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Pokémon Mystery Dungeons: Adventurers of Legacies (Ch 2 Up)

Welcome the PMD: Adventurers of Legacies. I am a new author who has been writing fanfictions for myself for quite some time. I've always been into writing, but I enjoy reading other works as well. I'd like to get some feedback from anyone else and see what I can improve on as well. ^_^

I've not gotten into all the fancy layouts, but I'm hoping I can learn on the way. Back in the day (nearly 10 years ago) I knew what I was doing with fancy layouts, but not so much anymore. So, let's go ahead and drop some fanfictions!


A young trio of pokémon working together to complete the Atlas Map for the guild. On the way though, Pokémon are beginning to Dynamax. Strangely, a Pokémon has been unable to Dynamax for years after Eternatus was defeated by a dark force. Why are Pokémon dynamaxing if it hasn't been a thing for years? Meanwhile, Aria has no idea what is even going on or why she's able to understand human. She just woke up one day and she was turned. How did this even happen? What kind of secret legacies do these different Pokémon even have? Join Aria and her friends in uncovering the truth and exploring the legacies in the region of Winterry.

(As you go)
Aria - The unknown mon.

Zorro (Hisuian Zorua) – Not from this world, just like Aria, Zorro has no idea where he is from. He’s a strange Zorua that is not of the same kind as any other Zorua. He’s what is known as a “Hisuian Zorua.” He’s a bit quieter than others but he’s very protective of his teammate and soon-to-be best friend Aria. He doesn’t like to see her, or his other teammates are sad. He will push to protect, even if it means pushing himself to his limit. He shares a special connection with Aria and he isn’t sure why.

Vex (Riolu) -- A very outgoing Riolu who is a bit goofy at times but has extremely good intentions. He found Zorro in the snowy patches one day when he was exploring with his older brother. He and his brother took Zorro in before Vex’s brother went on a long adventure and project for the Clan. But it’s been three years since he has seen his brother and he’s beginning to lose hope. He feels as though he was abandoned and now that is his biggest fear – to be abandoned. He will do what he can to ensure his teammates are happy with him, even if that means throwing himself in front of them. He does not like to be alone.

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Chapter One
The Mystery Mon

I could hear them. They were getting closer to me, and I felt weaker every step I took. I couldn't run anymore. None of my muscles were responding to my brain which was screaming my nerves to leave. I couldn't, not anymore. I wanted to run, but everything was shut down. The cold ground underneath my small, frail body was biting at me, taunting me. It felt nice, but that cold snow just wanted to rip away all my hopes. Those voices were nearing me. I knew it was time. I would try and give one more fight, but I can barely stand my ground. It wouldn't be much of a fight then, heh. How even could I? I tried it once, and I failed with full disappointment. They were stronger than me and my fire was done for. I stared at the little bit of flame that gave me some hope, smiling some and wishing it would just end. My fire was going to be put out. Maybe it would be possible to die before those voices met me. I wanted to continue fighting and running, hoping they'd never catch me. But I failed.

The fire, it warmed my face as the last lights were beginning to fade. The rest of my body was numb and frozen. I couldn't help but feel the smile grow wider as I remembered my friends and family one last time, their faces flashing in my memories as I stared at the flame. Remembering my mother's warm hugs brought frozen tears to my eyes, staining and freezing them. It was too cold for the fire to keep them from running. If only I could stay next to this fire longer, instead of going back to that nightmare of a lab they said would help me. All I could do now was close my eyes and listen to those voices as they became clear and loud.

"Fire!" I heard someone yell.

"That's her! Get her! She can't move, what a pathetic excuse for a Pokémon trainer."

Pathetic… That word stung. I tried to put up a fight before, but maybe I was just pathetic. I couldn't fight them off. Not all of them. Why couldn't they just leave me here to die by myself? Why did I have to go back to their lab? Hrmph, well, at least now that they will finally capture me, they will let my family go. I pray to lord Arceus that they will let them go. I was selfish, not wanting to give myself up for my family. But now that I will be dying, maybe they'll be happy and thankful that I was dead, and they could go their separate ways. I was the winner now. Father, Mother, you will be saved. I promise.

Everyone has a purpose in life, mine has now been served.

"Where are we going?" A voice called out to another pokémon that was leading him through the rocky-snowy zone of Winterry. A huge mountain lay in front of these two smalls brave pokémon, hiding secrets and legacies they were curious of.

"I'm telling you; I saw something flying in this area earlier. Look what I've got," Another small pokémon replied to the first. The two of them came to a halt and the small blue and black pokémon pulled something out of the brown satchel he was carrying. There was a strange glistening blue light coming from the bag, and as soon as this pokémon pulled out whatever was in the bag, the other one gasped.

"Is that…?" The first one whispered, his orange and white eyes growing wider.

The small blue and black pokémon nodded. "That's right. It's a feather, but it's no ordinary feather," He whispered to his friend. "Zorro, do you know what this is?!"

Zorro, the gray and red pokémon replied, "That's a feather from the Legendary Articuno, isn't it?!"

The other pokémon lifted the feather up a bit higher for the two of them to examine it. It was a bright blue feather that looked nearly frozen with ice from the legendary ice pokémon. It was cold but still soft and emitting a bright blue light from it. The blue and black pokémon lowered the feather back into his satchel and closed his bag, ensuring that the feather was safe from any danger. He spoke to his friend, Zorro, "This is what I was trying to tell you earlier when you were gawking over whatever her name was."

