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Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Demo Discussion

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Sad Bayleef is Sad.
do u remember anything in particular, or just random occurence.. it really is starting to feel like its the same as finding a shiny pokemon

Nope it happened after theodore battle i resetted 3 times and gotinto the mission.
It stays in the menu after you clear it so you can go magma or aqua for indifinite times.

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I only got Magma. Never saw any Aqua members in my demo. Perhaps the Team you face is chosen randomly.


Sad Bayleef is Sad.
I only got Magma. Never saw any Aqua members in my demo. Perhaps the Team you face is chosen randomly.

You can battle both, the demo tittle screen shows wich team happens actually.


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If anyone still wants a ORAS demo code you can visit the nintendo of Finland's website to register for a one: nintendo.fi/kampanja/pokemon


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They're still region-dependent, though, right? So my code from America won't work for someone in Finland and vice versa.

If you have a Japanese 3DS, you can only input Japanese demo codes; NA for NA; EUR for EUR; AU for AU; KO for KO.


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So I got the demo yesterday because someone in this thread was nice enough to give me there extra one. I got a female Glalie and named her Jaw Breaker(for obvious reasons). I haven't seen anything too out of the ordinary although I did run into an old man who said he was from the Cave of Origin on one of the missions and he also mentioned Mt. Pyre. Idk if anybody else has run into him, I hadn't heard about it till I saw it.

The battle with the final expert was much easier then I thought it would be lol. People were making it sound so difficult. This is the strategy I used:

Swampert vs Blaziken: Took some damage from Slash cuz he's faster but Hydro Cannon still pwned it.
Blaziken vs Sceptile: Took about half damage from Aerial Ace but Blast Burn sent him packing.
Sceptile vs Swampert: Mega evolved Sceptile and then one Leaf Blade KO'd Swampert
Sceptile vs Hariyama: One Aerial Ace to do a little bit of damage then a Frenzy Plant was enough to wipe him out, went down to about half damage from Vital Throw but I still made it work.


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I think there was a slightly missed opportunity to have a special interaction between
the professor looking for Shroomish... and the Shroomish that has a chance to spawn directly north of him.

Also, Hariyama needs to stop spamming Vital Throw forever.


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when you talk to steven the pop up menu says start adventure, check rewards, send rewards, quit playing and hold on for a second.. and also the lets somewhere secret option once its unlocked....


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i wonder what the odds are of triggering it

Well soneone said earlier a few pages back that the odds of triggering it are about the same odds of coming across a shiny pokemon in the wild, and with the amount of times i have soft resetted and played this demo to try to trigger this secret mission with still no luck i am starting to believe that this the case :/.


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The demo was good but got a little old after the 10th mission. But over all can't wait to get the actual game
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Scams happen a lot bro.

Side news i just got the secret demo mision :3

Did you play every day? I think I missed one day of play so my chances are probably shot. Played it roughly 35 times now, no Secret Mission...

Could you estimate how many times you played it?


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The demo was good but got a little old after the 10th mission. But over all can't wait to get the actual game

I stopped playing the demo for the adventures once I completed the tenth one tbh. I mostly play it to listen to the Mossdeep City BGM now since it's really good. I have no interest in the "secret mission" that's apparently in the demo either.
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