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Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Gates to Infinity (March 24th 2013)


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Alright thanks! Im a little disappointed with what I have gotten compared to others, but I guess Ill just wait till tmr when I DL the game and see if I can get some better loot. Im guessing the levels of YOUR Pokemon and difficulty attainable in the Magnagates depends on your story levels/progress tho?
Pretty sure the progression of the magnagate dungeons is entirely separate from that of the story.

You just need to complete enough dungeons to unlock harder ones.

I got the energy ball TM today, which will help me A LOT in the game.
You're extremely lucky, as that TM isn't sold in Kecleon shops and instead requires 50 gold bars to purchase.
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I have the game now, and the DLC dungeons are as follows:

Poké Forest - Free
"A forest dungeon where you can find a lot of money. Explore every corner to discover Gold Bars and encounter strong enemies!"
Difficulty: ☆
Blocks required: 50

Mt. Travail - $2.50
"A dungeon in a mountain where your moves grow more easily. Fight to strengthen moves and get many manuals and Training Seeds."
Difficulty: ☆☆
Blocks required: 35

Skill Treasury - $2.50
"A dungeon where you can find more Treasure Boxes. Collect and bring them to Post Town to get Team Skills!"
Difficulty: ☆☆☆☆
Blocks required: 37

Pika Land - $2.00
"A forest dungeon where your moves grow more easily. Get useful items and Electric Devices exclusively for Electric types."
Difficulty: ☆☆☆
Blocks required: 82

All dungeons appear to use music from previous PMD titles.
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Could you please answer a question that's been killing me since the demo came out? Can you choose your partner's gender in this release?
I'm assuming he/she purchased the game from the e shop? If so can you answer my question as well? Sorry, it on the last page.
Could you please answer a question that's been killing me since the demo came out? Can you choose your partner's gender in this release?
They look pretty genderless to me in the stats.


They look pretty genderless to me in the stats.
In the Japanese version when you select your partner there's a menu allowing you to pick their gender. Was that not in the full release? That's what I mean. Yes, I know the stats appear genderless, but multiple times in the game they do refer to genders, and I wanted a female Pikachu as my partner.


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To be fair, it's not like that feature has an impact on the game at all
Yes, but still. Now I can't help but feel weird. I named my partner after a pikachu I'm using in my current leafgreen playthrough and is female. Each time my partner is referred to as male I'm reminded about that. Does not compute, in other words...

Ranting aside, I have to say, the main menu has a nice feature. The music changes, and the DLC adds music, I think. I'd assume thats why the songs are listed in the marketplace info.
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I don't think the lack of genders are too bad. All it effects is pikachu.
It makes moves once restricted on gender more versatile and dangerous.


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Being able to just use Attract on everything was pretty ridiculous in the first MD, haha. But for them to not only remove gender options for your partner but also for you is just utterly pointless.


1 more day ^^
I boughtit on ebay yesterday. Can't wait for it to come =)


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Game get!

Played a little more on the way home, and I'm still really digging this.

Didn't expect Gurdurr to be in on the scam. That whole arc was resolved peacefully though. Pretty cheesy, but cute.

Edit: Aw man the music in Stompstump Peak is awesome.
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sorry bout all the gender complaints but....

why is emolga a guy? Emolgas are usually girls (in the anime, iris' basically flaunts and uses how girly it is, and most of the emolga you fight on the games are female). and how it's the only one other than your character and the partner (along wih swanna, who i believe is a girl) that doesn't go all crazy for virizion, who is stated to be female. It just kinda threw me off when they said "he" for emolga.


Cause it is a Pokemon with a 50/50 gender ratio. Just cause it seems to look more feminine or act so in the anime (which is a total different canon then the mystery dungeon series) doesn't mean one can't be a male.

Also I'm leaving the house right now to get the game. Pretty excited to spend hours and hours on this game lol.
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