The white and red pokémon, Zorro, grinned at his friend and replied, "Aalin? Yeah, she is pretty isn't she."

The black and blue pokémon rolled his eyes. "If you say so, she's kind of mean and you definitely need to higher your standards," He replied. "Besides, she's competing for missions. You'll only get distracted. Why not be interested in someone else." The small pokémon shook his head and sighed, "Honestly Zorro." He then looked upwards, feeling a strange aura nearby. It wasn't like any other aura. It felt mysterious and extremely faint. Surprised that he was even able to feel it, his curiosity grew even more. This aura, it felt familiar, but it also wasn't. Where could he even have felt this strange aura before? The pokémon gazed around his surroundings in the forest of Winterry Mountain. He needed to find where this aura was coming from. Perhaps from the mountain side?

"What are you sensing, Vex?" Zorro, the Zorua asked.

Vex didn't stop focusing on the aura. He finally pin-pointed the aura. "There!" He exclaimed and instantly took off toward the base of the mountain, dodging every single tree and bush that lay in his way.

"Wait up!" Zorro called out and growled in annoyance, "Man that Riolu sure is fast." The unusual white and red Zorua chased after his friend who was just much speedier than he was.

Vex continued on the aura which led a bit up the mountain. He tried his best to stay on the path that was created centuries ago for pokémon to roam up and down safely. There was a pokémon in trouble, and he had to get to it, it was his duty as a memorable Guild Member. As he was climbing, he noticed the aura getting stronger but then there was another aura that was also not recognized. Two strange auras near one another that I've not felt before. Slowing down, the pokémon came to a steep and slippery turn. The turn had a large boulder blocking the path. There was a bit of room a small pokémon of his size could pass through. It was a very thin hole that the two rocks had created. He crawled through the hole, nearly getting stuck but was able to wiggle his way through it and continue up the mountain ledges.

Glancing over his shoulder, he did not see Zorro anywhere. The mountain fog was getting thicker and thicker with every step he took. Even the auras were starting to fade out. The mountain region of Winterry was notorious for most guild members to stay away from as it was a very dangerous area to explore. In fact, the Atlas Creators have not even explored all of it. It blew Vex's mind away that this mountaintop was not fully explored due to the heavy pressure closer to the top. You couldn't even fly over it, which would be the easiest way to explore the outside. Numerous tunnels lined the mountains that haven't even been explored. The Atlas Creator said he could not face the legacy pokémon that was supposed to be ruling this mountain. One would think that someone as powerful as their Atlas Creator would be able to overcome whatever challenges this mountain had to face, but he was unable to.

Vex paused for a second to catch his breath. He had made his way up the majority of the mountain now and couldn't see anything. He could barely see his feet. The auras, he could still faintly see. Perhaps if he followed the auras, he could get closer. He needed to know where his partner was though. Out of his bag, Vex pulled out a round circular gold and black item that had a blue orb in the middle of it. "Open, Atlas," Vex said.

The small, but shiny, compass did not budge. Vex went to poke the Atlas orb and it didn't even shine like it usually would. He put a bit more pressure on the orb and still, nothing. Giving it a bit of a shake, it finally lit up a blue virtual map that was almost in the shape of a planet. It was a bright blue round map, but there was nothing on it. "Gah, no signal," Vex growled in annoyance. He placed the Atlas Compass back in his bag and ensured to lock it up. "Alright Aura, guide me," He whispered to himself and took a few steps after the aura.

About another five minutes of walking some more and nearly a few close calls with the edge of the mountain, Vex finally came to a halt. This is where the aura was the strongest, but so was the fog. He took a few steps towards the strong aura and froze in fear when he saw something light up through the fog. A faint blue outline of something… Perhaps a pokémon? Vex tried to focus on the aura and he spoke, "Hello? Who's there?"

That's when he noticed a cold blue gaze, which was focused on him. The scent of blood was immediately strong, and his entire body was full of fear. His eyes grew wide when the bright blue eyes disappeared, and he felt an extremely strong gust of wind. It was definitely a pokémon with wings, he could barely see a long shadowy tail disappearing from the scenery. The blood was overwhelmingly strong and Vex hesitated to take a few steps through the fog. "A p-p-pokémon is in danger V-vex!" He tried to boost his confidence. "Y-you need… You need to help…" He was so scared and frozen in fear, but he managed to take a few steps closer. Vex reached out to the small stone-shrine to keep his balance. He prayed to Arceus that the scenery will not be as bad as the smell of blood was. The Riolu dropped when he saw this small white furry pokémon laying there, its fur stained red from blood. He couldn't even find words to comment. This small pokémon was a victim of that other pokémon with the strange aura. His eyes welled with tears, unsure how to react.

"VEX?!" A pokémon screamed through the fog. "VEX WHERE ARE YOU? My nose can only smell out so much!"

Vex couldn't respond to his friend who had finally managed to catch up. He was staring at this small white pokémon that was covered in blood. What happened? Who was that pokémon that was just here and who was this?! Did the other pokémon do this, or was she found like this by that other one?!

