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Pokémon Heroes: The Beginning (Sign Up Thread)


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Ladies and Gentlemen...its Reteka.

Stabberz: Reteka Siroshima: Normal: Accepted.
greywolf: Seiko Zaitsev: Dragon: Accepted.
alteredegoX: Reid Syti: Water: Accepted.
Double-oh-Platypus: Thalia Jackson: Electric: Accepted.
Treespyro: Nikki Fleming: Ice: Accepted.
Shadowfaith: Miles Lachance: Ghost: Accepted.
Zandgaia: Emerald Star: Fighting: Accepted.
Ashds: Jeff Steel: Steel: Accepted.
Bookauthor: Kiyoko Sanada: Grass: Accepted.
Nirarekdan: Elizabeth Jonys: Psychic: Accepted.
Slipomatic: ???: Flying: Reserved.

Robincool and Silver Fang have ignored me so their reservations are gone.


are all available.
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cool sprite. In any case, you have a specific date the RP will start by?


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I hope I did this good!!!

Name: Faral Alvost

Gender: Female

Age: 24

Home Town: Violet City

Nationality: Jhoto

Nicknames: Dodria or Soarer


Hair: Long, Black, and wavy hair. The hair comes down to should level. The bangs, however is short.

Eyes: Green

Skin Tone: Tan

Weight: 135

Height: 5’ 8”

Clothes: Brown sweatpants, white T-shirt with the emblem of a dodrio on the back of the T-shirt. Black running shoes reinforced with extra rubber on the bottom.

Accessories: black fingerless leather gloves with an emblem of dodrio on the back center of the gloves.

Other: She runs the Dodrio Ranch. She also hired a psychic person to train her in blocking her mind from psychic users in case someone attempted to attack using the mind side as the weak side.

--More Info--

Garem Verett – Dodrio Ranch Caretaker
Kolea Bresim – Dodrio Ranch Caretaker Assistant
Sweala Swan – Dodrio Ranch Assistant
Nurse Relom – Pokemon Center Nurse
Ekaro Grail – Pokemon Gym Leader

Kalem Alvost – Father (Deceased)
Arlea Alvost – Mother (Deceased)
Derila Alvost – Older brother

Love Interests: Single, looking for a normal person that isn’t afraid of who she is and what she can do. Also, the person must share the same passion she has for pokemon, specifically compassion on the pokemon and a fairly deep understanding on caring pokemon.

Skills and Hobbies: Pokemon First Aid (mostly on Bird type pokemon), Running, Training pokemon, Swimming, Combat. Reading books, Nature walks.

--Defining Info--

History: She was born in Violet City with her family. Her parents, working at the Dodrio Ranch didn’t have much time to raise her. At the age of five, she was helping her parents in the Dodrio Ranch. She often helped with feeding and kept the dodrios and doduos around their farm happy. Her parents did notice however, that the bird pokemon often calmed down quickly when the girl was around. It took longer if she wasn’t around. They thought her to be some kind of being that could share empathy with the pokemon. They didn’t bring it up to her, but continued their daily routines while raising her at the same time.

At the age of ten, her parents left along with her to visit her brother who she had never met. When she met him in Goldenrod City, in some office building, she took an instant liking into him even though he was seventeen years older than her. While there, her whole family spent some quality time in which she and her brother bonded real fast. She, along with her parents left a year later, having to go back and work at the Dodrio Ranch. Another ten years passed without incidence although she started taking interest in sword combat. Her parents, thinking it would keep her happy, got her a reverse blade katana. After giving her the lesson that she should use it only in self-defense, she started training on some straw dummies that were erected to give her targets.

Her innocent tranquility was shattered when she was at the age of 21. She was spending the night, along with her parents at a hotel on the fifth floor in Goldenrod City. She had gone to bed, thinking of the plans of tomorrow. As she was drifting off to sleep, she heard some commotions next door. Only when she heard the gun shot did she bolt off her bed with surprising speed. She threw her clothes back on and had belted her katana when she heard the door being broken in. She turned and saw several figures clad in black walking towards her. One of them walked closely to her and asked her, “Are you related to the couple next door?”

