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Pokémon Let's GO! Pikachu/Eevee Team Discussion


Ghost-Type Master
My Ice team ended up being bit more eccentric than Lorelei's. I only have three of her pokemon, and three Ice types total. I eventually elected not to include Dewgong, and by the time I got my Lapras, I had already grown attached to my team.

- Nidoqueen was actually one of the first two pokemon I caught after Eevee (both were Nidorans). I didn't expect to get so attached to her, but when it came time to assemble my Ice team, I refused to let her go. I instead gave her Ice Punch, and kept her in my party.

- Haunter was never a pokemon I expected to have on my team. It sort of assimilated into my party due to me riding on it non-stop. Given it is not only a Ghost type, but one of my favorite Ghost pokemon, I couldn't part with it. I ended up giving it Ice Punch as well.

- Jynx, Cloyster, and Slowbro were all added by default, being pokemon on Lorelei's team. All three I traded over from Pokémon GO, so they all needed a lot of training. Jynx, as I had hoped, ended up being one of the strongest members of my team, second only to Alolan Ninetales.

- Alolan Ninetales was my sixth choice from the very beginning, and I put forth a huge effort to get it in my party. I did a couple of missions early, skipped the third gym, and dodged a lot of trainers just so I could have it on my team before taking on Lt. Surge. It quickly became the strongest member of my team, and the only one that consistently one-shots opponents.

- Lv. 47
- Lv. 47
- Lv. 47
- Lv. 47
- Lv. 47
- Lv. 48
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Ended up using Eevee, Arbok, Rapidash, Ninetales, Alolan Ninetales and Persian.

I'm very happy I picked Arbok because it's so much fun to play with. I decided to only use Pokemon I've never used before and Arbok is by far my favorite! It's surprisingly strong and I love its movepool.
I didn't know Persian was rideable so that was a nice surprise, I'm still mostly using Rapidash though.