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Pokémon Nicknames

Discussion in 'General Pokémon Discussion' started by Bocktro, Jul 23, 2007.

  1. FireStormCharizard

    FireStormCharizard Storm of Fire

    I ALWAYS give my pokemon nicknames.

    Some of them have human names, some have names according to their pyshical condition.

    Torterra- Jaster(Was way too obssesed with Rogue Galaxy)
    Staraptor- Starlight
    Gallade- Jaster(The "Original" Jaster I was going to name
    Rhyperior- Kurtis
    Weavile- Serene
    Infernape- Son Goku

    Well, that's some of my favorite ones anyway...
  2. Evil Rocket Scientist

    Evil Rocket Scientist Cookies,evil cookies

    I nicknamed my Luxray "Luxray".

    I used to nickname, but in D/P it ougght it looked better without nicknames.
  3. Big bang theology

    Big bang theology Yur notsoaverage az


    Gallade= SPARTAA
    Empoleon= Empimpleon
    Kingler= Mr crabs
    Alakazam= Spoonybard
    Miltank= Dairyqueen
    Ninetails= Narutard
    Magnemite= fridgemag
    Snorlax= Irvin(lol a friend)
    Soodowoodo= poser
    Wobbuffet= Needadunk(the face expression makes it look like it needs pepto bismol lol)
    Stantler= Bambi
    Breloom= Rocky
    Slaking= Yur mum
    Absol= EMOtional
    Purugly= Purfugly
    chatot= Parranoyya
    Hippowdon= HuHuHippo(hungry hungry hippo)
    Magmtar= megaman

    some are funneh, some are lame. nyehs
  4. Sammi

    Sammi Banned

    I usually give their names a Japanese-ish ring to them, but sounding a bit like their actual name (Japanese or American, which ever I like better). For example, my Raichu is Chururu (chu from RaiCHU, ru from the R or Raichu, adding random U's), whilst my Torchic is Chiisa, taking the Chii from chic and adding random syllables.
  5. [aka]

    [aka] Well-Known Member

    i named my pocchama (piplup) Jerry, after my friend who likes penguins
    i name my Dragonites Tini, because its an oxymoron (they're named Tini, but they're really quite big)
    and i would name my gallade remulus, after romulus's brother
    i shall name my Marowak/cubone (if i can) Dokuro (skull)
    i will (if i can) name my Lucario Lupe...or something of the like

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