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Pokémon Masters Discussion Thread


I can't Kominicate.
Datamine is in.

The new pairs are Eusine with Shiny Suicune and Signa Suit Silver with.........Sneasel.

Roxie gets an EX version.

An old Sync Pair gets a buff: Brendan can finally Mega Evolve his Sceptile.

Archie rerun without Maxie.


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Adaman and Irida as the first Hisui pairs make sense. As someone who skipped DPPt and has no attachment to Sinnoh characters, Hisui characters having Sinnoh theme skill will help me out with those restricted battles greatly. I want to pull for both but Irida takes precedence and even then there's someone else in the datamine that I want more than both.

Why would they give me SS Silver in the same month as Hisui? He's a must pull for me. In an ideal world I would pull Eusine just for Johto but not with how stacked this month is and summer seasonals next month.

I cannot believe my luck. Roxie EX!

Brendan gets his mega which is great, I don't use him at all though so whatever. Grimsley expansion was definitely needed. Haven't seen what he gets but they've all been good so far. 5/5 pokefair expansions I don't care for.

SS Silver > Irida > Adaman in terms of priority for me. Will probably pull both Silver and Irida and Adaman will depend on the gem situation or the next datamine.

Nothing of value was lost
I will respectfully disagree. Don't like the idea of LG games, didn't buy or play them but they have top tier redesigns for pretty much every Kanto character. If the Kanto E4 variety scouts had their LGPE designs, I would consider pulling Lorelei and Agatha.


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Battle Villa missions complete!!

Only two medals left to complete the general medals list.

And by the way half recovery are okay to use only full recovery are not I didn't realize it last time.

On other news I got Detective Shauna and Kaito Zinnia, no Detective Steven.

The outfits are very good and cute like usual but Not a fan of the Tapu Pokemons so skip.

Can Cynthia and Volo go out to eat Ice cream and talk about history and just be BFF please.

By the way what happens to Volo at the end of legend is he still evil or he became good, spoilers are okay I don't have a switch anyway I looked up his wiki page and for one is spoiler free.


Lovely datamine. For Adaman and Irida, I'll do dailies until the end of the their banners, where I might do multis (this, if I don't get them via dailies). Everything else is passable for me.

Irida sounds like a partner that's going to make Xmas Leon even more busted. Refreshing his TM at least once pratically guarantees he'll reach physical attack up to the 10 level cap. Within hail and Ice Zone, it's going to be an onslaught


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Time to finally put all the ice type EXs I've accumulated for purely aesthetic reasons to use in the new CS with Irida and SS Silver joining them soon. Pryce/Ghetsis, Summer Steven/Candice/Glacia, Irida/Lorelei, SS N/Brycen, Hala/SS Silver for the five teams. Hala is also on my EX priority list but with Roxie next month, he'll have to wait a bit longer.

That said, Ice probably isn't a great CS type for the average player rn.

Also Sinnoh CS is back and now that I have SS Hau, I can finally stop off-typing electric weak Aaron.


Training Anaylst
Got super lucky with Adaman and got him on the first multi, but Irida decided she didn't like that and took me to spark. Since those two were my main targets this month it's a good sign for me to get back to saving even if it means skipping out on Silver and Eusine, hopefully they'll pop up sooner rather than later.