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Pokémon - Mewtwo Form - UNCONFIRMED + Dream World Catalogue


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So why not give Mew a new form then?

I'll wait for more info before making judgements.
No Mew doesn't need a new form its perfect, this picture looks real, maybe we aren't seeing the whole form and hopefully its not total crap :/


rock dog
Am I the only one who actually likes the design, regardless of some features not yet revealed?
At first sight I was like WTFFFFF
But now I am starting to like it ^^
Not a lot but If it is real I guess it will not be that much worse...right?
I for one am going to support the idea it is real. It could just be because I REALLY want more news but it looks legit to me. It was on Paper, meaning it could be real. It is to me at least.


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Why are the W(2) and B(2) logos under the pic? We won't get an event like that in gen. 5.
Nobody found an alternate mewtwo sprite in the 5. games, like genesect, meloetta or keldeo, so...
Or is this a normal mewtwo event? That would be... kinda mean.


Psyched Up
Staff member
Why are the W(2) and B(2) logos under the pic? We won't get an event like that in gen. 5.
Nobody found an alternate mewtwo sprite in the 5. games, like genesect, meloetta or keldeo, so...
Or is this a normal mewtwo event? That would be... kinda mean.
I think that IS referring to the Hurricane-Heal Pulse Mewtwo event, which is for Gen V games.

Maybe it's meant to be for anyone who didn't have a Mewtwo due to never playing the Gen III or IV games, or somehow lost their Mewtwo. The event Mewtwo will allow them to get a new Mewtwo, so that later on they can access the new form/forme on their X/Y.

Or maybe this Mewtwo event will have a special tag that unlocks the form/forme-changing item in X/Y, similar to Celebi unlocking Zorua and the event Shiny Beasts unlocking Zoroark in B/W.

That's what I think.


Johto's Hero
If there doing a new form for Mewtwo in this movie, what i don't understand is why wouldn't they give the beast trio new forms in the Zoroak movie. I really hope it's fake i like Mewtwo how it is, it doesn't need a new form


What do I do now?
I will never be fond of this form if it turns out to be real.

I got up this morning and was like, "What the heck, the crap is that thing?" Then I saw the words to be confirmed and I figured pretty quickly that it was fake. At least it better be fake. GF Don't go back and ruin pokemon that I liked as a child D:


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I hope this doesn't turn out to be real. It looks weird. The tail starts on its head and goes out like a snake, yet it retains its full body. That doesn't seem like a significant change to be put in a new form, a legendary no less, the first past generation Pokemon to get a form.

If you look at the two images side by side, you'll notice that they don't really look similar either. The 'back ears' look different between both images, so that could be reason enough to call fake.

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I really just want it to be mewthree even though its not looking to be that way for me if this is mewtwos new found form forms in general to me will lose its specialty


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So.....no one cared about the new DW Catalogue? :p

I personally wish the international DW got that one too....it has been a long time since the last time we got a new catalogue, and B2/W2 didn't even have any new catalogue to begin with. This is B2/W2 main character's house, so it would be perfect.

Rayze Darr

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I'm in the minority here. I think the new form looks awesome! I, too, get the DBZ vibe from it, and to me, this is a good thing. Mewtwo's always reminded me of Frieza anyway. The "tail" coming out of the head, to me, looks more like an extension of the tube that normal Mewtwo already has coming out of his head, and I see purple lines that, to me, look like a real tail, just longer and skinnier. The whole thing just looks like a more advanced creature in general, and looks just as good as the original Mewtwo, imo.

That being said, I have a hard time believing that this is real. First off, the fact that we have 2 pictures of an otherwise unheard of Pokemon appearing at once. If it was just once that got leaked, I'd be more of a believer, but two of them so close to each other just seems like someone trying to force authenticity. That, and there is no better way for GF to piss of Genwunners than to change Mewtwo. The change would be sure to split the fanbase, which would be no good for business.


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*Stares at the picture*

. . . . . I like it. Sure everyone else is gonna be pissed or hate it, but if its proven to be true I give everybody a couple of months before the accept it just like how they did when the 6th Gen starters came out. I'm sure its been awhile since people have shunned or called Chespin, Fennekin, or Froakie ugly/a rip off.

~ Miju =w=

Hunter Zolomon

Into the Shadows
Staff member
I just feel no need for myself to get all mad over a new form for a Pokemon in other words I don't mind the new form. If this form is indeed real, I am guessing we will find out if it's real or not here soon. Honestly, if it's real I won't be very surprised because I have always had a feeling we would see a new Mewtwo form at some point.


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If it is real, then I'm not sure how to feel about it. It looks okay but at the same time I don't think Mewtwo needs a new form...