"THERE YOU –" Zorro's white and red figure appeared behind Vex. "Vex, what. Who is that?!" The small white and red Zorua ran up beside his friend and eyeballed this white pokémon. He noticed she was still breathing but was in extremely bad condition. "Vex, we need to get her away from here. She needs help. We need to get her back to the guild."

"How do you expect to do that, Zorro?!" Vex finally managed to speak, but his voice was trembling in fear.

Zorro looked back and forth between this white pokémon and his guildmate. How could they get him back to the Guild? He noticed that his backpack was glowing brighter than usual. "Try the Atlas," He commanded his friend.

"The Atlas doesn't work!" Vex snapped at Zorro, "I already tried, it doesn't work!" Vex was so overwhelmed, he had no idea what happened or why it happened.

I could hear more voices, but they were different. These voices were new and genuinely concerned. But I couldn't move, and I could barely make out their words. I was in so much pain, my entire body was fuming with pain. I wanted to move, I wanted to let these new voices know I was ok. Something happened before I passed out. I saw something, I saw something blue. I wasn't sure what this something was, nor did I know what this blue wanted. All I know is I was in pain. I was hurt. I was bleeding. I couldn't smell anything but the overwhelming scent of blood. I couldn't understand what these voices were saying as my body just wanted to shut down and break.

"Why is the feather glowing?!" Voice one gasped.

"I don't know." The other voice replied.

I could feel the cold wherever I was. It was snowing, I was lying in a pile of snow. Why was I in the middle of snow? How did I even get to this snow pile?

"Look! It's doing something weird," Voice one whispered. "What is Articuno's feather doing?"

"I don't know, Zorro!" The voice snapped again.

I did what I could to open my eyes, to view the world out in front of me. I was just so weak, I couldn't… I couldn't help myself, just like back then. Why was I so weak? These voices were fading again. What did this voice mean about Articuno's feather?

"VEX?! ZORRO?! WHERE ARE YOU TWO?! I got an emergency notification from the Atlas!" A very soft-spoken voice called out through the fog.

Who is Vex and who is Zorro? Finally, I could feel my eyes wanting to open and budging to open. I was beginning to make out where I was. Everything was gray in front of me. It was a heavy, heavy fog. My eyes were half-way opened when I realized I was on a ledge of a cliff. I wanted to panic, but my body was in just too much pain. If I moved an inch the wrong way, I could easily roll off the edge. I noticed a white thing laid out in front of me, almost like a furry leg. Then I noticed a large white paw at the end of this leg just barely dangling over the edge. That's when I noticed the blood staining the snow and also leaking off this white paw off the edge. I tried to move it and noticed that this leg and paw responded to my movement.

This paw and leg were MINE?!

"Vex! Zorro, there you –!" A loud voice boomed through the snow.

I could not move my body, and I could not turn around. I could only take those slow breaths and stare out into the fog that laid a few inches from my… paw. I was beginning to feel dizzy again.

"Leader Blaziken!" I heard the first voice gasp. "It – this wasn't us! I swear! I – I – I could feel these auras and I had to follow them!"

This booming voice, which I assumed belonged to a talking Blaziken, replied, "Quiet! Yuuta, take these apprentices back to the guild immediately. I will assess the injured Vulpix.."

Vulpix? Did he just say Vulpix? Was he talking about me? Who is Yuuta? Why can I understand Blaziken? So many unanswered questions.

"N-no! I want to help!" The first voice fought.

"You've done enough, Vex. Go. Home. You too, Zorro," The Blaziken snapped at them.

"But that's not fair! We found her, we should be able to help her," The second smaller voice replied as if he sounded offended.

"Zorro, Vex, let's go," The second larger voice, which I assumed belonged to this Yuuta character.

I could hear Yuuta take off, as it sounded like it must be a bird of some kind. If I was able to understand a Blaziken, perhaps it was another bird pokémon? A strong gust of wind hit my fur as the bird pokémon took off. That's when I could feel an extremely warm presence surrounding me. I was lifted off the ground ever-so gently and I began to feel dizzy. I was held against this Blaziken, but off of the snow. The fire Pokémon's body is warm, and it felt better to be off the snow. I looked upwards at this pokémon who was now carrying me. I could feel him jumping from rock to rock, landing softly. This pokémon was focused on where he was landing, ensuring not to injure me as I was bleeding already. I was able to see his focused face before everything went dark again.

Chapter Two
Welcome to the Guild

Warmth, that's all I felt. I could feel something warm wrapped around me. It was soft and comfortable, nearly like a baby blanket. My body was starting to feel alive again, as I began to stir. I couldn't feel the same pain that I felt earlier, in fact, I felt normal. My body felt at ease, like it was floating gently on a river. Something just felt odd though, I didn't feel like my normal self but rather something different. I opened my eyes slowly and the first thing I saw was a tiny campfire in front of me. But it wasn't the same flame I felt earlier when my savior of a Pokémon helped me. This was just a campfire. I stared at it for a second before lifting my gaze to look around the room. I was a bit stiff, but come on. I was found nearly dangling off a cliff into a pit of fog.

"Ah, you're awake and feeling better I hope," A soft-spoken feminine voice sounded.

