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Pokémon Moves: Anime Debut


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Unless there is a TM or Move Tutor and said Pokemon can't learn it from those, I think its a bit unfair to say every thing a Pokemon does is illegal. Some Pokemon just don't have any means to learn a certain move due to limits. Surely anything with claws can learn scratch/fury swipes. Or a Pokemon with teeth using bite.

If we're talking about a Caterpie using flamethrower, then yes, illegal to the max.

I get your point, but to me it only applies with simple physical attacks like Tackle, Bite, Scratch, etc, as a Poke can do whatever they want with their basic physionomy, even when they can´t learn those basics moves in games. But when the issue moves to more complex moves, which require the special powers of the Pokemon to perform it (beams, glowing physical attacks, etc), I think the anime should not break the game´s laws, cause the creators of the game are the ones who have defined which Pokemon has certain powers and which not. In the Venonat case, the hairy thing just lasunched the poison needles out of nowhere, and in the Bellsprout case (Using Absorb in the Tangrowth ep), is somehow more valid given that it´s a Grass type and it can learn similar moves like Mega Drain ( A TM in generation I) and Giga Drain, but anyways, I wouldn´t have shown it using that move because it´s what I call a complex move so I´d had stick with the game´s rules.

Sorry, I think I went a little bit off topic, let´s hope next episode comes with inaired moves.

Getting back on topic, due to the lack of confirmation, I´m removing Aeroblast of the list. If anyone notice a similar case, please advise me.

Missingno. Master

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The first instance of Hi Jump Kick in the anime was WAAAAAAAAAAAAY before Wobbu-Palooza. It was in Battle Aboard the St. Anne, used by Ash's Raticate. Yes, I know Raticate can't learn the move, that's never stopped the writers.

I really thought they stopped doing that stuff years ago (since the illegal Poison Stinging Venonat in "Ariados Amigos").

Nope. There've been plenty instances since in which Pokemon used moves they are unable to learn.

Ash's Larvitar has used Harden.

Harrison's Steelix has used Wrap.

Roxanne's Nosepass has used Hyper Beam.

Brawly's Makuhita has used Slam.

Michelle's Bagon has used Skull Bash.

Ash's Starly has used Gust.

Jessie's Dustox has used Stun Spore.

Cheryl's Mothim has used Supersonic.

Saturn's Bronzor has used Teleport.

Kylie's Munchlax has used Giga Impact.

A wild shiny Metagross has used Lock-On.

Oh, and Belly Drum debuted in "Gonna Rule The School", used by a Poliwag under Max's control.
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An excellent list. However, there are a few errors that need to be ammended:

Aerial Ace: This was first used by Winonas shiny Swellow, in Sky High Gym Battle.

Aeroblast: This one is arguable, but Lugia is said to use Aeroblast in The Power Of One. Its easily confused for Hyper Beam though, so you can take it either way.

Constrict: In Dittos Mysterious Mansion, Duplica commands her Ditto (transformed into Ashes Bulbasaur) to use Constrict. Bulbasaur isn't able to learn the move, but I think it should still be counted.

Fly: Fly is considered to be very different from the games to the anime. In the games it is a 2 turn attack, but in the anime, it can be applied in any case in which a Pokemon flies above and then strikes the opponent. In this case, Pidgeotto would be the first to use it (in Ash Catches a Pokemon), but you have the attack down as Wing Attack, so ignore this one.

Grasswhistle: A similar case to Constrict: It was used before in Hoenn by Nuzleaf, but Nuzleaf is unable to learn Grasswhistle as far as I know. I still think you should count it though.

Guillotine: You got the Pokemon right, but the wrong episode: Gligar first used this in From Brags to Riches against his opponents Machamp.

Haze: Not really an error, but the first episode Weezing used this in was The Evolution Solution. Just pointing that out.

Hi-Jump Kick: Missingno Master pointed this out, but a Gentlemans Raticate first used this (granted, Raticate cannot learn the move).

Horn Attack: This was first used by the Nidorino on the television in the first episode.

Ice Shard[/B]: Was first used by Mays Glaceon in Strategy with a Smile.

Lock-On: Lock-On was not a move at the time Electric Soldier Porygon premiered, so that would make Brandons Regirock the first to distinguishably use this (in Battling the Enemy Within). Porygons seemed more like a feature it had rather than a move.

Pay Day: On the episode title, you forgot the Attack in Spinarak Attack.

Rapid Spin: Same case with Lock-On. I can see where you got the assumption of Squirtle using it first in Kanto from, but Rapid Spin was not a move at the time, making Chigusas Hitmontop from 2 Hits and a Miss the first to distinguishably use this.

Rock Blast: This was first used by an Armaldo in the Hoenn episode Where's Armaldo.

Scratch: Meowth first experimented this on Ash in Challenge of the Samurai.