She made the stupid mistake of nodding and the guy grinned and said, “We have our target. Kill her.” They all started bringing their guns out. She looked behind her and only saw the glass door to the balcony and dashed towards it, ignoring their shouts. She shattered the glass with her katana and she took a blind jump, cursing as she fell from the hotel, five stories in the air. Something inside her triggered and she felt some wind pushing her up as she neared the ground, greatly slowing her falling speed to as if she jumped off the second floor. She tumbled into a roll and made a mad dash into the woods. Unknowingly, she was using agility to greatly increase her speed and by the time she stopped running to catch her breath, she was standing near the entrance of Azalea Town.

Shortly after realizing where she was did she start feeling massive pains in her legs. She screamed once and fainted from the pain. When she had woken up, she realized she was lying in a bed in the beds that usually pokemon are lain on. The nurse came in and told her that it was amazing as to how her legs were completely fine from all the running she had did and that she hadn’t sprained anything. She was warned to take it easy and she did, staying in the pokemon center for the rest of that day. She had called her brother’s number and didn’t receive an answer. Instead, she received a letter the next day from her brother, telling her to hide and hone her skills as she was a special person with special abilities of that of a flying pokemon. He left instructions on the letter encrypted, but it was easy as it was encrypted with things only she and her parents would know about.

She spent the next three years in that hiding spot, just outside of Violet City, honing her skills to a fine point. She was able to use her katana and make a slash motion and create a fine wind slash that left when she slashed. It could travel up to 40 yards before disappearing. She could also use her agility to run faster and not experience the muscle spasms that came if she used it for a while. Pleased with what she managed to learn, she secretly returned to her home at the Dodrio Ranch and resumed it, thankful that it hadn’t gone to ashes while she was hiding those three years.

She trains people interested in learning how to take care and raise doduos and dodrios. She was glad she had changed her hairstyle and clothing after the attempted assassination. She looked like someone else compared to what she looked like before the deaths of her parents. She now always has a dodrio who only obeys her and no one else around her. She doesn’t know why, but the dodrio would never listen to anyone but her when other caretakers tried to do their proper job.

She left it however, after receiving a mail from her brother to flee to Hearthome City. She packed up stuff, and said goodbye to her friends who seemed like a second family to her. She left a letter, telling the caretakers everything they needed to know to at least keep it running strong. With that she left at night and easily caught a boat prepared in advance to take her to Canalave City where she would travel to Hearthome City and stay there for a while.

Personality: Faral has a calm air around her when speaking to either pokemon or people. She will remain polite around the person she’s talking to if she knows if that person treats pokemon with respect. She doesn’t trust people until they can prove themselves in what she calls the dodriac test. Faral speaks bluntly on just about everything, seeing no need to be lie. She will act as a listener if you wish to talk to her, but she will give her piece of mind and may seem cold if it’s harsh. But, she has the intention those she talks to in good heart, that is if they aren’t selfish people. Faral will react often to impulses often and will often survey around her surroundings.

She has a tendency to withdraw from people however and tend to her pokemon. She is more of herself when around pokemon than around humans, but she strives to make the difference so small that only people who knew her for a long time could see through it.

Weapon: Reverse blade katana – When drawn, the blade that cuts is on the wrong side, meaning that the end facing towards you is the sharp end. The other end facing the ground or your opponent when lifted vertically is blunt and won’t pierce the skin.

Element: Flying

Goals: She plans on keeping her ranch from falling apart. She also will chew off anyone who insults her company. She also plans on getting revenge on those who killed her parents and are hunting her.

I had to fix that last goal.
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hello staberz im such an idiot i sent you a pm asking if i could join the rpg instead, lol.

Name: Dusk Shi

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Home Town: Hearthome City

Nationality: Johto

Nicknames: none


Hair: Black, emo cut.

Eyes: Pale Black eyes.