I lifted my gaze to the other side of the fire where I saw the back of a pink-colored Pokémon. She was rather stocky, but her voice was careful and I knew I could trust her. I opened my mouth to speak, but nothing sounded.

The pink Pokémon turned around and I locked gazes with her ocean-blue colored eyes. I stared at the flame dancing in her eyes, and she meant no harm. She was here to help me. "Good evening, you've been quite the sleeper," She said softly and approached pink Pokémon approached me and stretched her arms out, holding something.

I flinched backwards. I had no idea who this Pokémon was nor why I could understand her. I knew she was there to help me but I also couldn't trust someone I didn't know. I looked over her body, she was a plump yellow and pink Pokémon with a blue gaze. Ears that sort of represented small outstretched wings almost. My brain recognized this Pokémon, it was an Audino.

The Audino looked down and spoke, "I know this is scary. I would be scared if I were you as well. After what your poor soul went through, I couldn't imagine the fear that is arising in you." The feelers that were connected to her wing-like looking ears stretched out and reached the top of my head.

I was bewildered by what was happening. A Pokémon was speaking to me and I understood them. How wild is that?

"You're not like any other Vulpix. In fact, we haven't seen your kind here in a long time," She spoke as the feelers on her ears grazed across my head.

I felt instantly relaxed while she was touching the top of my head. While I was relaxed, I took a moment to take in my surroundings. I was in a small room with a large window that overlooked something. I couldn't see out the window, but I knew I was up higher than whatever was below us. The room was lined with different plants and I could even see berries lining the room. I noticed a couple candles lit, as if it were to be a serene room. It would make sense if this Audino was taking care of me.

"Just relax, I am here to help you–"

"SHES AWAKE!" A loud voice boomed outside the door of the small room I was in.

I suddenly jumped up, instantly. As I jumped, I noticed I wasn't standing on two legs. No, I was on four legs. Four legs were holding me up! I gasped and my heart began to pound. What was going on? Why did I have four legs?! I didn't even have feet, I had paws! I had paws! I looked around the room frantically to find a mirror or something. There was no mirror, just a small fountain of water off to the side with some rocks up around it. Fresh water came from the tiny little waterfall that was pouring out of the hole in the rock-wall. I stumbled over it the best I could on my newly-gained legs. In the ripping reflection, I saw two beady red eyes, round but pointy ears, and a tiny little snout. But my skin – no my fur was white. I had what looked like a tuff of white hair on my head and I even had a tail!

"Great Arceus, do you have to be so loud you two?!" The Audino cursed. "Forgive me, little one. Your friends are eager to see you."

I stared at the round red eyes in the reflection of the tiny little water fountain in the rocky wall. I had no interest in anything else. I couldn't remember anything but the moment that the Blaziken Pokémon saved me. That's the only thing I could remember. Also the two other Pokémon I could remember.

The door busted open and two Pokémon came into the room and looked around. The two of them froze when their gazes landed on me.

I turned to face them, but I'm pretty sure my entire body was on edge and tensed up. I could feel my neck fur standing in fear but also worry.

"You're alive," The blue and black Pokémon whispered, "Wow, I can't believe you're alive. You were in such rough condition back there on the mountain edge." His eyes grew wide with amazement that this Audino was able to save me.

"Of course she's alive, pea-brain," The red and white Pokémon replied to his friend. "We literally have one of the best healers in the region. And it's not like she was on the verge of death or anything."

My gaze bounced back and forth between these two Pokémon that were staring at me. I felt uncomfortable and took a few steps backwards until I could feel my backside touching the cool rock walls of the room.

"Vex, Zorro, why don't you two quiet down a bit and let her catch up? She's been out for nearly three days," The Audino said softly.

"Three days?!" I finally managed to speak! I was shocked at the sound of my voice, I haven't heard it in so long! It didn't even sound like my voice though, it sounded completely different. What was going on?!

The two smaller Pokémon took another step towards me to get a better look at my body. I pressed myself against the wall as much as I could. If I knew anything, I'd snap at them but my body was still in shock about everything that was going on.

"Heh," The blue and black Pokémon chuckled and put a hand behind his head, offering a friendly smile. "My name is Vex, and this is my teammate Zorro," He introduced the red and white Pokémon. "I'm a Riolu, and he's–"

"A Hisuian Zorua?" I cut the Riolu off very quietly, as if something just sparked into my brain. Why did a Hisuian Zorua spark interest in my voice? How did I even recognize this type of Pokémon? They are not at all common anywhere but in a specific area. I don't know where 'Hisuian,' came from but it wasn't something I was too sure about. For some reason though, that word spoke into my mind and out of my muzzle. It was the weirdest thing.

"How did you know?" The little red and white Zorua replied, his orange eyes growing a bit wider. "I'm the only kind in this region for whatever reason. I guess I'm just special."

"You? Special?" Vex the Riolu coughed. "Okay," He chuckled at his friend and cuffed him behind the ear. "I've known you since you were tiny."

Zorro the Zorua rolled his eyes and his gaze locked with mine. I stared back into those orange-eyes like I've seen them before. Something felt familiar with him. It wasn't his presence either or his Hisuian Form. It was something else. Something deep down inside me burned with curiosity of this Pokémon. There was nothing behind that gaze but emptiness. Though, whatever this feeling was, it was telling me that he knew something. He knew something that I didn't know, not that I can remember anything anyway but there's just something special about this Pokémon that I needed to find out.

