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Pokémon Heroes: The Beginning (Sign Up Thread)


PMD with fifth gen..
Hmm... so are there any left?


PMD with fifth gen..
Sorry for da double post @_@
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May I sign up as the dark character? Are you still allowing people to join? I hope so, I need a new RP :p Anyway, if you accept, I won't be able to start until next monday, as I'm swamped with work >_<

Name: Umbrel

Gender: Female

Age: Seventeen

Home Town: Nomadic, though originally from Johto, Blackthorn, to be specific.

Nationality: Which country do they come from.

Nicknames: n/a


Hair: Umbrel's hair is long, falling limply to her knees. It's colored a deep, dark purple, and streaked with black strand. Her bangs fram her face, with a two long strands that fall over her face. Her hair is always loose; long and straight, and bobs gently as she moves. She has a habit of constantly blowing the two strands over her face from obscuring her eyes.

Eyes: Her eyes are a sold purple (not including whites), a color resembling her hair, but much more intense. When she exerts her powers, they turn into solid black discs, menacing and cold.

Skin Tone: Unearthly pale, resembling a dull white.

Weight: 119 lbs (is this light? She's supposed to be rather scrawny)

Height: 6' 1" (she's tall, and very slim)

Clothes: She wears a long, black, sleeved coat with large, round black buttons, buttoned to the waist, that reaches her ankles (splits at the waist). The coat has a hood that she commonly erects to move about undetected. Where the coat split, she wears a skirt that reaches about three inches above her knees. From the skirt, black and purple leggings stretch to her knees, where large, black boots with tall sole and silver straps obscure the remainder of her legs. Her hands are concealed by tight fitting white gloves, and three thick silver bands with dark Unkown engravings jingle on each wrist (3 per wrist.) At her breast, an onyx black amulet hangs on a thick leather band, the charm is in the shape of a pudgy black crescent moon with sharp ends that curl inwards, upturned so the points of the moon face upward. She also sports a mysteriously fitting purple granite choker with no clasp. The choker was on her from birth, and grew as she grew to fit Her final accessory is a simple silver cloth band hanging around her waist, carrying a single pouch for pokeballs and trinkets.

Accessories: ...already answered above.

Other: n/a

--More Info--

Friends: none, currently, she is a nomadic resident of Sinnoh, and her only true friends are her pokemon. She once had a brother, but he too had abilities of Pokemon, and was captured by Dark Twilight long ago. his name was Lunem.

Family: Umbrel's father is a large head in Dark Twilight, and when Umbrel was born, her powers were quite obvious, as she arrived shrouded in a dark aura with eyes of unearthly black, a purple stone choker around her kneck, and skin paler than mundane. Recognizing her for what she was, he attacked her. Her mother managed to save her, at the cost of her life, and as her mother took the final blow, a nurse was able to nab her away. Her brother didn't arrive so obviously, he was much more normal, and he was able to pass off as normal until this day. When the nurse saved Umbrel, she was handed to her brother, and they fled.

Love Interests: none

Skills and Hobbies: She has a knack for healing through many means, be it herbs, potions, etc. She is also very talented in handling an engraved knife she keeps tucked away in her jacket. She can move with perfect stealth, and can only be detected when she feels it necessary. Because of this, and her nomadic nature, she is very capable of surviving in the wilderness. She can also communicate with her pokemon, only ones she's befriended.

--Defining Info--

History: Somewhat done already. They fled the their home, bringing only their necessary items and their pokemon. (She was born as the nurse's, (nurse who saved her) pupitar evolved into a tyrnaitar (shiny), and the nurse entrusted lunes with the Tyranitar for safety) After her brother and she ran away, they headed for goldenrod(?) city, where they used her father's stolen Pokemon League idea to catch a ride to Kanto. Lunes had connections with Professor Oak, and in hopes of getting as far from their father as possible, Oak helped them flee to Sinnoh. After living here for thirteen years, in a quiet inn in Canalave city, Dark Twilight arrived, managing to steal her brother away. She again fled her home, this time making a bee line for the bustling city of Jubilife, where she stayed in the booming PokeCenter (she needed concealment, and Canalave is rather small). After two nights, Dark Twilight again found her, and she only escaped through means of Nurse Joy's help, who led her out via secret underground tunnel. Reasoning that she was no longer safe anywhere with people, she fled to the wilderness.

Personality: Close to her friends, far from everyone else. If she knows you, she will never hesitate to show her opinion; she is strong willed, corageous, and judicious, sometimes too much so. otherwise she is very reserved, and tries to stay away from people, fearing that a relationship will end in sadness, as her family did. SHe is nice though, and always willing to help out other's. Sly and witty, she survives on her knack for strategy and stealth.

Goals: She wants to defeat Dark Twilight. This is her sole purpose. She stows away in the forest, planning and plotting.

--Other Info--

Weapons: A knife. Engraved with more unkown symbols and her trademark upturned black moon on the hilt. It is forged of obsidian, and is very light. She can pull it from her jacket with utmost skill and precision.

Pokemon: Tyrannitar, Absol, Drapion, Umbreon, Gengar, and Ninetales
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