Skin Tone: Light tan

Weight: 55kgs

Height: 5ft

Clothes: A black robe jacket, with a plain white tee, long skinny jeans (black). He also has a plain black bag, and a pair of light black sleek sneakers.

Accessories: A tatoo on his back that says- Resurrectio

Other: no

--More Info--

Friends: None

Family: All dead except his brother who is a trainer in Sinnoh. He goes by the name of Light, and he and dusk dont have a very good relationship.

Love Interests: None.

Skills and Hobbies: Skills are staying in the shadows.

--Defining Info--

History: Well my character grew up with a loving family, mum, dad, and his brother light. Dusk didn't really care for pokemon until when he was 12 he got saved from a group of bandits by a Mismagius. The years went by and Dusk and Mismagius got stronger, however one day when Dusk was 15, there was a terrible housefire and his mother and father got killed, whilst dusk made it outside his brother Light, was trapped inside, so Mismagius went back in to save Light. Mismagius returned with Light levitating in the air beside her, and then all of a sudden, mismagius fainted, and unfortunatly couldnt be revived. However, Light was o.k, and dusk up till this day blames Light for Mismagius' death.

So whilst Light and Dusk went to live with an orphanage by the time Light was 18 (Dusk was 16), Light left his little brother all by himself, to become a pokemon trainer. Dusk just before his 17th birthday, ran away, from his orphanage in Olivine City, and boarded a ship to Sinnoh. After that Dusk, for a sly moment, thought of becoming a trainer himself, but was quickly dismissed because he found there to be no need. Even though, on his travels to Hearthome City, he captured an injured eevee, and took it to a pokemon center, once he heard eevee was better, he released it back into the wild, saying to the nurse "he have no need for any friends or companions". BY the time he had reached Hearthome City, he had turned 17, and stayed his nights at pokemon centers, or in jail as he had been caught stealing bread from the poke-mart. After his release from jail, he found 3 pokeballs on the ground, outside the police centre, un-aware if they had pokemon inside them or not, he shoved them in his bag, and continued his journey...

Personality: He is very quiet. He doesn't really like to talk about his past, and even tells people fake identities, to stop them finding out the 'truth'. However, when he mets with his brother (which is quite a rare occasion) he is very stingy, and talks in a complete contrast to what ever Light Says. He speaks to girls like they were boys, showing no signs of infuatuation, or nervousness around them.

Goals: He only lives for 2 things. to find out how the fire got started, and to seek revenge on his brother.

--Other Info--

After he left eevee at the pokemon center, it had evolved into an umbreon, and since Dusk left, it has been looking for him.

Element: DARK
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May I have rock? I should be able to get my profile up very soon.

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hmm, do you mind if i try again then? (if so ill edit my other post)

EDIT- Actually nvm, i'm going to use this rejection as experience, hf with the rpg.
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Name: Alice Wilson

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Home Town: Born in NewBark

Nationality: Johto

Nicknames: Alice


Hair: Alice's beautiful golden hair has just a small hint of red mixed in, mostly on the ends. Her thick hair is extremely long, it flows in elegant waves down to her knees, curling at the end.

Eyes: Alice's large, dark brown eyes, are perfectly framed by thick black lashes. When in comparison to her fair hair and skin, stand out even more so.

Skin Tone: Very fair.

Weight: 120 pounds.

Height: 5'8"

Clothes: Alice is like a freaking supermodel, the moment she walks into a room, your self esteem will plumit. All of her clothing shows off her figure while still being quite moral. She refuses to wear shirts that show her stomach, and shorts/skirts that are too short. She most commonly wears a dark red tank top with a dark jean jacket where the sleeves end at the elbow, with brown lining and a red patch up on the right shoulder. Along with that she wears a pair of skinny jeans, and over those are dark brown boots, which lace all the way down in the front with white laces. The boots also have a durable one-inch thick heel which, contrary to popular opinion, is easy to walk around on.

Accessories: Alice wears a pair of simple, dark brown fingerless gloves that go up to her mid-forearm. Also she wears a brown side bag around her waist, lined with red string and there are several smiley face stickers around the front of it.