"If anyone is special," Vex's voice brought me out of a trance, "It was this Alolan Vulpix right here." The Riolu nodded toward me and pointed at me. "Her eyes aren't blue, they're red. And from the stories I've heard, Alolan Vulpix do not have red eyes. They kind of look like yours, Zorro," He explained and approached me.

I couldn't move anywhere more than where I was. His voice was the one that found me. He protected me from whatever it was that was there when I was.

Audino chimed in, "Vex, Zorro, you sure are bombarding this young Vulpix with a lot of information."

I lowered my head and stared at the ground, I could feel my ears flattening against my head as if I were embarrassed. My cheeks felt a bit rosy of embarrassment too. Why would I feel embarrassed? I needed to think about what was happening but my head just hurt way too much. I couldn't think without hurting myself. I was staring at my paws when I saw Vex's little hand reaching towards my chest.

"Look at that," He said softly, his voice right to me. "There's a patch on her chest too, similar to what resembles a flame."

I avoided his look and face at all costs. This Pokémon that I just met was way too close to me. I already didn't know where I was or what I was doing here. I have no idea what happened before waking up on that cliff-edge of that mountain when Vex found me. I owed this Pokémon a thank you though, as he did keep me safe during that little bit of time. I was extremely embarrassed as I said, "T-t-thank you for saving me." My voice was hush-hushed. I finally had the courage to look up at the Riolu who was staring at my eyes, which were apparently red-orange. I could read his gaze of satisfaction that I finally had the courage to thank him.

"Heh," He chuckled and flashed me a bright grin. "That's what guild members do!"

"What were you doing on that mountain?" Zorro asked from across the room.

"I um, I… Don't know," I replied quietly. "I just remember being cold and hurt."

"Well, yeah, you were bleeding out on that mountain edge," Zorro explained. "I'm not sure how Vex found you, but something was just off about the entire thing."

Audino sighed and silenced the two boys with two hands, "Young Vulpix, what is your name?"

I think I barely knew my name. I had to think really hard about it, but as soon as I did, my head began to pound again and I felt a bit dizzy. I lost my balance on my two front paws and nearly face-planted. Luckily, the Riolu reached out and helped me steady myself.

"My name?" I murmured and shook my head. "I'm honestly not too sure, I think it starts with an Ar."

"Arlene? Artha? Arla, Arlee. Those are all names that start with Ar," Zorro thought about it and looked at the ceiling.

I shook my head in disagreement. None of those sounded correct to me.

"Arin? Arka," Vex replied.

"Aria?" Another voice sounded.

That was it, that was it! My head perked up and I looked at the Audino, and smiled. "My name is Aria!" I thought it was Aria who had spoken but she shook her head and said it wasn't her. I then noticed a large figure standing in the door, a radiant heat burning off of him. It was the Blaziken that picked me up off the mountain earlier after sending Vex and Zorro away. I flinched a bit, how did this Pokémon know my name? I've never spoken to him before unless for whatever reason, I was sleep-talking while he brought me to … whatever this place was.

"Blaziken, how did you know her name?" Audino asked, looking up at her leader.

"Kind of sus," Zorro said, looking around the room awkwardly.

Blaziken shook his head and sighed, "Nevermind the reason. Are you feeling better, Aria?"

I nodded slowly at the Pokémon who was addressing me. "I am, but this is all too weird. I… I don't know where I am or what I'm doing here. Where am I? Why did you rescue me?" I asked him. I needed answers. This Pokémon had a few since he was their 'leader.'

He didn't smile warmly or move an inch, he just simply said, "You are in the Guild in the town of Snowberry. You were rescued because our apprentice Vex found you."

"Snowberry? What is Snowberry Guild?" I asked.

Blaziken sighed and put a hand to his forehead and sighed. "Snowberry Town," He repeated himself.

"Blaziken, you're needed to start the meeting please," A soft voice sounded from behind the large fire Pokémon.

"Right right," He nodded and dipped his head out of respect to me while he turned and left, shutting the door behind him.

I've never heard of Snowberry Town. Or a guild, whatever is a guild? It's apparently got a shaman and a leader, so maybe it's some sort of cult for good deeds? I let out a soft sigh, lowering my muzzle back towards the ground. I kind of just crashed there, flopping on my belly. The ground beneath me was cold and stony, and didn't feel the best. The cold, surprisingly, didn't bother me. Perhaps it was because I was an 'Alolan' Vulpix. I'm assuming it's similar to the Hisuian Zorua – a different type of a Pokémon. My ears were ringing as I tried to pull my thoughts together but every time I tried to think deeply about my memories, it hurt and it was blank. There was nothing stored in the back of my head.

"You three should probably get to the meeting as well," Audino cooed to us, passing me a few berries. " Miss Aria, please eat these berries as they will help you get through the day."

I sniffed at the berries, they smelled rather potent. They were not going to taste well, but this Audino saved my life from all the bleeding out. I still couldn't believe I was out for three days. Most sleep I've ever gotten in a long time – maybe. I pawed at the berries before closing my eyes and eating all three at once to hopefully get it done and over with rather fast. Just as I suspected, potent. They were sour and not at all tasty. I made a face when they finally went down and shook my head in disgust. "Gross," I muttered. "Why do I need to go be a part of this meeting?" I asked Audino.

