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Pokémon Masterclass #8

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Zold | ZoldPGL

Ger9119| the pathfinder

Mcdanger | mcdanger

Connor | racine caree


00swms | 00swms


Aaand all accepted, bringing us to 16! Since we did that much quicker than 2 weeks, here's what we'll do.

I will leave signups open for the 2 weeks tentatively for subs and so we can stay on schedule. If we get a good amount of subs, we will try for a 32 man tournament (I'll help if we get close!). If they stall out though, I will cut off sign ups a few days early so we can have a couple extra days for round 1.

With that being said, keep the sign ups coming! Worst case scenario subs are well appreciated :^)

If you're holding off because you can't make it, that's all fine of course. If you've never used showdown before I would be more than happy to help you just for this :)
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twinyoshi45 | Twinyoshi45


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Deadline: April 30th, 6 PM EST (GMT-4)

FairyWitch vs. Archangel

Mcdanger vs. NeohopeSTF

Saph~ vs. Ger9119

Connor vs. Conquer Phoenix

Naoto Shirogane vs. Zold

00swms vs. Cryssy

MetalSonic vs. TikTok13

MMS vs. rotomotorz


Feel free to start round 2 matches and beyond as well if you know who you're playing to get a head start! Get in touch with your opponents and let's keep this rolling! If after 4 days you're MIA, I'm subbing you. You can use the official serebii tournament discord server to try and find your opponent/schedule if you'd like in the masterclass channel. Hopefully we won't need any extensions/activity wins. Good luck everyone!
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Cosmic Fury

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I would like to sign on as a sub. My information is as follows:

Cosmic Fury | Cosmic Fury


Serebii Champion x.x
won 2-1 vs ger ggs


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Battle Report:
Zold vs Naoto Shirogane
Result: 2-0 (Zold won)
Comments: The first battle I had a lot of RNG-luck causing me to win, the second was a pretty good game. Well played.
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