--More Info--

Friends: Alice usually makes friends while she travels

Family: Mother (Alive)
Brother (Alive)
Father (Alive)
Brody (Alive)
Best friend Ashley (not so much alive.)

Love Interests: None at the moment.

Skills and Hobbies: Fashion designing, drawing, singing, dancing, acting like a total dork and annoying people, etc.

--Defining Info--

History: Alice grew up in a loving family, she never got into trouble, and pretty much had an easy life. At age 14, she decided to go to be a pokemon trainer, so she and her friend Ashley decided they would travel together, seeing as neither of them wanted to go alone. Though a few weeks before they were going to leave, a tornado hit, knocking down two houses and destroying the roof of the movie theater. Alice at first was relieved that there wasn't too much damage, until she found out the next day that Ashley had gotten caught in the tornado from leaving the movie theater, and was running for the ditch when she was hit in the back of the head with a tree trunk, killing her.

After attending Ashley's funeral, Alice vowed never to go on a pokemon journey with anyone, but it still took her two years to bring herself to actually start traveling.

A year after Ashley's death, Alice was given her first pokemon, a vulpix. Alice quickly moved out of her depression state and became herself again as she, in memory of her, named it Ashley. A year later she started on her journey, still afraid to travel with anyone. She was afraid at first, because frankly she had no idea what she was doing. Though the road got easier as time went on.

She met a lot of people along the way, including one interesting boy named Brody. He showed no interest in her, unlike most, and had one of the greatest senses of humor she had ever heard. He was sarcastic, and hyper observant, pretending he was psychic by pointing out things about peoples' personalities by the stuff they carried with them. Though he would never admit to being psychic, or not being psychic, if you would ask him he'd say, "Of course I'm not psychic," then he would put his hand to his head, placing his index and middle finger to his temple and raise one eyebrow, then say, "Now, I'm psychic."

After a ton of consideration, they decided to travel together, seeing as they were going to the same place. They traveled through Kanto and Hoenn, finally splitting ways when she decided to go to Sinnoh at age 18, she asked him why he wouldn't go, and he just stated that none of the pokemon there were of any interest to him, besides Buizel, but he had already captured one.

By the time she returned home to visit, she had a team of pokemon that consisted of a Dewgong, Kirlia (accidentally caught, when she tripped over a rock), Mawile, and a Vulpix. They were all strong, Alice was very picky on what pokemon she would get.

On her 19 birthday, she left for Sinnoh, continuing her journey...

Personality: Alice is very unique, in fact, her worst fear is being like other people. She maintains a personality so insane and random that no one would ever think of acting like that. She's highly critical, and she often finds herself judging people, even when she doesn't mean to. She open minded, and constantly trying new things with an optimistic attitude. She can be childish sometimes, acting like a idiot no matter who's staring at her. Though she still has the ability to be serious when it's needed.
She's never cared for her looks in the sense that it's the top priority, even though she looks like she spends hours everyday just on her hair, and she has a great taste for fashion, she loves making new cloths and designing them, but sometimes will judge other people accidentally, so she usually keeps her comments to herself.
She's a good shoulder to cry on, she has a deep understanding on how people feel even though she's never experienced it herself. She's almost always happy, in tune with nature and life, able to find even the smallest glimmers of hope.

Goals: To make the most out of life.

--Other Info--

Weapons: Alice isn't the biggest fan of violence, so she feels no need for weapons.

Power: Rock
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After much thought... I decided I really liked the last one so I made a new character to play and he has the bug power like my last character.

Name: Jade Sweeter

Gender: Male

Age: Sixteen

Home Town: Floaroma Town

Nationality: Sinnoh

Nicknames: Buzz, Bug Boy or BB, and there is the ever popular ones: Freak and Weirdo.


Hair: Short and golden locks though the roots and a few strands are absolutely dark color making him a dirty blonde. His bangs are long and cover his eyes while in the back the thick hair doesn’t go below his the top of his neck. His hair has a bit of a shine but it you were to touch it you would notice the sticky and greasy feel of it.