"That's because you're one of us now," Vex cheered.

I glared up at him, confused and also a bit unsettled. Did he just say, I was one of them? I don't even know what's going on and he has the audacity to assume I'm here to join them? I didn't want to come here – I'm grateful, yes, but I'm not here to be a part of this 'us' now. Out of the blue, I bared my teeth and gave him a cold stare.

"Who said I was here to join you in this… Guild thing? I don't even know what's going on, my memory is blank, here are talking Pokémon that I can understand?!" I jumped on my paws and began to pace back and forth. I was furious, just randomly! I growled, "You can't just rescue someone and expect them to bend over backwards for you in thanks and gratitude. Besides, I am a VULPIX! Not even a normal one!"

The three Pokémon standing before me exchanged glances as though they were confused. Vex had even taken a step back from my outrage. He was now standing beside Zorro who was the first one to speak, "What do you mean? Of course we talk, we've always been able to talk."

"But. I. Can. Understand. You," I snapped. "Why can I understand Pokémon? You're talking!"

"Well, yeah, you're talking too. I think you were hit on the head with something," Zorro grumbled towards me. "Because we can all understand each other."

Audino shushed Zorro with a quick flick of her wrist. She and I then locked our gazes and her soft, soothing voice spoke to me calmly, "Miss Aria, I think you are confused – You're talking like you weren't a Pokémon always?"

"I wasn't! At least, I don't think I was. I'm pretty sure I was not a Pokémon. I'm a VULPIX!" I said, freezing in place and looking at the three Pokémon wildly.

"An Alolan Vulpix," Zorro added, grinning slightly in my direction. "We don't see your kind around here."

"I literally woke up in a pile of snow the other day! And as far as I am aware, Alolan Vulpix are known to live in the snow. They LIVE in the snow!"

Zorro shook his head slowly and replied, matching my energy, "I think you're rather confused, Aria."

"No," Vex finally spoke up and he reached out towards me. "Something's different," He said. "Look at her eyes, her chest, she's different. Not only is she new to our region, but perhaps this is some kind of guild crest? All guilds have a crest, whether it's on their fur or skin, or they wear it on something. Her aura is also… Different."

I relaxed a bit when Vex spoke up and I listened to him carefully.

"Legacy has it, back millions of years–" He spoke.

"TEAM ASTER, GUILD HALL NOW!" A voice roared through the tunnel.

Zorro and Vex both jumped, scared when this loud voice boomed. The two of them turned tail immediately and took off in the direction of the loud voice. The two of them disappeared down the hallway that led outside the door entrance to the stone room, slamming the door behind them.

"You oughta join them, Miss Aria. You probably do not want to miss this meeting," Audino's soothing voice sounded. "Take a deep breath, we'll help you figure this all out – especially if you mean what you're saying about this being different – about not being a Pokémon before."

I huffed under my breath, avoiding her gaze. If I was going to learn why I was here and where I came from, I needed to stick with these two Pokémon Zorro and Vex. They did save me afterall and Audino did have me recover from near-death. What was the legacy story that Vex was about to share with me? I needed to find out – but I also needed to find out my purpose here in this guild. Why in Arceus's name am I here?

"Erm, thank you Audino," I said to her after taking a deep breath. "Really means a lot that you all saved my life from whatever was happening before." I nodded a thank you to her out of respect before opening the door with my nose and leaving the stone-room of Shamans.

Outside the door was a long hallway lit up with many different colors. It was a color Stoney-hallway that had window holes lining the walls to look outside. My curiosity struck me when I noticed these windows and I walked up to one of the narrow holes in the stone-wall and looked out the window. Out this window, I noticed a town below with several businesses and many different types of Pokémon. It looked tiny from how high up we were but I could still make out a few of the Pokémon. In the distance, way past the town, I noticed a forest entry that was covered in snow. In fact, the entire town and forest was all covered in a gorgeous sheet of snow. Looking to the west of the town was a bright blue ocean that was calmed. I could see the snow-covered beachside that wasn't too far off from town, maybe a good walk of about 10-15 minutes. This was an incredible sight. I noticed that we weren't just in a rock though, we were in an entire mountain. I could see the lines of the hallway wrapping around the mountain before it disappeared on the other side. It was an amazing scenery, and so pretty with the snow.

For a minute, I forgot everything that was going on. I just took this scenery into my mindset and smiled. Something about this scenery made me feel comforted. Whether it was the snow, or the trees that lead up a hill outside of town, or the town itself. I'm not sure, but whatever this feeling was, it made me happy.

"Aria, let's go!" I heard a Pokémon bring me back to reality.

I gazed over my shoulder and saw Vex waving at me from what looked like an opening from the hallway. I approached the opening stone hole of the hallway and froze when I noticed an entire room filled with Pokémon. They instantly turned and looked at me. My entire body was tense and felt warm from embarrassment.

"Guild of Snowberry, I want you to welcome our newest member – Aria. She will be staying with us for a bit while her memory recovers," The massive fire-bird Pokémon Blaziken announced. "She will be training alongside the other apprentices and she will be assigned to join Team Aster."

