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Pokémon! I Choose You (001)


the ending scene of this episode will always be one of my all-time favorites.

Satoshi seeing the rainbow and Houou soaring right by it during this episode's conclusion is my personal favorite scene from the whole Kanto saga. It was so symbolic, and Pikachu licking Satoshi's cheek after he electrocuted the flock of Onisuzume was adorable, too.


It always makes me laugh when I remember how Ash woke up late. You'd think his mom would've woken him up and that way he would've chosen a different Starter Pokemon.

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Ash and the Lightning is always immortalized and remembered with a Pikachu binding experience, leaping up after those Spearow, and delivering a shocking blow to their cloud of danger and devilry.

Ho-Oh is the most beautiful and personified of all Pokemon, a rare sight to capture quite immediately and readily, a good luck look off into the distance with many surprises and adventures awaiting Ash's arrival.


This was such a classic episode, which is why I love it so much. :p I think the initial relationship between Ash and Pikachu is awesome and cute, and I admire the creativity that went behind making the episode. One of my favorite aspects of it as well is how it captures the essence of human nature, such as Gary being popular, Ash's reaction, Ash's mom worrying etc.

Gary was the only downside since he was simply here to be condescending to Ash. He added nothing else to the episode.


One of my favorite aspects of it as well is how it captures the essence of human nature, such as Gary being popular, Ash's reaction, Ash's mom worrying etc.

Shigeru's popularity with Masara Town's citizens here was likely due to his grandfather's fame, and I just wish that Shigeru had revealed what his Starter was here.


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I never did get why Oak would only advertise 3 Pokemon if he knew there would be 4 trainers...like what? You know one of the four is going to luck out and have to take your disobedient Pikachu. I think Pokemon Yellow recognizes this plot hole and that's why they eliminated the Red/Blue starters from Oak's lab and instead having Oak give the player character a freshly caught Pikachu after the rival swipes the Eevee that was suppose to be given to him.

This whole episode is okay other than the premise being stupid as I mentioned above. I really loved that piece of music that played when Ash stands in front of the Spearows and then Pikachu jumps in with a super thundershock. Was very disappointed the I Choose You movie didn't use it in its corresponding scene.
I saw this episode the other day and I hadn't seen it in a long time and it was funny how the Pokedex insulted Ash and Ash almost getting Pikachu killed made him seem so clueless.


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So I decided to go and watch every episode of the Indigo League (might do the Orange Islands too but the show really lost me at Johto so if I go past the Orange League I'll be skipping around a lot of episodes)

Going back and watching the first episode of any show is always fun just because the writers and actors are still figuring things out. For example Veronica Taylor uses a much deeper voice than she would be late Indigo League era Pokemon. Not sure which I prefer from Miss Taylor but either/or the voice is freakin music to my ears after having to hear the awful awful replacement voice from PUSA. We also have weird pronunciation of Pokemon from the actors that later gets dropped and Gary and Ash acting like they just met even though we later find out that's not the case. The Kanto starters in their cameos don't say their names either. Bulbasaur makes a generic cry that kind of sounds like an update from the video game cry and Charmander and Squirtle just make noises.

Interestingly enough we won't find out Gary's starter until much much later (like in the silver conference arc in Johto) we eventually find out that his starter was Squirtle which is backed by science as the best Kanto starter. So Gary's claim that he got the best starter has some basis in actual fact.

Also interesting is that Ash's choices in order were Squirtle, Bulbasuar, and then Charmander in that order.

The episode itself is fine does a pretty good job introducing viewers to this strange world and fans who started with the video games no doubt got a kick of the opening emulating the beginning of the video games and the anime using an update of the score. It would have been nice to know why Pikachu doesn't like Ash or its Poke ball but there's only so much you can do in 22 minutes and the writers definitely wanted them to be friends before the first episode was over. I'm just really glad Brock, Misty, and Team Rocket all got added because Ash is pretty dull on his own and works better with Misty pressing his buttons or playing off the other characters.

I'm giving this episode a B because it does its job rather well but suffers from some of that first episode problems that will plague any show and some ideas were under developed.


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A great starting episode. Gary was annoying, and so was Pikachu when he zapped the entire crowd after Delia called him weird. Misty clearly was very strong physically considering the fact she easily pulled up Ash along with Pikachu. I loved how Ash shielded Pikachu from the Spearow flock and his speech to the bird Pokemon. Ho-oh's appearance in the end was mysterious.
Aw man this episode makes me nostalgic especially the Gengar vs Nidorino match up which I've always thought was Agatha vs Bruno. That said, I enjoyed the scene where Ash was dreaming of his starter Pokemon and it's fun to imagine him with Squirtle although as we know now Gary got it instead. Pikachu's bad attitude was the only fault in this episode.


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It still my favorite part of the main os episodes.....the translation from video games op of Gengar vs Nidorino is still best part of the episode and in my series novel i would like to keep to true of that even if i did change few thing such Satoshi own Poilwrath at start and his mama talk to him about his father (it come from Shudõ novelization ) Shigeur stay bit longer (getting his eevee as his starter) and walk alone on his path toward his goal without his stupid girlfriends crap and red car and mention of my blue in as well and Satoshi fought and catch fearow with help of his pikachu and Poilwrath.
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I did like the episode and it was a good way of showing that the Pokémon you are given at the start of your journey have their own unique personalities and may not like the idea of you train8ng it but eventually something will happen that cause you to form a special and unique bond with one another. Plus the D3x calling Ash out on his stupidity on its own was hilarious.


PorcelainVulpix said:
I still can’t get over the fact that Ash tried using his pj’s to catch a Pidgey.

It showed how resourceful he was at least. He had just left his home, so he didn't have that many ways of getting the bird other than to use his Monster Balls, which wouldn't have worked well since he couldn't weaken the wild Poppo given Pikachu's disobedience.


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I still can’t get over the fact that Ash tried using his pj’s to catch a Pidgey.
It's ok. He was a noob when he started his journey. Besides, I find it common for people irl doing silly/dumb things when they started to deal with unfamiliar environments without any experiences before.