.


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OOC: Yeah, I got a bit carried away on this bio, so I'll be happy to either whittle it down, or to change any errors.

Name: Seiko Zaitsev

Gender: Male

Age: Seventeen

Home Town: Blackthorn City

Nationality: Johto

Nicknames: Ko-ko, though only to family, Al.


Hair: He has brown hair

Eyes: They are a piercing blue, and seem to stare at you angrily no matter what

Skin Tone: tan from being outside as much as he him, a ruddy color.

Weight: He’s about 160, scrawny for his size, though he has a bit of muscle on him.

Height: Reaches a height of 5’10, still growing as of right now however.

Clothes: He normally wears a t shirt or polo, long or short sleeved depending on the weather, as it gets cold in the mountains of Johto where he lived. During the winter he can even be seen wearing a sweatshirt, though that’s only when its really cold. For pants, its almost always shorts, regardless of temperature, only changing when the snow got above his ankles and would enter his shoes. Then he wears jeans, with a pair of boots, normally fount otherwise in a nice pair of tennis shoes.

His t-shirts come in a wide variety of colors, some dark blue, some red, some black, just depending on what shirt he grabs when dressing. A polo can be seen somewhat often on him too, normally his long sleeve wear, these being either blue or black with stripes on them normally, white for the blue polo, and purple and white for the black one.

His shorts are normally either just above or below the knee, depending on which one he grabs at the time, his longer pair being normally used for if he’s going anyway, to protect more of his legs. The longer pair is a dark green, cargo pockets deep in it. The shorter pair is a tan and or light green, again cargo shorts with deep pockets.

His shoes are either black or white, as he has two pairs of tennis shoes he normally wears, depending on the day, and if his other pair is clean or dirty. The boots mentioned earlier go up about halfway to his calf, and are a tan leather color, woolen inside and very warm, along with the boot socks he wears, thick and warm.

Accessories: Wears a necklace with an eevee on it, well made, beautiful, and rather feminine, though he seems to treasure it more than anything else on his person, other than his fedora on his head, another thing he is rarely seen without, wearing it almost constantly, along with the necklace, seemingly of some sentimental value to him. Lastly on him at all times when going outside, is a stick, a large one, smoothed, and with carvings running down to about four tenths of the way down the stick, of various creatures, all Pokémon, some fighting, some flying, all seemingly done with intense care. As well, is often found with a pair of headphones, and increasingly often, a pair of shades.

Other: taking any one of those objects from him would be ill advised, unless you plan on returning them immediately, or he gives permission. He will not stop hunting you down until you give them back.

--More Info--

Friends: Sven: alive Sally: alive Roderick: alive

Family: Twin sister Veronica: deceased at age fifteen. Mother Jasmine: deceased Father Robert: deceased
Older sis Monica: alive

Love Interests: None as of yet, he’s not really fond of people all that much.

Skills and Hobbies: Likes to whittle, finding it fascinating to turn a lump of wood into a sculpture, or a stick into a piece of art. Also loves reading, and playing music loudly, it allows him to not have to pay attention to people. Likes to draw too, though he doesn’t show what he draws, as it is normally pretty, something he doesn’t feel fits him.

--Defining Info--

History: Seiko was always a scrawny kid. His birth was extraordinary, as his was crossing over the pass to Blackthorn city when she entered labor, and the car broke down, His twin sister Veronica was born without trouble, but he was born with the cord wrapped around his neck. However, he lived, due to the paramedics arriving soon after.

His mother had always remarked she’d sworn she’d seen a Dratini evolve right when he was born, flying overhead as if to assure them he would be fine, but as Robert hadn’t seen it, no one knew. He’d been sickly his entire first three years of his life, in and out of the hospital for being either too weak, or sick with some sort of sickness or another.

Luckily, he made it though these first few years, alive and kicking, if not well. His fourth year of life was a simple thing, sickness not plaguing him much, and found his love of reading, now able to read really interesting books, as he read a lot, since he couldn’t do much else while in bed tired, which he was often, even if he wasn’t sick.