"How are we just going to bring a random Pokémon that we know nothing about into the guild?!" A green, white and pink plant-like Pokémon spoke up. She put her hands on her round hips and was standing tall over the rest of the Pokémon.

"She could be a spy," Another Pokémon murmured.

"She could be trouble, I mean look at her – look at the crest on her chest, that's not normal."

"And those eyes!"

"Leader Blaziken," A Pokémon spoke up over everyone.

I flattened my ears as the room whispered about me. When I heard the last voice, I gazed up at the Pokémon that was coming up beside Blaziken. She was a horse-like Pokémon with a long purple and blue mane, and a horn resting on her head. She had black hooves and what looked like little tufts of smoke around her hooves.

"With all due respect, the guild is right," She spoke up to him, gazing at him with her cold blue eyes. "You know I would never go against you or your decisions, but what is your reasoning behind this?" She asked.

Blaziken turned his gaze at the Pokémon who spoke up to him and replied with a deep breath, "Fae, I understand your concern," He paused for a second and pointed to the entire clan and continued, "All of your concerns – But we are a guild and we are here to assist Pokémon in need of help. This Pokémon is in need of our help, and with the recent issues we've been having, we need all the help we can get. We are short-membered with the last expeditions and we need recruits."

"How do you even know she wants to be here?!" That little plant like Pokémon exclaimed, obviously angry that I was here.

"Silence," Blaziken boomed loudly over the murmuring guild. "Who are we if we do not assist Pokémon in need of help?!" He demanded, slamming a closed fist down on the stone table below him. "We are a guild, start acting like one!"

Everyone fell silent immediately when the fire Pokémon slammed his fist on the stone table. No one shifted or moved an inch after he demanded it. I'm sure I wasn't the only one feeling his fiery anger coming off. He obviously did not like to be questioned. Though, these Pokémon were right. He doesn't know if I want to be here – but I cannot go anywhere else. I need answers and I know I can't do this on my own. I was weak, but I was also unaware of my surroundings and what kind of place this was.

Vex looked rather happy when Blaziken demanded I stay here with them. He had a big goofy smile on his face, and even Zorro looked a bit relaxed. They may not know me yet, but I could tell they cared about me which made me feel rather relaxed as well.

"Guild dismissed. Do your best, recruit and help Pokémon in need," Blaziken muttered, dismissing the guild with a scoot motioned by his hands. "We need more guildmates by the time the next expedition comes around," He announced. With that, he turned away and disappeared down another hallway.

My eyes widened a bit with the way he treated his followers. Though, it seemed he was just annoyed. When I couldn't see his light anymore, I looked around the room. There was maybe a max of 15 other Pokémon here in the room – not including Vex, Zorro and I. The young grass Pokémon that spoke out and about was standing on a small rock off to the side of the room. Her slender arms led to fists that were clenched extremely tight. She looked extremely angry, but I recognized this type of Pokémon. It was the second evolution, Steenee. Her face was red with anger, or embarrassment. Maybe both to be honest. She hopped off her little rock and approached me.

"You better not be here to ruin my reputation or take my Guild Leader Position!" She snapped at me.

"Hey Aalin, how about you and I go on a little… Walk, cool things off?" Zorro said soft-heartedly, getting between her and I but also grinning flirtatiously at her. "I mean, I could transform into whatever you–" Suddenly cut off, I noticed Aalin the Steenee bopped him on the head.

"You wish," She growled at him, giving him a cold glare. "Creep." Her cold red glare fell on me, "Stay away from my leadership role or else it will mean huge trouble for you. Your eyes won't be red anymore, they'll be blue and cold."

I shook my head and gave her a dumbfounded look. That anger from earlier in the previous room was creeping up on me and I smirked wickedly at her. I didn't know what she was going on about, but I wasn't going to let her push me around either. I may be new here, but I wasn't a pushover. I was going to stand my ground while I could. "Listen, Aalin, was it? If I wanted to take your 'leader' position, I would. It wouldn't be that hard," I whispered to her. Hey, if she wants to play, I'll play her game.

She gasped, "You little–"

"Aalin, we've gotta go. This mission is going to close out soon," A small purple lizard Pokémon spoke up next to her. "It's the highest paying one that Fae will allow us to take. Yami is already outside waiting on us." The purple Pokémon was trying to push Aalin away from us and lead her up the large set up stairs.

"You're lucky Yami wasn't here or else you'd be back asleep for another three days!" She threatened me before turning around and whipping me in the face with her light green calyx leaves.

Dumbfounded, I bared my teeth and tried to bite her but Zorro got in my way. He waved goodbye to her and called out, "Alright lovely Aalin, see you later!"

I watched her leave, not lowering my guard from her toxic trait. How could a Pokémon be so rude to someone she's never even met before? I still don't even know what a guild was. All I know is Blaziken was leading this guild, whatever it is they do.

"Toxic," Vex muttered under his breath.

"Yeah, no kidding. Like, who even is that?" I asked him, feeling my nerves calm a bit when she left my sight.

Zorro smiled as he turned around, replying, "That's Aalin, isn't she great?"

"Great at being as rude," I huffed.

He gave a, 'really?' gaze and rolled his eyes. "You guys just don't get it," He swooned.

"Zorro, I'm telling you now, you oughta just let her go," Vex sighed, facepalming.

