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Pokémon Nickname Discussion Thread

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I've got a Zoroark nicknamed Phantasm, which means illusion. Works well, considering it's ability.


Pideot Pilot
Story Team:

Serperior= Leaf (i tend to do this for my starters)
Zebstrika= Tron (hehe)
Darmanitan= Norris (for obvious reasons XD )
Carracosta= Bently (Sly Cooper shoutout)
Haxorus= Lumberjack (derr)
Golurk= Sentinel (what he reminds me of)


Pokemon Veteran
Well, here are my names:
Darmanitan (Fiery Dk, he looks like Donkey Kong, except he's on fire.)
Samurott (SUSANO, after the famous samurai of Japanese mythology)
Sawk (Bruce, after the fighter Bruce Lee)
Archeops (NightWing, it just seemed like an awesome name)


I nicknamed my Garchomp in HG/SS "Chompy" XD

I also nicknamed my Torterra "Treeback"


i$e CreMe Man
First I'd like to say that I'm a fan of a lot of the nicknames on this thread. =)

Mine are always thematic. I tend to only NN the pokemon I'm going to use on my team, whether it's the same 6, or 15 that I switch in and out. But I never name my prized shinies. My 2 favorite pokemon are Croconaw and Pidgeotto (for sentimental reasons, competetively, different story lol).


A team named after fighters (Dewott -Shogun)
A team named after musicians (Bisharp - Slash)
And one for kicks, Jersey Shore lol. My favorite is my female Ryperior named Snooki =b

Sturdy Shedinja

Knower of things
I named patrat 'Nibbler' as I do for each gens new lovable woodland creature, just a tradition after that its thrown in a box and later renamed hm slave.


Cool pokemon master
Serperior= Leaf (i tend to do this for my starters) 4
Zebstrika= Tron (hehe) 7 (quite good link)
Darmanitan= Norris (for obvious reasons XD ) 9 (xD nah)
Carracosta= Bently (Sly Cooper shoutout) 7
Haxorus= Lumberjack (derr) 2
Golurk= Sentinel (what he reminds me of) 3
When I hatch a growlithe egg. I'm going to name it Fenrir, because well Fenrir was a Norse Demon Wolf who was really, really powerful :3
I always name my Dragonites Lucky because that is what I named my 1st ever Dragonite. I do it in honor of that Dragonite because it is stuck in my red version (I never started a new game in it) and I cant get it into the recent one.

I am a big fan of the Breath of Fire games and those are based around dragons so whenever I get a Dragon or something that looks like one, I will name it after one of the Dragon gods from that game. For example:

When I got my Serperior in my most recent playthrough I named it Cho Ryong after the grass dragon.

I'm also really good at making up nicknames so if you have a problem coming up with one let me know and I'll be happy to help :)

Ninja Dewott

Ice Cold Fire
Mine always have very long ones, that have to be shortened. For Example, my Scizoe is called 'Scizor the Absolute Monster' or SAM for short


MultiRegion Champion
This is my 'Mon team;

Samuron the Samurott
Zenemon the Darmanitan
Seasomon the Sawsbuck
Axemon the Haxorus
Lyphomon the Sigilyph
Arachnemon the Galvatula

I think all of the names are pretty self explanatory

snivy trainer

Driving myself batty
I use nicknames all the time. I think it give your pokes more personality (I sound like the anime). I couldn't give you an example, except maybe Dreigon the Hydreigon.


OU Trainer
Naming my Porygon2 Teapot, due to both the Utah Teapot(the only polygon model that's famous for just sorta being a polygon model), and Porygon2 kinda looks like a teapot.


Current Nicknames-

Dewott - Peaches♥
Blitzle - Winston
Semisear - Leo
Munna - Opal
Timburr - Russ
Dwebble - Clyde
Darumaka - Daisy
Woobat - Lydia
Venipede - Cupid
Swadloon - Louie

Those are all of the Pokemon I currently rotate usage as of right now. I just restarted so yes, my team is very sketchy, haha.

Wolf Prince

Lycan Seraph
Once Keldeo event is realesed im gonna name it MyLittlePony because basically he is a pony. maybe i could name it Rainbowdash because of it's blueish colour or Rarity, can anybody tell me wich would be better? Rarity or Rainbowdash?
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