He didn’t get to play with the other children much due to being tired, or his mom being afraid of him hurting himself. He didn’t like her not letting him do anything, wanting to go out and play, but she kept him inside, reading and watching and wishing he could play. Eventually she let him go out, but he tired himself out, and passed out, validating his mom’s fear, and he didn’t get to play much more after that.

He went to kindergarten next year, and this is where his troubles with people started. As he was kept inside, he didn’t get to play much, and a few of the stronger kids decided to take his stuff. He tried to get it back, but he was far too weak to stop them at all. They realized this, and jumped on him. He wasn’t strong enough to do anything about it, so he just had to take it, which he hated, he hated the helpless feeling, he wanted to do something, but whenever he tried to fight back he’d just get pushed back, and they’d laugh.

So he started to fake being sick to avoid school, not wanting to do that, wanting to stay home and read, or play with his twin sis, who he adored. She was always nice to him, but never babied him, she played with him like he was normal, and while his mom was worried she’d hurt him, he loved her for it, she made him feel like he was normal, just another kid. The pair were very close.

Next year they only grew closer, as his sister was in the same class as him, and when she saw the bullying, she put an end to it. She was somewhat of a tomboy, and she sent the boys packing, especially with a few friends of hers. At first he was slightly resentful of her coming in and rescuing him, but she just laughed at that. She said she’d teach him how to make friends, so they wouldn’t make fun of him being a loner anymore.

He made one of the three friends he would ever make this year, his name was Sven. He was his sister’s friend too, but after meeting him, and talking with him, the group hit it off, and were soon found everywhere together, playing around, and while Seiko had to sit out some of the time, they would stop for him normally, coming up with something he could do, until he was ready to start again.

Second grade however, life returned to a horrible state for him. They both were in different classes, both his friends, and while he was in class, a new kid, named Jake, teased him mercilessly, even managing to tease anyone else who would get around him, save for Sven and his sister, whom he seemed to know to avoid, as whenever he was with them, Jake seemed to act all nice and cheery.

Jake would tease him about his height, as he was abnormally short for his age, or his weight, as he was rather chubby, not exercising a lot, but eating plenty. He’d call him fat, or stomp his feet whenever he walked, making such comments as the earthquake was coming, or he couldn’t sit there, he’d break the seat. The entire year he put up with this torment, eventually he once more starting to fake sickness, just so he could stay home and read, where the people were nice, and he wouldn’t have to socialize, or meet them.

Third year would have continued along the same path, Jake the monster once again there, except there was yet another new kid, who was not about to tolerate this. Sally was her name, and she soon put Jake in his place. She too was rather sickly, but that didn’t mean she was quite like Seiko was at the time. No, she was a spitfire, and while she couldn’t beat you up physically, she was a master at mentally destroying you.

She took a shine to Seiko when he was alone in the corner, reading quietly at recess, after feeling like he would pass out. While at first he was afraid she’d tease him like she did others, she instead was rather nice, seemingly only doing it to others to prevent them from teasing her. She soon befriended him, and whenever Jake started teasing, she would fire right back, covering Seiko for him, and even once managing to make Jake cry, hitting a rather sore spot. Seiko never had felt so good as when he’d seen Jake cry. It was nice, in a horribly mean kind of way. He still told her to lighten up though; he felt dirty making him cry.

Fourth grade was okay, as Sally moved away, leaving for a year to another town, her father getting a new job there. Jake attempted to revive his old ways, but Seiko had managed to learn how to either ignore him, or talk back, though Jake was getting more physical, pushing him into doors, and other things, which left bruises, but he took this better, he could stand the pain physically.

At least, when his temper didn’t flare up, this was growing worse with each year. Earlier he’d not really had too much of a problem, or at least it didn’t stand out with other kids who would also throw fits, but by third grade, it was apparent he was rather explosive when baited too far, and would attempt to fight back, though rarely able to do anything, which only made it worse.

