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Pokémon Heroes: The Beginning (Sign Up Thread)


The RPG Godfather
Greywolf: Accepted.

D.O.P: Everyone will be in Sinnoh for the first RPG, we'll all be scattered around the Region but obviously we will meet up...well not everyone will but some will as others are attacked. My character will meet everyone else's so that he can mimic their powers.

Nirarekdan: Bookauthor already has grass sorry.

Everyone here is the accepted/reserved/pending.

Stabberz: Reteka Siroshima: Normal: Accepted.
greywolf: Seiko Zaitsev: Dragon: Accepted.
alteredegoX: Reid Syti: Water: Accepted.
Double-oh-Platypus: Thalia Jackson: Electric: Accepted.
Treespyro: Nikki Fleming: Ice: Accepted.
Shadowfaith: Miles Lachance: Ghost: Pending.
Zandgaia: Emerald Star: Fighting: Accepted.
Ashds: Jeff Steel: Steel: Accepted.
Robincool: ???: Rock: Reserved.
Silver Fang: ???: Dark: Reserved.
Bookauthor: Kiyoko Sanada: Grass: Accepted.
Nirarekdan: Elizabeth Jonys: Psychic: Accepted.
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Oh! My apologies! I didn't think I had seen that one when I read through. In that case, I'll have a slightly tweaked SU up before the day is out.


Name: Elizabeth Jonys

Gender: Female

Age: 23

Home Town: Pastoria City

Nationality: Johto

Nicknames: Eli, Jon, Pockets


Hair: Dirty blonde, kept in loose braid or in a tight, high ponytail

Eyes: A light, steel blue color that tends to brighten when she's intruiged or upset.

Skin Tone: She has fairly tanned skin, as she prefers to stay outdoors whenever she can.

Weight: 135

Height: 5'5"

Clothes: She is never seen without her kahki cargo pants, black combat boots, or pilot's jacket. She wears a wide variety of shirts, though she tends to stick towards shades of brown that she looks surprisingly good in. She can most often be seen wearing small amounts of bright greens or pinks (though the latter only in small amounts)

-Defying many trends of the day, she carries with her a pokegear into which she wired an mp3 player, multiple memory cards, and a small computer journal program. It still possesses the standard phone and map capabilities, but she uses them to a very limited extent.
-She carries with her a duffle-bag into which she can fit several changes of clothes, a sleeping bag, all her food supplies, and large stores of pokeballs. Some are occupied, some aren't.
-She has various different pieces of jewelry, all with significant meaning to herself in some way, shape, or form. Emerald pendant- her mothers', brings good luck and wealth; brass pocket watch- her grandmother's, who was intensely close to Eli; multiple silver rings with various stones laid into them- her own, each helps her focus on different things (aquamarine- passivity, open-mindedness; ruby- strength, courage; etc.)

Other: Anyone catching their first glimpse of her would probably think either they were hallucinating and seeing things out of their grandparents stories, seeing a ghost, or that Eli herself were just plain insane. She is of the psychic element, though, and so for a good long time she's believed that she was insane anyway.

Element: Psychic

--More Info--

Captain- A Skarmory that she found before leaving Johto
Feht- An Espeon that stays close to Eli, partly to keep her safe, partly to keep her power in check.

Gail (Mother)- Olivine City
Sean (Father)- Olivine City
Katie (Sister)- Olivine City

Love Interests: None

Skills and Hobbies: There are several things she's good at that she does, like tinkering, singing, sketching, and reasoning people into just about anything. She loves to program things, even if she's not very good at it, and usually does well with most things that she tries.

