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Pokémon Nickname Discussion Thread

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Frog Trainer(Ribbit)
If only there was enough room to nickname my Simisear 'Nitrox 3 1/2'. Oh well, 'Nitrox 3.5' will work.

Billy Mays

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I named my initial Black team after Chrono Trigger characters.

Trainer name: Crono
Serperior: Magus
Audino: Marle
Excadrill: Robo
Swoobat: Lucca
Simipour: Frog (Should have gotten a seismitoad, but I had a ground type already and I already had Panpour :/ )
Zoroark: Ayla


New Member
I named my Stoutland "Oates", because in my fanfiction, my Stoutland like has a serious love for oatmeal cookies, and what dog doesn't like some bread or cookie-based based something?

I usually don't name my starters, but I broke tradition in gen five and gave/will gave them names-

Tepig (White version) I named Coals since it fits the fire theme and sounds cool to say, also the name of my Tepig in my fanfiction (Written mostly for my private amusement, it'll need work before I can share it)

Oshawott (Don't have one I want to keep yet) but his name will be Wiley, since he'll be on the naughty, yet truly nice side.

Snivy's name will be "Shuri", since it sounds samurai like and that's how I picture my Snivy, but I'll have to breed one.

I named my Krokorok "Ace" since that name has a cool sound to it without being overly dark about it.

I named my Stantler from Soul Silver Jingle, since again in my fanfiction, there's a Stantler who has a fondness for bells, not related to Christmas or the Winter Solstice in any way, though.

When I get an Axew for my White game I'll name it "Crusher" since once it evolves to Fraxure, it'll better live up to the name.
No swear words or any other rude or gross words (there are kids as little as 6 visiting this site

My sister is six and she names her pokemon... You don't want to find out.

Zoroark- Illusinate
Reason: 'Illusin'-Illusion, ate? ...Don't know.

Paniward- SharpClaw
Reason: The aincent cats from the warriors series-The Sharpclaws

Dewott- Scallop
Reason: A word that sounds like scalchop.

Cyndaquil- Cyndy
Reason: Goes with the poke, and is a name

Lucario- SoulSphere
Reason: Auras and souls are linked and sphear for aura sphere

Flygon- Wind Melody
Reason: 'The wings are flapped at a fast speed so that they create a melody, the desert spirit'

Trainer Frankie

Yunowun my dewott. Any guesses on it's name's origin?

Geyser my simisear since he's Ol' Reliable in taking care of both my favorite types' weaknesses; water's grass and psychic's bug.

Chip my watchog. Started as my cut pokemon, but while going through the game he collected the effort values I wasn't looking to aquire with the pokemon on my team (since I ev trained while going through the game), so now he's part of the team.

Psidekic, my psychic sidekick.

Terri my stoutland. Not a hard name to figure out.

And finally Max my shiny elgyem. Named Max because I finally found him during a shiny hunt in another thread while watching Flight Of The Navigator (which is fitting since he's an alien). Max was the name of ship.

Violent Red

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I nickname every Pokemon I use.

My current team:

Zoroark: Oliver cause I imagine him to be cheeky and naughty, so I named him after Oliver Twist 'Can I have some more, sir?' Tut tut
Mienshao: Law, after Marshal Law from Tekken
Excadrill: China, cause I was always told if you dig a hole in the ground deep enough, you'll end up in China lol
Archeops: Sybil, cause I own a parrot irl called Sybil
Chandelure: Juliet, the dead heroine from Shakespeare's masterpiece
Darmanitan: Aldo, cause it just suits him lol

Here are the name of my dragon power houses:
Dragonite: Hamlet, b/c he is brooding and philosophical, like Shakespeare's creation
Hydreigon: Faust, a character from an old anime I used to love; Shaman King
Salamence: Merlin, b/c he has 252 sp.atk EVs
Garchomp: Princess; b/c I always spoiled her :)
Haxorus: Auron, based on the badass from FFX
Flygon: Cairo; desert capital

Here is the team I took with me on my adventures through Sinnoh:
Gardevoir: Gabrielle, a beautiful name for a beautiful Pokemon
Marowak: Stig, Marowak never takes his skull helmet off, and neither does the Stig from Jeremy Clarkson's Top Gear! This is one of my fave NN's lol
Butterfree: Gael, the name of my beautiful wife, Butterfree is her Pokemon :)
Houndoom: Bella, b/c I own a chocolate Labrador irl and she'd called Bella :)
Absol: Zack; I just think it fits him

