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Pokémon Merchandise/Your Pokémon Collection


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Pokémon Merchandise/Your Pokémon Collection

So, I've seen several threads floating around here talking about Pokemon merchandise, so I've decided to just make one general thread, where you can talk about all of your Pokemon goods!

I'm a collector myself, and I primarily collect my favorites. I'm a Flygon, Mew, Absol, Roselia, Umbreon, Espeon, Jirachi, Ralts, Masquerain, and Drifloon collector. :) Flygon, Mew, and Absol are my primary focuses, and the other ones aren't quite as extensive.

So, feel free to show us your collections, or what merch you do own!
I mostly just collect whatever I find. I have a few plushies of the Kanto/Johto generations, as well as a cute little Axew that sits on my bed (which I believe is a talisman for good luck, as the first shiny I found in X and Y was an Axew. It turned out to be a part of my ingame team). I also have a few figurines, my favourite of which being a Buizel and a Shaymin that apparently works on that Wii U version of Pokémon Rumble, and three badges- an Electabuzz, a Chespin, and a Froakie.

I also made two plushies- a Yveltal and chibi Noivern. I was in the process of making a Rattata.