--Defining Info--

History: Eli's mother, Gail, was one of the many people working behind the scenes of the Kimono Girls dancing group. She helped dress them, put on their make up, and even filled in for them on multiple occassions. One night, when one of the girls was sick and Gail was filling in for her, a young man who worked on maintaining the Tin Tower saw her and felt a tug of intruige. After the show, the man approached Gail, introducing himself as Sean, and as they talked they realized that they had quite a bit in common. As time passed, their friendship became love, and before too long Eli was born. Strangely enough, her mother's Eevee evolved into an Espeon at about the same time. Thinking it a funny, though strange coincidence, nothing more, nothing less, the couple charged the Espeon with looking after their daughter. As the little girl grew up, she seemed fairly normal, though very intelligent. When only 5 she was already reading very well to her parents, though when her younger sister was born she withdrew into herself. Sadly, her parents hardly noticed her while taking care of the new arrival, as Kate tended to be very sickly, and always had to be watched. Instead of becoming troubled and depressed though, Eli took that as a chance to become more independant, and she always had her mother's Espeon to keep her company.

When Eli was 14, her younger sister was old enough to take care of herself and her parents noticed how adult their daughter already was, even though they tried to deny it. They treated her and her sister equally, and though the siblings fought over the smallest of things, they still got along quite well sometimes, treating each other more like close friends than siblings. Gradually though, Eli started growing apart from her family. She felt that something was not all right between herself and them, and she began going out on her own more and more. While around people, her thoughts and actions gradually began to seem more and more eccentric, and before long the girl would not go outside, but would sit in her room tinkering with random things lying around the house. Quiet often said tinkering would result in strange contraptions that sometimes worked, sometimes didn't, but would always get her strange looks and stares. Her parents tried many times to pull their daughter out of the strange rut she seemed to be in, but every attempt seemed to bounce off of her or be gracially denied. All the while, Feht the espeon stayed close to the girl, and occassionally the two seemed to talk to each other like old friends. Her parents of the sub-concsious inclination that humans were the only real sentient creatures on the planet, Eli was sent to a doctor to be checked for personality disorders or general insanity, but though most signs pointed to otherwise, she was deemed normal.

A few weeks later, Eli's father lost his job, and the family moved from their quiet community to Goldenrod, which offended the girl's senses to the extreme. Her strange traits seemed to multiply tenfold, though she always managed to make friends that cam e and went with the seasons. Eli found a job working at the daycare nearby, and the eldery couple who ran it began to treat her almost as one of their own grandchildren. She was good with the pokemon who came through with trainers, and after a few months began to want to train as well. The Espeon still remained at her side, and though neither she nor Eli told anyone, the two spoke on a regular basis. Over the years Eli had always wondered why the pokemon would speak with her, but no one else, and gradually began to understand that it was because there was indeed something very different about herself, and that the cat pokemon knew what it was. After a few attempts to trick the answer out of the feline, Eli decided she didn't quite want to know what was going on and decided instead that she would just keep on going like she always had.

Her life changed drastically, however, when her family's life was interupted by a streak of bad luck that bordered on a curse. Her father lost his job once again, and during his attempts to find another their home was robbed. Though her parents were suffering from depression on rather extreme levels, Eli still kept her chin up, somehow feeling that everything would be alright. After a rather long wait, Sean finally found another job, this time in Olivine City. On their way there, Eli came across a young Skarmory with a broken wing. As she couldn't quite make out what the creature was tryin to tell her, Feht acted as a sort of in-between and Eli and the Skarmory reached a sort of tentative understanding that the girl would help, not harm the bird, and the pokemon wouldn't try to kill her. Taking it with her to Olivine and to the pokemon center there, Eli helped fix up the poor bird's wing and even nursed it back to full health while her family settled in to their new home. After this, Eli decided that she wanted to travel and asked the other two pokemon to accompany her, though the Skarmory, now nicknamed Captain, took a bit of convincing before allowing himself to be contained in a pokeball. After that, the trio saved up as much money as they could and with fond farewells to her family, Eli travelled to the Sinnoh region to see if maybe there was a place for her there. Neither Feht nor Captain are ever in their pokeballs without good reason, otherwise free to explore or stay by Eli's side as they please. Quite often Eli can be seen sitting on Captain's back while they walk through tall grass, a long purple tail just barely visible in front or behind them amidst the green.

