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Pokémon Mega XY(Z)

Ashton Ketchum

Well-Known Member
Pokémon Mega XY(Z) - A fan project created with the goal of remaking Pokemon XY/XYZ (seasons 17-19) into the final story of Ash Ketchum and Pikachu. Which will correct various mistakes and rough edges of the Saga (primarily, Ash’s defeat in the Kalos League and the fact that his story did not end with this saga), will have a strong connection with previous sagas (including attracting Ash’s companions from previous sagas), will add elements missing from the Saga, and will show Ash's rise to world champion (a combination of the Kalos League and the World Championship from Pokemon Journeys). And strengthening all the strong aspects for which this saga is loved. While maintaining the overall tone of the saga, characters, and overall plot. The latter will only be updated. For greater credibility and effectiveness from the story that is planned, it will be necessary to stretch this saga for another season, and with it more episodes will be required (since in the Saga there were a total of 146 of them, including special episodes). For this project I will need:
- Authors of dialogues;
- Battle choreographers;
- Authors of ideas for new series;
- Episode order editors;
- And most importantly, people who know the first 19 seasons of Pokemon very well
Desired people:
- Illustration artists for the updated plot;
- Animators of new scenes
Personal privilege of the main author - the events of the Best Wishes Saga (Black & White) for this project will be replaced by a fan remake of the Saga from Poketuber Zanolith.
Composition of the project creators team:
The main author - Ashton Ketchum a.k.a. Undergrizer (Gor Gevorgyan) (that ME)
Battle choreographer - Karl Ivanov

This project still needs more people, but I can now show some aspects of this story.

Major story changes:
- The Kalos League is not just another League, but a world championship, in which not only trainers participate, but also GYM Leaders and champions from all over the world for the title of World Champion.
- Lysandre is one of the organizers of this championship. Which is actually part of Team Flame's plan. To lure the most powerful trainers in the world to Kalos in order to destroy them with one hit.
- Shauna, Tierno, Trevor and Sawyer are children from rich families. Which should explain why their combat skills are similar to Ash's. Since their parents allocated enough money for training and finding stones for Mega Evolution. And some of their parents, in spite of their love for their children, must be shown not quite pure in conscience and deeds. Which should be shown as yet another reason for Lysandre to take radical action.
- The start of the Kalos League should not be so rushed.
- I'm planning to make XY(Z) movies a canon for Mega XY(Z) Saga. I think about using Xerneas and Yveltal after events of M17. After all, at the end of this movie Xerneas stock in her tree form, and Team Flare could take her for their plans for capturing Zygarde. By away, Team Flare operation with Xerneas could be ending for season 17, like operation with Yvental could be ending for season 18. Diancie and Hoopa also could be fitting for final battle against Team Flare. Plus, Hoopa can summon for help all of Legendary Pokemon. And that will surely make big scale and bond with previous sagas a lot strong.
- Ash, thanks to his success in previous regions, gets the privilege to participate in the League at a higher position. Thus, the League itself starts a little earlier, and Ash and other well-known participants among the regular trainers are connected to participate in the very height of the League. For other members, obtaining all 8 badges gives such a privilege.
(This is a possible update)
- The line with Battle Chateau will have to be continued. In order for Ash to increase not only his title, but also his skills for the League. This line could also be a great place to bring back many old characters. Like Misty and Brock.
- Serena should win not 3 keys, but 5.
(This is a possible update)
- The trinity of evil Malamars is Xerosic's experiment, and an unwitting part of Lysandre's plans.
- Team Flare uses the Ultimate Weapon as a tool to capture Zygarde. This operation takes place before Ash and Co. meet Squishy. There is a dynamic arc going on with the return to Geonsenge Town and the fight against these weapons. The operation is led by Essentia while the Team Flare Admins (possibly along with Alain) prepare to capture Zygarde after being shot. The heroes manage to destroy the weapon and save people and bows from the weapon. But this weapon served its true purpose.

Innovations in the characters existing in the original Saga: Here will be recorded innovations for the characters that were present in the original Saga in Kalos. This list will be updated periodically. Suggestions and ideas written by you will be considered.
Ash Ketchum:
- Ash in the course of communication with Tierno begins to get involved in a new hobby - playing the electric guitar;
- Ash in the League/Championship uses all his Pokémon

- After the Pokémon Master Class Showcase, Serena receives a Mudkip egg from May, which becomes part of Serena's team after hatching."]

- Several times throughout the saga, Ash and Co. meet Watson from the Hoenn region, who will serve as one of the engines of Clemont's development as a character;
- After a certain event in the second season of the saga, a decree will be issued so that all GIM leaders of Kalos gain access to Mega Evolution. As a result, an arc occurs in which Clemont receives his Keystone and a new Pokémon in his team, shiny Manetric, capable of Mega Evolution;

- It should turn out that Clemont and Bonnie's mom died 3 years ago. This should happen in a series where in the same forest, thanks to the energy of Eternal Life, the ghosts of people and Pokémon appear. Including Clemont and Bonnie's mom. Which should greatly affect Bonnie, who should cry a lot at the end of the series, not wanting to part with her mother again. This should prepare her for the finale of the Saga in line with Squishy/Zygarde.

Those Ideas belongs to BlueFlare6274.
However - I will keep some events from original XY(Z), like visiting the Hoenn, and disaster with Chespie. And After defeating the Team Flare, Alain persuades Ash to agree to fight against the Elite Four and Diantha. Because Ash deserves the right to be stronger than himself.

Professor Sycamore:
- His Garchomp is not normal, but Shiny. To make it easy to distinguish it from Cynthia's Garchomp at the end of the saga.

- It will be necessary to strengthen her as a trainer so that she is at the level of Leon.

New characters:
Here I will describe characters that were not only in the original Saga, but in principle in all previous seasons of the series.
Dexio and Sina:

Professor Sycamore's young assistants. Who help Ash and Serena develop their skills. Namely, in pair battles. In the first duo fight, Ash and Serena lose to their synchronous style (a defeat like this should make Serena blame herself for the failure. Which should push her to develop in Pokémon fights). And the climax of these pairs training should be at Monsieur Pierre's dance party, where Ash and Serena beautifully defeat Dexio and Sina in the final. Who, along with Bonnie, ship Ash and Serena. Also, as masked heroes, they fight against the actions of Team Flare. In the course of which, they somehow intersect with Meyer/Blaziken Mask, and act together. And they participate in the final battle against Team Flare.
They are romantic, artistic in nature and love to do different things in sync.
Dexio's Team:
- Meowstic (male)
- Flareon
- Furfrou (Kabuki Trim)
- Mime Jr.
- Pyroar (female)
- Vanilluxe
Sina's Team:
- Meowstic (female)
- Glaceon
- Furfrou (Star Trim)
- Smoochum
- Avalugg
- Volcarona


An undercover agent for Team Flame. Who is secretly watching Ash on Lysandre's orders. For the same purpose, she befriended Ash and his group after some time. She also, being a thief in a costume nicknamed Essentia, performs tasks from a task. Emma is an orphan whose parents died due to an environmental disaster caused by plants and factories. What should be her motivation to serve Lysandre so that this doesn't happen to anyone. She is extremely offended for her loss of the world around her, which increases her social phobia. But, friendship with Ash and gang helps Emma realize that she is not doing the right thing. And at the end of the saga, she betrays Lysandre, and participates with everyone else in the final battle to save the world.

Returning old characters:
This will describe the characters from previous seasons, whose return is planned in the project.
Ash's longtime rival from the Sinnoh region. He can arrived to Kalos to get Mega Evolution for his Aggron. To take part in the world championship in Kalos. Ash and Co. are able to meet him in a short time when they were traveling with Korrina, who, along with Lucario, learned the bonds of Mega Evolution. This meeting could take place in a new series, which could be between episodes 33 and 34 of the original saga. And in this episode, it will be possible to show how Ash and Paul, after the Sinnoh League, began to treat each other with respect, although the second one still has a difficult character, to which Serena and Bonnie especially react. In the future, Paul gets full access to Mega Evolution, thanks to a meeting with Alain. Which eventually draws him into the confrontation against the Team Flare, during which he helps Steven Stone stop the villains. And not long before the championship, he enters the battle against Alain so that he no longer helps Lysandre, but loses, and is locked up inside Lysandre Labs. During Ash and Alain's championship fight, he is freed by Iris and takes part in the final battle against Team Flare.