Fourth grade ended with him sporting a collection of bruises, having pushed Jake down in a fit of rage, only to get punched hard by his gang. He hid the bruises, he didn’t want his sister or Sven getting hurt, he’d hate to make them get hurt just because he couldn’t take care of himself, he was too proud to allow his friends to step in. He could take them.

Jake met his match however, fifth grade year, when they were all together in one class, for once. Fifth grade year was a mixed bag, with highs and lows. A high was that Sally had moved back, her dad getting a stronger offer here allowing him to move back here, and she was put in his same class, Sally, Veronica Sven and Seiko all having fun times together.

A low was that his temper was getting worse. It even shocked his sister, when she’d managed to watch him get beaten up by Jake who was by now definitely physical and strong too. He’d discovered his weakness, threatening his friends, or worse his sister, would soon make him fly into a rage, seeing red, but unable to fight back.

A high, though, was that Jake that year got taken down many a peg, by the gang. Sally had gotten better, now just like the other kids, having found an operation that fixed her weak bones, and the trio managed to show Jake why beating up on Seiko was actually a bad idea. Turns out Sven was rather strong too, Sally’s fists matched her mouth, and Veronica was just as much a spitfire when her brother was threatened as he was with her.

They did get bruised up, in the scuffle, but his sister once again managed to make him feel silly for his pride by saying “I wouldn’t have helped if you could have fought them off, you know that! I merely help when you can’t do it yourself.” He felt silly for not relying on her in the first place now, and the group grew tighter than ever, Jake seemingly getting the message him and his group weren’t quite able to take them down. Didn’t hurt Veronica was one of the most well liked kids in the school, and Seiko managed to get buoyed up with her wave of popularity.

Sixth grade was a year when he finally had to address his temper. It was no longer just constrained to hot button issues, but was spilling over into many things, easy to provoke him into a rage with just a few taunts, and they were getting more violent too. The worst had to be when he smashed a bottle over a kids head, who was teasing him about passing out during gym, a class he’d refused to drop out of despite his mom’s worries.

He was given a few choices. He could go through anger management, or try a different kind of anger management, martial arts. Curious, he chose martial arts, wondering if he could do the same kind of things, like kick though a brick, or a piece of wood.

It wasn’t quite so easy to do those kind of things however, when you lose your wind easily, and can pass out if worked too hard. However, they were good at balancing his physical needs, without babying him, something he’d grown to despise from teachers. They were well meaning, perhaps, but he hated to sit out so often, for fear he’d pass out, or get hurt. He didn’t want to sit out; it made him like an outcast to others.

However, with the work in martial arts, hard but workable, he managed to lose some weight, as he was rather chubby at this point, and even manage to hold his fiery temper under a modicum of control, though it was still somewhat easy to provoke him into a rage. However, he did eventually learn how to break a board, though he didn’t get to do so that year.

Seventh grade was a breakthrough year for him, and one that changed his life. Mainly because it was this year his operation took place. They had a possible reason as to why he was so faint, and weak, and were willing to operate, as long as he knew the risk it posed. He did, and his family soon flew him to the most advanced medical facility on the issue.

After two tense weeks, he was flown back, and was better than he’d ever been. It’d been more successful than they had hoped for, and he was almost completely normal. He still would tire out quicker than most people, but wouldn’t pass out, unless pushing himself to exhaustion. And with effort, he could even train himself beyond that, though they did advise he keep it easy the first few months after the surgery.

He did, as it wasn’t hard to keep it easy, he’d been doing so his entire life. However, as soon as his doctor gave him the a ll clear, he soon was testing his limits like never before. He’d always tested, to see how long he could last at something before he lost his wind, or would pass out, but now he pushed himself almost too far. He’d find himself practicing his martial arts long into the night, wanting to perfect things, and he push himself to near collapse a few times running, something he found he rather liked, now that he could do it well.

