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Pokémon Link - [v7]


le quant-à-soi
Pokémon Link - [v7]

Pokémon Link

Pokémon Link was first made by Havak, then remade by Dramatic Melody, ray2020, Bisasam, myself and most recently Sarcastic Oshawott. However, it died close to a year ago.
All sprites are from PE2K


~I will post a set of four Pokémon, each which share something very special in common.
~It is up to you to guess what this link is. You guess in posts. This link between the Pokémon could be practically anything - they all learn the same move at the same level, they all appeared in the same anime episode, or anything else.
~Each person has a maximum of ten guesses per 'set'. This is to prevent people from spamming guesses. However, you may only guess once per post. If you want to guess again, wait until somebody else posts or I make an update.
~Each set has a difficulty, which is a value from 1 to 5, with 1 being the easiest and 5 the hardest.
~Is the set too hard? No problem, just request a hint! However, a hint will only be provided if two people ask for a hint. Everyone can see the hint.
~A maximum of five hints can be received per set.
~If nobody guesses the set after fourteen days, then I will provide another free hint and the number of guesses you have each made will be reset to zero. This will repeat every fourteen days until the set is guessed, though hopefully it should never take fourteen days to guess the set.

Points System

~Points are awarded to the person who guesses the link between the Pokémon first. There are two leaderboards.
~Points Leaderboard: A different amount of points will be awarded depending on the difficulty of the set and how many hints were used. The amount of points is found by the formula: Points = 2*Difficulty Value + 5 - Number of Hints
~For example, Fred guesses a set which has a difficulty value of 3, and 2 hints were requested. He would score 2*3 + 5 - 2 = 9 points.
~Win Count Leaderboard: A much more simple leaderboard; the person who guesses the set first gets 1 point, regardless of the difficulty or number of hints. This is essentially, as evident by the title, the number of wins you have scored.

Example Set

Set [Example]

Lairon | Hariyama | Electabuzz | Snorunt
Link: A member of their evolutionary line was owned by Paul in the anime at some point.


~All SPPf and Games rules apply
~Follow the procedure as stated in 'Concept'
~Only I can post new sets and confirm whether guesses are true, obviously
~Anyone can play
~Have fun!


1. Shazdar - 13 Points
2. gustavo 14 - 10 Points
3. The Eleventh - 9 Points
3. fango pango - 9 Points

1. The Eleventh (1)
1. gustavo 14 (1)
1. fango pango (1)
1. Shazdar (1)


When sets are correctly guessed, their details will be added to the archive.

Set 1

Vulpix | Emolga | Jynx | Shuckle
Difficulty: 2
Link: In Gen V, they all have a 100% chance of holding a berry-related item in the wild.
Guessed by: The Eleventh

Set 2

Xatu | Deino | Flygon | Weepinbell
Difficulty: 4
Link: A Pokemon in their evolutionary line shares their species name with a Pokemon outside of their evolutionary line (Natu, Hydreigon|Zweilous, Vibrava and Bellsprout with Pidgey/Spearow, Sharpedo|Basculin, Palpitoad and Bellossom respectively).
Guessed by: gustavo 14

Set 3

Beldum | Steelix | Pikachu | Rhyhorn
Difficulty: 2
Link: Each can be received through an in-game trade with a notable trainer (Steven, Jasmine, Lt Surge and Brock, respectively) in HGSS.
Guessed by: fango pango

Set 4

Magikarp | Golurk | Dratini | Munchlax
Difficulty: 5
Link: They all appeared in the first trailer for Pokemon X/Y.
Guessed by: Shazdar

Set 5

Kadabra | Charizard | Purugly | Torkoal
Difficulty: 5
Guessed by:

Current Set:

Set 5

Kadabra | Charizard | Purugly | Torkoal

Difficulty: 5

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Crimson Penguin

Marchin' on
Looks like a fun game.

My guess is that all of these Pokemon are weak to Rock-type attacks.

Crimson Penguin

Marchin' on
Okay, if that didn't work... they also all have a type that's supereffective against Grass.

Armando Payne

Well-Known Member
They all have white somewhere on them? (Vulpix's chest, Emolga's body, Jynx's arms and Shuckle's shell has bits of it there.)


I'm taking a wild guess, but all the pokemon have abilities that give them immunity to something. Flash fire on Vulpix, Motor drive on Emolga, Dry skin on Jynx and Sturdy on shuckle (gives it an immunity to OHKO moves).

If it's something related to the anime, then I probably won't get it though.


Well-Known Member
I guess that, as of their latest appearances in the games, all four are guaranteed to be holding a Berry-related item when caught in the wild (Vulpix and a Rawst Berry, Emolga and a Cheri Berry, Jynx and an Aspear Berry, and Shuckle and Berry Juice).


le quant-à-soi
I guess that, as of their latest appearances in the games, all four are guaranteed to be holding a Berry-related item when caught in the wild (Vulpix and a Rawst Berry, Emolga and a Cheri Berry, Jynx and an Aspear Berry, and Shuckle and Berry Juice).
The Eleventh is correct, earning 9 Points.

Unfortunately I won't be able to update with Set 2 until tomorrow evening but hang tight! (And also someone post a filler for me thanks)


Life Cheating Game
I'm going to guess the obvious they all have ice-type weaknesses.

Armando Payne

Well-Known Member
Well duh they've all got more than one type. (Deino, Dark/Dragon, Xatu, Flying/Psychic, Flygon Ground/Dragon & Weepinbell Grass/Poison)


le quant-à-soi
Set 2 - Difficulty 4

[1/10] - Lost Requiem
[1/10] - SS_Append
[1/10] - Armando Payne

[1] It has something to do with a feature in the games.

Armando Payne

Well-Known Member
Is it they can all be tutored either Sleep Talk or Snore?