Eyes: His eyes are red, the color of blood. They don’t show his emotions all that well even if they are seen from under his bangs. Occasionally when light hits his uncovered eyes at that certain angle they glow deep and demonic crimson that often frightens people.

Skin Tone: His very light skin is on the line of being pale; it doesn’t tan well so he ends up with sunburns more than anything else. There are many scars on him that he tries to hide though the ones that are mostly to be seen are the ones on his hands and the one on his face. His worst scar is a big rather circular oval mark on his cheek just below his right eye. Even though it is old and it has healed a scarred mark remains.

Weight: One hundred and seventeen pounds

Height: Five feet and seven inches tall

Clothes: Jade wears a long sleeve black and yellow striped shirt; it seem to fit on his thin built quite snuggle. The sleeve just goes over his wrist a bit and the bottom of the clothing barely overlaps his jeans. His jeans are black with white stitches going down the side pant leg and around the pockets. They show off his slender long legs; and stops a little short of ankles. Golden socks can be seen in the little area between the end of the pants leg and the navy blue and white running shoes. The shoes have with the wings of a Ninjask on the sides and bottom rubber soles and instead of laces it has Velcro straps. The footwear is in pretty good condition only having little scuffs and dirt near the bottom of them.

Accessories: Sixteen years-old wears a black scarf that goes down to his waist. Occasionally he hides the bottom of his face into it. He also has a matching pair of gloves that come on and off frequently.

Other: If you ever see him without his clothes you will see dozens and dozens of scars all over his body. Also from time to time you might see him with sunburns.

--More Info--

Friends: Other humans considers him as a weirdo or creepy and don’t communicate with him, though he has many friends with bug pokemon. His best friends are a Shuckle called Berry and a Yanmega called Omega. They are the only two pokemon he owns but he is tends to be followed by other bug-types.

Family: He has both of his parents, Michelle and Magnus, who are alive and healthy; he also has a younger brother, Mint, who is only three years-old.

Love Interests: Had a crush in this one person he saw that moved away and other girl he saw falling from a building. They were more like interests more than infatuation but those people stuck strongly in his mind even though he never spoke to them.

Skills and Hobbies: He is extremely observant noticing little and subtle details. The boy can make very good pokemon sound imitations especially those of bug-type. Being able to cook is other of his skills/hobbies even though he specializes in pokemon food and treats such as pokeblocks and poffins. He also has a talent in music, and can easily learn how to use musical instruments but often prefers to use his harmonica or just humming. When he is alone or thinks he is, he sings in a gentle voice to pokemon around him.

--Defining Info--

History: Born under a sweet-smelling Honey Tree north of Floaroma Town as his mother was bathe under the silvery light of an evolving bug pokemon; that is how Jade was born prematurely. After some care and hospitalization to determine if his early birth had affected his health he was dispatched like every other healthy infant. Though there always been something a tab peculiar of the boy, one was the crimson color eyes which no one in the parents’ family tree had ever had and other was the odd attraction bug type had to him. The kid’s parents worried for his well-being and prayed for the best for their son.

They moved to Goldenrod City, Johto when Jade was only three for a better job offers. His dad a technician for the Radio Station there while his mom worked part-time at the large pokemart place there. As years went by his mom and dad began to notice that in daycare and eventually kindergarten that Jade wasn’t interacting with other kids, preferring to just sit alone or play with bug pokemon. They arranged play dates and brought him to many places with lots of kids but both attempts ended in failure. And unknown to them the little kindergartner was being bullied by his peers.

He hid that fact from his mom and dad until he was badly injured in a bullying incident and it came to their attention. He still bares scars from that day the worst one is the one on his cheek below his right eye. Out of worry from their child they withdraw him from public school when he was nine years old. From then on he was home schooled, and the rift between him and other non-family members grew vast. He eventually realized that he was unable to speak to other people and relate to them normally thus they saw him as creepy bug lover with menacing red eyes. He spent much of his free time playing with pokemon as well as ‘watching’ normal people which only freaked people out more.