Eighth grade year was probably the best of his life. It was this year he first learned how to whittle, and it was this year he first managed to break a board in his Martial Arts class. Greater discipline now meant he could actually control his temper, a new thing for him, and could ignore the tease of others. He even managed to make a new friend without his sister having pushed the meeting, by the name of Roderick.

Roderick was a rather arty kind of guy, rather out there, but interesting to talk to, and very creative. He’d often seem to drift off during conversations, only to snap back with a witty remark, as if he’d been paying attention the whole time. He was the one who also introduced him to whittling, and drawing. Whittling was something he was fascinated by, as it felt so practical, yet could be so interesting, so lifelike, and even artistic. He also, though less publicly shown, grew attached to drawing, as he liked to draw things as he imagined them.

Ninth grade year one of the worse years in his life, but not because of bullies, or anything. No, it was bad because of the fact that his sister grew sick this year. She’d never shown any signs of sickness, but after a nasty bout of pneumonia, she started to get sick a lot more, coughing and staying home quite often, even as he grew more and more worried. He adored his sister, she always was the one who could relate to him, and rarely ever begrudged him anything. He was really concerned, but everyone seemed to blow it off, saying it wasn’t that bad, just a few colds.

Eventually she seemed to get better, so he put his mind at ease. He was still concerned, not sure why she’d gotten sick all of the sudden, but she seemed to be better, and she brushed it off, saying it was fine. She soon was back in action, laughing and playing it up, as Seiko managed to break three boards in a row, with one kick. He was growing rather competent, even strong, at martial arts, and presented his sis with his best whittling project to date, a small sculpture of her favorite Pokémon, an Eevee.

Over the summer before tenth grade, his sister got him his first big project, a stick, that she said she wanted to see inscribed with the legends of Blackthorn. She always did like the legends of the region, and she said she’d love a walking stick done by him for her fifteenth birthday. He refused, saying he’d never be good enough to do it. She insisted, and he compromised, saying he’d have it done by her sixteenth birthday. Meanwhile, he worked on whittling and drawing, even doing a bit of research into the legends for suitable material. It was then he learned about his birth story, which made him smile. It was interesting to hear he was born when a Dratini evolved, but he put little stock into it other than thinking he should finish the stick with that, it would be fun to add them onto his legends stick.

Sophomore year was his worst ever. Why, will become clear later. Needless to say, this event was the most important in his life, and the most tragic.

His sister had complained of feeling sickly for about two months before the incident, but his parents brushed it off, much to his chagrin. However, no one expected what had happened on that fateful day. She was seemingly fine, a bit weak, but she brushed it off, saying she was simply tired. Seiko didn’t buy it, but accepted his sister’s story. At least until she passed out in the middle of gym class. She complained she felt so sleepy, and then hit the floor with a thump.

When Seiko heard the news his sister was in the hospital during class, he left. He didn’t really care that the teacher was surprised, or that the principle said he wasn’t excused; his sister was in the hospital, he was not going to wait at school while she could be dying! He ran to the hospital, the run taking ten minutes, and his parents informing they were flying his sister to a different hospital, where she could be treated better.

She had cancer. They weren’t sure how it’d gotten so bad, but they had to start her on radiation within the same week. They said she had a good chance of making it out, and he believed them, he needed to think his sister would beat this disease.

Three months and the treatment was going well. She was sick often, but he stayed with her as much as he could, and Sven, who was now her boyfriend, even managed to visit her during his winter break, before leaving again to go back. Things were looking up, she was strong, the chemo was working, and her spirits were high. The doctors predicted she would be out into remission by her birthday.

She was, in fact, out on her birthday. They held a huge celebration for her going into remission, and everyone went all out. He, with his mom’s help, had picked out a wonderful necklace for her, with her favorite pokemon, Eevee on it. She managed to buy him a fedora, saying he cut quite the figure in that, punching out enemies with his crazy kung fu, and he laughed. Things were looking up.