GYM leader from the Hoenn region. specializes in Electric Pokémon. Smart as Clemont and cheerful as Bonnie. And such a character could be a great part of Clemont's development. And very appropriate for this Saga, since in Gen 6 Hoenn remakes came out.

Ideas for new episodes:
Here ideas for new series in the updated Saga will be described. As well as important for the plot and development of characters, and fillers. Ideas for new series will be considered.
- Clemont creates a magnifying beam to enlarge berries to save money. However, due to Team Rocket's intervention, the beam fails, and accidentally makes Chespin huge. At first, this is fun for him, since he can eat Poké Puffs much enough as he wants. But over time, due to the problems caused by the inhabitants of one settlement, he is no longer so happy, and he is sad in the evening, sitting in a clearing under the moon. While Clemont was fixing the beam, Bonnie tried to comfort Chespin. And here, again, Team Rocket, which is trying to steal Pikachu and the beam. But Bonnie and the giant Chespin were able to stop them, and "TEAM ROCKET BLASTED OFF AGAIN!". After that, the beam works, and Chespin becomes the same. What Ash and Co. are happy about. And at the very end of the episode, Jessie, James and Meowth discover that they have become midgets because of the beam. Except Wobbuffet. And riding on his head, they began to escape from the pack of Durants.
There should also be a scene where Ash and Co. are trying to get Chespin away from the city during the day. On the way to dressing up in costumes of various types of cake. Ash has to wear Serena's favorite flavor cake costume, and Serena's Ash's favorite flavor.

Since the decision was made to increase the number of episodes in the project compared to the original saga, it would be right to also expand the number of episodes in Pokémon: Mega Evolution Special from four to six.
Here are a couple of ideas:

- The first new episode occurs between the first and second episodes of this series. Alain and Mairin continue their search for the Mega Evolution stones and learn about the location of Aggronite. Once at the right place, they meet Paul, who is also looking for Aggronite for his Aggron and participation in the World Championship. There is a competition between Alain and Paul for the right to take Aggronite, with various obstacles along the way (such as where they both use their Weaviles to overcome one of the obstacles), during which Mairin demonstrates her dislike for Paul. At the end, they find an altar with Aggronite, and the battle between Alain Mega Charizard X and Paul’s Aggronite begins. In which Paul counters Charizard's Mega Power with a precise strategy that leaves Alain stunned. He does not intend to give up, but still loses. And with Paul's recognition of the strength of experience and strategy that allowed them to find Aggronite, he calmly gives Paul the stone. Paul states that he needs to go to a place where he can harness the power of Mega Evolution, and he and Alain promise each other that they will see each other one day and have another fight when they are both more experienced. In the last scene, Mairin dumps questions on Alain with questions like “You’re just going to let him take the stone?”, but he calmly remains silent.

- The second new episode has not yet been determined, but its events should take place after either the second episode of the series in the original saga, or after the third. And Zinnia from Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Saphire may appear there.

- One more idea for a new episode, the events of which could take place during the heroes’ travels in Dendemille Town. When the heroes were about to leave the town, Articuno flew into the nearby mountains, and suddenly a strong storm hit the town. Which began to cover the entire town with snow. Ash makes a desperate decision to go to Articuno to stop the storm. To do this, he summons his fire Pokemon - Charizard, Quilava, Torkoal, Infernape and Pignite. And with such a team he goes to the mountains. While Serena, Clemont and Bonnie help everyone at the Pokemon Center stay warm. Ash and his team arrive at Articuno and try to convince him to stop the storm. And during this difficult battle, Quilava evolves into Typhlosion, and Pignite into Emboar. Thanks to this, the storm is stopped, and Articuno flies away. Ash almost freezes to death, but Charizard manages to deliver him and the entire team to the Pokemon Center.

