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Pokémon Nickname Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation V Discussion' started by wearjo, Mar 11, 2011.


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  1. wearjo

    wearjo Pokemon Trader

    Pokémon Nickname Discussion Thread

    All you have to do is tell us what you will be nicknaming your pokemon and why:
    No swear words or any other rude or gross words (there are kids as little as 6 visiting this site)
    Please tell us a nickname that is appropriate to the pokemon ur nicknaming
    Follow these simple rules and your all good to go :)

    Some tips on how to get a good pokemon name:
    Use the nature, maybe some of the name of the preevolved form of the pokemon, it's characteristic, it's type, maybe even it's move...
    another tip is that it is also good to take a bit of its look :)
    Last edited: Mar 11, 2011
  2. bobandbill

    bobandbill Winning Smile Staff Member Super Mod

    Approving, but a warning in advance to explain nicknames your chose or so forth so this thread is more than a 'I called this ____' (ie. a postcount +1) thread.
  3. magikot

    magikot Well-Known Member

    I'm breeding a fun team on my white game I'm naming "Team DURP!" which is basically a team made up of pokemon with silly or durpy faces.

    Conkledurr (ConkleDURP)
    Stunfisk (DURPafish)
    Swoobat (DURPabat)
    Garbodor (GarboDURP)
    Vanilluxe (DURPacone)

    I haven't decided who I want for the 6th spot yet.
  4. locomo

    locomo Want a hug? :)

    I want cute or clever names for my pokemon.

    Chandelure - Luminyte (iluminate refering to the fact that chandelure family is a form of light and fire... 'nyte' -> night since its a ghost type.)

    Escavalier - Sir Knight (hes a knight... lol)
  5. Duffle Bag Boy

    Duffle Bag Boy Bi-Focal Game

    I named my Serperior 'Smugleaf', I'm sure you can all see the reasoning for it. Nicknamed Galvantula 'Elecnid' (Electricity + Arachnid), and Panpour 'Muffin Top', though that doesn't really apply for its evolution. My (soon to be) Braviary is nicknamed America.
  6. noobers

    noobers ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

  7. Flinchtastic!

    Flinchtastic! Member

    This my current team in game. :)

    Debbie - Crustle

    I based this name on Cruste's pre-evolved form. Plus Debbie is a pretty name for a girl hermit crab! :p

    Dee - Deino

    I was going to name him Dino as a reference to the flintstone, but this was my first choice

    Lily - Stoutland

    Also Named after it's pre-evolved form

    Woo - Swoobat

    He loves to "Woo" the ladies with that little heart shape on his face!

    Chewy - Beartic

    Reminds me of Chubaka from starwars 8D

    Blitz - Emboar

    I really Dunno!
  8. rocky505

    rocky505 Well-Known Member

    I nicknamed my Oshawott "Musashi" after a legendary samurai. Named my Timburr "Miyagi" after Mr.Miyagi on the Karate Kid.
  9. Monochromatic

    Monochromatic A.k.a: Nemo

    I themed my White team around Norse mythology. The pickings were slim, so...

    Samurott - Fenrir, only one who fit that name.
    Lilligant - Yggdrasill, the Tree of Life, because of the Grass Typing.
    Scrafty - Beowulf, the fighter :D
    Golurk - Thor, he's big and scary, that is all.
    Chandelure - Loki, the mischievous God. Fitting, huh?
    Reuniclus - Ragnarok. Not sure why. Both begin with "R", so..
  10. Flinchtastic!

    Flinchtastic! Member

    Both amazing nicknames! :D
  11. Umbreon9

    Umbreon9 It's been a while...

    I'm not nicknaming very many, but I'm nicknaming Zoroark Starlight because... um... I don't know, it just seems like a good name for a Dark-Type. Plus it's female. And the male will be Midnight for obvious reasons.
    I'm also nicknaming some more, but I can't remember them...
    Last edited: Mar 11, 2011
  12. Araleon

    Araleon Chill

    I named my Oshawott Nala, after Nala from The Lion King because Samurott? Yeah, ninja sea lion.

    I named my Patrat Timon, named for Timon (also from The Lion King) because it and Watchog are totally meerkats.