Then his sister was murdered. The police never found out who kidnapped her, or who killed her, but she went missing, about at the end of sophomore year. She’d recovered at this point from it, apparently an astounding recovery, as well as how she’d managed to seemingly beat back the cancer so fast. She apparently was taken as she walked home from school, Seiko during this time having stayed later to work on some missing work, otherwise he would have been with her.

During the month she was missing, he was distraught. He couldn’t sleep, he bit his teeth, and when the searches were called off, as there was little chance of finding her after a week, he refused to give up. Only when her body was found, did he finally accept she was dead. This started, however, a different search.

No one really knew how her body showed up where it did. It was nowhere near Blackthorn, in fact, it was in another city entirely, one of the major ports. There was little signs of any abuse, beyond needle injections, and nothing pointed to murder, in fact, she seemed to have overdosed on drugs. They ruled it a suicide, as she’d died only a day earlier.

Seiko knew it was no suicide. His sister didn’t do drugs, his sister couldn’t. Something had happened to her, something had kidnapped her, and done who knows what with her. Maybe some sick scientist had experimented on her, he didn’t know, but she couldn’t had killed herself. He refused to believe that. He couldn’t believe it.

Worse yet, people started to make fun of their family for it. At first they were respectful, she was liked, and people mourned her death. Sven was especially hard hit, but eventually they all moved on, all but him. He was still in grief, even three months after her death, finding no joy in what he normally thought fun. What was the point, if you could be taken, at any moment, and end up dead, like his sis. She’d beaten cancer, she’d pulled out, and now she was dead.

Then someone started to pick on him. He was so mopey, people started to tease him about he couldn’t let go. The first time, he ignored it, they didn’t understand, but when one got especially sore, calling her a name, he went into a rage. That kid left with a broken arm, and his parents threatened to sue him, luckily students were there and witnessed how he’d been provoked. He managed to get off this time.

They stopped, out of mere fear, until junior year, after which they started again. By now, he’d become one of the highest ranked members in his group, focusing single-mindedly on fighting, and ignoring all else. He was getting very fit, though not putting on any muscle since he ate far too little for himself.

Roderick was the first person who managed to get him to move on, in his own roundabout way. Roderick was too dreamy for him most of the time, Seiko’d taken to avoiding him, but Roderick seemed to know he needed a friend. He’d taken to avoiding everyone, they all didn’t understand, they were all stupid, just like earlier, but Roderick didn’t let him avoid him. Seiko nearly hit him, before Roderick managed to break him down.

He’d never really cried over his sister’s death. He’d accepted it, but he’d denied it at the same time, he knew she couldn’t be dead. Part of him lied to himself, and he’d even believed it. He’d needed to believe it. Roderick however, seemingly showing that he wasn’t just a aimless dreamer, realized he was lying to himself. With a few kind words, and dogged persistence, he was still proving too tough.

Roderick got around that, however, by doing something Seiko thought impossible. His sister’s necklace had been broken, the chain completely wreaked, and they hadn’t know anyone who might be able to fix it. However, Roderick, being the resourceful creative person he was, knew someone who could help. Asking for the charm, which was scratched and bent, he proceeded to get it fixed, a new chain attacked, and the charm restored completely. At seeing it, he blinked a few times, then broke down.

It felt good to finally accept she was dead, even though it hurt. Eventually he managed to make contact with his friends again, all of w hich were amazingly understanding, however, his people trouble didn’t let up. While no one directly confronted him, rumors about his sister’s life started to spring up, unwholesome rumors, about things she’d done.

They tormented him when he heard them. People would avoid him at times, fearing he’d freak out, and he started to feel like a complete outcast. Part of him welcomed this, wanted it. Let them be afraid of him. They didn’t understand. He hated them all.

He’d taken to carrying around the stick he was going to give his sister for her sixteenth birthday now, finding it gave him some solace to look at the carvings and think of her. However, he’d never had the heart to do any more carving on it. That changed, after Roderick pushed him to. At first he was clumsy, out of practice, and frustrated, but that changed soon enough, soon rivaling his martial art work as the most time consuming thing he’d do.

