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Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Gates to Infinity (March 24th 2013)


So far I am really enjoying the game.

The story just seems really cheesy so far. I only just got my home built. The whole Gurdurr and Timburr thing literally made me cringe at just how cheesy is was.

Also I thought the house was pretty nice, especially in comparison to other Mystery Dungeon game homes.


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Edit: Aw man the music in Stompstump Peak is awesome.
This game has a really good soundtrack. Really taking advantage of the 3DS.


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To be fair, it's not like that feature has an impact on the game at all

If I may interject, the reason why some may be peeved is due to the fact that being able to choose the gender of your character in a game like this adds to the immersion and to character customization as well. I much prefer to play as my own gender (female) and not being able to do that for this game is a big downer for me, despite it not being a big deal in terms of game mechanics itself.

Considering the rest of the series had this option to some extent and they even allow you to pick whichever pokemon you wish to play right off the bat in this game, it's kind of a rude tease in a way. Basically, they let you choose your character and the Japanese version lets you choose your gender for your partner, and then they not only leave out the option for letting you choose the gender for your player, but they ax the gender option entirely in the NA version is just a huge turn off in my opinion. It's like dangling a delicious piece of bacon in front of a dog, just an inch out of reach and when the dog gets close enough to taste it, the owner jerks it away. Sorry for the terrible analogy.

When I look at it, it almost feels like they were lazy with that part of the game. If one is going to allow a little character customization/choice/freedom/whatever word you want to put here, why not go the full length instead of leaving it half-way? As silly as this sounds, this turned me off to the game to a large extent, and now I'm considering going to play Explorers of the Sky instead. If the gender was left ambiguous for the player, then I wouldn't have a problem, because then I could just pretend the player is a female, but this isn't the case here.

Sorry I got into a bit of a "rant" (if you even want to call it that) about the subject. Character customization and player immersion is a important part of games to me, in particular, ones that allow you to pick and name your character and essentially make them your own, for example, games like Dragon Age: Origins, Mass Effect, MMORPGs, Fable, the Persona series (especially Persona 3 Portable), etc.
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There will be a "send" option when a Grass type is standing in front of you, and the Pokémon is instantly recruited. That's how you use the Grass Gift. But a lot of the individual Pokémon gifts are very cheap. I got a Sewaddle and Petilil very easily through gifts.


I have one thing to say. Sir Quagsire. That is all.


I found out a very useful feature. All Team Skills and move levels you earn in single player and companion mode apply to the starters in the Magnagate Dungeons too. Although the inverse is not true since you can't level up moves inside the Megnagate dungeons.
Another fine note is that when I replayed a Magnagate dungeon I saved, it let me choose between 4 starter Pokémon. You can guess what that means, can't you?
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Can someone tell me if the gender can be choosed in the english demo ? I was worried if I missed something...
Both Joe and myself have confirmed the gender option has been left out of the final version, and have concluded that it is insignificant to the game.


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You can't choose your gender in the english version.

SIR Quagsire, punisher of evil-doers, hmmm? That got me too.


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Word of warning:

Make sure you're well-prepared before exploring an area behind a locked door, as they have EXTREMELY overpowered Pokemon behind them. The Stony Cave one has mobs of those Braviary you could run into in the demo Magnagate dungeons. Except they aren't sleeping this time...

I actually managed to fight them off thanks my Snivy knowing Reflect to prevent OHKOs and Axew having Dragon Rage so he could actually damage them (I'm level 11 right now).
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Thanks for the tip. I'll make good use of it.

The enemies in Skill Treasury don't mess around. My team's around level 20 and I could die easily if I get surrounded.
edit: I had to bail with an Escape Orb. Those Roggenrola are dangerous when you're at Lv.20
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So after listening to the Quiz music some more, I think this is my favorite arrangement yet. There's just something about that Xylophone...and the bells...


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Omg SIR Quagsire.


Had to do it.

Loving the game so far by the way. Has anyone else found the Magnagate dungeons to be a tad on the difficult side? Or is it just me?
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lol, Sir Quagsire.

You need to bust the boss enemy floor open with Seeds and Orbs. Having the option to use Team Attack actually secured me the entire room without having to use a single move. It was devastating. Magnagates also become even easier if you take the time to level up the moves in the story.


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Even though leveling up my partner and me is pain (why soo much experience?) I'm enjoying the game thus far. It's pretty easy to recruit right now in this game. (Only at the part where you can update Paradise)


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You need to bust the boss enemy floor open with Seeds and Orbs. Having the option to use Team Attack actually secured me the entire room without having to use a single move. It was devastating. Magnagates also become even easier if you take the time to level up the moves in the story.
The boss floors actually weren't what was giving me trouble, strangely enough. I think it was harder because of the Monster Houses using up my PP, and then not having Max Elixirs.