    I'm gonna name my future Rufflet McMurphy, after R. P. McMurphy from One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. Amazing book.

    I'm gonna name my future Vanillite either Finn (Glee), Gastby (The Great Gatsby), or something to be decided. I'm having a hrd time choosing a name. Maybe James (Gatsby's first name)?

    My future Larvesta will be named Santana after Santana from Glee.

    And, finally, my Druddigon will be name Hagrid, because Hagrid from Harry Potter deserves to be a dragon and be awesome and yeah.

    So, nicknames:

    Nala the female Oshawott/Dewott/Samurott
    Timon the male Patrat/Watchog
    McMurphy the male Rufflet/Braviary
    Finn/Gatsby/James the male Vanillite/Vanillish/Vanilluxe
    Santana the female Larvesta/Volcarona
    Hagrid the male Druddigon
  13. bleeding-chocobo

    bleeding-chocobo On Cloud Nine

    I named my team using names based off Greek mythology.

    Samurott- Poseidon, the greek god of water
    Scrafty- Ares, the god of war. Plus, he can usually OHKO things by himself (he took out Clay's first pokemon w/ Brick Break! :D)
    Emolga- Appllo/Zeus, named after the god of the sky/god of light (considering I can find one of these things :p)
    Chandelure- Nike, the Greek goddess of victory.
    Haxorus- Demios, based off one of the sons of the god Ares. Name means "terror."
    Sawsbuck- Pan, based off the half-man, half-goat of Greek mythology.
    Last edited: Mar 11, 2011
  14. locomo

    locomo Want a hug? :)

    I named my Patrat/Watch.

    (Boy symbol) Scout!

    His name was orignally just gonna be "Scout" But he is a boy, so I named him 'Boy' Scout!
  15. locomo

    locomo Want a hug? :)

    Scrafty should be "Ares" war god. More fitting, or "Nike" god of vicotry.

    Chandelure would be GREAT for hades. (if you seen hercules, then youd understand, plus hes a ghos typing and darker)

    I know a lot of greek mythology:p
  16. Dr. Leggs

    Dr. Leggs Astral Cowboy

    Urschleim (Duosion) is from an old German term referring to 'primordial slime'. Not exactly what the Solosis line is based on but it fit close enough.

    Banksy (Scraggy), because I wanted the name of some sort of 'urban' figure as the namesake, and the only one I could really think of is Banksy.

    Mausolus (Cofagrigus) is from the Greek king, after whom the word 'mausoleum' was created. Fits it very well.

    Hyperion (Boldore) comes from the Titan of Greek mythology. Didn't feel very inventive on this one. <_<

    Joliett (Vanillish) comes from Joliet, the town in Illinois where Dairy Queen began.

    Galahad (Karrablast) comes from the (possibly) fictional medieval knight.
  17. bleeding-chocobo

    bleeding-chocobo On Cloud Nine

    Oh, I like the idea! (And I have the movie Hercules, love it). :] I'll change the names once I find the name-rater. Thanks for the help! Do you think the rest of the names fit?
  18. locomo

    locomo Want a hug? :)

    The name-renamer is in castilla city lol.

    The other names.... Yup they make sence. If sawsbuck is a FEMALE then name it "Demeter" or "persephone" (spell check that name)

    Demeter - Goddess of grains and stuff.... it could relate to seasons.
    Persephone - taken by your chandelure (hades) and due to that we have the seasons of winter or fall or whater.

    If Sawsbuck is a male, then Pan is fine.

    Emolga - (flying squirrel right?) You could name "Zues" god of lightning, since its an electirc type, and he is king of the skys, or "Hermes" since he could fly. If its a female you can try "Iris" goddess of rainbow.
  19. bleeding-chocobo

    bleeding-chocobo On Cloud Nine

    Okay, cool. :] I'm on Route 7 atm, so I'm gonna catch a female Deerling and a female Litwick soon. And I'm trying to find a Emolga.
  20. locomo

    locomo Want a hug? :)

    Ok, so whats your final set of nicknames for the team? Im curious, lol.

    (Litwick at Celestial tower)

    On topic: Im also naming my Unfezant: Mr. Mask. Since he is a boy, and boys have the mask
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