When he was thirteen a shooting incident shattered the tranquility of his and everyone life in Goldenrod City. After it happened his parents quickly fled back to the Sinnoh Region, his mom pregnant with her second child. From there on they lived a quiet life back into the town which Jade was born in. The blonde and his younger brother named Mint, never really bonded; Mint seem absolutely scared of his brother. This made the red-eyed bug boy want to be less frightening and tried to get along with other people. Thus he left on a pokemon journey in hopes to accomplish that want.

Personality: Jade is a quiet boy but he’s not naturally silent person. The reason for his lack of words is the fact he doesn’t know what to say most of the time, because of that when he does speak it’s like he speaking to a pokemon. Even though he doesn’t stutter, you can still hear the uncertainty and nervousness in his voice when he talks. Due to his nervousness he often speaks in short fragments sentences like a little kid. He’s often trying to be liked through food offerings and helpful activities; though his intentions aren’t bad people tend to think he’s up to something. He a bit like water, giving off a calming and soothing feel for most and always tries to take the path of least resistance, of least conflict whenever possible. Although when he has no other options he does his absolute best whether it is fighting or another difficult task. He wants to be friends with everyone but he has a hard time putting his faith in people.

Most of his face is hidden under his long bangs thus making it hard to read his emotions though if you can read Jade’s body language, it isn’t too difficult to determine his feelings. He is rarely angry, words that are meant to anger him often just makes him really sad. Even through the sorrow he still manages to speak in the same tone of voice, so he is not to be pitied by others. Making him furious rather than his normal sadness there are few things, though major one is hurting or insulting his pokemon friends. His language becomes quite snappy and the aggressiveness is very obvious even with the short sentences he normally uses. Jade also let out growls and hisses to show his rage. Overall he just a teen that doesn’t have much experience in normal communication skills.

Goals: To be better at communicating with other people without seeming so out of place or strange. Also to be less scary so that maybe his little brother won’t be so afraid of him.

--Other Info--

Weapons: A simple wooden Bo Staff though he likes just twirling it around more than anything else rather than fighting with it. He also has his pokemon to use for fighting purposes but he doesn’t really consider them as weapons.

Element: Bug

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I realize that you have already started and all, but is there any possible way I can reserve Saturn? I can probably finish the sign up really soon.

If I can Reserve saturn, what would I do for the personality? Would I make up a completely new one or just try to go by the book as much as possible and of course if that's the case which book? (Anime, Manga, ect.)

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Since things like history and Birthplace aren't ever mentioned in the Anime/Manga is it okay if I make a lot of Saturn's sign up sheet up?

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Okay I finished, If there's anything I put down that may go against the plot tell me and I'll fix it the best I can.

EDIT: Oh and also can I use the pokemon from The Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Adventure Manga? He has more than three pokemon in that Manga and I thought that might be nice? (The manga With Hareta and Mitsumi)

Sign Up.

Name: Saturn

Gender: Male (has been confused for being female once or twice)

Age: 19

Home Town: Eterna city

Nationality: Japanese-ish?

Nicknames: Dark Twilight Admin and Mr. Saturn sir, but that’s strictly formal


Hair: Saturn’s hair is an unsaturated blue. It curves up into an arc creating a kind of a half circle out of two spikes.

Eyes: his eyes are the same color as his hair, deep blue.

Skin Tone: Pale, little exposure to the sun.

Weight: 140lb

Height: 5’6

Clothes: Saturn wear his own customized version of the Team Galactic uniform that has been changed to meet Team Dark Twilight’s theme. He has the usual long sleeved shirt now with a black torso, his sleeves are black with the usual loops running up and down it and the Dark Twilight logo is placed on a darker black strip of his uniform that runs down the center of the shirt. The black strip stops half way down before it can intercept three parallel lines that run around his waist. His pants are black and not clingy like the average Team Galactic grunt uniform. It is divided into sections by thin rings that run parallel to each other down the legs. His shoes are a simple black with a few streaks of gray running from side to side. Sometimes you can even see him wearing a full body cloak with a hood that

Accessories: nope, not that I can think of.