And to the end… Episodes order:
Here will be the order of the episodes in the updated saga. Where new series will be indicated, and innovations in existing series.
Season 17 - Pokémon Mega XY:
- Episode 001 "Kalos, Where Dreams and Adventures Begin!"/"We've Arrived in the Kalos Region! The Beginning of Dreams and Adventures!!"
Innovations: no
- Episode 002 "Lumiose City Pursuit!"/"Mega Evolution and the Prism Tower!"
Innovations: In the scene with Garchomp going insane, instead of Team Rocket, the reason for this is the Essentia, which the main characters do not have time to see. Also, Ash's rescue of Garchomp was observed through hidden cameras by Lysander in the secret base, whose face is not visible. And after the rescues, he says that Ash should be watched.
- Episode 003 "A Battle of Aerial Mobility!"/"Keromatsu VS Yayakoma! Aerial Battle Maneuvers!!
New: There should be a funny scene in the Pokémon Center where before talking to Professor Oak, Ash has a sudden conversation with his mom. Who is nervous that her son almost smashed himself into a cake. But she quickly calms down.
- Episode 004 «A Shockingly Cheeky Friendship!»/«Pikachu and Dedenne! Nuzzle!!»
Innovations: no
- Episode 005 «A Blustery Santalune Gym Battle!»/«The Hakudan Gym Battle! The Magnificent Viviyon's Dance Battle!!»
Innovations: no
- Episode 006 «Battling on Thin Ice!»/«The Icy Rematch! Pikachu vs. Viviyon!!»
Innovations: no
- Episode 007 «Giving Chase at the Rhyhorn Race!»/«Leave it to Serena!? The Wild Sihorn Race!»
Innovations: no
- Episode 008 «Grooming Furfrou!»/«The Pokémon Trimmer and Trimmian!»
Innovations: no
Episode 009 - "Clemont's Got a Secret!"/"Capture Miare Gym!" Citron's Secret!!
Innovations: no
- Episode 010 "Mega-Mega Meowth Madness!"/"Harimaron vs. Mega Mega Nyarth!!”
Innovations: no
- Episode 011 "The Bamboozling Forest!"/"The Bamboo Forest Chase! Yancham and Goronda!!”
Innovations: no
- Episode 012 "To Catch a Pokémon Smuggler!"/"Capture the Pokémon Buyer! The Kofuurai Impersonation Plan!!"
Innovations: no
- Episode 013 "Kindergarten Chaos!"/"Nymphia vs. Keromatsu! Kindergarten Chaos!!"
Innovations: no
- Episode 014 "Seeking Shelter From the Storm!"/"The Spooky Shelter! Nyasper Is Watching!!)"
Innovations: no
- Episode 015 "An Appetite for Battle!"/"Harimaron vs. Mafoxy! A Diet Battle!?”
Innovations: no
- Episode 016 "A Jolting Switcheroo!"/"Dedenne Is Pichu and Pichu Is Dedenne...!?"
Innovations: no
- Episode 017 "A Rush of Ninja Wisdom!"/"Keromatsu Against Gekogahshier! Ninja Battle!!
Innovations: no
- Episode 018 "Awakening the Sleeping Giant!"/"Wake Up Kabigon! It's a Battle in the Parfum Palace!!"
Innovations: Having entered the palace, the heroes notice a statue of Reshiram and Zekrom, and Ash explains to his friends who it is.
- Episode 019 "A Conspiracy to Conquer!"/"The Conspiracy of Madame X! The Calamanero of Fear!!"
Innovations: The events of this series are a test of Lysandre. So he tests Ash for the strength of his spirit. And in the end, Froakie saves the day. This should be the first plot hook on Ash-Greninja. Also, Malamar secretly sent a sample of electricity to Pikachu for Xerosic's further experiments and Team Flame's plans. All this was watched by Essentia, who through the camera inside the mask showed everything to Lysandre.
- Episode 020 “Breaking Titles at the Chateau!”/“Battle Chateau Challenge!” Viola VS Zakuro!!”
Innovations: At the end of the episode, Ash states that he will return to Battle Chateau to level up. To develop experience before the League.
- Episode 021 “A Pokévision of Things to Come!”/“Debut! Serena and Fokko on Pokévision!!”
Innovations: none
- Episode 022 "Mega Evolution Special I"
Innovations: Alan's fight against Siebold ends in a draw.
- Episode 023 "Going for the Gold!"/"Fish up the Golden Koiking!!"
Innovations: none
- Episode 024 "Coming Back into the Cold!"/"The Bond of the Aurora!" Amarus and Amaruruga!!”
Innovations: none
- Episode 025 “An Undersea Place to Call Home!”/“The Undersea Castle!” Kuzumo and Dramidoro!!”
Innovations: none
- Episode 026 "Climbing the Walls!"/"Shōyō Gym Battle!" Pikachu VS Chigoras!!”
Innovations: none
- Episode 027 "Lands of Sorrow!"/"The Pokemon Graveyard!" Seeds of Coming Disasters!!” (ALL NEW EPISODE)
Description: Ash and friends find themselves in the Menhir Trail, a memorial to the Pokémon who died during a war that occurred 3.000 years ago. These Pokemon were buried inside these same menhirs. However, they discover that the greenery at the memorial is withering. They unexpectedly meet Viola, who is conducting an investigation into this withering, as it appears to be man-made. Ash and co, accordingly, call her to help, since this is unforgivable. They find a strange machine in the deep forest, which is the reason for the fading of the memorial, and on a natural trip they notice it. But it is the Essentia, which controls this machine. Ash and Viola give her to the fighter with the goal of disable the machine, but this fight is difficult for them. Until Grant comes to the rescue, forcing Essentia to retreat and the machine is destroyed. The vegetation of the memorial has been saved. All this was observed through closed cameras by Lysandre, who was not very upset by the destruction of the machine. As an additional task it has already completed. Namely, it brought its destructive effect to the Diamonds Domain. This is a clear link to the events of the Movie 17.
It would also be possible to insert a cute little moment involving Viola and Grant at the end of the episode.
- Episode 028 “A Battle by Any Other Name!”/“Peroppafu and Peroream!! The Sweet Battle isn't a Piece of Cake!?"
Innovations: none
- Episode 029 “To Find a Fairy Flower!”/“Flabebe and the Fairy Flower!”
Innovations: none
Episode 030 “The Bonds of Evolution!”/“Champion Carne Appears!” Mega Sirnight in the Mist!!”
Innovations: Diantha's opponent in an exhibition battle must be someone else. For example, Lance. Also, Ash should have immediately known Diana at the beginning of the series, since he saw her in an advertisement from Lysandre in the first episode.
- Episode 031 “Heroes - Friends and Faux Alike!”/“Ta-da! Fake Satoshi Appears!!”
Innovations: none
- Episode 032 "Mega Revelations!"/"Corni and Lucario!" The Secret of Mega Evolution!!”
Innovations: none
- Episode 033 “The Cave of Trials!”/“Lucario VS Bursyamo! The Cave of Trials!!”
Innovations: none
- Episode 034 “The Aura Storm!”/“Mega Lucario VS Mega Lucario!” The Wave-Guiding Storm!
Innovations: none
- Episode 035 “Calling from Beyond the Aura!”/“Hearts Calling to Each Other!” To the Other Side of Wave-Guiding!!”
Innovations: none
- Episode 036 "Fire Blast from the Past!"/"Finding Balance! A New Stage of Old Rivalry!" (ALL NEW EPISODE)
Description: While traveling to the Mega Evolution guru, Ash tries to help Korrina curb her problems with Lucario. He remember his experience with his Chimchar-Monferno-Infernape, comprehending the potential of which had similar problems with Lucario. And then, suddenly, the heroes meet the original trainer of this Infernape - Paul, Ash's longtime rival from the Sinnoh region. Who arrived in Kalos to participate in the World Championship, for him he is also looking for the Key Stone and Mega Aggronite for Aggron. Having met Korrina and learned about her problems with Lucario, he humiliates her, as he did with Maylene. Which angers the others (especially Bonnie). And then Ash calls Infernape from Professor Oak’s lab to spar against Paul's Pokémon. To demonstrate Infernape's achieved potential and set an example for Korrina and Lucario. Also, this episode needs to show how Ash and Paul, although not smoothly, treat each other with respect.
- Episode 037 “The Bonds of Mega Evolution!”/“Mega Lucario VS Mega Kucheat! The Bonds of Mega Evolution!!”
Innovations: none
- Episode 038 “The Forest Champion! "/"Champion of the Forest! Luchabull Appears!!”
Innovations: none
- Episode 039 “Battles in the Sky!”/“A Sky Battle!? Luchabull VS Fiarrow!!”
Innovations: none
- Episode 040 “The Cave of Mirrors!”/“Reflection Cave!” Mirror World Satoshi and Satoshi!?”
Innovations: none
- Episode 041 “Forging Forest Friendships!”/“Ohrot of the Crawling Forest!”
Innovations: none
- Episode 042 “The Beauty of Synchronized Style!”/“Invitation to a Prestigious Future! Exit of the Synchronized Duo!!” (ALL NEW EPISODE)
Description: The heroes meet Dexio and Sina, a couple of Professor Sycamore's assistants. Who spoke about the double battle tournament being held in Kalos, in which they are taking part. They prove themselves in battle in an exhibition match against Tate and Liza, GYM Leaders from Hoenn, where they win. After which they invite Ash and Serena to take part in this tournament, for which they propose to arrange a fight as a warm-up. Ash, being an experienced trainer, does not have any particular problems choosing Froakie. But Serena, not being a particularly experienced trainer in terms of fighting, spoils the fight for herself and Ash, and they lose. Ash, Dexio and Sina encourage her, saying that experience will come with time. For this reason, the duo invites both Ash and Co. to Professor Sycamore's Summer Camp, and they agree.
- Episode 043 “Summer of Discovery!”/“Pokémon Summer Camp!” Enter the Rival Trio!!”
Innovations: none
- Episode 044 “Day Three Blockbusters!”/“Serena VS Sana!” Pokévision Showdown!!”
Innovations: none
- Episode 045 “Home is where Friends are Waiting!”/“Let's Build Our Own Secret Base! Our Common Home!!” (ALL NEW EPISODE)
Description: Aarun, an expert on Super-Secret Bases, comes to the Camp.
This time is a special task for trainers on this day - Aarune (from Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphir), the creation of their own Super-Secret Bases. Throughout the episode, Team Froakie (Ash, Serena, Clemont, and Bonnie) and Team Squirtle (Tierno, Shauna, and Trevor) compete to build the best base. Along the way, sharing the memories of both teams about their homes (like, for example, Ash about his native Pallet Town). And during these memories, it turns out that Tierno, Shauna, and Trevor are rich children, which should explain their skills close to those of Ash and the presence of Kanto starters capable of Mega Evolution (which, by the way, Team Rocket should secretly overhear. What should be one of the reasons to try to steal their Pokemon at the end of the arc).
- Episode 046 “Foggy Pokémon Orienteering!”/“PokéEnteering! The X in the Mist!
Innovations: none
- Episode 047 “Battling into the Hall of Fame!”/“Team Battle!” Competing for the Hall of Fame!!”
Innovations: none
- Pokémon the Movie: Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction
New: Near the end of the film, Ash and Co. remember seeing Xerneas near the Summer Camp. Therefore, they and Diancie are heading in this direction. There should also be a post-credits scene in which Team Flare agents take Xerneas in tree form to Lysandre Labs. Later, the heroes will have to remember the Carbink, when it appear in the series.
- Episode 048 “Origins of Mega Evolution!”/“Master Tower!” The History of Mega Evolution!!”
Innovations: none
- Episode 049 “Showdown at the Shalour Gym!”/“Shara Gym Match!” Pikachu VS Mega Lucario!!”
Innovations: none
- Episode 050 “Mega Evolution Special II” (ALL NEW EPISODE)
Description: (said above)
- Episode 051 "Balance between Sleep and Battle"/"Awakening from Flaws!" Gothiruselle and Sleeping Trainer" (ALL NEW EPISODE)
Description: Ash and Co. return to Battle Chateau to win the title of Viscount. However, as a Baron, Ash has to learn to be more competent in order to justify his status. How Viola and Grant can help. Having won a certain number of victories, in order to receive a new title, Ash needs to defeat Caitlin, a strong trainer from Unova (and whom Ash must recognize. Since she was in the 15th season). She is a very graceful trainer (defeating Niko shows it), but she often gets sleepy. Which almost caused her loss, and should be the butt of jokes in this episode (like the one where Bonnie says that such a sleepy girl is not suitable for Clemont's role as a bride). Part of her background should be revealed by a new character (for the anime) - Darach, the leader of the Battle Castle from the Sinnoh Battle Frontier (And who in this series can defeat Grant). He is revealed that Caitlin was his assistant, but then left to become part of Unova's Elite Four. What her victories in Kalos could help with, and she strives for this, despite her disadvantage. Before the fight with her, Ash arranges a motivational conversation with her so that she gives her all. After which, a battle takes place between them, in which Caitlin, although she lost, was able to overcome her drowsiness (this time at least), and lost with dignity. Darach expresses great pride in her, and Ash receives the title of Viscount.
Also, for the linearity of the story, the heroes can meet Blake and continue their journey for a while with him. This should be a smooth transition into episode 45 of the original Kalos Saga.
- Episode 052 “Splitting Heirs!”/“Citron VS Eureka!? A Sibling Battle for Nyaonix!!”
Innovations: none
- Episode 053 “The Clumsy Crier Quiets the Chaos!”/“The Clumsy Pukurin VS the Rampaging Bohmander!!”
Innovations: none
- Episode 054 "Dreaming a Performer's Dream!"/"Serena's First Capture!? Yancham VS Fokko!!”
Innovations: none
- Episode 055 "A Campus Reunion!"/"Citron's Campus of Memories!" An Electrifying Reunion!”
Innovations: none
- Episode 056 “Bonnie for the Defense!”/“Dispatch the Laplace Protection Team! Do Your Best, Eureka!!”
Innovations: none

