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Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Worldwide Release Thread

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~Silver Aura~

I am so freakin' excited about this!!! I bounced on my bed like a freakin' nine-year-old after seeing this announcement on the homepage. Now I have to decide which starter I'll choose. (Most likely Mudkip.)


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Super excited about this. Gen 3 has always been my favourite, so looking very much forward to playing the remakes. Surprised though that the release date is set to November this year. Really, barely more than a single year since X/Y and we get a whole new game already. It just worries me slightly.

There was a year gap between the English versions of BW2 and XY so it should be fine :)

The team logos on Groudon and Kyogre are also the symbols for 'Alpha' and 'Omega'.


pokemon breeder
Considering "high level pokemon" don't listen to you until you have a set amount of badges, that's more of a hindrance than it being helpful.

easy way around that would be to have a new hatched pokemon with 5/6 ivs, ev train it with super trainer then trade it over. then you have a very strong pokemon that will listen to your commands that will sweap thought the story.
We'll have Omega Team Magma and Alpha Team Aqua who create/find Mega Stones for the two legendaries.
...or am I jumping the gun haha?


Strider: Spider King
Remembered one more thing: I can start with a mightyena again without having to trade! I'm so giddy its like I don't even have a final today.

Nightshade Aran

Hydreigon Summoner
easy way around that would be to have a new hatched pokemon with 5/6 ivs, ev train it with super trainer then trade it over. then you have a very strong pokemon that will listen to your commands that will sweap thought the story.

That was my first post... that people could do that, the one you quoted was further down on the reply list lol


The Fire Magician
What a coincidence..i was playing Pokemon Emerald when this was announced. Personally i am really looking foward to this..also please..give us Mega Groundon

Mr. Reloaded

Cause a pirate is free
Now we know where we're suppose to get the Latiasite and Latiosite.
That also means 3/6 IV Groundons, Kyrogres, and Rayquazas for everyone!
All abord the hype train.

Phantom champion Z

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Wow perfect day so far, last day of the semester/ beginning of summer vacation + new Pokemon game. Did I miss the tease of the reveal or did this come out of the blue? I haven't had time for dedicated Pokemon news since x/y launched, but this is something that would have been mentioned in general gaming news. cant wait to see what kind of changes they made for the remake, i had a feeling that we would get re-imaging or even sequel to gen 3 to adhere to current standards as opposed to just a remake.

I Pink Elephant

Shiny Hunter
Yeah but in previous games, there has been a lock as to when you could start trading. That's partly what I'm getting at. Before you needed to reach a certain point in the game before they told you that the trade centers were operational, because they were "getting fixed" or "getting set up" while you played the game normally up till a certain point.

Perhaps they will do something like that then? I suppose the only reason X&Y did not have such a system (If I recall correctly) is because Bank was not available at launch. I personally do not mind what they do. I for one will probally be playing normally without bringing over my mains until endgame at least.

Born Better

God of Lightning
Just saw the news. Did NOT expect that. Cool since Hoenn is one of my favorite regions and also people can stop going on about it.
Oh wow, look at this.
Look at Kyogre's fins closely. It's the Team Aqua logo.

And on Groudon A logo sort of represents Magma, that's always been there. They just outlined it more.

And on Groudon's arm is the Team Magma logo.

Maybe both teams generated Mega stones or something along those lines.

I don't think so, I'm sure there would have been coding for it in X/Y. I'm sure this is where we will be getting Lati@s mega stones, so we'd more than likely get groudon and Kyogres here too, meaning it'd probably be in the coding as well. But, ya never know. There might be. I'm thinking more along the lines of either a new forme, or no changes whatsoever. . . Which would be disappointing.


Strider: Spider King
*Heavy breathing*

But when it says a spectacular new world, what do they mean? Is it literal? DONT TAKE IT OUTSIDE OF HOENN!!!!!

Yeah, I loved hoenn! Think they'll still have the same music, just cleaned up?

Can't wait till I get home and can see the video.


Water Trainer
The only gen I never beat was 3...don't know why, just never did. Got to like gym 5 or 6. Always wanted to beat it...not sure if this will do it for it for me. I know I'll like the region better. I hate Kalos.
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