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Pokémon Nickname Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation V Discussion' started by wearjo, Mar 11, 2011.


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  1. Lord_Kain

    Lord_Kain Just call me Kain

    heres my possible 3rd game team

    RE Shiny Scolipede-Lucky
    Kyurem (assuming its the mascot)-ill probably think of something when we know more about it.
    Last edited: May 8, 2011
  2. Ipodcheese

    Ipodcheese Shiny Hunter

    Hey whats a good nickname for a shiny munna/musharana?
  3. zoop

    zoop New Member

    i think that Pearl would be a nice name if its female
  4. Emporar

    Emporar Rocket rules.

    I named some of my team after Family Guy characters.

    Haxorus (female)-Meg

    Other two were traded, meh.
  5. iamgr8

    iamgr8 master of the ubers

    named three starters that I have:
    Emboar- Blaze
    Serperior- Leafy
    Samurott- aqua
    It may be basic but it works
  6. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    Coming up with clever nicknames is annoying sometimes. I usually use real names, or shortend version of the species name.

    A few of them are:

    Female Vaniluxe: Alice (It has Ice in it. xD)
    Male Samurott: Sam
    Male Haxorus: Rex
    Female Sawsbuck: Fiona
    Female Musharna: Shaana (Musharna was sometimes called Mushaana.)
    Female Chandelure: Shandy
  7. Golden Pure

    Golden Pure Banned

    I named my Oshawott Peanut because it reminded me of a character from a very old cartoon I used to watch called P B & J. I wasn't too big on nicknaming my Pokemon a few generations ago, but I started to nickname them for fun ever since I got SoulSilver. Anyways, I also nicknamed my Musharna Pink Cloud, since it's pink and it's tail looks fluffy. :p
  8. Lord_Kain

    Lord_Kain Just call me Kain

    buckshot for sawsbuck and ashley for a female chandelure :)

    good vanilluxe name though, i also like using real names. my favorite is vanessa for a lapras. my favorite girl name for the only pokemon that is my favorite for both its types
  9. warcraff

    warcraff Lost Precious Finder

    I try to find nicknames from notable culture/pop culture while mixing up related words.

    Winter Form Sawsbuck - Cupid (after one of Santa's Reindeer)
    Cupid's Father Sawsbuck - Stud (for obvious reasons)
    My shiny Starter,now a Dewott - Sad Flute(after The antagonists in the movie 'The Warriors Way')

    My HM Beartic - HiMe Kuma(kuma is a bear in some language)
    Swanna - Riigret (a play on the words regret and egret)
    Litwick - Incinbator (mixture of incinerate and incubator)
  10. Juka

    Juka M.c.

    I use to wait till my pokemon were fully evolved and then I would start using the lowercase in their names, i'll give you an example: CHARIZARD= Charizard.
    Now my nicknaming method is obsolete.
  11. FairyWitch

    FairyWitch Metroid Hunter

    Im so weird about nicknames...i usually have to name the pokemon by the first letter of the pokemons original name...for example, Charizard, Cipher...i just have to give its nickname of the first letter....
  12. 5th gen nicknames:

    Haxorus > Eraser
    From the Breath of Fire IV game, its the name of a beastly move that dragons can use. Plus he can erase your opponents' whole team.
    Conkeldurr > Alzado
    After the late great american football player named Lyle Alzado. He was a monster.
    Serperior > Cho Ryong
    It is the grass dragon from Breath of Fire IV.
    Krookodile > SweetTooth
    Its a crocodile, they have teeth, krookodile has a sweet tooth for destruction.
    Hydreigon > Malice
    Dark Dragon = Wreak havoc. Figured it would be fitting ^^
    Samurott > Uther
    This is a name I use for my morrowind characters. Figured it would fit somewhat for my 1st 5th gen pokemon.

    Nicknames come easily for me so feel free to take these or message me for help on your own ^^
  13. Chrisisocean

    Chrisisocean Member

    What do you guys think of the nicknames for my team?

    Emboar named Pumba (The boar in Disneys "The Lion King")
    Seismitoad named Kermit (The frog in "The Muppets")
    Swoobat named Vlad (The real life dracula)
    Leavanny named Forest (I liked it because it's a bug/grass type Pokemon)
    Bisharp named Optimus (The leader of the Autobots in "Transformers")
    Kyurem named Horntail (The most deadly type of dragon in "Harry Potter")
  14. My Haxorus is called Hax-R-Us due to its abnormally high base state :)
    No it is not actually hacked.
  15. wearjo

    wearjo Pokemon Trader

    I nicknamed my male modest deino Tom after my neighbour :)
  16. t00lb0x31

    t00lb0x31 < AzurePride (White)

    I SRed to get a female Snivy so I could name her "Baroness". It took about a dozen or so tries because I was making sure she was neutral natured as well.
  17. Eternalserenity

    Eternalserenity Wanderer

    I have a few pokémon with nicknames that are not appropriate for their species.
    Cuddles the Nidoking and Slim the Snorlax are my favorites to use for link battles.
  18. iShock

    iShock Real name is PixL8

    I'm calling my Garchomp "Nibbler" because it seems fitting.
    I'm calling my Infernape "KungFuApe" for obvious reasons.
    I'm calling my Rotom-W "iWash" because it sounds cool, it's a washing machine, and i is from those music player ipods XD
  19. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    I'm going to restart Pokemon Black soon, and I've decided to nickname all of my Pokemon in that game. I've decided most of my team already, and I'm going to be naming my Emboar, Maxwell. That's because I think Emboar looks like my neighbor, who's named Maxwell lol. I'm going to be using a Simisage as well, and I've decided to call him Elvis. It's a generic nickname, but I'm seeing similarities between Simisage and The King. I'm going to be using Carracosta, Galvantula and Braviary as well, and I've decided to name them Raphael, Widow and Liberty, respectively.
  20. Flydreigon

    Flydreigon OM NOM NOM...

    Here are the names of my team members on Black:
    Serperioir-Smugleaf (I just had to)
    Carracosta-Crush (Off of Finding Nemo)
    Excadrill-De (I accidentally named him this while trying to think of a cool name and I never changed it. It grew on me.)
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