Season 18 - Pokémon Mega XY - Kalos Quest:
- Episode 057 “Pathways to Performance Partnering!”/“Dance, Yancham - Captivate, Fokko! The Dance for Tomorrow!!”
Innovations: none
- Episode 058 "When Light and Dark Collide!"/"Luchabull and Dark Luchabull!"
Innovations: none
- Episode 059 “A Stealthy Challenge!”/“Ninja Arts Showdown!” Gekogashira VS Gamenodes!!”
Innovations: none
- Episode 060 "A Race for Home!"/"Serena's Earnest!" The Wild Meecle Race!!”
Innovations: none
- Episode 061 “Facing the Grand Design!”/“Calamanero VS Maaiika! The Bonds that Would Save the World!!”
Innovations: At the beginning of the series, Ash hints that he has already met alien Pokemon (for example, Deoxys, several times). And at the end of the series, the Essentia and Xerosic's Malamar get rid of the evil Malamrs, who did not immediately go into the future. They are disposed of irrevocably by sending them into the future, since they fulfilled their part of the plan. Thanks to their technologies from the future, Xerosic begins to create a satellite, the purpose of which is to search for the Giant Rock in Hoenn.
- Episode 062 "Rail to the Future"/"Paving the Road between Regions!" Brainstorm of Citron and Tessen!!” (ALL NEW EPISODE)
Description: Ash and Co. reach the monorail station, where a new super-fast train, created by Watson, GYM Leader from Mauville City in the Hoenn region, begins operating. Ash and Watson meet and reminisce about their battle, and Ash also introduces his friends, including Clemont. The latter impresses the old man with his knowledge when he helps get the train running. While the train is traveling, Watson tells the heroes that the Hoenn Festival will soon take place in Kiloude City, which will include a series of tournaments in which Watson plans to participate. And at that moment, Team Rocket tried to capture the train along with a bunch of Pokemon inside. Ash sent them flying again, and the train went out of control and crashed into the sea. But Clemont and Watson, joining forces, were able to save the train. After the train reaches the last stop, Ash and Clemont tell Watson that a GYM Battle will soon take place between them. In connection with this, he gives them instructions so that they both give their best in this battle. After all, this battle will benefit both of them in the Festival. The heroes continue their journey.
There should also be humorous moments in this episode when Watson slaps Clemont on the back with a laugh and he comically falls to the ground.
- Episode 063 “A Slippery Encounter!”/“The Weakest Dragon!? Numera Appears!!”
Innovations: none
- Episode 064 “One for the Goomy!”/“Do Your Best, Dedenne!” Do it for Numera!!”
Innovations: none
- Episode 065 “Thawing an Icy Panic!”/“Vanipeti Panic! An Ice-Covered Whiteout!!”
Innovations: none
- Episode 066 "The Green, Green Grass Types of Home!"/"Hiyoku Gym Battle!" Gekogashira VS Gogoat!!”
Innovations: none
- Episode 067 “Under the Pledging Tree!”/“Satoshi and Serena's First Date!? The Tree of Promises and the Presents!!”
Innovations: none
- Episode 068 “A Showcase Debut!”/“Aim to be the Kalos Queen!” Serena Makes Her Debut!!”
Innovations: none
- Episode 069 “An Oasis of Hope!”/“Decisive Battle in the Badlands!” Fight, Numera!!”
Innovations: none
- Episode 070 “The Future Is Now, Thanks to Determination!”/“Protect the Future of Science! The Electric Labyrinth!!”
Innovation: Everything that happened is part of Lysandre's plan. While Team Rocket attempted to carry out their plan, the Essentia secretly tapped into the power plant to send its energy to Xerosic's satellite to search for the Giant Rock. The last scene should show the Essentia reporting the successful completion of the operation, since the Rock was found. And Lysandre goes after her on his plane to Hoenn.
- Episode 071 “A Fork in the Road!” A Parting of the Ways!”/“A Fork in the Path of Indecision!? Musashi and Sonans!!”
Innovations: none
- Episode 072 “Battling with Elegance and a Big Smile!”/“Fokko VS Mahoxy!” A Splendid Performance Battle!!”
Innovations: Team Rocket secretly watched Serena and Aria/Ariana fight. Impressed by the power of the latter's Pokémon, Jessie decides to steal them so that thanks to them she can become the Kalos Queen. In the midst of the battle, after Fennekin evolved into Braxien, Team Rocket trapped Aria's Pokémon in a cage and attempted to escape with them in a balloon. Ash, thanks to Pikachu, tries to stop them, but they caught him in a trap. Ash decides to use Frogadier and Hawlucha, but Serena asks him to give her a chance to do it herself. And she succeeds in this during a graceful and spectacular battle. All the captured Pokémon are saved, and Team Rocket loses again.
In the Japanese version, Fennekin's evolution should be accompanied by Volt, and DoriDori should be played during Serena's battle against Team Rocket.
- Episode 073 “Mega Evolution Special III” (this is the original second part of the Mega Evolution special series, with the arrival of Alan and Marin in Hoenn, and the search for the Giant Rock)
Innovations: none

Here is also example of new scenes. This is for episode 001:
Welcome to Kalos Region:
* Notes: This new scene takes place in XY(Z) 001 between the narrator's opening words and Ash and Alexa's exchange on the plane.

Ash Ketchum, sitting aboard the Kanto-Kalos flight, was looking forward to setting foot in the Kalos region to begin a new adventure here. The plane began to land, and then a message appeared on all the screens of this plane, which was transmitted by a tall man with red hair and a beard reminiscent of a lion's mane and dressed in black clothes with orange lines. And this man said the following:
- Greetings and Welcome to the Kalos Region. I, Lysandre, President of Lysandre Labs, am honored and proud to announce that our beautiful region has been chosen as the host for the World Championship. In which various trainers from all over the world will participate. Ordinary trainers, coordinators, GYM Leaders, members of the Elite Four, representatives of Battle Facilities, and even champions of other regions. Everyone will have a chance to fight for the title of winner of the Championship, and perhaps even defeat the champion of our region - Diantha. To do this, many applicants will have to defeat the GYM Leaders of Kalos, who are Leaders of the highest qualifications. Our region has many beauties, mysteries, and wonders that can incredibly change your life. And one more thing - Welcome to the Kalos region.
Ash, who received an invitation to this Championship after his adventures in Unova, after this message he wanted to start his new adventure even more. Perhaps the most amazing and life-changing adventure of his life.

That’s all for now. It’s not fully finished, but remember - Only together we can help our beloved saga to Mega Evolve into something Mega Outstanding! First completely new episode soon will be ready, and some aspects will be updated.
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The first scene replaces the moment when Team Rocket provoked Garchomp into aggression.
The second scene takes place after Serena saw Ash on TV.

Three scientists came to Professor Sycamore's laboratory, who are actually the disguised trinity from Team Rocket, Jessie, James, and Meowth. The latter sat on Wobbuffet's head and put on a wig and glasses to disguise himself in order to pass for a normal scientist.

Oh, fellow researchers - Jessie said.

We're come to research a Mega Evolution - James added.

