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Pokémon Midnight Sun - A Crappy MS Paint Fakedex

Discussion in 'Fan Art' started by ~Sloth~, Dec 18, 2008.

  1. ~Sloth~

    ~Sloth~ Founder of 7DS Inc.

    Pokémon Midnight Sun - A Crappy MS Paint Fakedex

    These are my fakemon for Pokémon Midnight Sun. I don't have all the pictures done now, so I'll just post them as I make them. I apologize for the quality, I'd draw them, but I don't have a scanner, so... yeah. Enjoy (or don't...)

    EDIT: I decided to put the male and female forms in one image to save space.

    #494 Pomatrix


    Seed Worm Pokémon
    Type: [​IMG]
    Ability: Overgrow
    Height: 6'11"
    Weight: 17.6 lbs.
    Evolution: Pomatrix ---Lv14---> Floroboros ---Lv36---> Dracana
    Name Origin: "Pomme" (French for apple) + "Natrix natrix" (grass snake)

    #495 Floroboros


    Wreath Snake Pokémon
    Type: [​IMG]
    Ability: Overgrow
    Height: 10'07"
    Weight: 61.4 lbs.
    Evolution: Pomatrix ---Lv14---> Floroboros ---Lv36---> Dracana
    Name Origin: "floral" + "Ouroboros" (snake swallowing its tail)

    #497 Ephember


    Candle Pokémon
    Type: [​IMG]
    Ability: Blaze
    Height: 2'03"
    Weight: 7.3 lbs.
    Evolution: Ephember ---Lv15---> Grilowisp ---Lv35---> Grimferno
    Name Origin: "ephemeral" (fleeting) + "ember"

    #498 Grilowisp


    Ghost Light Pokémon
    Type: [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Ability: Blaze
    Height: 3'00"
    Weight: 47.4 lbs.
    Evolution: Ephember ---Lv15---> Grilowisp ---Lv35---> Grimferno
    Name Origin: "grim" + "will o' wisp"

    #507 Chrysalux


    Bulb Pokémon
    Type: [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Ability: Illuminate / Shed Skin
    Height: 2'06"
    Weight: 25.1 lbs.
    Evolution: Nymflux ---Lv8---> Chrysalux ---Lv14---> Dyanamago
    Name Origin: "chrysalis" (cocoon) + "lux" (Latin for light)

    #606 Homunculow


    Hollow Pokémon
    Type: [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Ability: Curse Guard
    Height: 4'11"
    Weight: 47.7 lbs.
    Evolution: ---
    Name Origin: "homunculus" (artificial human) + "hollow"

    Well, that's all I have so far, I'll update with more tomorrow.
    Last edited: Dec 21, 2008
  2. Shadow Eeveelution

    Shadow Eeveelution DracLord Dread

    Need to see morre
  3. Rayquaza Master777

    Rayquaza Master777 #1 May Fanboy

    Will you post the Water starter?
  4. mangaeyes

    mangaeyes Well-Known Member

    They look ok at best...the worm one is very imaginative.

    Your trying too hard to give all of them big gender differences and it just doesn't work. They don't need to be super girly or mega muscly you know...
  5. Serenitie

    Serenitie Well-Known Member

    That's pretty good :)
  6. Kenta_Endo

    Kenta_Endo Member

    Pretty good Pomatrix is my fave!!! *^-^* Keep up the good work!!!
  7. ~Sloth~

    ~Sloth~ Founder of 7DS Inc.

    Added Pomatrix's evolved form.

    I'm doing the water starter next, and I'll try and get the rest of the starter forms done soon.

    I just thought since DP only had a few gender differences I'd expand on the idea. And not all of them will have typical gender differences, but they all will have gender differences, as I kind of like the idea.

    Thanks for the comments guys, I know the pictures leave a lot to be desired, but at least you like my ideas (and that's the important thing, right?) More to come...
  8. Kindrindra

    Kindrindra 大事なのは自分らしいくある事

    ALL with gender differences? You sure about that? Cause, think about it, not all real animals have huge gender differences. But, hey, it's your region.

    Anyway, what does Curse Guard do? I'm curious, cause you have quite a good concept for a legendary there. As for the name, you sure Midnight Sun isn't a bit long? If you want a black sun, you could always use Eclipse.
    Back to the gender differences. The main problem I have is, mostly, you have the Males looking kinda like the pokemon would look if there was no gender difference, with the females looking more feminine. Also, You have most of the female gender differences looking kinda like what a gender difference would be for a human; Before making gender differences, I would suggest looking at some gender differences real animals that have gender differences, instead of making the girls have longer hair or something like that.

    See Ya Later!
  9. celebired

    celebired Mew xoxo Kawaii

    you need more art, not... pixel art-likr scribbly noobish big drawings using paint..
    2 things, read tutorials,
    and shave.

    I mean shade..

    Also, Way great job on the names!! They make HUGE sense and really good understandable stuff..
    Last edited: Dec 21, 2008
  10. kirby8933083

    kirby8933083 mai husbando

    Well, nice ideas for fakemon. ^_^; And the names you created for them are pretty good.

    Ok, on to the art. They are just messy, and some of them are a little over thought as the looks go. I mean the hollow pokemon, there are just too many stitches on it. Like it was run over by a car, don't over do it.

    Really, I'd hope your pencil and paper drawing skills are much better. If it is much better and you can't scan them, just take a picture with your camera, upload them and post it here. The quality won't be as nice as a scanned picture, but I guess we could deal if the hand drawn art is better.

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