It also nearly got him thrown in jail. He was by himself, glaring at the whole group of people, who he could tell by how they slid away from him were talking about him, when a group of three guys, all tough, and thick, decided to tease him. One of them was Jake, the longtime rival, who’d decided now he would show him. He at first ignored them, they were stupid, and even when one of them punched him, he merely took it, and kept walking. However, Jake wasn’t about to lose. So, he called his sister a rather nasty name.

He grew red, and turned, asking him to say that one more time for him. Jake obliged, and continued, continuing on about how he knew all along she was like that, and how he figured their whole family was likely druggies, his sister was merely the worst. That wouldn’t have pushed him over the edge, but he then punched him in the face hard, and said he couldn’t even fight back to save his sisters honor.

Four people were in that fight. Three went to the hospital. Seiko, was not one of them. Red eyed, and furious, the staff he’d carried with him soon turned into a near deadly object, one suffering a major concussion, another a broken leg, and Jake, a broken arm, and a fractured skull. It’d taken Sven, Roderick and a good number of other people to prevent him from beating Jake to death with his bare hands, the staff discarded in favor of more personal retribution.

He nearly went to jail for that stunt. He wasn’t sure how he got out, but he did, apparently the school had a recording of the incident, and more than enough witnesses to prove that not only did he not hit first, but that he was provoked into action. He’d gotten off clean, though his school did demand he no longer bring his staff with him, and that he be kept under constant supervision.

That summer, things came crashing down for him. He’d brought too much attention to himself, and the tapes showed him moving at an almost unnatural speed, far too good for his age. He was walking home from a friends house, when people walked out, with weapons, and went right up behind him, gun pressed against his back, and saying if he didn’t come with them quietly, they’d shoot him now. He chose neither option.

Ramming the guys foot with his staff, he kicked away the gun, before the other guy managed to fire, hitting his side, though he managed to hit the gun out before he fired again, beating the duo off, who retreated and ran. Bleeding from his gun wound, he winced, the pain rushing in now, as he was taken to the hospital.

They patched him up there, luckily the bullet hadn’t hit anything important, and he managed to only get out with a minor scar on his stomach. Spending three days in the hospital, he was soon out, and this was when things definitely went south. A knock on the door was all it took, all it took for his whole life to come crashing down.

He was upstairs carving the wood, as he normally did. Right now he was carving one of the legends of Johto, about the burning of the Brass Tower, and the mythical creatures who were born again by the power of Ho-oh. His hat was one, as well as the necklace across his neck, when he heard a gunshot. His dad fell back, shot in the chest by one of the same men he’d fought off, and they stormed upstairs, planning on kidnapping him, this time knowing he couldn’t get away.

They failed to consider his mother. There was a reason that his twin sister was a spitfire, and that was because his mom was just as much so. A frying pan to the skull is a dangerous thing indeed, and one of the men who was sent to finish her off, never achieved his job. The other three went to his room, where he was supposed to be.

He wasn’t. His father had given them wrong directions, and when the shot rang out, he’d been downstairs carving. His mother had taken care of the one, and told him to run, planning on coming out after him. He took off, like she told him too, but as she left, the goons were chasing her. A shot rang out, then several more, as they shot her dead.

He’d not stopped running until he was well and truly lost in the wilderness. While he considered this no problem, he was rather outdoorsy, what was a problem was he had just heard his mom and father murdered, for no reason other than him. He didn’t sleep at all that night, staying up tormented by his inability to do anything, how he’d not been able to save his sister, and now his whole family was dead. Except, he realized, Monica. Monica was alive!

He’d liked his older sis, but she had moved away by the time he was about seven, only visiting during winter and a few times during the summer. He’d gotten to know her during the cancer treatment, as she lived in the same town, a doctor herself. He liked her. Now she was the only person left he could turn to.