Sophie and Cosette, the Professor's assistants, came to make sure. But the villainous thieves were able to convince them to let Pokemon into the medical chamber, in particular, Shiny Garchomp (this is a female). The trio saw this Pokémon up close, and were able to take the women away from the cell, arguing that the study needed privacy. They took the women out of the room and closed the door. The assistants suspected something was wrong and went to the Professor, who was now in the garden with the Pokemon. Team Rocket turned to the Pokémon, extended their dirty hands, and were about to grab their prey. However, the chamber also contained Froakie, the water starter Pokémon, who had already fought back against these thieves. He lay in the regenerator, the process ended, he suddenly woke up, recognized the trio, and was about to fight back.

Ah, you again! Not scary. You can’t do anything to us now - Jessie said.

After all, now Team Rocket is evolving - James continued.

I would even say - Mega Evolve - added Meowth. Who was supported by Wobbuffet.

And then, suddenly, the lights went out. The scammers were confused by this.

This was not part of our plan - Jessie said.

I have nothing to do with it - James replied.

Me too - Meowth also said.

And then, behind them, the electronic letter “E” shone. They turned sharply and saw someone in a strange suit and helmet, on which this letter “E” shone. Both thieves and Pokémon were on edge at this figure. She held a cube-shaped object in her hand and threw it in their direction.

Meanwhile, Sophie and Cosette told Professor Sycamore, next to whom were Ash Ketchum, Clemont and Bonnie, about certain “researchers”. And at that moment, they all heard frightened screams! Everyone ran towards the source of the screams. They found themselves in the corridor of the laboratory, and then the disguised Team Rocket first ran out of the room in panic, and then the Shiny Garchomp burst in with mayhem. Which screamed in pain, smashed everything around, and at some point used the Hyper Beam. People barely had time to turn away from him, and noticed on Garchomp’s neck the source of her agony - some kind of electronic collar. Team Rocket tried to hide from her evil gaze among the stairs, but she tracked them down and walked towards them. But Froakie jumped on her head and tried to calm her down. True, to no avail. Because she threw him off of her with a wave of her head. Luckily, Ash caught him. Garchomp turned her attention back to Team Rocket and fired a Hyper Beam at them. They survived, but their disguise was gone.

Oh, no! Team Rocket! - Ash said sternly.

You are such a annoying bad people! - Bonnie joined him.

Don’t look at us harshly - Jessie said.

We have nothing to do with it this time - James added.

Yes, some upstart in a fancy suit got ahead of us - Meowth finished.

Can't be! Talking Meowth! - Professor Sycamore said with shock.

It’s always nice when people pay attention to me - Meowth said happily.

Now is not the time for flattery! - said Jessie, who was shaking Meowth.

After all, Garchomp was again aiming the Hyper Beam at them. Which he still hit them with. Team Rocket took off sharply and crashed through the roof from the Beam.

WE'RE BLASTING OFF AGAIN!!!! - Team Rocket shouted as they were carried into the sky.

At the same time, while everyone else was trying to solve the problem with Garchomp, this mysterious person copied all the information he needed from the Professor’s computer. And then, when she had collected everything she needed, she left the laboratory through the window.


After Ash helped Garchomp at the top of the Prism Tower, he was about to return to the laboratory with Professor Sycamore. After Clemont can get down, of course. But none of them knew that they were being watched by the same mysterious person who was the real initiator of this incident. And this same person was looking directly at Ash, since there was a camera on the mask. Through which a tall, stylishly dressed man with a beard was looking at his large monitor in a dark room, but his face was not visible.

This boy is unique. I have heard a lot about his adventures in other regions. He should be watched. He could make a spiritual warrior suitable for me - the man said, while simultaneously drinking wine, the glass of which he held in his right hand.

Let's see how well he can resist my tests for him - he said with an ominous smile.

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* Update episode order above.

New episodes:
Description: Ash and Co. return to Battle Chateau to win the title of Viscount. However, as a Baron, Ash has to learn to be more competent in order to justify his status. How Viola and Grant can help. Having won a certain number of victories, in order to receive a new title, Ash needs to defeat Caitlin, a strong trainer from Unova (and whom Ash must recognize. Since she was in the 15th season). She is a very graceful trainer (defeating Niko shows it), but she often gets sleepy. Which almost caused her loss, and should be the butt of jokes in this episode (like the one where Bonnie says that such a sleepy girl is not suitable for Clemont's role as a bride). Part of her background should be revealed by a new character (for the anime) - Darach, the leader of the Battle Castle from the Sinnoh Battle Frontier (And who in this series can defeat Grant). He is revealed that Caitlin was his assistant, but then left to become part of Unova's Elite Four. What her victories in Kalos could help with, and she strives for this, despite her disadvantage. Before the fight with her, Ash arranges a motivational conversation with her so that she gives her all. After which, a battle takes place between them, in which Caitlin, although she lost, was able to overcome her drowsiness (this time at least), and lost with dignity. Darach expresses great pride in her, and Ash receives the title of Viscount.
Also, for the linearity of the story, the heroes can meet Blake and continue their journey for a while with him. This should be a smooth transition into episode 45 of the original Kalos Saga.

Description: Ash and Co. reach the monorail station, where a new super-fast train, created by Watson, GYM Leader from Mauville City in the Hoenn region, begins operating. Ash and Watson meet and reminisce about their battle, and Ash also introduces his friends, including Clemont. The latter impresses the old man with his knowledge when he helps get the train running. While the train is traveling, Watson tells the heroes that the Hoenn Festival will soon take place in Kiloude City, which will include a series of tournaments in which Watson plans to participate. And at that moment, Team Rocket tried to capture the train along with a bunch of Pokemon inside. Ash sent them flying again, and the train went out of control and crashed into the sea. But Clemont and Watson, joining forces, were able to save the train. After the train reaches the last stop, Ash and Clemont tell Watson that a GYM Battle will soon take place between them. In connection with this, he gives them instructions so that they both give their best in this battle. After all, this battle will benefit both of them in the Festival. The heroes continue their journey.
There should also be humorous moments in this episode when Watson slaps Clemont on the back with a laugh and he comically falls to the ground.

After watching 35 episode of Horizons, it occurred to me that a similar series would be suitable for the project. A series focusing on Ash, Pikachu, Bonnie and Dedenna. In which the connection between these characters would be more deeply revealed, Bonnie and Dedenne would be shown following the example of Ash and Pikachu, and Ash's maturation would again be demonstrated.

New ideas for updated plot:

This battle could happen before first battle Sceptile Vs Greninja. Most likely, Sawyer will lose, but experience from battle with trainer like Paul could make him even stronger.

In the game's trailer, you can see Lumiose City, like a pizza, divided into five slices, and in the center is the Prism Tower. This will benefit the story, which will have stronger connections to previous sagas and regions (Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh and Unova) compared to the original Pokémon XY/XYZ. And since at the end of Pokémon Mega XY(Z), the Kalos region will be saved by trainers from the past five regions. Classic "One for All, and All for One."

Here's an idea for the 19th movie (Vulcanion and the Mechanical Marvel). I already talked about the need to remove the scene with 100% Zygarde.
There is a Azoth Kingdom in this movie. And here I propose to make a connection between this kingdom and King AZ, a character from the 6th generation game, whom the anime left behind. In Pokémon Mega XY(Z), it will be possible to make references to this character, and in the film it will be possible to state that this Kingdom is named after this very king. Since the first two letters in the name of the kingdom are similar to the name AZ;
- AZ

That's it for now. First completely new episode will be ready soon.
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This is the first full-fledged new episode within the framework of this project. Doing it alone/as a couple is not so easy. Therefore, the project needs more people. And I want to believe that the reaction to this series will be positive enough for more people to join the project.
After Ash's victory in the Cyllage City GYM, our heroes continue their journey through the Kalos region. And right now they have stumbled upon one of the oldest attractions in the region...
  • Wow! How many big stones are there! - Bonnie said with admiration, which was shared by Dedenne who got out of her bag.
  • Yeah! What a huge! - Ash spoke with no less admiration, and was supported by Pikachu sitting on his shoulder.
  • This place is called the Menhir Trail. It is an ancient memorial to Pokémon - Serena said, reading the information from her map.
  • Exactly. This Trail is a memorial to the Pokémon that suffered during the war that occurred 3,000 years ago. There is a belief that they suffered because of a terrible weapon that turned them to stone. People mourning for them enclosed their dehydrated bodies in these menhirs. And since then, the inhabitants of these places have been monitoring the safety of this Trail for generations - Clemont added to what Serena said. What surprised my friends and sister.
  • Wow. They probably feel cramped, sad and lonely right now - Bonnie said with shock and tapped one of the menhirs with her little hand.
The group continued to walk along the Trail and look at it. The menhirs were also surrounded by a whole bunch of beautiful flowers and clean grass. But here they are that part of this Trail looks ruined and dried up. Which was extremely out of touch with the overall picture. They also saw how the ranks of Sunflora, Marill and Azumarill tried to correct this situation. The Sunflora series used photosynthesis by digging their roots into the ground, and the Marill and Azumarill watered the ground in an attempt to correct the vegetation situation. But it did not help. Ash and friends stood and looked at this sadly. They wanted to help them, but did not know how exactly. And then, one of the menhirs, due to the loose earth, staggered and was about to fall on its side. Bonnie stood next to him, from this shift she accidentally fell to the ground, and this menhir was about to fall on her and Dedenne. Ash, Serena and Clemont looked on in shock.
  • BONNIE! - Clemont screamed in horror.