Personality: Eli usually comes off as eccentric or insane upon first meeting her, and after that it usually takes a few encounters to discover that she's really compassionate, funny, and has only one ot two screws loose rather than all of them. She has a passion for learning how to do things, though if she doesn't succeed right away she'll either set it down and do something else for a while or keep working at it nonstop, no food or sleep, until she has it down. Quite often subjecting herself to the latter, those around her usually have to remind her to eat before she passes out. She doesn't care much about her own well-being, more about those around her, and whenever someone is troubled they usually find speaking to her quite easy to do and usually find that they not only feel better after, but also know the solution to their own problems.

Goals: To find someplace where people don't think she's a nutcase.

--Other Info--

Weapons: Three small pocket knives, one long knife, a bow, several arrows made by hand.
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Changing Altitudes
Name: Kiyoko Sanada

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Hometown: Eterna City, Sinnoh

Nationality: Recently moved from New Bark Town in Kanto, then moved to Eterna City in Sinnoh

Nicknames: Kimi, Yoko

- -Appearance- -



As you can see, I kinda forgot somethings...One, the green individual is not even here....I forgot it...and the legs weren't part of the ORIGINAL sprite...I seems to slightly look like she's not completely facing you, and that is on purpose...

And DOH! I just remembered, I forgot the weapons...

Hair: Kiyoko’s hair is long, going down to about the end of her back and at both sides of her head are two ponytails, tied with a red ribbon on each end. Her hair being completely black, Kiyoko wanted a tab bit of individuality to it. So she has a single neon green band of hair streaking down the right side.

Eyes: Kiyoko’s eyes are just a simple black, they have a distinct slant to them going to a sort of outer slant. They have nothing too interesting about them other than the slight bit of darker tint they seem to have when in a bright light.

Skin Tone: Kiyoko’s skin is…well…just plain. By that saying, Kiyoko’s skin is a fair pinkish tone, her face is a sort of cherry blossom pink that would seem to illuminate when close up to her, she may have a bit of a darker tone towards the parts of her body that aren’t covered by clothing, due to her many outdoor activities in broad daylight.

Weight: 135 Pounds

Height: 5"4’

Clothes: Kiyoko wears her school uniform from the Trainer’s School she attends in Eterna City. The top part is a simple blouse with a green miniature scarf around her neck in place of a regular tie that the boys would wear. The skirt is a mix of a full green plaid with small red, brown and tannish lines. She has socks that stop just below the ankle with a small green ribbon on the tip, and she wears either brown prep shoes, or green sneakers respectively.

Accessories: Kiyoko sometimes has a green ribbon tied in the back of her hair when she’s at school, and even replaces the red bows that tie her ponytails the same color. She has a set of two green ball earrings at either tip of the earlobe, and she always wears arm bracelets that have funny faces or sayings on them (they are sometimes different colors then what she has on…)

- - More Info - -

Friends: Kiyoko has two best friends that she spends most of ALL her free time with. Alisa Donovan, a 17-year-old carefree teen that adores flashing around the clothes she wears out of school. She grooms herself to a point where she’d call it illegal, and she loves buying clothes with her father’s money. She is just your typical stereotype of how rich girls love to spend their money. However, Alisa does have more GOOD qualities to outweigh her flaws. Whenever someone is in need Alisa always goes out of her way to help, even with little thing, and ESPECIALLY if it involves money. She helps the sick, volunteers at local hospitals and stores, help the elderly with groceries etc. She loves helping others, but for some reason doesn’t realize that she always expects something at the end, be it a small tip or a dollar or two.

Kiyoko’s second friend is Lili Alexanderson, another 17-year-old friend who’s free time is spent competing in whatever sport or club she may be in. Strangely, it was her lack of fatigue that drew Kiyoko and Alisa to her.

They met while trying out for a new team the school had started, and Kiyoko gave up at about an hour into training. However, Lili stayed the whole day, working up and epic amount of sweat, and seemed to never stop, not even for a minute. While the other girls thought this to be a little show boaty, Kiyoko and Alisa were greatly impressed. After that day of training, they tried to talk to her to get to know her just a little bit better. Lili only replied with, "Sorry guys, I can’t. I have a Swim Meet to get to in about 10 minutes, so I REALLY have to hurry! Talk to me in school tomorrow, you’ll see me at lunch! J", then she ran off.