However, he failed to grasp just how lost he was, and it grew cold in the mountains at night. He wasn’t sure what he was going to do, he had no Pokémon, and his father’s Pokémon had always there when he’d needed them. Now he had none, and he was alone in the woods. Shivering at night, he hid in a cave, where it was slightly warmer.

He woke in the night to a snarl. A houndoom was snarling at him, apparently not happy he’d taken up sleeping in his cave. Looking at him surprised, the Pokémon edged closer, obviously suspicious of him, and still snarling. He backed up, slowly, realizing how strong he was a Pokémon was stronger, and grabbing his stick, started to edge away.

The Pokémon, seemingly realizing he had no help, lunged at him, which he blocked with the staff, whacking it hard, but barely deterring it, it simply opening its mouth and spurting a jet of flame at him, as he barely managed to dodge. He hated to think that he was going to die out here, to a houndoom, after his mom had died to get him to freedom.

As it lunged again, he blocked, with the stick, and it came near close to ripping his face off, throwing his staff away, and advancing slowly, as he was backed up to a wall. It seemed to realize he was done for, and grinning widely, opened up to finish him with a blast of fire.

Just then, it was hit by a strong attack, knocking it down as it rolled, whimpering as it ran off, seemingly deciding he wasn’t worth it. Seiko fell down in relief, then wondered what had saved him. It turned out, it was an Eevee, who soon walked up, smiling at him. He looked on in shock. An Eevee, an Eevee had saved him from almost certain death. It almost felt ironic. His sister, who had saved him from so much, had loved Eevee’s, and now, one had just saved him from being cooked alive.

It also seemed friendly, or friendly enough. Smiling, it walked up to him, and he sighed, looking at it. All the sudden, he felt really tired, but he couldn’t sleep out in the open. Going up and grabbing his staff he nodded slightly, and saw it was mostly okay, a few bite marks, but only on the non carved parts. It’d saved his life twice now. He started though the woods, and during the whole trip, the Eevee had followed him.

He eventually reached the city, and the Eevee stayed with him, seemingly having grown fond of him, after saving his rear, and deciding to keep it on him, he bought a Pokeball, and captured it, it not resisting much. Afterwards, he thought about showing up to the police, but resisted the temptation. The store owner hadn’t seen his face, there were no camera’s, and he’d paid with cash. They thought him lost, why not let them keep thinking that?

He was soon over to Sally’s house, as she had quite a big one. Knocking on her window, having climbed up to it, he asked her, after she hugged him madly, thinking him dead, if she knew a way he could get out of here. He was then soon smuggled out of the town in the trunk of her car, and after two days of driving, uncomfortably stuffed in a trunk most of the time, he’d managed to make it to Violet City. From there, he managed to rent a car to Goldenrod, meeting his sister Monica there.

She’d thought him dead, and was soon to call everyone about him being alive, before he stopped her, saying that wouldn’t be smart. He hugged her, as she demanded of him, then she got him some food, he’d not eaten much during his flight here. Afterwards, at hearing his story, she hugged him again, glad he was safe, but sad their parents were dead. He’d almost forgotten about that, in the mad dash to safety, and trying to not die. He felt kind of guilty.

That left him to now, hiding out with his older sister, trying not to draw attention to himself as he tries to figure out why he was attacked.

Personality: Seiko’s a loner. That’s the first thing you’ll find out about him, and the most prominent feature about him. He rarely talks, if at all, and only then he only says what is absolutely necessary, and little else. He doesn’t seem to hang around people all that much, seeming to prefer to be alone when around others, and often blaring music into his headphones, ignoring everyone around him as if he can’t stand them at all. If asked or talked to, he’ll simply say he doesn’t like people, and resume listening to music.

He’s amazingly aloof too, not just because of the fact he doesn’t like to be around people, but also because of the simple fact he doesn’t like others getting in trouble because of him. He feels himself a wanted man, and he doesn’t feel friendly at all. He’d rather stay quiet, and ignore you, than talk, and even if he does seem cold, at least it means you leave, and aren’t having to get tangled up into the mess of his life right now. As well, he genuinely doesn’t like people, they more likely than not are here to treat you badly or make your life worse. Only his friends, whom he has no contact with in a while, have kept him from becoming totally jaded to people.