The menhir continues to fall on Bonnie, but suddenly...
  • VIVILLION! PSYCHIC! - a loud female voice sounded, and the menhir stopped. It was Viola, a friend of the travelers, the GYM Leader of Santalune City, and her Vivillion stopped the menhir from falling with Psychic. Ash and friends were surprised by the sudden appearance, and Bonnie managed to move away from the menhir. After which, Ash summoned his Froakie from the Pokeball.
  • Froakie! Frubbles! - Ash gave the command.
Froakie threw Frubbles onto the ground next to the menhir, Vivillion removed the Psychic from the menhir, and it fell softly to the ground without any harm to itself. After which, everyone gathered together, while Clemont checked to see if Bonnie was hurt.
  • We often intersect. Isn't that right, Ash? - said a relaxed Viola with a smile.
  • Yes, indeed, this already happens often - Ash answered with a smile.
  • I heard you already defeated Grant. I warned him about this. And now he will owe me lunch at a bistro - Viola said with the same smile.
  • But, what are you actually doing here? - Clemont asked her, who had already examined Bonnie.
  • Well, you’ve already seen the reason - said Viola, slowly approaching the bed of fading flowers.
  • It actually started even earlier, and I am investigating. Now, however, it has reached a dead end. The last time I got on the trail of the cause of all this was almost a month ago - the Bug-type GYM Leader continued.
  • A month ago? This is also the time when I arrived in the Kalos region. That's why you weren't there then - having made such a conclusion, Ash said.
  • Right. Humans and Pokémon keep the Trail as strong as they can. But, alas, all this is not enough, and complete withering is inevitable. If the source of the withering is not found, the girl said worriedly - Along the way, she gave one Yanma, who trusts her, a bag of seeds. So that he and his flock sow these seeds throughout the Trail.
  • Got it! I will help as much as I can! - Ash said confidently, which surprised Viola. - You gave me a chance to prove myself in battle, and now I am ready to repay this debt!
  • I want to help too! I can't watch this place suffer! - said Serena. Which, however, was doubtful at first, but looking at Ash she overcame her uncertainty.
  • Here may be need two GYM Leaders, one of whom is a scientist. You can rely on me - said Clemont.
  • Hey! Don't forget about us! - Bonnie exclaimed, joined by Dedenne.
  • Guys... I am so grateful to you! - Viola said with sincere gratitude, wiping her nose with the finger of her right hand.

Having agreed to act together, our heroes and Viola began to explore the Trail in search of answers to their questions. They headed to the most decaying part of the Trail and began to look for any clues. The search was unsuccessful until Clemont took out special glasses from his backpack, thanks to which he studied the yellowing grass.
  • Hmm, I see! I begin to understand! - Clemont said, realization dawning on him.
  • And what did you understand, bro? - asked Bonnie, who was walking towards him along with the rest of her friends.
  • The vegetation of the Trail does not suffer due to any external pollution. It is something artificial and caused by technologies. It is quite possible that this is all due to electromagnetic waves caused by someone or something - Clemont expressed everything proposed.
  • In such cases, we just need to find the source of these waves and stop it! It's simple! - Ash said decisively.
  • But... How do we find him? - Serena said worriedly. And then a light chuckle was heard from Clemont.
  • The future is now, thanks to science! Clemontic Gear, ON! - Clemont said, being in his hand. And he took out his new invention. - I present to you the Magnemite-Seeker-of-Electromagnetic-Waves - he proudly presented his invention, which looked like a Magnemite with a handle and a scale indicating the power of electromagnetic waves.
  • You’ll have to work on the names for a long time, bro - Bonnie pointed out sharply.
  • Thanks to this invention, we will be able to trace these waves and find their source. And then stop him - Clemont described this invention.
  • Man! Science is still so amazing! - Ash said with admiration, his eyes sparkling. While Serena looked at it with doubts, and Viola did not know what to say.
  • Hehe, thank you very much. So - let's launch! - Clemont answered flatteringly, and launched the invention.
Clemont launched the device and began to catch the trail of these waves. He turned it in different directions until the scale caught the trace. Having caught the wave, Clemont confidently led his friends and sister behind him. A couple of times they actually came to a dead end or a pack of wild Houndoom, until the trail led them to a large stone wall. All traces were cut off, and the heroes did not know where to go next. Clemont spun his invention all over this wall until it started going crazy. The device hummed loudly, and the needle on the scale twitched from side to side. Clemont tried to turn it off, but it exploded. When it cleared, everyone was fine, although Clemont got dirty because he was at the epicenter of the explosion.
  • Bro, you are now doing more harm to the Trail than helping it - Bonnie said, not at all surprised by what happened.
  • So what should we do now? How can we now look for the source of this decline? - Serena said worriedly.
  • If the signal breaks here, then we have to find the way to the source ourselves,” said Ash.
  • Agree. Vivilion, Psychic - Viola answered confidently and gave her Pokemon a command.
Vivillion used Psychic to check this entire wall until she discovered a hole in it, which was covered by two huge stones. Vivillion removed these two stones to the side, which opened the way for her trainer and her friends to the source of the Trail’s troubles. They all came to this cave and were about to go inside. They thanked Clemont before that. After all, even though his invention exploded, it helped them get on the trail. Which greatly consoled the inventor. It was very dark in this cave, but this was not a problem for him. By pressing the right button, a Solar Charger came out of his backpack, which illuminated the way for the group. And all five of them and their Pokémon entered the cave.

Wandering around the cave for a long time, they still could not find the source of the withering, or at least another way out. However, they came across a huge ancient fresco. Which depicts a bunch of different Pokémon, a huge tall object, to the left of it was a blue tree, to the right a red cocoon, and above them all towered some huge dark green Pokémon.
  • Wow. What is that? - Bonnie said in surprise.
  • This is a legend about a war that happened 3000 years ago. It states that this war went on for too long, so much so that the ancient king of Kalos created the Ultimate Weapon to end the war. To do this, he deceitfully captured two legendary Pokémon loyal to him - the Pokémon of Life and the Pokémon of Destruction, and was going to use them as a battery for weapons. However, in his rush to end the war, he became so mad that these weapons began to pose a threat not only to the parties to the conflict, but also to the kingdom of the king himself. That's why this Trail is now full of fossilized Pokémon inside menhirs. Then, the guardian of the ecosystem of our world went against the king and was going to stop the weapon. But the weapon turned out to be stronger than him, and the keeper was on the verge of death. Fortunately, legendary Pokémon from all over the world came to the rescue and stopped the king and his weapon. The war ended, although not without undesirable consequences. Peace was restored, but this weapon turned out to be far away and securely hidden. This is how the Menhir Trail arose - Viola told this legend. Her friends were greatly impressed by what they heard.
None of the travelers knew that someone was watching them through a hidden camera. This someone was watching them from his secret base in a dark room, but there was a smile on his face. He's clearly happy that Ash came here.