Strength: Not really important, but it is spelt wrong on the first page (as Strenght)

Thunder: There is no way that Pikachu used the most powerful Electric attack (at the time) in the first episode. The first time Pikachu officially used this was in Showdown at Dark City.

Thunderbolt: The same case with the last one, except this time Pikachu first used it against Brocks Geodude in Showdown at Pewter City.

Twineedle: This was apparantly used multiple times by Beedrill before Hoenn, but the first time it was commanded was by Jeanette Fisher in The Fourth Round Rumble.

Also, many people are calling the move Tangrowth used in DP134 Secret Power, seeing as how it puts the opponent to sleep. Bulbapedia says this too, but I'm unsure if it is Absorb or Secret Power. If anyone can confirm this for me, I will be very grateful!

I know there are likely more errors, but these are the ones I noticed.

Apart from these, this list is amazing. It's truly fantastic to finally have somebody dedicated enough to put this massive compilation of moves up for everyone to see. Only problem I see is that it will have to edited often! =D

EDIT: Thanks dman dustin. Must have had a brain fart forgetting Winonas Swellow!
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An excellent list. However, there are a few errors that need to be ammended:

Aerial Ace: This was technically first used by Vladimir the Greats Pidgeotto, as it was teaching Ashes Swellow how to use Aerial Ace.

Not true, Winona's Swellow was the first, because he'd never seen Aerial Ace prior to that gym battle. Vladimir came after the gym battle because Ash wanted to teach Aerial Ace to his Swellow, after Winona's Swellow used it in the gym battle.

Ash's Larvitar has used Harden.

I for one disagree with that, if simply because it wasn't a move but a reaction. And reaction's shouldn't count. Because all it did was freeze up. Known examples of harden show a quick flash of light from the user. Larvitar never did this.
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Helllo there, I´m back. As I´m now working on my tesis I´ve been busier than ever. I was away for two weeks, taking samples at a mountain forest and there was not any PC with Internet near so I couldn´t check the forums. Anyway, it´s been a long time so I´ve seen new things. First of all, I added Rhyperior Rock Wrecker and Rock Polish.

Dark Latios, gotta agree with you in some cases, but disagree in others.

Constrict: I think it could be an error, you have to check the Japanese version to see whether it was actually that move or if it was something else. The English dub tend to change things and make that kind of mistakes.

Grasswhistle: You may have seen a Nuzleaf using a grasswhistle and playing it, but it was not the Move. It didn´t have the mov effect, it was just... a whistle made of leaves.....

Guillotine: Check the episode and you´ll see that GLigar used it on Grovyle, he never used it against Machamp.

Haze: Thanks for pointing out that. Anyway, in the Japanese version it could still be Smokescreen or Smog, or anything similar. Could anyone check that and confirm, again, I rmind you I don´t speak japanese so I depend on others to confirm those things, specially when similar moves have almost identical animations.

Hi Jump Kick: Oh boy, when I made the list I was hoping nobody remember that damn Raticate coz I hate that thing using the fighting move. I hate illegal moves, but anyways, rules are rules. But I still have my doubts, In the Japanese Version, does it uses that specific move?

Horn Attack:
The move Nidorino was using is uncertain, as nobody was heard commanding moves and the actual attack could have been either Horn Attack, Fury Attack, or a simple way of Nidorino´s physical attacking. Given those things, It can´t be added.

Lock On: Ok, you are right, I´ll then add it as a Regirock debut.

Pay Day: I´ll fix it, thanx.

Rapid Spin: I know it wasn´t a move, but in the main post I´ve discussed this kind of situation.... anyway, those situations are still open to discussion (Like Donphan´s Rollout), if you want to slightly change the rules of the thread I have no trouble doing it, but it has to be discussed by more people so I can do it as a "crowd request" (lol, the term is a little exaggerated, but I didn´t find another one, remember my English is still in progress).

Rock Blast: The move it uses is Rock Smash. He never uses a projectile attack other than Water Gun.

Scratch: YOu´re totally right. I´ll fix it.

Strength: Well, even when it appears as a minimal mistake, it´s always important. Thanx again, you´ve got a nice eye aswell (like Dreamcoat).

Thunder: Several Pokemon are seen using powerful moves out of nowhere, independently of it´s experience. ALso, that electrical attack was HUGE... it was probably Thunder... but I know nothing was commanded so it´s open to discussion. And again, if more of you agree with DarkLatios about this I will change this.

Thunderbolt: Plausible, given that the electrical attack Pikachu were using in the previous episodes could have been Thundershock. I´ll check carefully and then I will fix it. THanx.

Twineedle: I relly thought Jeanette commanded Fury Attack, but I´ll check again before editing.


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Ash's Pikachu didn't use Thunder until Showdown in Dark City. I believe that Lt. Surge's Raichu used that move before Pikachu did too.