That’s because deep down, despite what many may think from his cold exterior, he’s a good guy. He likes to help people, and while in no way a paragon of justice, he will never do the wrong thing as opposed to the right thing, as long as he’s not biased. If chosing between helping someone, and ignoring them, he’d help them every time, even if it got him in worse trouble. His own friends helped him realize he needed to help others, because they were always helping him, and saying how they knew he’d do the same. He tries to live that out.

However, that’s not to say he’s going to always choose the right thing. He is vengeful, in the extreme. While he may not do anything, and may seem to even turn the other cheek to you, its only temporary. This turning the other cheek is only until he knows how to best hurt you for what you’ve done, and then push at it until he knows he’s accomplished what he wants, which is equal pain for what you’ve done. To get him to forgive is hard, but doable, though he’s likely not to listen to you unless your persistent, which shows to him you really mean it.

He’s also a temper problem, a temper problem something fierce. He is no one to tease, as while he has amazing self discipline normally, able to take most anything and stay calm, if you push the right buttons, he will go berserk, and attack you mercilessly. Should you somehow manage to do something to make him mad enough, he will eventually just calm down, smiling slightly, as all emotion drains from him, but cold, calculating, rage. Don’t get him this mad, as well, its hard to say what he might just do to you.

That mainly is reserved to people who hurt his friends or anyone who would admit to killing his sister. He is extremely loyal to any friends he gets, and will move heaven and earth to help him. If you manage, however you do it, to get him in your corner, he’s in your corner for life, and will help you as best you can throughout whatever you may set your mind too, even if he doesn’t fully agree, because you’re his friend. He owes you as much.

Another thing of importance, is his intelligence. He reads a whole lot, and as such, he knows a lot of a range of subjects, from pokemon strategy, to astronomy, as he spend much of his younger years simply reading when he was too tired to play. Its not uncommon to see his nose buried in a book whenever he has the spare time, as he loves to read, its one of the few things that he will spend time to do.

He’s also rather creative with his hands, as his staff and drawing would show you. His staff was all hand carved by him, due to his hobby of whittling. He enjoys taking something dull, and changing it into something amazing, and pretty. Its often his way of showing his own inner optimism, as all his drawings are of a place better than this. He does believe in good in people, even if he is too cynical himself to see it.

This is rarely shown, beyond his whittling, because he thinks it unmanly. He’s far too proud for his own good, unable to really accept help for things he needs, willing to help others, but not willing to appear like he needs his own help. At times, he’ll humble himself to accept help, but even if it adds pointless struggle to his task, he won’t take help unless he absolutely needs it.

He hates to feel weak, from his earlier life. He hates help for this reason as well, as it reminds him ofhow he couldn’t do anything to save his sister, or his family. He wants to do things himself, because he needs to prove to himself he can help them, to prove to himself that he’s not helpless. He needs to prove to himself that he can trust people, because he can protect them.

This ties in with his temper, as he will fight for his own honor, and that of his friends and family. He may be willing to show how your pathetic attempts at hurting him didn’t work, but if you insult how his own family couldn’t help themselves, well, he will turn around and show you just how hard he’s worked during his seven straight years of martial arts training.

However, he’s not always deathly serious and dangerous. In fact, his friends will tell you he’s actually somewhat talkative around them, and even has been known to crack jokes and laugh. He rarely will do this outside of a dearly trusted group, but if you become his friend, he’ll thaw out for you, showing the kind of person he might have been to others, funny, talkative, and just generally nice, though a bit of sarcasm can be thrown out.

Goals: To avenge his family’s death, and to kill whoever killed his sister, as slowly and painfully as he can.
--Other Info--

Weapons: A walking stick he can wield with great force, very skilled at martial arts as well, having trained for seven years.


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