The heroes continued to walk through the cave. And then suddenly a loud sound was heard, then dozens of waves were heard. Dozens of Zubat and Woobat flew out of the shadows. The stunned heroes began to run away from them as fast as they could. They ran away without turning around, but suddenly, more flocks of Zubat and Woobat flew out of one passage. Which with it’s fangs tore the Solar Charger from Clemont's backpack. The heroes were left without a lantern, they didn’t know where to go, and almost everyone lay down on the ground. While Ash and Viola gave Pikachu and Vivillon the command to attack. While Pikachu fought back with Thunderbolt and Vivillon with Psychic, the trainers thought about what to do. And Serena got an idea.
  • Fennekin! Ember! - Serena exclaimed and launched her Pokémon.
Coming out of her Pokeball, Fennekin first helped disperse the Zubat and Woobat with Ember, and began throwing them in different directions to find the right direction. Thanks to this, the travelers were able to find the road and began to run along it. Fennekin continued to use embers to illuminate the road along which the heroes continued to run. As a result, they were able to find the light at the end of the tunnel, and suddenly jumped out of here.
  • Is everyone all right? asked Ash, concerned.
  • It’s okay, Ash - Serena answered with a soothing tone, who, after expressing gratitude, returned Fennekin to the Pokéball.
  • Look! - Viola exclaimed when she saw something.
Ash and friends looked at where Viola was pointing and saw the following. There was withering grass whose colors faded from yellow to brown, wilted flowers, and fallen trees. Which meant one thing for the travelers - they were already close to the sources of the Trail’s troubles. While they themselves were horrified by what they saw.
  • That's not all. Look what I found - said Clemont. Who had a small device in his hand. And it was a sound bomb. - I found this when we were lying on the ground in a cave. Perhaps this was the reason for the rampage of the Zubat and Woobat. It turns out that the withering in the Trail is a man-made affair. And whoever planned this is trying to stop us.
  • Whoever this someone is, he won’t stop us! Right? - Ash exclaimed.
  • Right! Onward! - Viola answered confidently. And the heroes continued their track.

Continuing on their way, the young trainers found a large cone-shaped device from which radiation was emanating, causing the vegetation in the Trail to wither. Clemont again took out his special glasses, took a closer look at the device, and was convinced of his assumptions.
  • I got it, give me five minutes - Clemont asked. - I'll turn off this device.
  • Can you do it, bro? - Bonnie asked.
GYM Leader wanted to give an answer, but he was distracted by a sudden attack. Shiny Doublade tried to stop the engineer's actions. Ash found out the necessary information about this Pokémon thanks to the Pokédex. The brother hastily covered his sister and exposed his backpack to the attack. Ash's timely parry with Iron Tail saved the guys and the enemy retreated, but did not leave this place, intending to stop them. The Pokemon looked like two swords with ribbons and a sheath.
  • Well covered, Pikachu - Ash thanked, then turned to Clemont. - Don't be distracted, we'll drive him away.
  • Vivillon, help us! - Viola called her Pokemon.
Shiny Doublade folded into its sheath and did not take any action, but his trainer, someone in a dark suit with feminine curves, decided to open up to the guys. A hard jumpsuit and a helmet with a yellow visor and the letter “E” hid everything and did not give any chance of identifying the enemy, which the girl took advantage of. The brother and sister chose to hide from her sight in order to begin work on the other side.
  • Fennekin, come out! - Serena called her Pokémon again, throwing the Pokéball.
The fiery fox came out to help with a lively cry and stood next to Pikachu. The sword Pokémon was still waiting for commands, and the enemy was peering at those who had interfered with her plans. The guys' Pokémon posed a varying degree of threat to the enemy: Fennekin, with her particularly effective fire techniques, stood out from the rest. Time was on the guys’ side, but we couldn’t act rashly.
  • Who are you? - Viola asked menacingly, trying to photograph the villainess.
As soon as the camera shutter opened, the sword pokemon tried to smash the camera with a sharp blow. Pikachu managed to respond with lightning to Shiny Doublade, causing it to miss its target. Vivillon threw the enemy away with the help of Psychic and tried to hold the unknown trainer so that Viola could take an even shot. Only it was not possible to catch her with the technique, but she got into the camera lens again.
  • Why are you bothering us?! - Ash asked perplexed. - This thing has a bad effect on plants and we need to turn it off!
  • Apparently the thing belongs to her, - Serena suggested. - She doesn’t even answer us...
Ash and his Pokémon ran to Clemont and Bonnie: they needed to cover them on the other side and find out how the progress was going. Viola and Serena and their Pokémon focused on the direction from which the opponents appeared and disappeared. The young inventor and his sister did a good job with their task, but the device continued to work: the installation received power from somewhere else.
  • How are you doing? - asked Ash.
  • The machine is still working and it’s not clear where it’s connected - Clemont answered, looking at all the visible connections in the device.
  • My eyes are already running wild… - the girl complained when she just glanced at the gadget.
  • Let’s not interfere - Ash said, turning to the side. - Do what you need to do.
  • Okay! - answered the brother and sister.
The mouse Pokémon barely noticed Shiny Doublade's open swords glowing with a dark purple halo and barely dodged the attack, jumping off the ground and standing on the installation. The enemy pressed on and continued to use the Night Slash. Pikachu expertly dodged further attacks, but this series of attacks pinned him down. GYM Leader noticed an opportunity to take the enemy to the side, away from the guys.
  • Gust! - Viola ordered.
  • Flamethrower! - Serena commanded.
The enemy heard the girls' orders in time and the Pokémon crossed his swords, planning to take the attack on himself. The metallic shine of the blades suggested that even the combined attacks would not cause significant damage: the Fennekin’s flame, enhanced by the air flow from Vivillon, only moved it a couple of meters away from the installation. Shiny Doublade remained unharmed, but continued to defend himself.
  • Quick Attack, now! - Ash shouted.
The trainer decided to turn the enemy’s defenses against him: Pikachu sharply jumped away from the car and rushed to collide with Shiny Doublade. The enemy's crossed blades took the blow with dignity, preventing the sword Pokémon from being injured. However, even without a defensive move, the steel Pokémon would have survived. GYM Leader noticed the zero effectiveness of the attack and something had to be done.
  • Sleep Powder! - Viola commanded.
Pikachu retreated from his opponent to allow Vivillon to approach the sword Pokémon and spray purple pollen on it. Shiny Doublade saw the approach of the scaled Pokémon and, straightening his swords, managed to move away from the sleeping curtain. The guys only now realized that all this time they had not heard any commands from the opposing coach and saw how she quickly ran towards the guys.
- Grab her with Psychic! - shouted the GYM Leader.
Clemont and Bonnie almost instinctively jumped away from the enemy. Vivillon shackled the mysterious girl with a psychic technique, the Pokémon barely immobilized and raised the enemy from the ground. The brother and sister hastily moved to the side from which they had begun trying to turn off the machine. The enemy unsuccessfully tried to resist and her Pokemon came to her aid.
  • Iron Tail! - Ash ordered, noticing the enemy's attack.
  • Ember! - Serena commanded, intending to support the trainer's defense.
Pikachu tried to intercept Shiny Doublade, but he missed and was unable to stop his opponent's approach. The hot embers from the Fennekin slowed the enemy down slightly, but he continued to advance. The swords of the steel-type Pokémon unpleasantly hit the bug-type Pokémon and it let go of the enemy. She hurried to retreat, but intended not to allow the guys to turn off the machine she needed so much.
  • Come out, Bunnelby! - Clemont called on his Earth-type Pokemon.
The long-eared Pokémon came out of the pokeball and prepared to meet the enemy. Ash and Viola switched places to continue their tasks: the coach covered the guys; GYM Leader was looking for the enemy in the place where they were last seen. Clemont was still rummaging around in a machine unknown to him, not even distracted by his surroundings: delay had a detrimental effect on the plants.
  • Why do you want to destroy the plants? - Viola asked. - Leave!
Instead of answering, GYM Leader heard how the rotating blades increased Shiny Doublade’s attacking ability by an order of magnitude. The obvious sound of Sword Dance being used was impossible to miss. Now the girl and her Vivillon knew where the blow could come from. The bug Pokémon himself made the Solar Beam: the butterfly collected the energy of the luminary and was going to release it at any moment.
  • Dodge, then respond with Flamethrower! - Serena ordered.
The opponent activated Night Slash again and rushed to attack the fox Pokémon. Fennekin was able to escape the first swing of her sword, but stopped to counterattack and took the second blow. The damage from Shiny Doublade's move was enough to put the fire Pokémon out of action, but it bought time for Vivillon: the powerful light beam, although it didn't hit the enemy, forced him to regroup.
  • Come back, Fennekin! You did everything you could! Thank you! - the girl called back the battered Pokémon.
With the loss of Fennekin, the defense weakened, but did not fall, and the enemy coach understood this well. She looked at the tablet that controlled the machine and realized that she had lost contact with the installation: Clemont managed to turn off the external control, but the device was still working. With such success, they could interrupt the insidious plans of her team. The trainer noticed the sword pokemon approaching.
  • Accelerate with Quick Attack and hit with Iron Tail, Pikachu! - Ash shouted.
Pikachu instantly climbed onto the car and immediately jumped off it with significant acceleration. Gaining more speed, the electric Pokémon strengthened its tail and hit Shiny Doubleblade with it. The energy of the push was transferred to the enemy and he was displaced a considerable distance from the car. Vivillon recovered and loudly expressed her desire to respond harshly to the enemy.
  • Gust, drive it away! - Viola commanded.
The bug Pokémon summoned a powerful air current that blew away the battered Shiny Doublade from the battlefield. This technique also caused significant damage to the enemy and made it possible to guarantee the safety of Clemont and his sister from the attacks of the sword pokemon for a while. A good parry from Pikachu and constant displacements from Vivillon clearly did not allow the enemy and her Pokemon to get closer to the installation.
  • How are you, Vivillon? - Viola asked. Her Pokémon replied that it was holding on for now.
  • We need to hold out a little longer - the GYM-leader explained, noticing the depressing state of her Pokemon. - Be patient for the sake of the plants. The butterfly agreed.
The painful wait for the enemy's attack began again: only the actions of Clemont's hands and his backpack could be heard by the guys. Shiny Doublade activated Sword Dance once again, and this time the opponent's Pokémon was clearly closer than the last time he did it. Pikachu again prepared to wait for the enemy from the position where he used the status move, Vivillon looked in the opposite direction.
  • Dodge! - Viola shouted hastily and loudly.
The command was heard by the Pokemon GYM-Leader, but Shiny Doublade was clearly not a miss. Not only did the blows with the Night Slash successfully hit the target, but the blows were also critical: with their power the enemy slammed the victim into the ground. Vivillon could not withstand the onslaught of the enemy and the hard fall, as a result of which she lost consciousness. Bonnie and Dedenne saw this and they wanted to answer for such aggressive treatment of the butterfly.
  • Dedenne, use Nuzzle! - Bonnie ordered.
The antenna Pokémon deftly came out of the bag, ran slightly and jumped to rub against Shiny Doublade's sheath. The electrical attack paralyzed the enemy and he could not do anything. The enemy trainer couldn't rely on her Pokémon right now, but she saw that Bunnelby's attention was drawn to the sword Pokémon. The mysterious girl silently approached and made a dash towards the guys.
  • Brother! - Bonnie called out to her brother, seeing the approaching enemy.
The inventor only managed to turn his head before losing his balance from a push from his opponent's hands. The guy was knocked down so quickly that the wires connected from the backpack to the car came off, even Aipom Hand came unstuck and touched the visor of the girl in the suit. The metal “limb” of the backpack broke through the glass of the helmet and Bonnie saw the menacing blue eye of the enemy, which was peering back. Ash tried to take advantage of the hitch and, while Dedenne delayed Shiny Doublade, rushed to the opposing trainer. The enemy heard the approach in her direction and she, having successfully dodged, hurried to run away. The sword Pokémon was able to overcome another attempt to paralyze it and, after taking the attacks of the electric Pokémon, rushed towards Clemont, who had just risen to his feet.
  • Clemont, watch out! - Bonnie shouted.
Bunnelby tried to stop his opponent by throwing mud balls, but the sword Pokémon quickly got within striking distance. The guy heard his sister's cry, but did not have time to do anything. Doublade shredded his backpack using the Slash technique. And just now, Mud Shot hit the steel Pokemon, after which it flew away from the engineer, who was lying on the ground again.
  • Double Slap… - Clemont asked through groans.
  • Iron Tail! - Ash ordered.
Pikachu and Bunnelby began to hit the enemy in close combat. A swift tail strike prevented the sword pokemon from folding up. The first ear slap threw Shiny Doublade off balance; the second, more powerful slap threw the enemy away from the guys. Clemont stood up again: his broken backpack no longer hampered his movement; but now he has nothing to operate with to break the enemy’s device. The enemy was still here and, despite the injuries received, still posed a threat. Moreover, the enemy believed that the guys could have broken the car even without Clemont’s gadgets, so it was necessary to force them to leave this place or distract the Pokémon and trainers to themselves or Shiny Doublade. It was necessary to leave the device operational for a few more minutes. The sudden crawl of Onyx thwarted all the enemy's plans; the stone Pokémon, moreover, slammed into Shiny Doublade with great speed and incapacitated him. The enemy trainer finally realized her defeat when she saw the stone snake trainer, Grant. This GYM-Leader and his Pokémon were quite dangerous and could quickly remove her disguise in the form of the surrounding forest. The enemy recalled their Pokemon.
  • Viola, are you guys okay?! - asked the concerned guy.
  • She knocked out Vivillon… - the girl answered excitedly
  • We need to turn this thing off or break it - Ash added, pointing at the device.
The guys saw how the enemy finally left this area. The wounded Vivillon, who was now in the Pokéball, urgently needed help, but it was impossible to leave the machine that was killing the plants running. It also seemed impossible to turn it off; Clemont’s backpack was broken and the engineer could not quickly figure it out without a tool. The climber quickly appreciated its strength.
  • Go away, everyone - Grant asked. - Onyx, Rock Tomb.
As soon as the guys moved to a safe distance, the stone snake created many large stone boulders and brought them down into the clearing where the car was located. Hitting a few blocks solved the problem once and for all.