The next day at lunch, they sat and talked, Kiyoko breaking conversation. They noticed that after Try-Outs, Lili looked just as fine as the time she came in, where as Alisa and Kiyoko seemed tuckered out from the start. Lili only giggled and replied that it was just something about her that never seemed to slow down. She said she’s always doing SOMETHING but it never really got to her, she just did it and went on with her day. They later found out that even though Lili is pretty much in a major amount of the yearbook already, she STILL has a lot of free time, and only gets into clubs/sports/etc., just to find something to do with it.

Kiyoko, Alisa, and Lili have been friends ever since then…

Family: Kiyoko lives with her mother, Mrs. Umi Sanada; her father, Satoshi Sanada; older brother Kashi, and little brother and sister, the twins Yoki and Yuki. Her grandparents are deceased, died from natural causes, and her aunt and uncle live in the upper part of Kanto, but she see’s them almost all the time. She has a healthy relationship with the whole lot, but has problems with being the only sibling around to watch the youngest while her parents are out. Kashi is rarely home, seeing as he goes to a college in Johto, so it’s always up to her to stay and look after them. She would leave them by themselves, but she knows from experience with the two that twins can NEVER be trusted in the same place at the same time.

Love Interests: Kiyoko secretly has crushes on a few people at her school, that only Alisa and Lili know about. She likes a boy in her homeroom named Dylan Johnson, a boy in her Swim Class named Juri, and another named Tankamori, but she just calls him "Tank". A boy that she considers her "second brother" has a crush on her, a Mr. Jeremy Holmes. He’s one of her Male Best Friends, but he wants it to be a little more than that, even though he’s to shy to tell her.

Skills and Hobbies: Kiyoko is an EXPERT in chess, although she tells NO ONE but Alisa and Lili who know how embarrassing it is for her. They see nothing wrong with it, but she cringes up at the thought of someone finding out she likes it. Whenever she can she’ll play a game or two, but will down-talk it in public, saying how lame and nerdy it is.
Another one of her talents is that she is great at making clothing. She sews and knits and everything, but keeps the clothing in her closet, despite how much her friends tell her how cute and amazing they look.

A hobby that she wants to break is collecting Pokemon Plushies. She loves them, but thinks it’s sort of childish, so when asked about them, she’d say they were Yuki’s. Also, she has a habit of squinting at things seeing as she needs glasses, but she doesn’t want any so she tries to not do it around her parents and teachers…who would eventually TELL her parents if they ever found out.
--Defining Info—

History: Kiyoko was born Kiyoko Ami Sanada, a full name that she barely uses. She’s called by her nicknames so much, she usually forgets to correct others when they say Yoko or Kimi to her. When she’s in school her main priorities are getting out of homeroom as fast as possible, what’s for lunch, and afterwards, what’s for dinner. She does well in school, maintaining a good B+ average, but she has a slight tendency to roam off and do other things like focus on her crushes or worry about her clothes and things of that nature. She usually relies on her friends to steer her back on track with her studies, which she NEVER does without them, and she gets really attentive when she’s working too.

She was raised in Eterna City all her life, where she grew up with the protection, of her OVERPROTECTIVE, parents. Her older brother attended the same school as her until she was about 12, where he then moved on up to his college days. The Trainer’s School in Eterna teaches K-12 so she went there for almost all her life.

Seeing nothing to do at home for being so small or too young, she would try out for a few teams at her school, being turned down by them all due to her small height. Luckily, when she tried out for a sword fighting class, nothing lethal, she was a shoo-in and got her place as a starter for the Tournaments. Finally, the day came when she could practice with a real sword. Even though it was still non-lethal, fancy stuff, she would train by herself to use it to defend against bigger foes and enemies. She’s been training for about 6 years now, and sometimes, even allows her friends and family to observe her.

Personality: Kiyoko is a happy, loud, and witty person. Smart, sweet kind, and overall a rough-houser. She loves to fight in a sense, being that she only fights in classes or in training, almost NEVER having to fight outside of class as it is.