Some other notable powerful Pokemon I own:
Tyranitar: Bully
Porygon Z: Digit
Metagross: Glitch
Weavile: Narcissa
Scizor: Zulu, cause she is badass
Raichu: Raiden, from Mortal Kombat - Raiden has been with me for many generations ^^
Gyarados: Riot
Lucario: Zane
Skarmory: Peaches
Jellicent: Desdemona; dead heroine from Shakespeare
Ferrothorne: Grenade
Heatran: Ifrit; Final Fantasy fire god
Zebstrika: Ixion; electric horse Aeon from FFX
Azumarill: Max, just suits him
Rotom-W: Daz, the washing powder called Daz lol xD
Scrafty: Bruv
Alakazam: Neo, cause Neo bends spoons like a baws
Escavalier: Steiner, from the knights of Pluto in ff9

That's all I can think of right now :)
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I'm hungry



















Jolteon-Usain Bolt





I will edit this post because these are the only ones I remember currently.

Archangel Azazel

Fallen Angel
My pokemon nicknames! ^_^

Serperior - Leaf

Samurott - Blue

Chandelure - Silver

Mandibuzz - Platinum

Haxorus - Gold

Galvantula - Yellow

Reshiram - Reshi

Kyurem - Kyu

Zekrom - Zeky

Zorua 1 - Knight

Zorua 2 - Wolfos

Zoroark 1 - Twilight

Zoroark 2 - Midna

Liligant - Fi

Archeops - Kargaroc

Lucario - Rinku



No longer posting
Kyreum - Ky
Samurott - Zippy
Emboar - Zippy
Serperior - Zippy
Zebstrika - Bolt
Gigalith - Rocky


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Latest Black Team:

Arcanine(f): Lucrezia - it means light, and it's kind of 'grand', which suits her.
Zoroark(m): Cesare - yeah, I've been watching The Borgias.
Archeops(m): Riley - I've also been watching Buffy reruns.
Eelektross(f): Cecilia - it was almost Cynthia. Then it wasn't.
Cloyster(f): Cassandra - no real reason!
Simisage(m): Rowan - like the tree :)


New Member
What should I name my Haxorus and Escavalier? I have everyone else in my team named already...

Here they are:

Shiny Amoonguss- MagicMshrm (The shiny part of it makes it magic)
Shiny Darmanitan- DonkeyKong(I see a resemblance to Donkey Kong)
Seismitoad- Headphones(HE looks like h's listening to music)
Unfezant- Aero(like aerodynamic)
Haxorus- ?
Escavalier- ?

Help would be appreciated! Thanks :)


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well, i just finished the main storyline of pokemon black, so i feel like i should share my team with everyone. they arent the most conventional pokemon, but they got me through the elite four. that has to count for something, right?

RADAR - every since i played black a year ago, ive always loved watchogs. they are way more attractive than stoutlands and not as frail as liepards. i named him based on the name of his species: the lookout pokemon.

PEACHES - firstly, i wanted to name her toadette. but then i decided to switch to to toadstool. then princess. and finally peaches. it just seemed to fit more than any of the other names.

SONORA - since you can only catch dwebbles at the desert resort, i wanted her name to reflect that. so i named her after the sonoran desert. i imagine if crustles and dwebbles were to inhabit the real world, that is where they would flourish.

KACHINA - i caught sigilyph while i was searching for dwebble and originally i wanted to name them something that could reflect that. i had planned on naming her serengeti, but it looked odd and didnt seem to suit her. so i opted for a more simpler name.

TURNER - named after the designer who created the vanilluxe line, james turner. hes also one of the only boys on the team, along with radar.

ROSE - i had named her barbara, but it looked awkward and screamed old lady. so i changed it.


Kind of a big deal
My friend and I decided to run through the game together. We both like naming themes when we run through the storyline; so this time I suggested the 7 deadly sins (him) vs the 7 glorious virtues (me). The english names were boring, so I used a mixture of Latin and Japanese translations (according to google translate, apologies if it's offensively wrong):

:497: Caritas, meaning charity in Latin.
:579: Venia, a Latin synonym of Caritas.
:589: Pietas, meaning kindness in Latin. He is a knight so I thought pietas/piety would be appropriate.
:587: Seirei, meaning Diligence in Japanese. Definitely harder to train her up!
:609: Almitas, again kndness, in Latin.
:534: Iridis, the only exception. I didn't expect him to be in my final team, but he pleasantly surprised me.

Ballistic Buizel

caught shiny lati@s
I named my Serperior Sherlock. Because if you watch the show Sherlock (the new show where Sherlock Holmes is set in modern times) he would totally be a Serperior. It's wonderful XD
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