Sunset. The plants, although not all of them, began to slowly rise and turn towards the descending sun. The heroes managed to save most of the flora at the Fallen Pokémon memorial. Clemont was fixing his backpack. Bonnie helped Serena and Viola treat Fennekin and Vivilion. Meanwhile, Ash was talking to Grant.
  • I was nearby and heard the sounds of battle. I turned out to be just in time - said Grant.
  • Yeah, you were just in time. Whoever this masked woman is, she has an extremely durable Pokemon - Ash answered him.
  • Nevertheless, you held on tight. It’s not for nothing that you earned my badge - Grant noted.
  • Even though you helped us, you still owe me lunch at the bistro - Viola, whose Vivillion had already begun to return to normal, replied wittily and with a smile.
  • Yes, I remember. There is no need to remind us about our bet - Grant answered her with a shy smile. What Bonnie looked at with an annoyed face, who understood everything. Since Viola was already taken by Grant, she was not suitable as a bride for Clemont.
Clemont, meanwhile, had already put his backpack in order and began to check the condition of the vegetation. Thanks to his special glasses, he was convinced and told his friends that the flora had begun to return to its former state, and after some time the signs of wilting would disappear. But the question of who this mysterious woman was and what her purpose was is still open.
  • Bonnie, were you able to see anything in this coach’s face? - Viola asked, placing her left hand on Bonnie’s shoulder.
  • Sorry, Viola. But I only saw an angry blue eye - answered Bonnie, who regrets that she could not see anything else in the face of this woman.
  • That’s okay. I will tell Alexa about this incident. Maybe she can find out something about her - said Viola
  • I’m interested in something else - Ash said thoughtfully. - Wasn’t this the person Team Rocket was talking about on the same day I arrived in Kalos?
  • Hmm, good question. But will we get answers to it? - answered the thoughtful Clemont.
In the meantime, there were no answers, the heroes had only one thing left to do - continue to live and rejoice. And having met a hord of Yanma, they unanimously gave them bags of seeds in order to help the Menhir Trail to finally heal.
The battle for the life of the Menhir Trail may have been difficult, but working together, our heroes were able to save it. And although there are no answers to all their questions, they will move on towards their goals in order to find out everything. The journey continues!…

Mysterious dark room. In it, on a spacious sofa, sat the same tall man, whose face was not visible. He learned through his monitor on the wall that the machine that caused the withering in the Menhir Trail was destroyed, but he was not the least bit annoyed. He even smiled.
  • This boy continues to prove my expectations, he has shown himself to be a determined person. This is good. He still has a significant role to play in my plan. And this machine has already finished its role in it. After all, the seeds of imminent destruction have already been sown, and the new world will soon be close to its birth.
The man stood up, walked over to the monitor, and put his left hand, on one of the fingers of which there was an unusual ring, on the monitor. Which already showed a mysterious underground place full of diamonds.

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