She is always smiling, and has a cute way of doing it as her dimples highlight the moment. She exudes a happy aura that you’d love to be around, but has a temper that could leave you frightened if you ever saw it. Her temper is sort of fiery, so it’s not unnatural to see her flare up before she snaps. If you think she can get loud when she’s happy, you’ll just have to see her mad, because it really is a side to her that’s rarely been seen.

Goals: Kiyoko really only has one goal of wanting to use her fighting skills for more than just flashy contests and Tournaments. She wants to see if she’s REALLY good or not, by fighting someone with her lethal skills.

--Other Info—

Weapons: Kiyoko carries around the holder for her wooden sword, and has a real sword that she has at home in her room. The wooden sword is decorated with silly faces and sayings, that she let her homeroom write on when she won her first tournament with it. She mainly uses martial arts, lethal and/or otherwise, even when she fights with her swords. She rarely EVER uses the real sword though..

As a sort of second hand weapon, Kiyoko is sometimes seen using sewing needles to poke at people that irritate her or that rubbed her the wrong way. Often, she uses the small sewing kit she has in her bookbag to help her with most situations…
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Changed a lot to make it easier

Name: Nikki Fleming

Gender: Female

Age: 22

Home Town: Resides in Lilycove City, Hoenn

Nationality: Nikki was born in Celedon City, Kanto

Nicknames: Nik, Princess and Jett


Hair: Nikki's hair colour is medium-dark brown and it is styled as her hair is really long up to her waist if you may, she ties it up as a ponytail even though her hair is extremely long or sometimes in formal occasions let out untied.

Eyes: The colour of Nikki's eyes are medium-lightish blue and she has long lashes as well to add to her facial features.

Skin Tone: Nikki is pretty light in skin tone however she is not pale, so close to it though.

Weight: Nikki weighs close to 58 kilograms

Height: Nikki is around 1.72 metres tall

Clothes: Nikki's clothing includes a dark violet-ish blue dress that is in a material that is satin to give it a flourish metallic look. She also wears black tights to her ankles wear after that is just the rest of her legs showing. She wears black heels just plain for footwear. However her attire is bound to change throughout time such as her main formal attire which is a purple Chiffon cocktail gown with Doriani Lilac evening closed toe shoes when she lets her hair go

Accessories: Nikki has a silver bracelet on her right wrist, she wears a pearl necklace and Ruby earings to which she is proud of.

Other: She has a very dramatic acting accent

--More Info--

Friends: Nikki has a lot of friends throughout time however in saying that she has a lot of acquaintances and very few best friends whom are Bianca, Bradley and Candice who respectively are a coordinator, a surfer/trainer and a Gym Leader.

Family: Mother: Tara Fleming nee' Waugh who is a former figure skater and currently a Pokemon Groomer.
Father: Pierce Fleming, former Gym Leader of Snowpoint City and current advisor of the Gym to Candice.
Proper Mother: Jennifer Moore, former fashion model, current designer who gave birth to Nikki after Pierce had a secret affair with.

Love Interests: Nikki is currently single however she did have a couple of previous relationships as normal girls do I suppose.

Skills and Hobbies: She is great at lying because of her acting skills, can play the Electric Guitar which means she is very well inclined in music and is a decent swimmer and athlete. She is great at making people look good by her beauty tips.

--Defining Info--

History: Pierce Fleming married Tara Waugh while he was a Gym leader at Snowpoint, they got married after 2 years together and a year and a half later while Tara was commentating at the annual event at Celedon City, she found out that her husband cheated on her with Jennifer Moore a model he met a while ago which caused them to fix up the marriage. A year later Jennifer gave birth to Nikki Fleming who was given up by Jennifer to Tara and Pierce. Her family lived at Celedon for a year after Pierce decided to take a sabbatical from his Gym Leader Job. While Nikki was growing up at Snowpoint, she had loved acting and music as well as Pokemon. So she was trained in figure skating when she was around 5-8 years old by Tara her mother. She met Candice as well in the same class while Candice was learning Ice Skating, when they immediately hit it off and became best friends while their were both growing up.

