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Pokémon IS going to be Recasted...-_-;

Discussion in 'Pokémon Animé Discussion' started by MidnightScott, Mar 21, 2006.

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  1. gregjammer

    gregjammer Feather Trainer

    That reminds me:

    Before the bump rule takes effect(which is not the purpose for me posting here now, because that would be against the rules here), I want to say this about pointless edits and errors that could've been fixed before the Episode was aired, but were aired anyway:

    Is all the errors I'm seeing in numerous paper versions of Pokemon episodes(aka Bulbapadia describing what they see on episodes of Pokemon) plus the Japanese Pokemon soundtrack not showing up on the post-syndi-saga(a.k.a. Pokemon after the "March of the Exeggutor Squad" episode that was the last one to show on UPN before Kids' WB! picked it up on Feburary 13, 1999(which occured 7 years, 4 months, and almost 17 days ago) w/ Episode 44 of Pokemon(a.k.a. "The Problem w/ Paras")) of the Pokemon TV show a sign of what's yet to come? I would like some of the original music intact, but I don't care if it's altered, as long as you don't have the policy of erasing anything Japanese like 4Kids does to One Piece. But back on topic, first it was 4Kids that was sloppy on translation, and I'll name a few of the errors and pointless edits they made to prove my point:

    1. In Pokemon Advanced Generation Episode 137, on the Episode title scene, the word Onix was misspelled as Onyx.

    2. In Pokemon Advanced Generation Episode 141, James's Cacnea and Jessie's Seviper showed on the ending credits as in that Episode, although they really never showed up in that Episode...

    3. In Pokemon Advanced Generation Episode 95, on the final attack before Team Rocket blasts off in that particular Episode, Huntail used Screech and then Pikachu used Thunder as the TR-blaster, while in the dub, Pikachu used Thunder, and Huntail used Screech as the TR-blaster.

    ...Now, all of the above errors and pointless edits and more are miniscule compared to the ultimate error of switching good VA's to bad ones(a.k.a. "sound-alikes"), but, will PUSA make that "ultimate error" of switching good VAs with bad ones(a.k.a. "sound-alikes") giving Pokemon an even worse name than the name 4Kids gave it? Time will tell, but given the Mastermind special, I don't know if they rushed it or if the VAs are just plain wannabe actors w/ no talent whatsoever... And no talent = A dead cartoon... However, before I send my letter, I want to see if PUSA is really trying to hurt Pokemon w/ new VAs and 4Kids-like policies that are worse than that of 4Kids... I don't want to see a show like Pokemon see its ratings and merchandise sales drop to the point of what really spells the end of any show's run: Popular in Japan, but not available elsewhere because nobody outside Japan watches a show that has poor ratings and/or buys related merchandise...
    Causes of poor ratings: Poor decisions by management(aka people in charge of making the show a success) in relation to the show(such decisions usually involve the show's Voice Actors, music, etc.), storyline oddities that appear later on the storyline but not shown earlier on that same storyline, anything else that tampers w/ the show...

    EDIT: Just in case it helps, I found the true MMofMP special VA cast as given by tv.com. According to this post:


    ...it looked like the VA cast was found, but when I tried to check my facts, I found out that one last name(M. Knotts) mentioned in the above post is wrong, and Billy Peach and Bill Rodgers, if they exist, aren't on the real VA cast. So, here it is, the REAL VA cast:

    Billy Regan
    Role: James (Mastermind Special)
    Kelly Davis
    Role: Nurse Joy (Mastermind Special)
    Jamie Peacock
    Role: Brock (Mastermind Special)
    Diane Stillwell
    Role: Jessie (Mastermind Special)
    Kelly Davis
    Role: Misty (Mastermind Special)
    Michelle Newman(last name misinterpreted as Knotts in the link I gave you)
    Role: May (Mastermind Special)
    Erica Schroeder
    Role: Max / Officer Jenny / Ash (Mastermind Special)
    Last edited: Jul 1, 2006
  2. cohenmarioman

    cohenmarioman Well-Known Member

    PUSA/TCPi voices are subpar, the 4kis voices were overpar. I am sorry, but I really do not know the TCPi people.

    Ash: Veronica hit the highs when needed, while the TCIP actor cannot. 4kids

    Brock: Really a toss up, both express emotion needed for the character, expecially the romance scenes, but Eric Stuart just does it for me, it might be because you can hear Kaiba a few times. Same

    May: Really. Veronica takes this one hands down. But really, how long was may dubbed by TCPi? 4kids

    Max: Same as May. 4kids

    Meowth: Come on, what is there not to like about Maudie Blaustein. She was a great actress, even adding her own twist to "Blaustein off". I have to give it to her. 4kid

    Jesse: TCPi does a decent job with this one, because when hearing Jesse in 4kids dub, you hear a bit too much Misty. TCPi

    James: This one goes either way, Eric Stuart was cool as James, even adding his own twist with some backmasking, but TCPi has a good voice as well. Even

    Giovanni: Why do I put him here you ask? Because he was one of the first to return to his 4kids voice after TCPi got enough money, or whatever. Jack Al... er, I mean Ted Lewis does a great job as him. Seeing as this isn't major, I will not give a better one, as well as both dubs having the same voice now.

    Also, what the heck happened to Dan Green? Did TCPi never get him? Oh wait, he was Byron. But they reused his voice as Tetsu Trudge, not so good directors.

    I must say, after Scott's voice was replaced, it is nice to see Greg Abbey back in a dub, it helps me connect it to the show right after DP, Yugioh 5Ds.

    So, it seems from my judgement of main characters, 4kids gets 6, while TCPi gets 3. I still like the TCPi voices, I just like the 4kids one a little bit better.
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