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Pokémon Masters Discussion Thread


That damn smile
On one hand, it’s just more Kanto. On the other hand, Red has Snorlax who is one of my favorites. I’ll have to debate on this


Didn't expect they'd give in the fans speculation and give Red a Snorlax. Kit is interesting. I'll pull for him.

Surprised Aerodactyl is the Special Rock Striker. Really thought it was going to be whoever gets Coalossal

XY&Z Legend

Just chillin
Hoped Anabel would've got Snorlax not Red.
It's also interesting Red is the first person to get a G-max form and not the likes of Leon, Raihan, Marnie or any other Galar character.
To be honest, I'm glad Anabel doesn't get Snorlax since she is more well-known (and infamous) for having a Legendary Pokemon on her team. Although it's worth mentioning that Evelyn has owned Entei, Raikou, & Suicune in her sync pair story, this could open up an opportunity for Anabel to be given Latios. However, Latios was already a Legendary Arena boss in the game, so there may be a chance that she will be obtainable through the Master BP ticket.

XY&Z Legend

Just chillin
I don't know why, but i could see Alolan Outfit Anabel and Necrozma.
That could work, since Anabel does play a significant role in the Sun & Moon’s post game and is quite popular upon her return. It wouldn’t hurt to have another Alola Master Fair because Hoenn currently has 3 so far (Archie, Maxie, & 2021 Steven).
Ideally, Necrozma would be best for Zossie of the Ultra Recon Squad, but anything’s possible after we got Sygna Suit Leon with Eternatus


Got Sygna Leon in the first multi (I tend to do dailies until the last day lol). It came with Masked Royal who I didn't have as well. So that's win.

Then I do the stupid thing of doing 3 multis in the seasonal banner. And got nothing. Only Caitlin (ticket) in the 3rd. I quit. Now, hopefully I'll get luck with Red than back to saving until maybe the last day of the Masters Fairs. Hopefully we'll have October datamine by then.


So had to do more multis than I wanted to get Red. To the point, I'm with 300 scout points (very close to pity). But not doing anymore on his banner because I'm with like 27k left and I'm still considering trying off my luck on N's banner if dailies fail.


Super Casual Trainer
I heard the new Red was especially good for Gladion, so I did two full rolls trying my luck. Naturally, the gacha overlords punished me with the one silver, nine bronze combo.


Disappearing isn't that bad, actually.
Managed to clear all Gala extreme battles.

Anni!Lillie made her bout way too easy.

Hoenn had my EX 3/5 Steven as the star.

The Unova one? This was tough, until I decided to make the risky decision to bring V!Dawn for Fake Tears spam in order to make Ghetsis screw everyone faster with Glaciate while Skyla took a beating. It helps that V!Dawn can inflict Charm and thus make Ghetsis stronger due to added attack with more debuffed Atk. I don't doubt that an EX'd Hilda would have been an acceptable replacement, but I'll be crazy to EX a type I already EX'd.