Nikki due to her great potential in the performing arts and music was given a scholarship when she was 15 to go to Lilycove City in Hoenn to study in a prestigious school of performing arts and music. She out of all the choices in music over there decided to go random and pick the electric guitar but put that as more of a hobby. While she studied at Lilycove, she met a surfer trainer called Bradley who taught Nikki how to surf which caused her when she nearly wiped out badly to freeze the wave causing her to notice her weird power which she has kept secret except for her three best friends which include Bianca who is a coordinator she met at Lilycove City who became including Bradley the Lilycove three performing music at clubs in their spare time. She has only one Pokemon which is an Delcatty which she caught when she was really young with the help of her mother. She was never told about her real mother, Jennifer.

Personality: Nikki is an egotistical aspiring actress with a very dramatic demeanor but is friendly with a lot of people. She loves to exaggerate everything about her and her lifestyle but she is very open minded as well as gives 100% in everything that she does with pure determination. Nikki is a very independant women, very educated and smart. She is very determined to succeed like her parents and likes to be very technical with her work and style and like most stereotypical girls love the most lavish things, craves attention by men and of course shopping. She loves music and acting and loves to do those things loud especially playing the electric guitar and the keyboard. She is very selective on the type of Pokemon she captures only if they meet her requirements making her fickle.

Goals: For her to be a world renowned actress and to be a mother.

--Other Info--

Weapons: None but she has dabbled into Aikido and Judo.

Power: Ice


The RPG Godfather

New List: Stabberz: Reteka Siroshima: Normal: Accepted.
greywolf: Seiko Zaitsev: Dragon: Accepted.
alteredegoX: Reid Syti: Water: Accepted.
Double-oh-Platypus: Thalia Jackson: Electric: Accepted.
Treespyro: Nikki Fleming: Ice: Accepted.
Shadowfaith: Miles Lachance: Ghost: Pending.
Zandgaia: Emerald Star: Fighting: Accepted.
Ashds: Jeff Steel: Steel: Accepted.
Robincool: ???: Rock: Reserved.
Silver Fang: ???: Dark: Reserved.
Bookauthor: Kiyoko Sanada: Grass: Accepted.
Nirarekdan: Elizabeth Jonys: Psychic: Accepted.

Oh and their are places left of Saturn, Mars and Jupiter....as in the admins.


The RPG Godfather
Accepted....only two more people left to finish their SU's.

We also need a minimum of three bad guys to accompany Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.

And on another note, some detail.

Just like last time it will be set into 5 parts.

1: Most people meeting, the first big fight against the bad guys...some injuries, discovery of powers etc.

2: The Boss is revealed and he starts trying to recruit more 'heroes' so as to use them to kill off all the others, some more fights...more gaining of power etc.

3:Some more stuff, all of it culminating in the battle at Pastoria...which is essential to the story and I will try not to god mod.

4: Mostly spent near the hopsital, the bad guys finally creating the formula so as to install powers in their troops.

5: Takes place a month later with everyone meeting up again and heading to Sunnyshore to fight the impossible battle... somewhere along the lines of fourteen against two hundred and seven, you know nothing to unfair.

And then it ends...the Sequel if we make it that far will follow shortly after.
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I'm contemplating Fire and ground... Haven't quite made my mind yet on which element I want to reserve on.

I'm also leaning towards flying.... Check that, I want to reserve Flying. Planning on doing my signup tomorrow.


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14 vs 207? well, add 93 to that and perhaps you've got a fair fight. Maybe. For we have something better than they, we have plot armor! Nothing shall stop us!


Eon Collector

Oh yeah, but then again, we had some god modding going on lol. And lots of jumping around with all the characters. Oops, I'm supposed to be working on my sign-up. I defiantly can't bring back Naida. :p


The RPG Godfather
This time around...it will be better, less god modding from everyone...(Mainly Me) I will need help with the Pastoria scene though, as Reteka has to be able to hold his own and nearly kill a few people...