Other: …

--More Info--

Friends: Most of his life has been dedicated to Team Galactic and now Dark Twilight so he has seen other people as more of obstacles or tools rather than friends.

Family: Possible unknown father and mother, maybe a brother or sister. He isn’t sure.

Love Interests: none so far

Skills and Hobbies:

--Defining Info--

History: Saturn can barely remember his past. A mother, whose face he can’t remember, raised him while his father and possibly older siblings worked to keep the family in good shape. He never had a very good relationship with his family. He fought back, argued, and mouthed off to his parents when they asked him to do something. If they began to tell him how he was misbehaving he would simply leave the house. Every time he left he would escape to the giant statue of the Sinnoh legendary Dialga/Palkia and stay there till he had vented off his steam and then return home. This went on until he was 15 and when he ran off one day he met a mysterious man observing the statue.

Saturn struck up a conversation with the man and learned that he was about twenty at the time and his name was Cyrus. He was absolutely obsessed with the time and space legendaries and was researching if their power could be harnessed in any way. Cyrus told him about team Galactic and how he was looking for recruits.

It didn’t take Saturn long to ask to join. When Cyrus accepted Saturn began to train under Team Galactic leaving his family without a note presuming him dead.

He grew up for the next part of his life training with Team Galactic. He tried hard and rose to be one of the top Admin. He wasn’t very good at following orders and when he blew up the galactic bomb with out consent from Cyrus he was almost demoted (Manga).

During the battle at spear pillar, Saturn wasn’t present and he instead was left to take care of the Team Galactic Head quarters. This might have also been a punishment for him loosing to a group of three young trainers that had tried to rescue Azelf from him and Mespirit and Uxie from the other commanders.

When Cyrus returned defeated, the remainder of team Galactic was to small and weak to carry on. So they struck some kind of a deal and created Team Dark Twilight. A few weeks later Cyrus went missing and Saturn went into a mini depression over his loss of a leader. However, he was later asked to become a high-ranking Commander for Team Dark Twilight, he pulled himself together and accepted.

Personality: Saturn is rather cocky and has defiantly been seen as a know it all, he smart mouths off to people. He has maybe too much pride, if he starts something he needs to finish it off, but that might just be Cyrus’s influence on Saturn. Though he’s cocky he’s a careful battler though he makes it seem he’s rushing Saturn always thinks ahead planning the next steps even if they don’t even come into play. He knows his Pokémon like the back of his hand, but his relationship with them is poor. He views them as tools rather than actual scented creatures if they give in to the opponent he will punish them for being soft.

When fighting with him you might only breach his surface emotions, but if the battle goes on long enough you can start to see his temper and ruthlessness. He’s not afraid to hurt the actual trainer if it means winning the battle, he calls it good strategy rather than cheating.

The grunts under his command hold him in high regard for his fighting skills. Saturn answers to no one now except the new leader of Dark Twilight. People who believe that Saturn is a strong trainer may be extremely discouraged when they see him cower before The Dark Twilight leader. Saturn considers himself nothing with out the influence of Team Galactic and owes everything he is now to Master Cyrus’s strict teaching and upbringing. Whatever Master Cyrus wanted at the time it was Saturn’s new goal to help him get it even though you could say that he did it on his own agenda. When Cyrus disappeared Saturn went into a small depression, but when he realized that he could become a commander in the new Team Dark Twilight he stepped up to the position.

Saturn has never known any of the warm fuzzy emotions like happiness, joy, or love, he equates watching others suffering and sadness to these emotions. He does enjoy torturing people to an extent.

Goals: To become higher than all the other commanders and have one of the first blood transfusions from the Pokémon children’s blood.

Weapons: Saturn carries around a small concealable handgun. He’s not too keen on using it, but he does need to at times.

Element: He later hopes to have the Ground Element injected into him.
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Okay, If you say so.