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Pokémon! I Choose You (001)

My favourite scene was when Ash and Pikachu were walking slowly towards Viridian City on the horizon after the Spearow attack and they get to see that mysterious golden-coloured flying Pokemon flying over the rainbow in the sky. We now know that it was actually a Ho-Oh which was one of the main Legendaries from Johto, but I I remembered being confused because it wasn't on my original poster of all 150 Pokemon at the time. 9/10

Rock Captain 99

Following the dreams!!
And we will see it again, from Pikachu's point of view!!


Pokémon Master (Kinda)
You mean SS001? I liked the way this episode handled the beginning of the series unlike the newer episode that tried to show us more of Pikachu's origin. I thought Ash's point of view was better than seeing things from Pikachu's POV.
He means the first episode of the new series


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Well, after watching a video about reviewing all the Pokémon episodes in 10 words or less, I decided to do the same myself, when the discussion about some episodes returns in its respective thread.

"The iconic start of Ash's eternal journey"
Episode: 8/10


Kaleido Star FOREVER in my heart <3
Ah, this episode brings back memories when the storyline wasn't repetive and they're wasn't any bad animation team. This episode makes me miss the original artwork, the original artwork was much better than the art that Pocket Monsters Advance Generation had. It was hilarious when Satoshi was late and went to the lab with PJ's and when kasumi slapped Satoshi. The part where Satoshi was defending Pikachu from the Spearow really showed how much Satoshi cares about Pokemon.

I give it 10/10 since it was the episode that started it all and it was nicely balanced.
I wonder what this user would have said about the eww artwork of SM then..


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Thought as a way to celebrate and also be prepared for the end, I'm watching some old Pokémon episodes each week before the 11 episode finale featuring some classic Ash and Pikachu moments.

And what better way to start than with the first episode of course?

There's a reason the first episode is considered iconic - so much stuff going on such as Ash and Pikachu's first meeting, the intro of Misty, Gary Oak, Delia and Professor Oak, the iconic Spearow chase sequence and as a Brucie Bonus - the first ever appearance of Ho-Oh long before the game it was in was ever released.

It's all great stuff that sets the tone for what's to come.