"So you're the sleeping Pokémon from the past three days?" A voice sounded from above us.

I gazed up at a tall blue and yellow Pokémon with spiky fur. I instantly recognized this Pokémon – it was a Manectric. His piercing gaze shot right through me and I felt immense power radiating off him. He was definitely one of the top tier guild members. The ripping lightning off his fur told me so. He was not a force to reckon with. To respond, I nodded and spoke quietly, "I am Aria."

"Nice to meet you Aria. I am Manectric, I am part of Team Thunder. We are the SSS Class Guild Members here - often sent away for a while on harder missions you cannot even begin to imagine," He replied kindly.

"We?" I responded, I looked around and saw no other Pokémon around him. It was just him.

"WoOoOo I'm a ghost," a voice howled behind me and caused me to jump, turning around and digging my claws into the ground.

"Really, Drago?" Vex muttered.

Another Pokémon with wing-like crests on its head were pink, and his long snake-like tail and body was blue. I was unable to recognize this Pokémon.

"Ahaha," A chuckle emitted from this ghost-type Pokémon. He grinned with excitement and laughed, "Gotcha!"

"This is Drago," Manectric said, motioning to the Pokémon that was floating beside me now. "He, as you can tell, is a Dragapult. He is the other SSS Member of the Guild," He explained to me.

"N-nice to meet you both," I shuddered off the fear that was lingering on me from the way that this Dragapult spooked me.

"Let me see your Atlas, Vex," Dragapult demanded.

Before Vex could dig into the bag he had lying over his shoulder, the Atlas floated out of the bag with the help of the Ghost/Dragon Pokémon.

"Hey! You can't just go and ghost things from Pokémon!" Vex whined.

The floating Pokémon pressed the little blue orb in the middle of it and a blue map popped out and was beginning to float above it, a projection map if you could. The map was very well designed and extremely detailed. Drago pushed a projection button in mid-air and something scanned his face. He pressed a few more projected buttons and nodded.

"This and this…" He muttered, pressing a few more buttons. Finally, he then pushed back down on the little blue orb on this golden-compass atlas and the projection of a map disappeared.

I stared in amazement. Never did I know such technology existed, especially in a world with talking Pokémon. I guess if they were talking, this place was a lot more advanced than wherever I'm from. When the map disappeared, I was back in this colorful lit room with colorful lights lined with different hallways and windows. "What was that?" I asked the Pokémon in front of me.

Manectric replied simply, "The Atlas, created by Shaymin himself."

"Shaymin?" I gasped and something hit me. Shaymin was a legendary Pokémon that roamed the earth.

"Yes, he has created the Atlas that most Pokémon use as adventurers and explorations," Manectric explained. "Anyway, you now have our contact information if you ever need anything," He addressed me, not Vex or Zorro.

"What? Just because she's a part of the team you guys now give us your contact information?! What happened to 'don't contact us, we're busy,'?!" The white and red Zorua replied, mocking Manectric in the best voice he could.

Drago patted Zorro's head before turning to his partner and saying, "We've got to head out if we want to get all those missions done."

"Mmm," Manectric agreed and began to head towards the small dirt stairs that lead to a long hallway – also brightened with colorful lights. "It was a pleasure meeting you, Aria," Manectric called over his shoulder before disappearing up the small staircase and heading out of the room we were all in.

By this time, it was just Vex, Zorro, and I in the room. All of the other Pokémon that were here had scattered off. I glanced around the stone-room that was lit with these colorful lights lining the wall. There was also what looked like tinsel lining the room as well. I was confused but interested in these lights and tinsel that was surrounding us.

"Come on, let's grab a mission and head out. You know how Blaziken gets if we can't complete at least three missions in a day," Zorro sighed, walking away from Vex and I to a large board on the wall. This board was covered with so many papers that were all asking for help.

I glanced over these different papers, picking up several keywords such as 'Help' or 'Thief' or 'Please find this.' Interested, I took a step forward and began to read the description of one of the papers pinned on the wall. It read, 'Please help me. I lost a special trinket near Glacier Rose Lake – Signed Snom'.

"Perfect for your first mission!" Vex cheered, snatching the one I just read off of the board. He folded the mission in half and then opened the Atlas. "Every mission we accept goes into the Atlas to let others know that we have picked and chosen this mission and let's the recipient know someone is taking it. It also lets us know how long it's been on the board for," Vex explained. The projectile map popped up again and I watched as Vex pressed several buttons on the projection and I heard a ding! That must mean that we have accepted it and are sending a notification to the recipient.

I was still confused though. "What kind of mission is this? Is it like a job?" I asked Vex and Zorro before they disappeared up the stairs.

"Missions are what we, as guild members, do to raise some money but it's also to help bring notice to our guild," Vex explained. "It's just to help other Pokémon."

Zorro nodded in agreement, "Pretty much, we need to do our jobs to ensure others can do theirs. You'd be surprised how many 'bad' Pokémon are out there."

I slowly nodded and gave a sideways head tilt.

"Guilds are around the world to help other Pokémon feel safe and protected. We are the protectors of the Winterry Region and we will continue at it," Vex said proudly, putting a big smile on his face. "Welcome to the Guild, Aria. This is the beginning of your new Legacy."

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